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Captain Invincible and the Planet of Doom
Part 1 - A Journey Beyond the Stars
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Herodotus)
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Disclaimer: The story contains themes of male on male nonconsensual sex. The author in no way condones rape or torture. This is a fantasy only. If these themes do not interest you, or you are under eighteen you have no business reading this. If they are of interest to you as an adult reader, then please enjoy:


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The razor sharp point which pressed into his granite pectoral was no more piercing than the contemptuous gaze smoldering in the brilliant green eyes of his interrogator.

"Why to you travel with this scum?" Captain Invincible tried to step forward but the spear pressed even harder into his chest, and the knives dug more deeply into the throats of his companion and the alien being who he had come to protect.

"Kill the Zyrtacxian, and take the others prisoner!" Brower shot him a cautious look from inside the massive grasp of his captor...


Jake Tyler, the real man inside the super hero that was Captain Invincible wondered if this was all a dream. Could it be that only two days ago in centre of the universe; Texas, he lay in the arms of his fiancé; Peggy Sue, blissfully unaware of the very existence of planet Zytrox IV. They had gone further than an engaged couple should, but they were to be married in the spring, and the petite all American blonde beauty was the love of his life. She loved running her red fingernails over every ridge and sinew of his lean highly defined naked body. She couldn't seem to keep her mouth off his oversized cock, and loved to grab onto what she called, his rock hard "bubble butt" for dear life as she yodeled with pleasure.

Then the emergency signal in his watch once again pulled him away from his human life. he made the usual excuses to the usual long suffering pursed lips, and ripping the clothes away from the perfectly tuned fighting machine that was his human body, disappeared to a safe place His already massive biceps rippled and bulged as he joined his fingers, as in prayer and touched them, under the mop of soft boyish blond hair to his forehead. The ball of light formed and spread, until it poured like opalescent white syrup over every voluptuous curve and angle of Jake's naked lean perfection.

The hot liquid tingled as the droplets joined and ran between the deep valley between his pectorals, outlining each abdominal ridge, and along the railroad track of his spine. Jake always shuddered as it touched the top of the dark cleft which separated the hard and meaty buttocks, far too deep into the crevice for a Christian boy. The mercurial liquid lovingly coated the ripe naked flesh, forming into the second skin which transformed Lance Corporal Jake Tyler into CAPTAIN INVINCIBLE.

The super secret office of Global Security had received a desperate plea from a being called Emperor Krulok of the planet Zytrox IV. Unidentified attackers, believed to be of human origin, were raiding their villages and slaughtering his people: The Zyrtacxians. He believed they may be enslaving the few survivors. Word of Captain Invincible's great strength had reached their home world and they had contacted the governments of planet earth to ask for his help. Images of these raids had been recorded and the very blurry scenes of horrific carnage were now being beamed into the underground nerve center of the OGS. The action was distant and too swift to make out in detail, but a small army of human warriors chased a lager, but clearly inferior, mob of reptilian creatures and slaughtered them without mercy. The fleeing survivors seemed to disappear into the ground. One figure caught Jake's eye. He could make out long black hair, and bronzed skin. The humans appeared to be wearing little or no clothing. This figure fought with a lethal skill and grace that impressed even the great Captain Invincible. The voice of the emperor, a high raspy treble, augmented by a lisping hiss, not unlike fishing wire dragged across slate, wafted from the speaker: "My emissary; Grolaz will arrive on your planet momentarily on one of our few remaining spacecraft. I do wish time allowed us to meet in a cordial, leisurely manner, however you see our situation is dire. You must understand, Captain, the pain of my people as the families are torn apart. Entire villages are wiped out and the few survivors are carried away never to be seen again. I understand the courage it must take to step aboard a spaceship, belonging to what must seem a strange alien race. We are a humble people with little left to offer by way of compensation, but I promise you will be rewarded with everything we have to offer should you choose to help us."

The hero was deeply moved. General Walker placed a paternal hand on the Captain Invincible's capacious shoulder. "Son, this may be too great a risk. We know nothing about this race. Even with your superior strength and powers, who knows what's out there on their world, or what their real intentions might be?" "On the other hand," injected Rear Admiral Fletcher, "This is our first contact with a new life form. We could learn quite a lot from their technology." A true super hero is always firm but diplomatic. Arm muscles rippled and bulged as the Captain held up his hand to quell further debate. "Gentlemen, these are a suffering people who have come to us for help. Regardless of the personal risk or gain involved, it is my duty to bring them justice." He pretended not to notice eyes rolling around the room at this noble proclamation. "We thought you'd feel that way Captain. We have assigned Corporal Jonah Brower to accompany you on this mission."

The hero's insistence that he work alone was ignored. It was too dangerous, and the opportunity to explore was too great. Captain Invincible was a good American; he followed orders. Surprisingly, they had not assigned a scientist or intellectual. They sent a marine.

Brower stepped into the room with a stern but awkward nod, even more thickly muscled and powerful than Jake remembered. He hadn't seen him since the incident with Dr. Nefario in Egypt. The new space travel uniform designed for the Marine Corps was nearly as revealing as his own alien suit. More like an Olympic swimmer's body suit, with a formal braided Nehru style collar. Ribbed metallic shoulder plates exaggerated Brower's already wide shoulders from which ran a thin layer of padding running between the curved pectorals in snakelike ribs into a point which stopped at his groin. Jake was able to see the hard work this stocky marine had put into the tight perfection of his body. The legs especially, ripped under the leggings which were pulled so tight, while the deep cleft between hip and buttock was highlighted by a dark shadow. The fabric stretched over his ample butt, its round perfection accentuated by gleaming black thigh high boots. Jake was glad to see him, but the air was thick with the memory of what had passed between them while they were captives of the lascivious super villain, Dr. Nefario. The rich brown eyes of this bull of a man revealed no emotion and his salute absolutely macho and correct, as if they had met for the first time. Jake was convinced they need never speak of it.

The tremulous voice of a nervous young aide interrupted, making both men wonder how long they had been staring into each other's eyes. "Sir, the spacecraft has landed. Please follow me to the hangar."

to be continued...................


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