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Captain Invincible and the Planet of Doom
Part 6 - Germination
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Herodotus)
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"You are wondering how we are able to implant our genetics into the replication process of the Manthrax. You see, we still needed a vessel upon which to imprint our own DNA, which we found exciting and pleasing to our eyes. We need a creature of great strength and rare beauty to serve our hunger and inflame our passions." One day we discovered a small band of primitive hunter gatherers on a planet called Earth. It was not only the delectable play of their muscles, the massive curves of the legs, the sinewy torsos..."

As he explained, the emperor's long hands reached behind the super hero's back in order to arch the sweat slick heaving pectorals up toward his hungry tongue, "...hmmm, huge muscled strong chests and arms." Tentacles latched onto his nipples like sucking barnacles, pulling a moan past the heart beating in the hunk's dry mouth, "but also the intense rebellious passion, the way they fought relentlessly for red raw life!" Tight stomach muscles jumped as the tongue kissed down the valley between the rows of abdominal ridges, the tentacles seeming to take inventory of the gleaming eight pack. "Of course, best of all are the big round melons of your buttocks." The long hands moved down to cup the hero's hard ass, "that we simply couldn't resist. We brought them back here and discovered that the Manthrax shared our taste for this delectable new creature, even more ravenously than we. As you yourself have experienced. A symbiosis was formed and we evolved a new reproductive method."

The stud's body was now covered with Zyrtacxian saliva. The creature's mouth was back in his ear. "Ahhh but how??? Shall I demonstrate?" The Captain glanced at Atreu.

"Ohhhh nooooo. Not him....not yet. You see he remains a virgin. By the laws of his own people, once you are taken by a Zyrtracxian you may not lead. With only a handful of men, he has destroyed many of our cities, and slaughtered countless numbers of our people. He has been our most challenging adversary, a real thorn in our side. I want to save him for the grand finale. I want him to suffer watching all the strongest of his tribe, so thoughtfully brought here by you, brutally raped and taken by the Manthrax one by one, so there is no suitable successor. He will see that even the great Captain Invincible must become our slave. His free tribe will exist no more and then he will have no hope left when I finally invade his sweet defenseless hole. I want you to experience that same loss too, so we will demonstrate with your faithful Lance Corporal Brower. Your stocky sidekick has been given as a special reward for Grolaz who so cleverly brought you to us." The hero's head swung back and forth. He was responsible for bringing the innocent marine here. Had he only listened to Iuli's warning...but it had been too late to save Brower from Dr. Nefario's lust, and now the whole nightmare was to be played out once more. "Nuh, nooooo not Brower..."

Krulok's laugh grated his ears as the limp body of the beefy marine was laid out on the rough stone. Grolaz approached the fresh hanging meat, and bowed to the bound super hero. "You have my deepest gratitude Captain Invincible; I could never have captured this beautiful prize without your help." He bounded toward Brower's prone body with eerie Zyrtacxian grace, and jumped up onto the slab, with his strong mantis legs hunched over his victim in a disturbingly predatory manner, his curved and pointed cock as long as Brower's eight pack abs. The serpent tongue wrapped around Brower's thick neck, then up along the side of his face, the goatee tentacles engulfed his face and the tongue slid deep into his mouth. The long hands slid along the curved muscles of the arm pulling them above his head, as the Zyrtacxian lowered himself flat, pressing his gigantic member into the hunk's torso. Fingernails raised welts along the inside of the forearms and biceps as they slid back down to torment the exposed armpits. The boyish hunk writhed in ticklish agony. The mouth tentacles released the face and walked as if of their own power down the column of the neck and massive pecs. Brower arched his back as Grolaz bit into a hard round tit.

Captain Invincible tried to call out "NO!! Don't hurt him," but the Emperor's tongue whipped suddenly around the base of his cock, and he found that he could not breathe, let alone call out. "You see, we must first ingest the victim's semen." Grolaz had thrown Brower's tree trunk legs over his shoulders and allowed himself a slow lick into the deep crack, before his fanged mouth closed around the marine's fat cock. A light tropical rain had begun to fall coating the victim's ooze and saliva coated muscles with another layer of slick wet shine. Brower threw his head back and uttered a soundless moan, as the tentacles squeezed and kneaded the tender balls and teased his winking hole. Krulok took his own time slowly running his flickering tongue up and down the engorged vein on the underside of the super cock, tickling at the still blocked slit. "You see, it mingles with our own, and melding our genetic make up, feeding ours to give it the power that it will need. You know, I can sense the moment before a man-slave will relinquish his seed. Look at him, look at your friend, the curling toes, the erect nipples, the quivering of the sweat slicked abs, the eyes rolling back... see, all clear signs, but I can feel the seed welling up in his groin and the hot blood from every other part of his body as he explodes. There... you see? Delectable!!!"

Brower growled as the cum shot out of him in steaming ropes, into the hungry mouth of his captor, and he then lay limp. The hair lodged in the super hero's cock throbbed with the pent up seed behind it. Krulok rolled a tender ball gently along his fangs, two tentacles reached the inside curve of the crevice, further exposing Captain Invincible's asshole. "Now... ahh now, the most delicious part; watch! Look at your handsome friend, so beautiful.... Now we enter the sweet tender hole, so helpless so very beautiful. You cannot imagine the ecstasy of those tight muscles contracting around your raging dick, as your hunky prey screams in pain." Brower's mouth opened as if to scream, but could produce no sound. Their eyes locked. Brower looked pleadingly from the depths of his agony into Jake's eyes, as the sharp black tip entered ahead of the long thick cudgel that almost split him in two, and Jake witnessed the immense power of those grasshopper legs thrusting rapidly into his friend's ruined hole. Brower's body flailed helplessly, held only in place by the long hands holding his thick wrists hard against the slab, and suckled on his leaking nipples. Krulok whispered into the head of his own engorged dick, "The combined seed re-enters the victim, and imprints on the DNA." Grolaz thrust harder into the destroyed marine hole. "When the hunk releases his seed into the plant, it germinates, feeding upon the testosterone and masculine energy of the victim until the new Zyrtacxian is hatched...look! Look at your beautiful, helpless friend!" Krulok stopped speaking. The tentacles wrapped around the super stud's cock and balls pulling his manhood into the vortex that is the Zyrtacxian's mouth. His hands reached around to grasp the granite mounds of heroic ass, digging the sharp nails into the unyielding flesh. The great Captain Invincible's cock irresistibly sucked into the vortex of the drooling Zyrtaxcian mouth; the dizzy victim trying to keep focus.

Grolaz arched his back and howled a he emptied his need deep into Brower's bowels. The Emperor's expert sucking finally released the dammed up super cock, and the hero exploded into his captor's throat. Both violated men, super hero and marine, swooned to a pliant stillness. A slack jawed Captain Invincible watched as the spiked petals closed around the limp form of his beefy sidekick. Long nails gently stroked the perfection of the captured hero's face, and chuckled softly, "Now my helpless beauty, it's your turn."

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