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Captain Invincible and the Planet of Doom
Part 2 - Zytrox IV
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Herodotus)
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There was only darkness at first, so dark, only the hollow echo of their footsteps in an immense space, assured them that they were anywhere at all. An acrid smog filled the darkness with a vague sent of compost. Then with a whirr and faint hiss of releasing steam, a point of light appeared and grew larger framing a very strange silhouette; a strange greenish light emanated from the curved surfaces of the vessel. The creature called Grolaz stepped forward. It was hard to disguise the revulsion which gathered in the back of Jake's throat. This creature had come seeking help. Just because his appearance was unpleasant, and somewhat threatening on a primal level to human eyes, does not making him less deserving of dignity or a hand offered in friendship. A hero does not make judgments based upon appearances. It was hard to identify its skin, as reptilian or vegetative. The unhealthy looking green and brown tones of the "skin" were highlighted by dark black at the tips of its claws and fingers. The legs, or femora, similar to those of a grasshopper, explained the curious and rapid motion of the fleeing creatures he had seen in the blurry transmissions. The bend, opposite that of a human leg, while very thin, seem to possess great power and the potential for incredible speed, balancing on an ornithopic claw with four sharp talons, three in front and one anterior suggesting an ability to balance on a branch. A sheath of cloth covered the front of its slender scaled abdomen, which seemed to serve as a sling for something extremely large, thick and pointed jutting from its groin. The arms seemed little more than bone with a light coating of lean muscle and were heavily decorated with rings of tribal jewelry, twice as long as the proportions of the body would suggest. The hands were also bizarrely long tapering into almost elegant and dexterous be ringed fingers crowned by pointed feminine black nails which beckoned with an eerie grace. The creature could clearly pick something up from the ground, or even move on all fours without bending, but it was the face which haunted him most, almost serpentine, with an exaggerated cranium that angled down into a pointed goatee. No, not a goatee; hair does not move like that. Not a goatee, but small tentacles which framed the lipless mouth from which a forked tongue darted as the creature spoke.

When Captain Invincible finally met the feline eyes he realized that the creature had been inspecting his magnificent sculpted form with the same intense curiosity and with eyes that seemed to bore through his very being. What might be termed a smile revealed a forest of sparkling fangs, and again the lisping hiss: "Greetings men of earth. On behalf of my people, we thank you for your help. " The hero broke the long silence: "We hope this historic meeting will mark a long era of friendship between our two peoples." "Thank you, great hero. Word of your deeds and great strength has echoed to the outer reaches of the universe. You honor my humble vessel with your presence." A graceful gesture of the long arm indicated he should board. "Please accept the hospitality of my ship. My emperor is anxious to meet you." Despite his natural misgivings, he could not help but be impressed by the creature's genial accommodation. It seemed that no effort was spared to make them feel comfortable, and during the voyage Grolaz seemed anxious to show them how to operate the ship. He was willing to share anything he could, telling them of how he had survived a raid on his village when he was young, in which his whole family had been killed, and how he looked forward to a time of cooperation and stability. He could offer no explanation as to what these brigands had to gain by the relentless assaults. They seemed intent on genocide. The assistance of such a super Earth savior was anticipated greatly on his home world, and he so looked forward to showing them the beauty of his planet.

The first thing Captain Invincible noticed about the ship was it's musty sweet smell, like a an overripe vegetable on a hot day, and somehow...sweaty; not at all the sleek gleaming corridors suggested in Star Trek. The dark leathery surfaces were irregular, and seemed to breathe, the chambers felt more like organs than cabins. He quickly learned that the ship was operated by light striking touches along a series of pulsing, glowing panels and psychic suggestions, rather than pushing buttons or pulling levers. It was tricky but kind of fun. The equipment itself appeared to grow out of the walls, rather than be placed there. Grolaz showed them to the sleeping quarters, an echoing cavernous arched space somewhat as Jake imagined the belly of Jonah's whale. From its ribs hung hundreds of sleeping units. This ship could house and army! The hammock like bedding hung from gristly ropes upon which grew the fleshy, and surprisingly extremely comfortable "sheet" material that was softer than a woman's skin, and enveloped the sleeper in a warm cocoon.

It was impossible to gauge how long he slept on the journey, as fitful as his dreaming was. Just as he would drift off, it felt as if he were being stroked, so very gently, over his eyes and along his lips, the bottoms of his feet, under arms, pectorals, gliding softly over his erect nipples, along his rip cage, the insides of his legs. This grew more intense, like a massage chair he had seen once in a store, little nubs pressed into the pressure points of his neck and back and along his spine. He dreamt that some grew into little hands that held his wrists and ankles firmly in place, and as he writhed and quivered unable to wake, ticked along his ribcage and pressed insistently into his perineum and the tight crack of his pert high ass. He tried to shift away, but the rubbery fabric wrapped around his neck and the base of his leaking cock. Holding his extremities in place, the nubs rose up and down, kneading into his muscles and rolling his tight, lean body like a ship on a stormy sea. The rubbery band strangled and rubbed at his dick with ever increasing pressure. Lost in this dream, the sound of Brower's guttural moaning rode with him over the waves, and an invisible mouth closed over his burning manhood. The ache of desire rose up within his loins. The taught muscles of his abdomen quivered at the ghostly touch, and he woke with a start. The bed was perfectly flat, as it had been when he first rested his tight tired muscles. He was still fully dressed in his form fitting super hero suit. An odd dream in an odd place. There was no one near. Captain Invincible was embarrassed when he rose by a massive erection, capped but an incriminating dark spot at the tip of his dick, impossible to hide in his revealing tights. He turned to face a shirtless red faced Brower. Sweat glistened through the coating of dark hair on his broad chest and down the valley that separated the ridges of his abdominal muscles. The dark tight spandex of his uniform pants suggested that he had a similar dream. Real men did not discuss such things. The two nodded a curt good morning, and headed toward the bridge.

Grolaz took no notice as they entered the softly glowing chamber. They were orbiting his home world. He thought he had spotted a party of the savages on his monitors, and asked Captain Invincible to use his superior powers to locate them. It wasn't easy, but using the ship's highly tuned equipment and his own super senses, he was able to spot movement. He honed in on what seemed a small troop. Pulling in closer, yes, there it was, the same dark haired figure moving like a panther across the plane. Who were they? There was no time for a closer look, as the ship was rocked by a violent explosion and began a tail spin hurtling toward the planet. The three worked frantically to regain control, but it was no use. Captain Invincible burst like a comet from the hatch and flew beneath the falling ship. He shot upward catching it in both hands above his head. Pushing the space craft upward in order to slow its fall, as the ground sped closer and closer. After a tremendous effort, he was able to slow, then stop, the plummeting vessel, finally laying it like a feather on the ground. Only when he heard the hiss of the portal and Grolaz and Brower step out safely did he allow himself to collapse on the ground and collect a much needed breath. That's when he felt the tip of the spear on his chest.

The band of warriors had approached without a sound, and Captain Invincible found himself surrounded by a group of the most beautiful specimens of masculine perfection he had ever seen assembled in one place. A colossal bronzed arm encircled Brower's heaving chest, while the other held him in place with a dagger under his square and stubble covered jaw. Another dagger rested against the slender throat of the trembling Grolaz. Holding the business end of the spear was the mysterious figure Captain Invincible had noticed in the emperor's transmissions. Like his comrades he was naked but for a string tied low around his lean hips, from which was draped, front and back, a strip of fabric just enough to cover what the Captain surmised to be an impressive manhood. A wide gold torque circled his thickly sinewed neck from which hung a large disk riding high on the full pert muscles of his chest. Gold hoops hung from his ears, encircling his ankles, wrists, and biceps. He alone wore a gold circlet around his head indicating rank, contrasting with the long hair pulled back in a knot at the back of his head, which fell like a raven's wing gently brushing the massive and intricate muscles of his shoulder and upper back. Each of these men was hewn entirely of muscle suggesting a Spartan life of battle, and hard work; completely devoid of luxury or excess. Hatred glowered from the rugged, masculine face, framed by a large and slightly crooked nose. Bright green fire burned underneath the thick dark brows, and a voice like sweet chocolate at the bottom of a dark well greeted him: "That was an impressive trick, but if you attempt to use this magical strength to free yourself, your friends will die. I will ask again 'Who are you, and why do you travel with this excrement?" "I am called Captain Invincible, this is my companion Lance Corporal Jonah Brower. This creature, Grolaz, has asked for our help, and is traveling under our protection. We mean you no harm." The dark warrior snorted: "No harm???!!!" A murmur of amazement rippled through the troop, and a ginger haired giant stepped forward and whispered in his commander's ear. "Iuli here seems to have heard of you. He was born on Earth, and says you are a great hero among your people, yet you travel freely with this creature. You are not his captive, nor he your prisoner. Can it be that you know not what you travel with?" "I am sworn to protect him, and will do so with my life if necessary." The dark warrior shook his head in amazement, and nodded to some of his men. "Bring the Zyrtacxian to the great hall for questioning, and search him for weapons. These two will come with us. It seems we must enlighten them. "Captain, You have my word no harm will come to it until we learn it's purpose here. I am called Atreu, and I am the leader of the last free settlement of men on this planet."

They followed him through a fissure in a nearby rock; the naked musculature of the warrior's legs and backsides rippled and strained as they ascended the steep pass until they came to a pleasant valley and passed through fields tended by women and children. The younger women were exquisite beauties who giggled and bowed as Atreu and his men approached. It was the first time the stern warrior smiled. "I have sired more than eighty of these children myself. It may seem barbaric to you, but we must be prolific in order to thrive and to take this world. I am chieftain of this settlement. I have killed more of these creatures than any other, and have destroyed more of their cities. On our world the more you achieve in battle the more women you may choose from. This settlement stands alone, because my men and I have kept it free." "Forgive me but I don't understand?" A shadow passed over Atreu's handsome face. "Your Zyrtacxian friend has not been honest with you." he stopped to lock eyes with the superhero. "You may have noticed that the people of this settlement are of all of the races of mankind. All of the humans you see here are descendants of planet Earth. The Zyrtracxians have been secretly raiding your world for centuries, abducting and enslaving only the strongest most attractive specimens of the human race. Over the years some have escaped and founded rebel settlements in remote corners of the planet. This is the last of such communities. We are well hidden and defended. We are strong and our ranks are growing. They are a difficult enemy. They have many weapons, and often travel under the ground. But, one day soon we will take this planet as our own." "Why not escape and return to earth?" "Return? I have never known earth. This is my home world. I was born a free man on Zytrox IV. I have never been a slave, which is why I lead. We will rid the universe of this plague and take what is ours!" "I don't understand. If this is true, for what purpose do they enslave humans?" The dark brow furrowed, "The Zyrtracxians came in the time before time, and they came here from their home world after a disease killed the female of their kind. No longer able to reproduce, they came and wiped out the more advanced people that once owned this land, and adopted their technology. Over the years they were able to design a, how do you say, a symbiotic relationship with a native vegetative organism to ensure the survival of their race." What came next was clearly difficult to say. Atreu walked forward in silence. "They need us in order to... reproduce..." The pair passed two rows of spikes upon which were impaled Zytracxian heads in various stages of decay. The super stud wanted to ask how, but could sense this was not spoken of among these people. As they neared the central wooden structure, he had to ask a question which had been nagging him, "I can't help but notice, the presence of some older women in the encampment, but all the men I have passed are young." Atreu turned his gaze away. "The women are of no interest to the Zyrtracxians, they bring them here only to breed with us. It is human males they crave. They hunt the young, the strongest, the fastest and most able warriors to satisfy their insatiable need. not allow us to grow old. After we are...given over to the Manthrax we do not age. Some of these young men you see here are actually over one hundred earth years old. This is why we are unable to understand why they have allowed you to travel freely with them. You both seem to be the kind of men that they seek. You arrived here on one of their slave ships. You must have seen the torture beds that they use to imprison their helpless captives during transport. I am told that they lock their prey in place and torment them throughout the journey."

So it hadn't been a dream!


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