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Captain Invincible and the Planet of Doom
Part 8 - A Fond Farewell
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Herodotus)
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Atreu, while clearly shaken, had returned to his regal self and inspected the damage with his new super friend. Casualties were surprisingly minimal, and the men who were not too dazed from the influence of the manthrax were already repairing the command centre.

"Come back with us." The super hero's ultra form fitting suit had poured back over his muscled frame once the danger had passed. "No" said Atreu. 'This is my world, the only one I have ever known, and now I have a chance to rebuild it as a free society. These men will all be scarred by what they have survived, but they are brave and true. They come out of this; stronger men for their suffering. You will see, when you return to visit us, what a great world we have built!"

Others, mostly earth born, decided to return home. Iliui in particular, was excited to see his native Sweden once more. The Zyrtacxian ship was adapted. The men would sleep on the floor this time. Captain Invincible shook hands warmly with the rebel leader. "I will look forward to seeing your brave new world." They patted each other on the shoulders, saluted, and the super hero was gone.

With little difficulty they were able to pilot the ship out of the atmosphere. Once they were safely off the planet Captain Invincible stood silently gazing at his own reflection, and at the stars speeding by. Krulok's words would never leave him- his secret weakness, deep within his vulnerable hole. What if other arch villains were to learn of this? Must he always live with the danger of being so violated? He was a red blooded, straight, church going Texan. The very thought of what any nemesis could do to his helpless naked body was too horrible to contemplate. Jake was shocked back to the present by a discreet clearing of the throat. He had not heard Brower enter. "Sorry to interrupt sir," the barrel chested marine stared uncomfortably at the floor. He had retrieved his boots and shoulder armor, but had to borrow a rebel loincloth to cover his modesty and the effect on his thickly muscled frame was somehow pleasing. "Not at all Corporal." "Sir.. well gosh.. that was one heck of a scrape, huh?" "Yes, son, it was" " Well sir, it's..... it's just that you and me, we've been through a lot, you know?" He gulped nervously. The Captain smiled gently. "Captain Invincible,. sir....uh Jake.." Brower's voice quavered a little, "You've saved my life twice now, and I, well, I don't even know how to thank you." "There's nothing to thank me for Jonah, glad you're okay son." He held out a hand. Brower took it and pulled it into a 'bro-hug'. They slapped each other on the back, but the embrace lingered just a second too long. Brower sighed, and the hero felt a hand move, just slightly, down his back. The Emperor's words rang in Jake's mind, and he pulled back. He gave Brower a paternal slap on the shoulder. "Hold it together, Corporal. We've got work to do." Brower's face straightened to an appropriate masculine stoicism. He smiled and saluted "Yes sir, thank you, sir!"

The cabin doors hissed open. Iuli stepped in, "Sorry to bother you sir, but Chief Atreu is hailing us on the monitor." Jake followed the Swedish giant from the room. Left alone, Brower's eyes glowed neon green in the gloom of the empty cabin.

For the first time that the Captain had seen, Atreu's face looked open, and, well, happy. "Captain Invincible, on behalf of my people, I wanted to say thank you one last time.The reconstruction is moving along well." The super hero smiled: "I'm glad to hear that.""I want you to know that I will never forget you. I will watch, look at the stars in the night sky and remember. You will always have a home here....over and out!" Just as the monitor winked to black, Captain Invincible thought that he could see a movement of vivid green behind the rebel chieftain. It must have been a trick of the light. He returned to the bridge and steered the ship earthward

The raven haired rebel saw the reflection of a moving stalk as the monitor winked shut, and the beam of a ray gun, but too late. Before he could turn from the screen, before he could grab his blade, Krulok shot from the ground at his heels directly behind him, so swiftly that the monster Zyrtacxian cock thrust up directly between the meaty firm globes of his unprepared ass. So deep that the thrust lifted the lean bronzed warrior off his feet dangling on the Emperor's vengeful member. The pain so great that he mercifully lost consciousness before the cock drove its way home. His head fell backward on the Zyrtracxian shoulder as the lascivious emperor cupped his broad firm pecs in both hands; his darkly handsome victim dancing a pathetic jig hooked on the alien's raging member as the golden disk bounced up and down off of his hard naked chest. Taken completely by surprise the rebels fell to the resurging Zyrtacxian army, scooped up by the resurrected manthrax. Krulok let Atreu's limp body slump face down, bent over the control panel, the emperor's hips slapping against his beefy, pert ass, while the insensate body flopped helplessly with every brutal thrust. Krulok grabbed a handful of the raven hair and wrapped it around the thick neck of the fallen chieftain, choking the helpless stud while he used the soft black mane for leverage. He looked skyward in ecstasy as he exploded deep into the helpless stud's ruined ass. "Yes my beautiful Captain Invincible, I will never forget you. I will watch, look at the stars in the night sky, and remember. .. and, oh yes, yes indeed, you will always have a home here!!!!!!!!!!! Mwah ha hahahaHAHAHAHA HAHA HA......"

The End