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Project Alpha
Chapter 6 - Part Six
By The Extractor

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 Walking down the corridor to where R1 was held, Extractor paused for a moment double checking his list. Both X-level alphas were in captivity with X1 still in an experimental process while X2 was a Type 2 Beta slave.

 But V1...still needed to be processed! V2 was strapped back on the chair again for continued conditioning. T1 and T2 both have been successfully extracted of their fluids, so no problem there.

 Now for the R-level alphas, R1 has been captured while R2 very likely has now received some information of their current situation...maybe. But if Extractor moves fast enough, he’ll be able to access the Main System then it would become too easy. Toying with the idea a little brought a sly smile on to Extractors face - not that anyone could see it - his Omega suit covered his entire body anyway. As Extractor moved, his gear and suit squeaked. It was an known issue - where stealth was lacking, the rest of the features made up for it. It didn’t matter anyway now.

 Arriving at the door where R1 was held, Extractor motioned the security system and gained entry. R1 was clearly held in the Extractor chair on the right side of the room while the console lay patiently humming on the left. R1 was struggling to move, but only his head complied. His alpha suit still held him in stasis. It was amusing to see that their greatest protection and asset easily turned into their greatest weakness.

 “Fucking shit...GRRR...” R1 said as he tried to gain any form of control over his body and suit.

 Extractor let out a short laugh and walked towards the console. Pulling out the diagnostics that was automatically gathered when a victim was placed into the chair, he could see that R1’s suit defenses were just like the rest of the alpha. Processing him would be easy work. R1 the whole time continued to struggle, ignoring Extractor. He definitely had some more brains than the rest of the team.

 Walking up to R1, Extractor decided he should play with him a bit.

 “You son of a bitch!” R1 said through his helmet.

 “Manners!” Extractor retorted back.

 “GRRRR...” R1 continued to struggle, but he couldn’t move anything but his head and neck. His muscular neck could be seen flexing, but beyond that, his body was not his to command. The suit blocked off all neural signals from the neck downwards.

 “Now, how about we fix that little problem?” Extractor mused as he disabled the stasis protocol on R1.

 R1 felt a tingling sensation through his whole body as he had control over his body again. Immediately, he tried breaking free from the chair’s metallic bonds, but it was useless.

 “Don’t waste your time, R1, you can’t break out even if you had your suit’s strength!”

 “What the ...NGGGHH!!” R1 flexed his muscles trying to break free, not believing Extractor.

 “Well, I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time’re not as fun as the others.”

 “Fuck your fun, I’m going to beat the shit out of you...ARGH!”

 “Aggressive! I like it! Now why don’t we channel that energy elsewhere hahahaha!” Extractor tweaked some controls through his suit and the chair begin to do it’s preprogrammed actions to edge, milk and control.

 Wires burst out and started to interface immediately with R1.

 “NOO...FUCK...SHIT!” R1 screamed as he continued to struggle, but it was useless like all the others. The chair immediately began to install the Extractor protocols into R1’s mainframe. R1 could see the process all within his helmet visor. 

 “FUUUCK...tight...NUUOOGH” R1 yelled as the suit started to tighten around every aspect of his body.

 “Enjoying yourself yet?” Extractor asked.

 “To hell with--” before R1 could finish, the anal tract stimulator force inserted into R1’s ass.


 As the suit continued its extraction process, R1 reacted accordingly like every other alpha. An impressive hard bulge soon started to form. His suit then begin to pulse in areas stimulating its host, edging R1 slowly.


 “Enjoy yourself while I milk you, soldier!” Extractor said as he watched.

 R1 didn’t know what the fuck was going on. He was captured and now being stimulated to...cum? Why the hell does he want me to cum?! R1 had no idea, his head was in a stimulated mess to think beyond that as waves of intense pleasure throbbed through his entire body. His instincts were to attempt to resist the stimulations and intrusions, but he was ceding control ever so slowly without knowing.

 Extractor was sure that not all the alphas knew what would happen if they cummed. Only some of them did, the X-level wearers had some details. Just not all of it. Regardless, forcing an alpha to cum then milking all of their will out of them was the goal here.

 R1’s bulge continued to swell as the suit continued its programming.

 “AUGH...AUUUGH...!” R1 flexed and constricted his muscles as he was continuously stimulated. His alpha suit, boots and gloves squeaked of rubber and leather-like sounds.

 “NUUUGH...!...FUUUCK...!” His gear reprogrammed now served Extractor to bring him closer and closer to the edge. The submissive and milking programs, now running at full efficiency, was quickly taking over R1’s mind and body.

 On the side, Extractor watched and couldn’t help to get a hard on through his Omega suit. He knew exactly what was happening to R1. Each and every little detail was streamed into his helmet display.

 R1’s mind was split. His desire to cum was reaching unmanageable limits, still he tried resisting, but the more he tried, the more he wanted to shoot his load.  His suit was part of him, having been recruited into the Alpha Project at the start, the highly advanced suit material integrated with his biological makeup. His suit was in control of him like a parasite. He wanted to submit, serve and cum, but he instinctively resisted. His soldier training didn’t help, but served to confuse him further. He wanted to follow his mission, follow his orders. The suit took advantage of this and forced him to feel submissive to his suit.

 “UUGH..UUUGH...” R1 moaned as he resisted.

 “Yes R1, I want you to SHOOT that load.” Extracted commanded.

 R1 with his soldier reflexes, obeyed and gave in for half a second, but it was enough. The suit’s program took advantage of the sudden change and wedged an extra strong stimulation in, gaining significant ground over R1’s arousal and submission progress.

 “FUUUCK...AAAUGH...” R1’s mind was aflame. As the progress on him gained closer to completion, R1’s mind clouded even more. It was hard to tell which thoughts are his own or the suits programming. He was hearing voices in his head. Submit. Resist. Cum. Resist. Obey. Resist. Serve. Resist. Cum...

 Extractor smiled beneath his helmet as the program sped up when R1 let his guard down. R1 started to moan words of submission, obey, serve and cum. It won’t be long now before he’s forced to give in to his artificially induced desires.

 “NUUGH...OBEY...AAAUGH...CUM..UUGH...SERVE...NUUGH..” R1 spasmed as he was nearing the edge.

 “Yes, soldier. OBEY, SERVE, SUBMIT, CUM.”


 “This is an direct order, R1, SUBMIT and CUM.”


 “There should be a SIR, marine!”


 “Then SHOOT that LOAD now!”

 “NUUUGH...NUUUGH...AAAUGH...FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! AUGH UGH..AUGH” R1 exploded within his alpha suit.

 R1 couldn’t stop. He didn’t want to stop. He fully gave in to the suit’s commands - Extractor’s commands. His balls shot load after load each time bringing pure ecstasy - fucking both his mind and body. He lost more and more control of his own self as the suit implemented the Beta slave controls into place as he was milked of his will.

 “UUUGH...YES...SIR...CUM..” R1 moaned out load as he thrusted his crotch.



 Extractor continued to observe closely at R1’s stats. His suit enhanced bodies succumbing entirely to the program. Even their fast regenerating bodies can’t generate cum fast enough to satisfy their new needs.


 Extractor motioned the controls for the chair to prepare for the cleanup. And with another gesture, R1’s crotch area opened up revealing a cum drenched hard cock. Immediately, the tubes went in and all over the crotch and sucked away every single drop of cum.

 “AAAAUGH...” R1 screamed in pleasure as another tube molded over his penis and inserted a smaller tube into R1’s slit siphoning away any cum that may remain inside.


 Extractor seeing his work was done, left R1 on the chair to let the controls to settle in. He’ll be kept on edge constantly - when needed, Extractor would be able to command him to shoot his load on command. Not that it mattered, a quick orgasm replay would milk him of his senses. Beta slave, yes, he’ll be milked like the rest of them. Tall, strong, muscular men, the best soldiers there are, wearing advanced suits, but now...entirely enslaved, mindless, cum hungry and only wanting to serve their dominator.

 With each alpha enslaved, brought Extractor closer to his true goal. Next stop, V1!

 Extractor satisfied, walked out of the room leaving R1 moaning. The door, slid closed behind him and walked directly to where V1 and V2’s are held next door. Entering, Extractor saw that V2 was sitting complacently in his extractor chair getting pumped of his cum. Moans of pleasure escaped from his helmet each time he shot his load. Streaks of milky white liquid flowed through the clear tubes which connected into the chair. The container was getting full again. V2 must have been milked several times while he had been busy with the other alphas. He’ll have to make the containers hold even more fluids in the next design.

 V1 however, was immobilized and strapped down. His head was the only thing that was moveable. His mirror visor looked towards Extractor when he entered.

 V1 was out of options. He couldn’t move, his communications are completely down, he couldn’t even get in control of his suit. V2 on the side subjugated himself willing into the chair and literally get...fucked by it. He couldn’t believe it. His brother in arms, reduced to a cum machine. Whatever communication he tried didn’t get through. V2 seems to have been completely brainwashed or controlled somehow.!

 Then, the door slid open and he saw a figure clad in a rubbery material. The suit and gear he wore squeaked like his alpha suits. Except his was of a slightly different design. He was examining V2 as he was getting fucked by that machine. There wasn’t much information, he could gather from observing. He was going to have to negotiate, somehow - but he wasn’t any position to. Shit.

 Extractor moved his attention on to V1. The next alpha male to be processed. The mere thought of it gave Extractor a hard on. But still he will not entertain the thought of pleasing himself - yet. The prize was at the very end. Soon. So close now!

 Walking directly to the console, he booted up the system to connect with V1’s suit and transferred the controls over.

 “What are you doing?!” V1 spoke.

 “Oh, not much, I hope you’re not the one to talk much, I’m afraid I don’t have too much time to keep you company.” Extractor replied back.

 “Who are you!?”

 “Does it really matter, but I suppose me Extractor.”


 “Why yes! I’ll extract anything I want out of you!...”

 “Like fuck you will!”

 “Hehehe,’re just like all your eager to resist!” Extractor teased.

 “What have you done with V2?!”

 “Nothing him what he wants!”

 “You fucking bitch!”

 “Oh maybe so, but I guess I did get almost all of you alpha males to CUM at the end! Now it’s your turn!”

 “The fuck, you won’t get shit from me!”

 “Hahahaha! That’s what you all say! Too late now!” and with that Extractor began V1’s extraction process.

 “I’ll never give you shiiiiiiii-----!” V1 voice strangled as his suit tightened without warning. His visor were all scrambled, but now it displayed arousal and submission percentages. Piecing things together, he had a gut feeling this was going to be bad. Not knowing what was going to happen he braced for torture of some sort. But none came.

 Instead, Extractor started to tune V1’s suit manually instead of letting the program do the automatic programming. It would be much more fun to tease and slowly control this last alpha at his disposal. Oh yes, V1 will experience a most exquisite conditioning. An orgasm that will be sure to mind fuck him instantly, drive his urges to the limit and forcing him to shoot while he resists. Then ever so slowly feel himself lose all of his control slip away as the very gear he wears takes over, turning him into a cum hungry beta slave. First, Extractor restored V1’s mobility - now V1 can squirm and struggle while he gets stimulated!

 “Nuuugh...what the fuck..?!...” V1 was feeling the effects Extractor’s controls. V1 couldn’t stop from getting an erection as his crotch area started to stimulate him. Vibrations and pulses flowed up his shaft and throughout his body. Soon V1’s cock was rock hard.

 “Augh...stop...augh...stop...augh!...” V1 moaned and writhed.

 Extractor stood silent, moving his gloved hands slightly here and there tweaking the controls on V1’s suit.

 “Augh...Mmmm...fuck...fuuuuck!” V1 continued to moan out as his suit continued to stimulate him slowly, increasing in pace and intensity as it progressed. By now, V1’s precum had started to drip out, but only Extrator knew from the suit’s sensors.

 V1’s cock throbbed, he involuntarily flexed his cock bringing even greater waves of pleasure through his body. V1 couldn’t resist, he didn’t know how to resist this kind of conditioning. Holding back his rising desires was proving almost impossible.

 Then something started to crawl into his anus. Before he could even resist it shoved right in aiming at his sensitive spots. Having never been fucked in the ass before, V1 screamed and his muscles tensed.

 “AAAUGH...FUUCK..FUUUUCK...AAAH...MMMM...” Soon V1’s screams turned to moans of pleasure, getting louder and more frantic each time.


 “Oh but you WILL cum, V1.”


 “Oh don’t worry, there will be time for that! But for now...” Extractor tweaked the dials more.

 “MMM AUGH..AUUGH...MMM...AUGH...” V1 was getting close to cumming, but he held on still by a thread.

 Extractor knew this, he loved toying with them on edge. V1’s submissiveness was still at a low level, but it didn’t matter, once he cummed that will rise at a astronomical rate. His arousal status however, showed he was ready to blow his load any moment from the expert manual stimulation. No one could resist Extractor, he knew exactly which buttons to push, and which part to tease to bring a man to blow their load. Eventually, once trained, they will blow on command, just like a soldier taking orders, obeying without question.

 V1 mind was in turmoil and his body was aflame with pleasure. Overloaded with senses, V1 was ready to shoot his load any second. He shifted in and out of the edge panting fast and breaking in soaking sweat.


 “Ready to cum for me, soldier?”


 “Is that a yes or no? Huh?”


 “Cum you say?”


 “Oh don’t worry, you won’t cum unless I LET YOU!”


 “Hahaha...yes...very soon...!” Extractor was enjoying his teasing immensely. Extractor himself was rock hard beneath his Omega suit. He’ll need all the alpha cum he can get...

 With a flick of Extractor’s gloved hand, V1’s suit switched to milking mode. Immediately the effect could be seen.

 V1’s body flexed and thrusted his body fiercely as his swelling cock was forced to cum. Unable to hold back the tide of unparalleled pleasure, he screamed as he shot his seed out.


 “Yes, that’s right, now you will SUBMIT, SERVE and OBEY!”

 “AAAAAAAAAUUUGHH...AAAAUUUUGH.....” V1 shot load after load and Extractor’s words sticking to his mind.


 “OBEY, soldier, yes! Shoot every last drop you got in those balls!”


 Extractor knew this alpha was his now. His mind was now becoming like putty easily molded. It won’t too long before V1 would be fully milked considering the intensity and volume that was being shot out. Releasing the crotch area of the suit, V1’s hard cock sprung out, still shooting his load. Motioning the chair’s suction tubes, they sucked off the excess cum. Then a larger tube snaked its way and attached a rubbery seal over his cum soaked shaft. Like V2, soon milky white alpha cum flowed through the clear tubes. The liquid containers will need to be changed soon if he kept producing cum at this rate.

 “Good work so far, keep it up, marine!”

 “CUM...AAAUUGH...YES...SIR!...FUUUCK...UUUGH..UGH..UUUGH!!” V1 moaned out in his orgasms as he submitted to Extractor’s mind control.

 V1’s brains were fried. The moment he shot his hot creamy load out he was done for. Each load he thrusted out, the more intense pleasure it got, the more the suggestive commands stuck to him. It was truth. The helmet display enforcing the words into his mind. He didn’t know what was happening, he couldn’t even think. He submitted. He was an alpha soldier. He obeyed. He was an alpha unit. He served. He was a slave. He cummed. There was nothing more. He only wanted cum now...he craved for it.

 “Cuuuum....” he moaned. It was as if the suit’s persona integrated into his mind. It was part of him - more tightly integrated together than ever. Without alpha cum, an alpha male was a host and the suit becomes like a programmable entry point for the mind, accessing both mind and body. However, this parasitic property could also be induced when the suit ran out of power.

 Extractor was pleased at his handiwork. It was always a pleasure bringing down a hero. Making them squirm. Getting them on the edge, dancing the line between control and enslavement. Then pushing the right buttons which shoved them over. Extractor smiled to himself softly. If only he had more time to tease!...But time wasn’t on his side. There was many thing he had to do before the other military programs got word of Project Alpha’s mishaps. If things go according to plan, he’ll have many more military men shoot and harvest their top notch cum!


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