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Project Alpha
Chapter 7 - Part Seven
By The Extractor

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R2 finally arrived back on base. He just got back from a two day mission across the country. Its suit powers were dangerously low and were in need of recharge. R2 noticed it was strangely quiet at base. Heading into the lounge area, he expected someone to be there, but there were no one - not even X2 who was usually at base. The mission table however had a few files and open cases.

Approaching the mission table, he saw that the vast majority of the team had taken on a mission located about an hour away and it was unusual to see more than two members on it. R2 skimmed the details and was alarmed. However, even if he wanted to assist, he would need to get recharged by the Main System. Letting out a sigh, he just couldn’t catch a break! Wasting no time, he headed towards the Maintenance Hall and sat in the recharging chair.

It would take at least a few hours to get enough charge - in the meantime, the system will put him under to rest. Tucked in tight in his maintenance chair he was now connected to the Main System. Wires burst out from the chair and attached to the suit’s nodes.

R2 awaited the familiar feeling as the system released a special compound into the suit that put him into a state of deep sleep. A sound of gas could be heard, but it was odourless. Nothing seemed to change, but R2 was feeling drowsy in a matter of seconds. The more he breathed, the heavier his eye lids became. His mind was shutting down. Then right before he closed his eyes he thought he saw something in his visor. Something about serve? No. It didn’t matter, and all went black.

Extractor was on a victory streak over the Alpha Team. It won’t be long till he had access to the Main System. And when he does he’ll easily take control of a large portion of the military! The government fools will never know what hit them!

It had been several hours since he checked on X1. Every other alpha he had caught had turned into a mindless beta slave now except him. He was on an experimental process at the moment...turning him into a Type 3 Beta slave. Bring up the monitors inside his helmet visor he saw the stats:

It seems like X1 was ripe for the picking if not overly ripe already! Quickly walking over to the chamber where X1 and X2 were held, he immediately could hear the loud moans of pleasure that was coming from X1. X2 however, moaned softly in his chair. Both of their golden striped suits hugged their muscular bodies so tightly it showed every muscle. X1 however was struggling and writhing in his chair. His gloved hands opened and closed frantically, his booted legs tried to thrash. The chair’s bonds held him tight. The oxygen mask was still held over his nose and mouth. Large beads of sweat drops could be seen on the dirty blonde soldier’s face. His eyes were no longer glazed over, but rather more crazed. His wild eyes rolled about. His neck moved trying to free himself. He kept moaning. But the only audible thing that made sense was the word “cum”.

It seemed that X1 turned from a suit dominated cum-hungry and cum-producing machine to a cum crazed and cum hungry muscle stud. The Extractor released the masks straps and it recoiled back into the chair immediately.

X1 moaned, “Cuuum...AUGH...neeed!...Auuugh...” His mouth was open, his tongue stuck out as if he was catching something in the air. But no cum was going to fall on those lips or tongue - yet.

“Who do you OBEY, marine?”

“!” X1 answered in a crazed state.

“PLEAAASE..siiirr!...CUUUM...!” X1 pleaded.

“What’s that? You want cum? or do you need to cum?”

“Siiirrr..Boooth...auuuugh...AUUGH...” X1 kept struggling.

Extractor concluded that beta slave Type 3 was viable - for now. He needed more time to test...but he didn’t have that luxury now. However, even with all of his alpha cum full in his balls, the conditioning stayed. There was only one logical step to take was to emty his balls!

“Very well, soldier, you have been obedient, you have persmission to cum!”

“Auuugh...MMM...THANK YOU..!..AUUGH...SIIR! AUUUUUUUGH” X1 immediately shot his load.


Extractor observed the process. X1 had orgasmed on command instead from external stimuli. The Type 3 Beta slave seems to have rewired their brains to take external commands and follow through with it immediately.

“Auuugh...AUUUUUUUUUUUGH...” X1 continued to moan and shoot his alpha seed out within his suit. It didn’t seem there was an end to his orgasm.

Extractor watched the stats as the cum levels dropped at a fast pace, but the arousal and submission factor stayed at the peak. He expected X1 to stop after a few shots of cum, but to his pleasant surprise X1 continued. It won’t be long till he fully empty devoid of all alpha cum again.


It would seem the mind fucking was real. It had completely turned X1’s conscious state from alpha hero to alpha servant. Twenty minutes later, the thrusting stopped, and slow moans came from X1. The non-stop orgasm had completely milked X1 dry. Except, it was clear to Extractor that X1 was not in a mindless beta slave state. He was conscious, but totally subservient to Extractor. The conditioning stayed! Either way it was safe to release X1 from the chair now. Even with full charge he couldn’t do a thing. Control of his suit had already been transferred away. He was nothing more than a muscular man with a cum and sweat soaked rubber suit.

“Now, X1, place your helmet back on.”


X1 fell to his knees at first when first released from the chair. The constant ‘X’ position had left his muscles aching. But hearing his orders, he immediately complied. He walked over to the table where his helmet was placed and placed it on without question. The helmet sealed up with his suit once more.

“ORDERS COMPLETE, SIR!” X1 said, and stood straight in salute.

“Excellent!” Extractor was going to test how far this could go - if there was any limits at all to this conditioning. Beta slaves are generally, good and easy, but required constant milking over the long term. They were also pretty zombie like and mindless, nothing like the energy that is being shown now.

“Why don’t you help your fellow brother here, X2 to some more conditioning?”


Immediately, he walked over to X2’s extraction chair and started to fondle his goods. There was no hesitation. He was stroking X2’s bulge as if he was jacking himself off. X2 groaned and moaned from X1’s gloved hands on his exposed shaft. It was producing precum which was immediately siphoned off by the tube that was still attached to his cock head.

“Make sure to get that orgasm out X1! That’s your mission!” Extractor commanded.


Extractor continued to watch at X1’s performance. X2 continued to moan from X1’s continued pumping of his manhood. Being pumped dry so recently, it was going to be difficult to get him to cum again.

Thirty minutes pass and X1 was still working X2’s rock hard member. Extractor was growing slightly impatient.

“Do I need to punish you X1, for taking so long to complete your mission?”

“NO, SIR!”

“Then what’s taking so long, soldier?!”


“Is it because you’ve never jacked another man off?!”


“Then maybe you should use your MOUTH?”


X1, removed his helmet and immediately started to lick X2’s shaft. X1’s chiselled face was still soaked in sweat. Extractor motioned the chair to remove the suction tube. Having tasted the precum, X1, went hungry for cum again, he immediately started sucking, deep throating as if he’d done it forever. X2’s moans got stronger and louder with each suck that X1 did. X2’s brains were on fire again. X1 couldn’t stop, he wanted that cum that was coming from his fellow team member’s cock. He kept sucking, up and down. Using his tongue teasing out more precum. X2 started to shudder. X1 relentlessly continued, expertly taking in every single reaction that X2 had towards his actions.

“Auugh..AUGH...AUUUGH!” X2 moaned and squirmed.

Wet sounds could be heard as X1 kept going, encouraging that climax.

“UUUGH..UGH...UGH...UUUUUUUUUUUGH,” X2 shot his load once more.

The hot thick alpha cum shot in to the back of X1’s throat. X1 hungrily sucked it all in while he continued to pump the cock in his hands.

X1 was getting every drop that was sprouting out from X2’s head. He hungered for it. It needed it. Bad. It was his mission. To obey. To serve. To submit. Each and every cum load he got from X2 reinforced that. It was the only thing he could do. Obey, serve, submit. Obey, serve, submit. Obey, serve, submit...

It was several minutes before X1 and X2 had finished their “business”. X1 was obedient and slave like still after taking in his partner’s alpha cum. It had no effect on the conditioning, but rather reinforced his submissiveness. The sensors picked it all up. It seems like everything was going all according to theory.

But enough play - it was time to get these alphas properly assembled for a full extraction!

“X1, get back on the chair and strap yourself in!”


Without question, X1 followed his orders like a fresh recruit taking orders from his commander. It was a refreshing scene to see a not-so monotone, but still a mind fucked alpha. Extractor was starting to love this new state of alpha male conditioning.

X1 followed his orders as instructed. He couldn’t help himself to obey and follow Extractor’s given instructions. It felt so...good and right! Each time he obeyed, a pulse went through his cock like a reward. He craved that feeling.

Fuck yeah! X1 thought to himself. So good! Sitting in the chair again. PULSE. Putting his hands through the metallic loops and locking himself in. PULSE.


“Good work, marine! Now sit tight!”



Extractor left the room and entered the main lab hall. Here he could fit all the alphas in the same room. Walking up to the terminal, he transferred all the alphas in their separate rooms into this one. Immediately the floor started to stir in a mechanical hum. The alphas were being moved through the facility while strapped to their chairs. One by one they popped up from below.

Looking at all the alphas lined up in the room was a hot sight to behold. It’s been a while since he had this many top men in his clutches. Now if only he had R2! That would complete the set. Not long now!

Each time an alpha suit was hacked by Extractor, one of the first things was to get its access codes with the Main System. With seven of the eight alphas he could crack the Main System in a more reasonable time as to the exponential nature of its security algorithms. From trillions of seconds down to the time of a day! Everyone thought that the Main System was impervious, but no longer. Even with all the codes, the Main System wouldn’t have been accessible. Yes, it used a rather...unconventional security. One that entails a biological aspect of it like the Alpha suits. It required alpha suit wearer’s orgasm signatures. All alphas shot and registered their signatures when they donned the suit.

Of course from what Extractor gathered out of these fine men, none of them were told any of this by their superiors. They had been used by the government as a crime fighting force. Never thought about their true purpose. The Main System wasn’t the whole picture. It was all created for Project Omega, the next step into Project Alpha. The next generation suits that required a supply of alpha cum from select males to create and empower a flawless power suit. In fact, the suit that Extractor wore, was such a suit. Beyond experimenting the alpha cum and conditioning alpha males, Extractor used the fluids he obtained to keep his suit with the necessary alpha essence he required.

It was time to start to have these fine muscular rubber suited soldiers to do their duty now. Let the milking begin! Extractor then said to the Alphas:

“Each and everyone one of you will cum and orgasm at precisely when I give you all permission! Your suits will be synchronized as one. I expect this to be a flawless performance boys!”

“SIR, YES SIR!” X1 said with enthusiasm and the rest could be heard to moan in their mindless pleasure saying the same.

Immediately, their suits synchronized as ordered. Each member could feel all the other members pleasure. The feeling of constantly on edge was amplified six fold. Loud moans could be heard across the whole chamber as each alpha male’s brains were stimulated to the max, but unable to cum. All squirmed and writhed in their bonds creating noise from their smooth rubbery suits, struggling to keep themselves from cumming.



Extractor watched as each alpha moaned and struggled. With seven in one room, Extractor was leaking precum inside his Omega suit. It won’t be long now till Extractor would obtain the orgasm signatures. Now he would have to add himself into the alpha suit synchronization. By linking with them and transferring their orgasms into the Omega suit he can mix their signals to generate the partial key and signature he needed. Of course Extractor himself would climax, but that is the product he needed. A down-mixed alpha-orgasm blend!

Extractor seated himself in his own Extractor chair and linked up. Inside his visor it indicated that the sync was ready. To not blow his own mind with the intense alpha orgasms, he slowly increased the sync intensity. Mild at first, but his already precumming cock started to leak even more. He could feel their struggles to hold back their cum. Oh good! It’s been too long! Increasing the intensity even more through his suit’s controls, Extractor was having the time of his life!

“Prepare to cum, marines!”

“AAAUUUGH...AUUUGH...AAAUUUGH!” was all that was heard. They were all too edged to even speak properly.

The Omega suit was ready for the orgasm sequence and all systems were good.

“You will all cum when the word ‘FIRE’ appears in your helmets marines!”

Initiating the countdown sequence from ten, Extractor readied himself as well. The intensity would automatically scale upwards as the timer went down. All the men in this room would ejaculate at precisely the same time.

OH FUCK...Extractor thought as the waves of pleasure intensified.

OH MY FUUUUCK...Extractor held his orgasm back, but his own suit sensing orgasm was close released a suppressant. Extractor started to breath heavily.

Extractor mind was a horned up mess now, without the suppressant, he would of shot so many times by now. But his sanity was still intact. Sweat could be felt inside his suit, his breathing was rapidly increasing.

The last second felt like an eternity, everything was on fire as Extractor’s body felt the full force of all seven alpha male’s edging in full force. All he could think of was to cum in his mind now.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUGHHH” Extractor yelled out as with the rest of the alpha males as they shot their loads within their suits.

“AAAUUUGH...FUUUUUUUUCK...” someone yelled out.

“FUUUCK..YEAAH...YEAAAAAAH...” Extractor moaned out, writhing and thrusting his crotch as he was in sync with the rest of the alpha males.

“AAAAAH...FUUCK..YEAH..PUMP MEEE...PUMP...FUUUCK!!...” another voice yelled out.

The hum of the machines in the room became louder as it started to work on breaking the last part of the key needed for entry into the Main System. Extractor was spent from such an intense orgasm. But he was still sane. His omega suit was different in that spec when compared to an alpha suit. Still even minutes after, Extractor’s cock was still going and throbbing hard. Sitting comfortably in the chair, Extractor for the first time in days felt tired. The bulk of the work was now done, he could actually take a small rest while the computer did its code cracking.

Extractor closed his eyes and felt his cock throb, heard the rest of the alphas moans and drifted off to a deep sleep.

The alpha males who were all strapped to their seats were all once again milked of all their cum. Every single one of them continued to wait on stanby in their mindless Beta slave mind set. All except X1, who was cum crazed now. After ejaculating all his alpha cum once more, he craved for more. His enhanced body was already producing cum at a rapid rate like the rest of the alphas, but it didn’t fulfill his new cravings for alpha cum. Seeing so many of his alpha teammates here, he couldn’t help but yearn for their hot cocks which were all now dripping wet with their sticky seed. The rich aroma of alpha cum now permeated the air. Sweat alongside the rubbery smell of their suits mixed together. It was intoxicating.

With the main milking program running to completion, the extraction chairs automatically brought out the suction tubes for cum collection. Extractor had prewritten the automatic procedures as he forsaw that he might be out for some time. The chairs sent the signal to open their suit crotch area and immediately the tubes hungrily siphoned off each of their alpha cum. Gasps and moans escaped their lips as the cleanup went on, and even louder sounds of pleasure came when the tube formed over their entire shafts and inserted a catheter into their heads sucking out any cum left over within. Inside their visors, submissive conditioning continued.

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