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Project Alpha
Chapter 5 - Part Five
By The Extractor

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Extractor entered the sterile, fluorescent white, brightly lit room. Two Extraction Chairs were present in the center with a victim in each. Moans could be heard as Extractor walked towards the control consoles. He had almost forgotten he left T2 on edging mode. Almost. T1 was trapped in the other chair struggling to get free still. It was in vain though. He soon tired. Without his suit to augment his strength he couldn’t maintain his stamina.

Bringing up the data on to the screen, he could see that T2’s arousal was walking the knife’s edge. If it wasn’t for the artificially orgasm blockers, T2 would of blew his load already. Needless to say, the idea was it drive T2 into a state of ecstasy without him cumming. Oh yes, Extractor thought, it was just another way to mindfuck an Alpha Male. Looking at more of T2’s suit data, the alpha male host was being siphoned of his precum. In fact, lots of it.

“FUUCK...,” T2 moaned and writhed as he was endlessly edged. Trying to cum, but it was denied to him. Extractor approached T2 and watched him squirm.

“Ready to cum now, T2?”


“Is that a yes? or a no?”


“That’s not the answer!” Extractor teased as he grabbed T2’s bulged and gave it a hard rub and squeeze.

“AAAAAAUUGH,” T2 cried out from the sudden change in stimulation. His cock felt it was ready to explode any moment, but he couldn’t cum, not yet.

T1 on the side was listening and said, “Fucking hell, what are you doing to him?!”

Extractor absent mindedly replied, “Giving him the orgasm of his life!”

T1 didn’t know what else to say. He needed to escape before Extractor gets to him. Struggling still he continued to try and break out of his bonds.

Extractor wasn’t concerned at all, he put his attention on T2. It was interesting to see the results of edging an Alpha. Their need to cum almost overwhelmed their thoughts. T2 still had lots of cum to be milked. Edging out his precum hardly mattered with their superhero enhanced bodies. Still, T2 wasn’t turned into a willing beta slave. It would seem that this was a dead end in terms of finding an alternate method to enslave an Alpha. No matter, it was enjoyable teasing their bodies and minds to their limits.

T2’s mind was in a state of disarray. His body was so stimulated it was incredible. He could barely think and concentrate on anything beyond other than what he first started out with - to resist something. He saw T1 get carried in and strapped into a Extraction Chair, but he was already too stimulated then to even communicate properly. He was sweating and precumming non-stop and he could feel his Alpha suit siphon his bodily fluids away. Every second was a fight to hang on to his sanity. Extractor was beside him now. He could barely talk. All he could do was pant in laboured breaths and moan. It was clear that Extractor had him by the balls - literally. He felt weak, and submissive. T2 did not know what was really going on any more

“Still resisting the cum are we?” Extractor mused as he reached down the skin tight suit and fondled the hero’s balls.

“AUUUUGH...” was all T2 was able to cry out.

Extractor was pleased by the reaction. Looking at T2’s stats in his visor, it was incredible that T2 hasn’t cummed just yet - a regular marine would of already been mind fucked to the point of no return. His arousal levels were at 95% and submissive levels at 89% with very slight increases over time. Edging was doing the best it can to keep T2 to walk the knife’s edge.

“I know you’ve been waiting a looong time T2,” Extractor continued to tease.

“Uggggh..YUH...AAGH...” T2 barely answered through his moans and laboured breaths.

“What’s that, soldier?”


“There should be a SIR in there somewhere, marine!”


“That’s better, boy, now what do you need to say to ask for permission?”


“Say it again, marine!”


Accessing T2’s suit remotely, he switched the suit mode from edging to milking. Immediately T2 started to react.

“Permission to cum, GRANTED!” Extractor said.

“AAUGH..AUGH..AUGH!! AAAAAAAAAAAUGH!!” T2 moaned and screamed out as pure pleasure hit his is mind. The suit continued to milk its host of its cum. Each and every drop was siphoned off into a container T2 thrusted his crotch upwards as the initial orgasms hit. The intensity could be seen through his struggling muscles..

The suit program did its job. T2 writhed and squirmed as he was continuously milked. Climax after climax, each time T2 lost more and more of his own will. The words on his visor started to take hold.

Soon audio recordings of his teammates started to play inside the helmet. Droning the words to give in.

T2’s mind was in a shattered mess. He couldn’t think at all, but to follow what was being played in his helmet. His military instinct told him to obey his orders. Soon, T2 started to drone the words of submit serve and obey just like the other enslaved alphas.


“Yes, T2, that’s a order!”

“MMM...must...ARGH obey...”

“Yes, keep cumming, soldier!”


Extractor listened and watched as T2 gave in and slowly become a Type 2 Beta Slave. His cum production was incredible, maybe even more than the rest. Maybe it was due to the prolonged edging? It mattered not, the speed at which they produced cum was all that mattered and each time Extractor was sure to extract every last drop out of them!

T1 watched and heard everything that happened to his now enslaved teammate. He couldn’t believe T2 would just become mind fucked that easily. Shit, he had to get out somehow! But before he could try again on brute forcing his way out of the chair, wires burst out from the chair and started to interface with his suit. Fuck! What’s going on? Inside his helmet, the words showed up:

Alpha Suit Synchronization...Initiated.

“What the...fuck?” T1 said out loud.

Extractor was controlling T1’s suit from where he was standing.

“You’re in for some fun now T1, why don’t you just enjoy it like your fellow team mate here?”

“No...whatever you’re doing...I won’t give in!”

“Pity. Not that you had a choice to being with! HAHAHA!”



Extractor watched as the numbers sped up and T1 continued to try and stop the process. It was hopeless for T1. Extractor was in full control of his suit.

“STOP! PLEASE!” T1 started to plead.

“GRRRR!!...” T1 yelled as he flexed his muscles once more to try and break out.

Immediately the sensations that T2 was experiencing, hit T1. Being the same kind of Alpha, the synchronization was amplified. The urge to cum was overpowering. T1 could hardly hold back as his suit transferred T2’s mind fucking and conditioning into T1’s mind.

“NuuuGH!” T1 immediately squirmed and moaned out loud as he resisted.

“Mmm...yes! How does it feel T1?”

“AUUgh...whyy? MMMMM!”

“Why, I want your cum! Why else?”

“FUUUGH...!” T1 struggled with his mind and body as his suit, in sync with T2, started to mind fuck him.

Extractor was impressed by T1’s resilience to the sync. It was not surprising as T1 had not gone through preconditioning. But it would only be a matter of time before he felt the effects of T2’s submissiveness encroaching ever so slowly, over his resistance.

“Ready to shoot that load yet, soldier?”

“FUUUCK...AUGH..NO!” T1 was thrashing about in his chair.

“How about some encouragement?” Extractor teased as he walked over and squeezed T1’s hard bulge.


“Sooooo goood right?” Extractor cooed.

“UGH!...Serve..augh...obey...ugh...submit...,” T2 was droning as he was conditioned and milked thoroughly. The sensations that T1 was being felt, was also transferred to T2 as well! The link went both ways.

Extractor was having fun slowly converting these Alpha males into Beta slaves which would serve as a basis for the Omega males. He will have to find more specimens for those, but those are already in the works anyway. No need to rush. In the meantime, converting these Alpha males will be key.

“UGH...UH...MMM...,” T1 continued to moan as he tried to resist the sensations.

“You will CUM soldier.” Extractor commanded.

“UUGH...FUCK...UGH..” T1 struggled hard to resist, his brain was going crazy. He was resisting yet he could feel the intense pleasure that was going through. He was feeling all the sensations that T2 was having. The need to SERVE was overpowering his own will. He needed to to escape, but it wasn’t an option.

“UUUGH...! UUUGH...!” T1 moaned has his cock throbbed, leaking inside his alpha suit.

Extractor examined T1’s cum levels, still at an unmilked 100%. It was clear he had to get this alpha male to cum to a certain level before the suit sync will work.

Grabbing T2’s container of cum from the chair, Extractor took a close look. Top grade alpha cum, pearly white, thick in viscosity. The top layered with a section of clear precum. Perfect for conditioning, which is what he was looking for. Separating the precum into a separate container, Extractor placed it into T1’s Extraction Chair. Pushing a few controls, the face mask arced out from behind and placed it near T1’s helmeted head.

While T1 moaned and struggled, he was helpless to watch as Extractor did something, he could see a mask of some sort now in front of his helmet. His helmet without warning started the release sequence. In a matter of seconds his helmet was off revealing his brown hair, chestnut coloured eyes. His features were chiselled.

Extractor again was pleasantly surprised another Alpha hunk was going to be turned into his willing cum slave. Watching them resist was a show in itself!

“FUUUCK...WHAT...UGH..ARE..YOU..DOING?!” T1 tried asking.

“No need to worry about that, you just have to CUM!” Extractor said as he brought the mask forward and sealed itself over T1’s nose and mouth.

“AAAUGH...NOOUGHHH..!!!” T1 struggled to get away and try and loosen the mask. It was useless. The rubbery mask sealed itself over his mouth and nose. It then encircled around his neck securing the fit. The air tight seal make it impossible to loosen. Very soon he smelled the precum laced oxygen flowing through. His already precumming cock throbbed with renewed intensity.



“NUUUGH....” T1’s head was feeling light. He felt almost drunk.

Extractor monitored T1’s body through the suit as he breathed in the special oxygen. His arousal and submissiveness was rising rapidly. The suit sync was losing its effects as T2 was pretty much now milked dry of his balls. All in perfect timing.

“FUUUCK...SO...GOOD...” T1 moaned out loud. His chest could be seen to expand when he inhaled. Each time breathing in deep. The more T1 breathed the better it felt. His resistance melted away, giving way to a state of willingness to accept.


“Yes, SERVE, T1”


“Good, now SUBMIT.”


“So good isn’t it?”


“Then OBEY it, OBEY me!”


Extractor was satisfied how quickly the precum was working on T1. He simply loved teasing and mind fucking these alphas! Extractor reached down to T1’s crotch area and started to expertly massage his hard bulge outline.


“Want more of that, marine?”


“That’s a YES, SIR, marine!”


“Good, marine, now, to test your obedience, you will not cum, until I say so!”


Extractor sent T1’s suit a remote crotch area release. Immediately, T1’s crotch area opened up and his wet, precumming shaft revealed itself. Extractor with his gloved hands grabbed the shaft and expertly with stimulated it.

“GAAAAUUGH...!..FUUUUCK....FUUUCK..YEAH...FUCK..!” T1 writhed in ecstasy as he was driven towards the edge, but mentally resisted the urge to cum.

Extractor smiled as he played with an alpha male’s hard throbbing cock. Extractor’s gloves weren’t just any gloves, but they were fitted with various features such as electro to enhance the pleasures of the cock. It was impossible to not cum from its touch! Extractor continued to tease and see when this alpha would crack.

Stroke. Stroke. Stroke.

T1’s cock and whole body was on fire. He breathed in heavily of the precum laced oxygen. He struggled to hold back his cum as Extractor continued to pump him.


Extractor watched in stroked in great interest as he continued his extraction process on T1.

“FUUUCK...AAAAUUUUGH...” T1 squirmed and his head swayed about. His eyes wide and shut tight again as the sensations flowed through his entire body and eventually all gathering at the brain which mind fucked him. With each stroke of Extractor’s hand going on his shaft, the more the conditioning sticked to his mind. He OBEYED, he SERVED, he SUBMITTED.

Extractor was carefully driving T1, to the edge as close as possible by keeping an eye on T1’s suit diagnostics. Each stroke came with purpose and power, enslaving T1 to his side.

“NUUUUGH..NUUUUGH!!” T1 began to struggle. It was clear he was having great trouble in holding his own orgasm back. Only Extractor’s orders blocked the way mentally. Without permission from his now commanding officer, T1 could only squirm and take the body and mind fucking.

“Good BOY, now be a good marine, like the rest of your team! Let’s see how much you can take!” Extractor teased. The next thing Extractor began to pump T1’s shaft. Faster and faster.

“AAAAAUGH...AUUUGH..AUGH..AUGHAUGH!” T1 was breathing fast. His face was beaded with sweat and turning red. T1 couldn’t hold it back much longer, he needed to cum - bad!


“Oh, want to cum now?”


Extractor smiled as he had successfully mind fucked another alpha male and said, “Permission GRANTED, marine.”

“NUUUUUUUUUOAAAAAAH...AAAUGH...AAAAAUGH....UUUUUGH...” T1 moaned loudly as he was given release. His cum shot upwards and some hit on to Extractor’s Omega suit and visor. The pearly white cum in a matter of seconds was absorbed into the Omega suit, further powering Extractor.

T1 however, was mind fucked to a point where he couldn’t stop cumming. Thick strings of cum came shooting out soon pooling over in parts of his Alpha suit and overflowing over his belly on to the sides. T1’s mind was completely shattered and remolded into a Type 2 Beta slave. Each cum shot made him more submissive, more willing to obey and serve than ever before.

“I want every drop you got in those balls, soldier. That’s an ORDER. Squeeze them out, pump it all out. I’ll have it all!”


Extractor signaled the Extraction Chair to do its cleaning sequence. Immediately tubes began hungryly sucking up all the excess alpha seed into the container within. Then a tube attached itself over T1’s exposed cock sucking in the freshly milked cum as it was shot out. A multi-pronged device came out from below and attached itself over T1’s scrotum. The device began to automate the milking sequence, ensuring T1 was milked dry. It fondled and squeezed T1’s balls in sync with his ongoing orgasms.

“FUCK...FUCK...YEAH...AUGH..SUBMIT...FUCK..OBEY...FUCK..SERVE...FUCK...Auuugh!!” T1 continued to yell out with each thrust of orgasm that he gave into. His eyes moved about wildly has he was in a state of ecstasy. Sweat formed into large beads and flowed down his now red face. The mask continued to pump more of the addictive precum laced oxygen ensuring T1’s total submission.

As T1’s cum levels started to drop, the mindless droning started to take hold.


“That’s it, marine, obey your orders. Submit to your desires. Serve your master!”

“Fuck...yeah...obey, submit...serve master!”

“Good, boy. Now shoot every last drop out!”


Leaving the chair to do the rest of the work, Extractor was satisfied that everything was according to plan. The control of each alpha was swiftly being implemented. Checking up on T2 again, the alpha seemed to have calmed down. His milking was now slow, now shooting once every few seconds.

“Nugh...Augh...UUGH!...nugh...” T2 moaned as he orgasmed. His cock now raw from the constant milking. It was now painful to cum. Even his super enhanced bodies was reaching a limit. His cum production was regenerating as fast as possible, but the milking was faster. His balls would soon be dry! When it happens he’ll be a full Type 2 Beta Slave, hungry for more cum and addicted to sexual pleasure alongside with the preprogrammed orders to obey Extractor. T2’s head was almost blank now. Deep in a trance, his conciousness permanently suspended and pushed to the side.

“AUGH...yeaaah...aaaugh.............uuuuuuugh.” T2 moaned out as his last drops of cum was shot out. Inside his visor displayed the words EXTRACTION COMPLETE. He didn’t know what it meant, he didn’t care anyways. He craved cum. He wanted to cum more...

Extractor got the notice that T2 was now under control as a Beta Slave. A mental checkmark went off as he ticked off the list of alphas to take control of. Now that leaves R1 and R2. R1 was only a matter of time and “persuasion”, R2 would have to wait - his whereabouts could now easily be found regardless.

“Cuuuum....sir...!” T2 was groaning out in the chair.

“FUUUU---AUGHH!!” T1 was screaming beside him also stuck in an Extraction Chair.

Extractor unfortunately didn’t have any more time left to play with his newly subjugated alpha or alpha in “training”. Letting out a sigh he double checked the controls on the two T alphas. Satisfied all were in order he left the program to automate the rest of the conditioning.

Leaving the room and heading towards R1’s chamber, he flipped up X1’s stats in his visor. It seems like he was still a work-in-progress:

It was only a matter a time to see what would happen. Was Type 3 even a viable Beta Slave? Maybe. But if not, then Type 2 would have to do. Each of them will be milked endlessly for their alpha cum either way. But now, R1’s turn to get extracted!

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