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Captain Invincible and the Planet of Doom
Part 3 - The Rebel Camp
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Herodotus)
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Before the superhero could ask what the Manthrax was they had entered the great hall, a long thatched wooden structure, decorated only with carved beams and columns adorned with mythic and ceremonial beasts. Atreu strode to a raised and heavily carved chair at the far end of the structure, and took his place. He sprawled out in on the throne with the careless disdain of one born to great power. He gave off such a strong aura of authority it seemed that he filled twice the space his finely tuned body actually occupied. The hero could not help but be impressed. Atreu could not have seen more than twenty three summers, yet he commanded his people with a strength and passion far beyond his years

A bound Grolaz was dragged before him. 'These are the last moments of your life, Zytracxian. Do not meet your gods with a lie upon your lips. Why have you brought these men to this secret place?' Grolaz grovelled, speaking to the ground. 'Great lord, I humbly come before you with a message from my master the Emperor.' A rumbling chuckle filled the room. "What says your puny master?" "The Emperor salutes the beautiful and mighty Atreu. The greatest of his adversaries, and his most worthy opponent. With the utmost respect, he extends a wish for peace, and longingly looks forward to that great day when you may meet and your sweet hole surrenders to his vengeful cock as it invades your ripe helpless ass." Several loose fangs clattered onto the floor as Grolaz flew across the room and landed with a loud crack against a wooden beam before an enraged Atreu even lowered his hand. The powerful chieftain grabbed his spear as the Zytracxian crawled toward him gathering his lost fangs. Captain Invincible noticed that one of them seemed to contain a small pulsing red light. "Now you die!" The Zytracxian held up it's slender hand as if to ward of the blow. "Wait!!!! I have one more message from Emperor." Atreu sneered: "What is that?" "That day has come."

He threw the pulsing tooth onto the floor and suddenly the hall was filled with acrid green smoke. Like geysers, a small army of Zytracxians shot from the ground. The smog was illuminated by glowing bursts like lightening in a cloud, shooting from strange alien weapons.With a high pitched whine an eerie greenish light enveloped its target, bathing the quivering, naked muscles of the victims in a moist glow as they sunk to the ground. Men fell left and right, Captain Invincible watched massive nets cover the fallen.

A young warrior called Trag struggled with a Zytracxian, as another took aim with the nasty phallic looking cylinder. He saw Atreu jump in the line of fire to save the younger man, but the smog grew dense and he could see no more. The super hero flew into action, shooting a power blast that threw the invaders off their feet. Flying above the fray he created a cyclone effect In order to draw out the smoke and clear his view.

With one motion he blasted out a powerful force field to protect the men who surrounded him, and knock the weapons from the stunned hands of the attackers. He then fell thick of the battle. Combined with the efforts of Brower and the many brave warriors, the attackers had all fallen or fled within moments.

But it was too late. Captain Invincible saw the remaining Zytracxians with unearthly speed dragging away nets filled with nude muscle. An unbound Grolaz stopped and turned. The mighty young chieftain, Atreu, hung helpless over his shoulder. The long fingers closed around the bronzed muscle of the upper thigh. The meaty naked ass bent and exposed. A prize fit for an emperor. Of course! They had exploited his super powers to locate the rebel settlement and enslave it's brave chieftain and his men. The Zytracxian had sent his own ship into a near fatal tail spin to 'accidentally' bring him here. He must have been wearing a homing device. Grolaz waived at the super hero, and disappeared with his hunky unconscious prey, under the ground of Zytrox IV.

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