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Captain Invincible and the Planet of Doom
Part 7 - De Profundis
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Herodotus)
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His bonds were released, the dead weight of the exhausted hero was allowed to crumple to the floor with a nasty sounding thud. It must have hurt but his dizzy drugged brain could no longer register that feeling. A hand grasped his wrist and pulled him to a sitting position,his head fell heavily onto his chest, the blonde mop covering his eyes like a veil. Once again he was shifted to the familiar dreaded pose, ass up and over Zyrtacxian shoulder and carted toward one of the slabs. Another unceremonious thud and he found himself bent over the edge, his torso flat on the stone, legs hanging over, toes just barely touching the ground, his big dimpled ass, and balls on display to a million appreciative eyes. The Emperor's hand rested possessively on one firm cheek. "My people!!!" The Emperor's tone was ceremonial, and a hush slowly fell over the crowd: "My people, and slaves of Zytrox IV!!!!!! These luscious mounds of hard muscle you see presented before you, are those of Captain Invincible. none other than the most powerful super hero in the galaxy. If anyone dares question the might of the Zyrtacxian race, witness this."?

Both hands on him now pulling him open wide for a full view of his most private place. The misty rain, slick on his gleaming naked muscles, chilled into the open hole and glistened on the ring of hair which could no longer protect it. "Even this ultra powerful being with his superior strength and beauty, must bend and surrender his tender hole to Zyrtracxian lust. May his seed, give us many strong offspring. All hail Zyrtox IV!!!!!"?

The crowd responded chanting Krulok's name, as the emperor turned his focus toward his hunky prey. Captain Invincible felt the full weight of that humungous member rest along the length of his back, and shivered as the forked tongue darted amid the raised hairs on the back of his neck. Fangs bit into the soft flesh of his earlobe and Krulok whispered: "I know your secret, Captain Invincible, I can smell it. Every super hero has a weakness, one 'Achilles heel' that deprives them of their super human strength, and makes them feeble as infants. You're not invincible at all, as long as I find that one spot, your own kryptonite, resting deep within your hole. Once I hit that, my beauty, you are mine!" The defenseless hunk uttered a soft moan as the delicate long hands reached under to cup his chest and torture his wine red nipples.?


In no hurry the tentacles moved like a spider down his spine, the tongue counting each vertebrae from where the impossibly wide back tapered gracefully down to the slender waist, and widened again to the pert granite super hero ass arched naked before him, his own personal feast to devour in any fashion he wished. The tongue paused just where the spine opened into the cleft between the massive spheres,a gentle pressure at the top of the crack a reminder of what was to come, and then pulled left and right licking and kneading until the huge beefy hams where coated with his saliva, no part of the curves muscle left unexplored. It then whipped around the low hanging balls dangling between the thick slightly parted thighs, pressed hard into the perineum, and then lightly up the full length of the crack, and back down again, harder this time, and again and again, each time venturing further into the chasm between those two perfect mounds. The tentacles pushed the walls of flesh apart until the puckered rosebud was fully exposed. "Ahhhh delicious" muttered the drooling emperor as his forked tongue politely knocked against the quivering portal before darting in deep like a shot of ice water. The conquered stud raised his head in shock and then let it fall heavily upon the slab. The clever Zyrtacxain tongue hissed, vibrated, licked and beat against the soft pebbly walls of that tiny cave. The stunned super hero could have had no idea the acrobatics the alien organ was capable of. While some tentacles pulled at the lips of his hole, others continued roughly manipulating his balls. As promised, Krulok's tongue found , and buzzed away at his secret weak spot and the super stud became mesmerized, transfixed by the endless variation of sensations deep within his violated asshole.What Krulok said was true. The hero was completely within the emperor's power.?

Unable to contain himself any longer, Krulok pulled back and gazed at the spherical perfection before him, the raindrops beading on the unblemished golden flesh. He placed the spiked tip at the puckered entrance and wondered how much this super human could take. He reached under to grab two handfuls of mantit for leverage. Still paralyzed by the hypnotizing ministrations of the serpent tongue, Captain Invincible felt dread pull his breath down to the pit of his stomach. He wondered about the physics of something that size inside him, but could do nothing to prevent it. Nothing but scream. Krulok, determined to find out, thrust in with all the punishing strength of his acrididic legs tearing past the spasming rings of muscle. The tip of the Zytracxian cock is a steely sharp point which is never flaccid, evolved to introduce its otherwise impossible size past the entrance of the human male hole. No matter how tight or, clenched the defending muscles, the needle tip gains ground for the unimaginable girth to follow. The surge of blood makes the tip shockingly warm without burning the flesh, and when excited, it vibrates rapidly. The sensation shot up the hero's spine to the raised hairs on the back of his neck. The delicate shivering was smashed by the ribbed behemoth which so rudely followed. Once the tip is forced past the sphincter, it widens into a shape more thick than a human forearm. Hair ridges of gristle and vein line the outer skin from base to tip in regular intervals vibrating in time with the tip, with soft wet valleys in between oozing a tingly gel similar to the manthrax secretions, which add an element of pleasure to otherwise unbearable pain, and salve any real internal damage. The hairs themselves end in tiny suckers, which attach to the tender interior flesh, seemingly of their own will.

Normally Krulok preferred to take his time, slowly introducing his victims to each new shocking sensation. But he wanted this matchless beauty to feel the full punishing power of his member. Super strength had only just saved him from internal damage, but he could not stop from tightening up against the invasion. His cry cut off by the blinding pain, he slumped back on the stone, his limp body jerking violently with every savage thrust. His hips slamming painfully along the edge, his still hard cock trapped painfully rubbing against the stone. Krulok had never know such bliss as the super tight super hero hole closing around his raging cock like a snug velvet glove. For once confident that he could do no major damage, he did not hold back, pounding into the prostate superman with joyful abandon. The emperor's long fingers encircled the super hero's powerful wrists, pulling first the left, then the right overdeveloped arms together, and holding the wrists down into the small of the muscleman's back. The sight of those arms forced together, as if bound, completely under his control sent the Zyrtacxian over the edge. The torrential surge of pent up longing erupted deep within the conquered hole. He gave one more powerful thrust into the motionless hunk to squeeze out the last drops. Somewhere within the last shred of consciousness, Captain Invincible felt something foreign taking hold within him. His cock ached for release. He also became aware of another sensation, tingling warmth of energy pulsing from his shining wristbands. The rain seemed to be washing away the manthrax goo which had rendered them powerless. He even felt his power suit, ever so slightly, growing back under his greaves!!! Could his strength return in time?

His speculation was premature. His colossal muscles still a mass of wet noodle in the lascivious hands of the emperor. Krulok pulled the feebly writhing stud face up onto the stone. Struggling to regain control of his body, he began to slowly undulate, his limp arms hanging off the side of the slab, he was able to bend one knee upward pushing his hips forward in an a useless attempt to sit up, his rigid cock pointing straight at the sky. The giant shadow of a manthrax flower fell over the rain and sweat slick sinews squirming on the slab. The pillaged hero's steel blue eyes flew open to stare directly into the spiked and hairy stamen and tendrils unfurling to swallow him. NO. Not this time!!!!!!!! Still weak, he called on every reserve of energy within him. A white hot heat raced through his arm and burst out of the greave that covered his forearm. The bright beam of energy hit the very centre of the blossom which uttered a piercing screech. Smoke poured from the ovule, and tiny bolts of electricity shot from the stalk to infect the botanical giant. Leaves and petals began to fall like rain, as the stalks and blossoms shook wildly. Amid the panicked Zytracxian shouting, the whine of the ray guns blasted around him. The revived super hero shot into the and air raising his arms he sent a shock wave of energy radiating in each direction which blasted the surprised enemy, their impotent weapons clattering to ground. This gave him time to shoot the stems under each blossom, releasing their prey from the floral jaws. Some fell; others were able to scramble down. For some it was too late as they dissolved into the goo.

The newly freed warriors began to fight with righteous and precise rage against their rapists. Upwards he spun shooting pruning rays, and searching. Finally he found Brower. As he raised his arm to release him, the stocky marine tensed and released ropes of milky cum into the membrane, and a row of small podlets burst from the vine. The super hero hesitated, remembering the words of his captors; to release a captive so soon after insemination could cause harm to the victim. The virile soldier was still coming in long ropes. Maybe it was not too late. He had to try, so he took aim and shot. Blue lightening shot through the transparent bloom. The stem snapped underneath and fell toward the ground, but did not open. Just in time the super stud caught it to break the fall. Tiny electric shocks surged through his arms as he laid the pod down. Trapped within, Brower convulsed in violent seizures, gasping for air. Even with all his super strength, Captain Invincible was unable to pry the petals apart. Finally the pod began to give, just a bit, and ooze began to leak out onto his arms, making him dizzy. He felt the blast of light before he heard the whine of the ray gun, which grazed his mighty back, enough to stun him momentarily, knocking him face down in the gravel, just enough time for a shrieking Krulok to fall heavily onto his mighty back, forcing that monster cock back into his crack: "NOoooo!!!! You've destroyed everything Captain Invincible!!! My beautiful empire ruined!!!" He nuzzled the stud's ear: "But I can still have you, can't I? I know your weakness remember? Deep within your sweet hole." He forced his way back in and the uber-hunk found himself, once again, splayed out legs wide, fully impaled on the emperor's cock, desperately thrusting deeper and deeper within him. "Come with me, my beauty, deep underneath where no one can save you. If I cannot have my empire, I can have you... forever!"

The super stud felt the white hot burn in his groin, his own cum dripped down his face and chest as the strength of his spew burst forth between the ground and his writing body. He felt himself being pulled into the earth, and then, without warning, and one sharp squeal the Zrytacxian was yanked out of him and away. He spun around to see Krulok hopelessly entangled in vines, staring silently at something behind him. He stumbled, dazed to his feet as the battle raged on. He turned. Brower was standing behind him staring oddly at the bound Zyrtacxian. Heroic blonde eyebrows furrowed in dazed confusion when a shout interrupted his deductive process. "Captain!!!" He glanced briefly to where Krulok had been, now disappeared beneath the ground. A quick look at Brower and they raced to the direction of the cry. Two Zyrtacxians held a still weak Atreu face down, a third preparing to invade his luscious raised ass, who was shocked to find himself crumpled against a pillar struggling to breath. Captain Invincible quickly dispatched the other two, helped the recovering rebel leader to his feet, and rejoined the fray. In a matter of moments the Zyrtracxians were either slaughtered or fled, the mighty manthrax little more than a pile of mulch.

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