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Project Alpha
Chapter 8 - Part Eight - Finale
By The Extractor

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R2 woke up in the chair in cold sweat. The room was pitch black. He could see some dim lights blinking nearby. Moving a bit, he realised he couldn’t. Then it dawned on him that he was still in the maintenance chair. Breathing in and out slowly, he wonder what was going on. This had never happened before. He could make out that the node connectors were still attached to his suit.

 Breathing in an out he could feel his sweat and the tight alpha suit stick to his body like a second skin. His chest rose and fell as he decided what to do next.

 “Suit scan area” R2 said.

 Nothing happened. His suit was still down for maintenance.

 “What the hell...” R2 said to himself. Not sure what he could actually do as he had never woken up during maintenance, he started to shift a little in the chair.

 “Grr...” R2 continued to flex his muscles trying to shift, but it was no use, the chair held him tight along with the numerous nodes that were attached to the suit still.

 “Dammit!...” still flexing his gloved hands open and closing trying to get loose, and even his legs. But they were all held tight by some straps or something. He couldn’t see, it was too dark. His suit would usually enable enhanced vision through his visor, but it was still off.

 R2 had no idea how much had passed since he had got into the chair. But his instincts told him it shouldn’t be too far off from fully charged.

 The hum of the machines were getting louder in the background, he could see the blinking lights blink even faster now. Something was going on for sure. The Main System servers were held here at base. If anything was off, the Alpha Team would be the first to know...assuming someone was in the control room. R2 realized that he might be the only one in base still. Shit.

 The lights in the maintenance room started to flicker and strobe as if it was rebooting.

 Soon more sounds could be heard as the rest of the base seemingly was restarting itself.

 What the hell is going on?! R2 thought to himself. Something in his gut was telling him to get out of the chair and find out. Not waiting for a release, R2 tried once more to break out.

 “GRRRR...UUUGH...UH...HUH...FUUUCK...” R2 grunted as he started to shift his right arm and bending whatever was holding him down.

 R2 tried to see if his wrists were free, but no luck. The wrist seems to be a loop strap that was connected to another part.

 R2 sighed and panted, it was going to be another long day. The lights were stable now, he could see the room clearly as it was bathed in bright sterile white light.

 All of a sudden the power came back on in his suit. His visor began to show the initial diagnostics as per usual.

 R2 was caught off guard at the speed of how fast things were moving. The Main System was spitting out lines at blazing speeds in his visor, but he caught something about an update...

 Extractor Mainframe?! Wait what? R2’s mind was racing and confused at what was happening.

 “R2 Pause” R2 commanded.

 Stunned for half a second, R2 then said, “Suit emergency release!”

 “Oh fuck!...” and before R2 could say anymore more lines sped by as his suit was going through a hack.

“MMMUUGH...!” R2 squirmed in his bonds and suit as his suit was tighter than ever. He didn’t know what was going on at all other than that his suit was just very likely hacked. Fuuuck. if that was true, it means the rest of the team...SHIT.

“Why, what do we have here?” a voice in his helmet spoke.

“Who the fuck are you?” R2 said back.

“Mmm...yes, I just love it when you’re aggressive...just wait till I turn that energy into something else...more useful!”

“Huh?! What the fuck did you do?”

“What do you think...I’ve hacked your you’re going to be mine!”

“Like hell I will!”

“Heh, thats what all your teammates said.”

“What did you do?!”

“Why don’t you see for yourself!”

The maintenance room door slid open and the rest of the Alpha Team marched in. They were all fully geared still.

“Guys? What’s going on? Tell me this is a joke.” R2 was getting panicky.

“Oh no, not a joke at all,” the voice in the helmet comms kept talking, “You see, I’ve turned each and one of your Alpha Team memebers into what they’re supposed to be!”

“What the hell do you mean!?”

“Heh...alpha cum producers what else?”

“Alpha...cum?” R2 said with confused and revulsion.

“That’s it’s your turn!”

The communication channel cut off and it was silent again.

R2 saw that all his teammate’s suits were looking strange...extra tight. No...what’s happening?!

Before R2 could say another word, his suit inserted something up and into his ass.


 “NUUUGH..!!” R2 was moaning and squirming. Struggling to comprehend what was going on, he felt waves of pleasure flow through his body as his cock was stimulated. Shortly after, he felt his need to comply as the words, serve, submit and obey were fed into his visor.

 “SERVE. SUBMIT. OBEY,” his helmet started to drone into R2’s ears.

 “AUUGH...AUUUGH...WHAT..THE..FUUUGHH!!!...” R2’s moaned and struggled as he was analed penetrated and having his prostate stimmed like never before. His entire body tensed with each wave of stimulating electro pulses flowed through his suit and into his nerves.

 R2 eyed his teammates trying to see if this was all a cruel joke, but it wasn’t. They all stood there mindless, watching him.

 “NUUUGH...AAAUUUGH..HEEEELPP!....UGH.. FUUCK...!” R2 screamed as he was continually programmed in his maintenance chair.

 Extractor watched with great pleasure as he saw R2 struggle in his chair. Inside the Alpha Team control room he had installed the new updates necessary in order to take full control. The hack with the orgasm signatures allowed him to gain enough access to override several security measures before he could safely infiltrate their base. Now R2 was being natively controlled by the real Main System.

 It’s been too long! Extractor thought to himself since he was last in this room. This time, he will succeed! One R2 goes down, the final pieces will fall into place. The artifically enhanced military will all bow to Extractor’s will shortly after as he will milk them all out of their minds! Yes...all will be extracted!

 The Main System was much more efficient at taking care of R2 compared to the hacked build he had in his lair to conver the rest of the alphas. It shouldn’t be too long before R2 gave in to his new found desires!

 R2’s body and mind was aflame. He had to resist the urge to cum. It felt so good. He was so on the edge. His helmet droned the words now to get him to serve, submit, obey. He couldn’t stop anything. He struggled in his bonds as the nodes continued to pump and transfer mind controlling and alpha milking commands into his suit.

 “FUUUCK...STOOOP...” R2 moaned out loud. He was sweating hard in his suit and helmet. He couldn’t see his teammates anymore as his visor now kept flashing the words of submission into his pupils. He was hanging by a thread. His cock was rock hard and dripping with precum beneath his suit. His entire body tensed. Anyone that was looking from the outside could see every fibre of muscle through the skin tight suit. As all alphas have an impressive build, the struggle was a sight as R2 continued to resist.


 The suit was merciless as the Main System continued to take full control and stimulated every surface and insides of R2. Shocks of electro flowed through his entire body bringing a completely new sensation like never before. R2 couldn’t hold on much long if it kept going. Maybe he could hold on for just a few more minutes...

 Extractor had an idea to push R2 over the edge. Finding the controls, he inputted the commands. The Main System whirlled a bit and then complied. Extractor watched as seven of the alpha males got their cocks hooked up by the Main System via a tube.

 Then Extractor said to the rest of the alphas, “Shoot your loads! Cum HARD.”

 Immediately, creamy white liquid shot out from each of their shafts. Extractor smiled at their perfected conditioning. Now the aroma of alpha flowed directly into R2’s helmet. It won’t be long before his entire being became a beta slave.

 Then all of a sudden a peculiar smell started to flow through his helmet as well. R2 barely registered what it was, but before he knew it was too late. The smell of alpha cum was fed directly into his helmet. His mind was turning to a complete suggestible state, taking in whatever was told to him.

 “NUUUGH...AAAAUGGHH...” R2’s eyes were fixated now on the words that were being fed into his visor.




 Then in a sudden spasm, R2 cummed. R2’s brains were completely fucked. He shot hard, intense, loads. He felt his balls empty out as he continued to orgasm. He couldn’t stop. He didn’t want to stop. He wanted this. He want to serve. He want to submit. He want to obey. He would obey. He would shoot his load like a good soldier.

 “Ugh...UUGH..” R2’s ecstasy was completely in conditioning him into a full beta slave.

 Several minutes later, R2 continued to cum. His mind was emptying out any will and resistance he had. The more he orgasmed the more submissive he became. Alpha to beta. He must obey.

 Extractor smiled as he obtained the full orgasm signature he needed from all the alphas! Now with full, unblocked access to the Main System, all was laid bare for Extractor. By installing his very own subliminal enslavement programs into the artificial enhancement system of the military all will cum on command! The effectiveness will be guaranteed. With the downmixed orgasm signatures within, no other male can resist the alpha dominance’s will to force an orgasm out and turn them into a mindless obedient drone.

 Extractor’s excitement could barely be contained as soon he will have the most powerful military at its knees and for him to command...or should it be cummand!

 Uploading and deploying the updates will take some time, but with the infrastructure of the Main System, it wouldn’t be longer than a few minutes. Such luxury! The completion bar started to run and move itself up towards 100%.

 All of a sudden the door to the control room slid open. Who?! Extractor thought to himself. Looking up he saw the Delta Special Forces of the military flood the room. Clad in an artificial enhanced suit, the rubbery look stuck to their skins like a second skin. A full face helmet covered their faces which connected to the suits themselves. They wore tactical gloves along side special boots. Everything was a set like an alpha suit.

 Extractor didn’t expect them to be here so fast...

 “HANDS UP AND AWAY FROM THE PANEL” one of them yelled. They were equiped with particle guns. Clever. However, every single one of them were fitted with the artifical enhancement suits. Based on the alpha suits, but not as strong nor effective. However, it had all the downsides to an Alpha suit!

 Stalling for some time as the update completed, Extractor using his exceptional enhanced speed to trigger the alarm and set off a smokescreen. Then he ordered his beta slaves to help. Particle shots were fired narrowly missing him. The panel took the hits, but as the screen flickered out the update entered 90% range.

 It won’t be long till the effect settled in! Dodging the shots, Extractor fortified himself along the rows of control panels. He shot back with his own made particle gun - purposely missing. Soon...soon! So close!

 The Delta Special Forces were a special force trained as a back up in case the Alpha Team ever had their hands full. It also served as a safeguard for many things. As they stormed through Project Alpha headquarters and located the intruder, they were ready for anything - almost anything. When the door slid open, they saw a mysterious rubber clad figure in the control room. It didn’t matter who it was, but they had their orders to flush out and detain any intruders.

 “HANDS UP AND AWAY FROM THE THE PANEL,” Captain J.Thalin commanded. They were ready for whatever this guy had. Their specially enhanced suits were just like the alpha suits. In a blur of motion to the naked eye, but through their enhanced helmet vision, the figure started to move. Faster than any of them anticipated. Before they could react, the alarm went off and smoke started to fill the room. A diversion.

 Given proper training, they began suppressive measures to keep the intruder in place. Whoever it was, they weren’t going to get away from this team!

 Some rustling were coming from behind. Captain Thalin checked updated live stats of the area through his helmet HUD, several more unknowns had started to attack from the flank. He signalled the team to change formation to engage. More suppressive shots were fired as they were assaulted from the flank. The mysterious figure was still fortified in the rows of panels. Someone had to...what the...

 Captain Thalin didn’t know what was going on, but his suit was receiving updates now! There was no stopping it at all. His comms went down and so did his helmet HUD. All that filled his helmet screen were these lines of an update. The team slightly disorientated continued to defend and attack. Seconds later more lines started to appear.

 Before anyone on the team could question anything an uncontrollable horniness started to take over their minds and cocks. Soon some of them started to shake and struggled to hold their gun still. Their formation was falling apart as the new update took hold.

 Some members couldn’t fight it, it was too strong and started to spasm in ecstasy. As one started to cum, it began a domino effect. As their minds were orgasm fucked, the enslaving conditioning settled in ensuring their submissiveness.

 As the beta slave team rushed in and started to take on the Delta Special Forces, you could start to hear moans of uncontrollable pleasure and lust. Extractor smiled as the update settled in and began to convert every single soldier. Soon, the only sounds you could hear are moans of hot intense orgasms.

 “Uuugh...AUUGH..” someone nearby cried out.

 “Fuuuuck...NUUUGH...” another said as the suit started to milk him.



 There was no trying to resist. The alpha orgasm signatures instantly forced each Delta Special Force member into a state of orgasm and relaxation. Their bodies writhed and thrashed as their brains tried to take control while the suit continued to override every action - forcing every last drop of their creamy cum out.

 It was minutes later when all the Delta Special Forces were completely milked dry and programmed to be a mindless slave to the Extractor.

 When the smoke cleared, the special forces were all on the ground, exhausted from their forced milking. Now they were going through a series of further programmed to cement the enslavement.

 Extractor was finished. He had done what he wanted to do in the first place. He now had control over the strongest men and took over control of the military. Now all are a plaything for him!


 The Alpha Team were hooked up via their suits at the Project Alpha base. The eight of them lined the wall within a large cylindrical glass container of a special room deep in the facility. Wires were hooked up to the connection nodes feeding and monitoring each host. A special tube was now locked on to each of their shafts which kept their cocks hard and constantly collected the dripping alpha cum. A new helmet now was integrated into their suits. This one was even more powerful than before which now directly programmed their brains like a computer. But for now, they were kept in a state of permanent ecstasy and immobility. The helmet were even more fitting much like a jet pilot helmet with a special mask over which now were hooked into alpha cum vapours. They continued to moan in pleasure as they are constantly kept on edge but unable to cum.

 The Extractor watched each of his conquests with much pleasure and gave his cock a light stroke thinking what to do next. The vat of alpha cum was almost full and it was time to create another Omega Suit, this time it will better than the prototype! The motioned the former Delta Special Forces, now his Delta Slave Force, to change the cum vat. Each of them obeyed perfectly and without hesitation. It was all too easy now. Now, he’ll need to make plans manipulate the rest of the world!

End of Project Alpha