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Project Alpha
Chapter 4 - Part Four
By The Extractor

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X2 collapsed to the floor as the mystery figure let go of his now limp body. Only his head was able to do some kind of movement. He could see his suits stats inside his helmet, but his suit was no longer his to control. The harvestors carried his teammates out the door and into nearby rooms. X2 himself was also placed in a room not unlike the one where T2 was held. Automatically, the same strange chair lifted from beneath the room and the harvesters placed his body on it. Then the metal rings secured themselves over his ankles, and wrists. After, it pulled back and forced his body to be bent to form over the spherical shape. Whatever confidence he once had sunk. He was now trapped like his other teammates.

The mysterious figure walked in after and went directly to the control station. Unable to see what was happening, the need for information was urgently nagging at him. His soldier senses told him he wasnt going to get out unless he somehow negotiated. Waiting to see what would happen, he heard the floor beside him open up. Turning his head he saw another chair being lifted up with a person strapped to it as well - it was X1. X1 was writhing in his bonds, his suit was visibly tighter - it seems he is sporting a raging hard on. He was moaning in pleasure. It was clear to X2 that whatever was happening to X1 it was going to be done on him. What the hell did happen to X1?

“X1!” X2 tried to contact his teammate.

“Ugh....ugh...” X1 moaned in pleasure.

“X1, this is X2!” he desperately called.

“He can’t hear you” the figure at the station offhanded replied.

“What did you do to him?!” X2 fired back.

“Not much really. Let’s just say I gave him a good mind fucking!”

“No...I don’t believe a man like him would crack!”

“Oh you’d be surprised, X2...soon I’ll have you experience something just like it.”

“What the hell are you planning you freak?!”

“Tsk tsk, manners! For that you’ll have to be punished...later.”

“Manners..haha! You haven’t even introduced yourself!”

“Oh very well, I am the Extractor.”

“All you villains have ridiculous names...” X2 was trying hard to remember if he had any information on anyone called the Extractor or any relations to this guy. Damn, without access to his suit he couldn’t search the records!

“Call me what you want, but it won’t matter soon. I’ll extract every last bit I need from you - with or without your cooperation! Hahahaha!”

“I’ll never give anything to you!”

“Funny thing, that’s what you all say!” and the Extractor pressed a button his console, “But they all give in at the end!”. Immediately wires burst out from X2’s Extraction Chair and started to interface with X2’s Alpha Suit. X2 was anxious at what was happening. He had no control over his suit as he was in Stasis Protocol, all he could do was anything above the neck which was of no help at all. He could feel the wires one by one attaching to his suit all over his body. Soon his helmet visor started to show the follow:

X2 was looking at what was happening, it was going to be the first time the Stasis Protocol was being run on anyone in Project Alpha. All X2 knew that the Stasis Protocols was in place in case if any of the Alpha’s went rogue...the details were unknown from them for safeguard reasons. Whatever this Extractor was doing seems to know what was going on. He seems to have hacked his suit to the point where he’s become a rogue alpha!

“What the hell...?”

“Don’t worry, I’m just making some modifications!” the Extractor replied.

As the suit rebooted, suddenly, X2 could gain control over his body and limbs again, but it was pointless, he was still held by the chair. Trying to struggle out of the bonds, but it was a futile attempt. Within seconds, the suit was running again and placed him under stasis once more.

X2 regained control of his limbs again once the suit switched protcols. Struggling to get free at any chance he could get, X2 writhed in his bonds, struggling to get free. Nonetheless, it was futile.


Quickly, the suit started to tighten even more over his skin. It started to compress his muscles all the while he tried to struggle out of his bonds. Watching the numbers tick higher inside his visor, X2 had nothing to lose. He knew on instinct when the calibration was done he was doomed.

“AUGH!,,,AUGH!” X2 tried pulling his arms forward, but still it was pointless. The contraption was flawless at keeping him in place as his suit continued to tighten. Soon he could see his entire body outline. Each curve accentuated by the suit. Then the suit started to invade into his anus as it formed an internal dildo.  X2 cried at the initial thrust in, clenching his butt cheeks did not help as it was too late.

A clear bulge was visible over his crotch, his muscular body that was from his dedicated workouts showed clearly. Not that it wasn’t obvious before, but now the suit started to look closer to skin than rubber.

“What did you do?!” X2 questioned.

“Mmm, just installed what should of been in the first place of course, but you don’t know that!”

“What do you mean?”

“You fool Alpha trusting of your government...” Extractor contemplated if it was time to spill the beans, as time and time again, a villain shouldn’t reveal their plans after all...

“No...Tell ME!” X2 cried out.

Extractor thought for a second and turned around and went to the control station. Navigating through the menus he did a quick checkup on the other ‘guests’. Each and every one of them were firmly strapped in a extractor chair. There hasn’t been any alerts either. The only Alpha known that hasn’t shown up was R2...Not a huge risk.

“Haha...,” Extractor started to laugh.

“What?” X2 was so confused now. He didn’t know if this person was mad or not...either way he needed whatever leverage he could get to stall.

“Mmm...yes. Project Alpha,” Extractor started to say and walking towards X2 again until he was right up in his face.

“Let me enlighten you, X2. You probably didn’t know the true purpose of the Alpha suits, yes...created only for the sole purpose of milking alpha males like you!”

“You lie..!” X2 said.

“Oh no, I assure you it’s quite true! Everything else is actually a convenient side effect that your government has taken advantage of!”

“Your suits are powered by your own cum, don’t believe me? When was the last time you orgasmed?”

Thoughts was racing through X2’s mind as he processed the information.

“Yes, just think about it HAHA!...An Alpha suit match - best of the best in the field, when you first donned the suit you cummed in it. Yes, it was a test to see if your cum had enough of that Alpha essence! Your suit would then enhance your body to produce even more of that cum. It all comes down the cum my Alpha.” Extractor looked straight into X2’s visor.

“What do you need that cum for...?”

“A good question, but let me finish! Yes, your suits were actually made to turn each and every one of you alpha males into alpha cum factories! Now telling you what I’m going to do with that alpha cum is a secret hahahaha!”

“Noo! Tell me!!”

“A good villain never tells,” and with a wave, Extractor activated the sequence that will commence the milking and enslavement of X2.

Extractor stood back as the suit started to do its work.

X2 didn’t know what else to do. It seems that talking was over and he was doomed to whatever was happening.

“FUCK...AUGH...” X2 cried out as he was taken surprise by the sudden object that was just shoved up his ass. It was stretching his anal track to the limit. Pain at first, but it was quickly subsiding.

“Grrrrr...I won’t give in...”

“Oh shit..what now...”

X2 saw the numbers show up on screen. He could directly feel the effects his suit was doing to him. He had to get free from this programming! And fast!

“AUGH...!” X2 still continued to try and struggle out of his bonds.

Extractor watched as the suit did the work. It was always a pleasure to see them struggle. X2 will be turned into a Beta Slave Type 2 -  artificially induced enslavement. While X1 on the side here dominated by his alpha suit was a Beta Slave Type 1 - naturally enslaved by the suit’s nature.

Soon X2 was exhausted from trying to break free. His body was breaking out in sweat, but the program still continued to run. He was starting to feel the effects, it was faint for now. He had to keep resisting as much as possible.

X2 was getting a semi-hard on. His mind started to wander. He couldn’t quite focus. All over his body he was feeling the effects of the stimulation, and the throbbing dildo up his ass was starting to feel so good...!

Extractor monitored the process closely as he did with V2. Soon he’ll have enough Alphas producing sufficient alpha cum daily! Then Project Omega can once again be in production!

“Augh....” a moan escaped X2’s lips. It was starting to feel so good. He had this itching thought in the back of his mind of what if he just cummed? No! He had to resist the temptation of cumming!

Project Omega, the next level suits that was suppose to be what the Alphas are doing today, but without the flaws. But of course, the Omega suits ran on alpha cum, hence the alpha suits were created. However, before the project was complete, X-Laboratories was stormed and shut down. But, all was not lost. Extractor managed to flee and escape to his many backup hideouts alongside with his research. But most of all, he had enough to power his own Omega suit.

“Fuck...!...Nugh...” X2 moaned out as the suit continued to pulse and pleasure him. He squirmed in an attempted to get away, but it was futile. His suit, helmet, gloves and boots worked together in turning him into a cum slave. He was starting to leak precum now, still he held total ecstasy and slavedom at bay still.

“AUGH...!” X2’s helmeted head lifted and dropped back, it was clear the neural controls were taking effect. X2’s resistance started to break away as the helmet amplified his raw cravings. He was leaking copious amounts of precum. He was so damned horny!

Immediately, right after, the stimulation was brought to another whole new level. It was mind blowing. It was begining to overtake X2. He couldn’t think clearly anymore other than feeling so good, so horny. He wanted more...he needed it...he didn’t want it to stop!

Extractor was pleased with the results so far. His newly optimized Extraction protocols were working faster than before. It seems that if he was to turn the alphas into obedient slaves he would have to convert them this way.

“NUGH...! AUGH...!” X2 was crying and moaning loudly now. He couldn’t quite think at all anymore. All he could sense was that every single nerve was being stimulated. He could barely cling on to that fact even. He lost the sense of what he was even fighting for. His sex drive was in control, grunting with each pulse. Words of “SUBMIT”, “OBEY” and “SERVE” rotated through on his visor. It was unconciously being echoed into his mind.

“OBEY your ORDERS soldier! SUBMIT and SERVE,” Extractor commanded into X2’s helmet.

“NUGH...YES... AUGH... SIR!” X2 instinctively replied back.

X2 could only think of the three words of submit, obey and serve while driven towards the edge of pure ecstasy. He didn’t even know why he was holding back anymore. He was even droning the words now.




“Yes, now...CUM, X2!”


X2 then hit his climax. His shaft shot out his alpha cum - load after load. He couldn’t stop, he didn’t want to stop. The more cum he ejaculated the more willing he was. He wanted to submit. He wanted to obey. He wanted to serve. As his own orgasm was replayed back into his helmet, he cummed once more with the same intensity. All the while the suit continued to condition X2 into a willing Type 2 Beta slave.

Within minutes and minutes of intense orgasms, X2 was milked to completion. His balls were satisfactory empty and now a Beta slave.

X2 was panting from all the exertion, his mind was blank. He could only listen to the conditioning that was being played into his ears within his helmet. Inside his suit, cum soaked his entire lower area. Extractor then remotely controlled X2’s suit to open up the crotch area revealing the alpha cum that was just milked. Immediately, the Extraction Chair brought tubes forth and started to siphon off the liquid into a container.

Yes, the Extractor thought, the amount of cum milked has reached the expected amount. The Alpha suits worked on the Alpha males even though they were reprogrammed to do their super hero fighting. They still continued to condition the alpha male bodies to maximize the production of precious alpha cum. Within hours, X2, will require another milking to keep his beta enslavement in place until he it has been permanently conditioned. For now, X2 will have to be kept in the chair.

X1 strapped on the Extraction Chair squirmed and writhed the whole time in his bonds. The suit continued to dominate its biological host. His muscular body outlined by his alpha suit was clearly showing signs of struggle within. The suit continued to milk X1 and each time X1 moaned a little. It seems that the suit had conditioned their hosts to the point where their cum was being produced rapidly that the suit could drain him non-stop.

Interesting. Extractor thought to himself. Never had there been an experiment where a subject had the suit on for so long. Either way, Extractor needed data. Walkingback to the control station, punching in the commands, wires burst out from X1’s seat and attached themselves to the suit. Immediatedly, diagnostic data started to flow on the screen. Being a fully drained suit, limited details were available until he could charge the suit. But that would mean reversing the suit’s dominance. There’s no other way it seems. Reluctantly, Extractor commenced a maintenance link with X1’s suit.

Signs of X1’s recovery from the suit’s enslavement was almost immediately apparent. It can’t be helped. Alpha males were conditioned to be the best of the best. Only that their real purpose was to have them pumped of all that alpha essence. Regardless, X1 will be enslaved once more, but this time, into a Type 3 Beta Slave.

“Ugh...,” X1 moaned in his horned up haze. His mind was drifting, but he was gaining some clarity. He could feel so horny, so tight and sweaty. He was so exhausted. His vision cleared slowly and saw that he was looking right at Extractor and the control station. He was too horned up to care still. He just knew that he wasn’t going anywhere. Wires were attached all over his suit, he didn’t know what was going on. Nothing was powered on in his suit.

Extractor saw on his diagnostic panel that X1’s consciousness levels were at an appropriate level for some interaction. Walking over to X1, he used his hand and lifted X1’s helmeted head.

“No...,” X1 weakly said.

“Mmm, sounds like you’re awake,” Extractor voiced while examining the rest of X1.

“Ugh...!” X1 let out a gasp as the Extractor groped his crotch gently.

“Oh don’t you worry, you’ll get more of that.”

“” X1 started pleading.

“That sounds like a yes!” Extractor mused. Walking over and taking X2’s flask of extracted alpha cum and brought it over to X1’s Extractor Chair. Placing it into another chamber and closing it, the Extractor Chair arched a full nose and mouth encompassing mask out to the front.

“It seems like we’ll have to take that helmet off now,” Extractor said to X1.

“Wait...” X1 was frantic, but before he could contest further or muster any resistance, his helmet started the release sequence. The air tight seals retracted and soon his helmet was loose and powered down.

Extractor removed X1’s helmet and set it aside revealing X1’s face. Dirty blonde hair, crew cut, matched with deep amber brown eyes, but those eyes were semi glazed over, A strong jawline with complex facial features, needless to say, quite striking. Extractor smiled and with his right hand reached for the mask and placed it over X1’s face without much trouble. Resistance was minimal as his submissive conditioning was still taking hold. Straps formed around X1’s head and securely molded itself over the mouth and nose. A tube extended out and into the Extractor Chair, but this time linked to the same chamber where X2’s alpha cum was placed. For now, regular oxygen was being pumped in.

“Noohh.....” X1 weakly resisted. He tried moving his head side to side, but it was useless. The mask was firmly in place now. As time passed, X1 breathed in and out of the mask where he slowly gained back some of his will and resistance. Still he didn’t know what Extractor plans on doing to him. He was utterly helpless in anycase. His helmet was off and out of reach. He had no control over his alpha suit. He knew he was definitely fucked. His arms tried to break free, but clearly it was an attempt in vain.

Extractor watched on the side as X1 slowly recovered from his Type 1 Beta Slave conditioning. Beta slave Type 3 was theoretical on paper only. Before he could test, the lab went south. Now, to find out the truth and results! Walking back to the control station, and inputted the program to start the process. With a few button pushes, the program started.

X1 started to smell something in the oxygen. The more he breathed it, he wanted more of it. He couldn’t stop breathing it. Before he realized he was addicted, he couldn’t stop himself. He felt empowered even. He could feel strength flow through his body again. Man, he felt so good. His muscles didn’t ache anymore. He breathed faster. He wanted more! More...!

Extractor continued to observe X1 as he breathed in the vapours of X2’s alpha cum. Clearly he was addicted to it now, his breathing quickened and his energy levels have started to rise rapidly. The alpha essence was restoring him. But, with one major flaw, he was completely open to conditioning as long he kept breathing in the cum vapours.

“Mmm...Yes!...Augh!...More!” as X1 wildly breathed in the gas that was being fed into him.  Feeling all powerful, he continued to writh in his bonds trying to get free.

Extractor walked over with a clipboard. Flipping to a page where he wrote some notes, he started to talk right into X1’s ears.

“It feels so good doesn’t it?”

“Yes, feels so good!...”

“You want more don’t you?”


“You’ll get more, only if you OBEY!”


“Serve me, X1”

“I serve...! Mmmm...!” X1 continued to breath in the mind controlling gas.

“You submit and wholly obey me and me only!”


“That’s a yes, sir for you!”

“Sir, YES, SIR!...Mmmm!”

“Keep breathing, slave X1, repeat in your mind that you must serve, submit and obey the Extractor. Speak it out, as you think it in your head. You cannot resist. You don’t want to resist.”

“YES, SIR!” then X1 began to drone, “Must serve, submit and obey Extractor! Mmm...Can’t resist! Don’t want to resist...!”

“Good boy. Keep it up.” Extractor encouraged X1. Prodding on his victim’s mind fucking. While X1 breathed in the vapours, he developed a permanent hard on that was clearly showing through his skin tight Alpha suit. Extractor checked X1’s suit diagnostics:

It seems that X1 had rapidly recovered a large amount of his own alpha cum in the short time he was being force fed alpha cum laced oxygen. However, his submission levels were as high as ever. Now it’s only a matter of time to see what happens when he recovers all of his alpha cum and remove the force feed. Maybe then, Type 3 beta slave programming would produce a more conscious beta slave than Type 2. Extractor had some doubts. Normally, alpha cum could enslave even the most dominating, or highly trained men and turn them into cum-producing slaves permanently. Clearly the alpha essence had a strong effect on a normal person. But on another alpha male? Time will tell.

Extractor sadly didn’t have the luxury to wait and observe as X1 was slowly falling into a mental trap of his own doing. It seems that the other alphas in the other rooms require further work. The camera footage by the control station confirmed that the three other just freshly captured alphas have been secured in their Extraction Chairs, but now have been released from the Stasis Protocols. All three seemed to be attempting to break out only to find they’re held firmly in. One down, three more alphas to go. Perhaps he can get his beta slave V2, to help his fellow alphas to get into the right mode...The possibilities!

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