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Project Alpha
Chapter 3 - Part Three
By The Extractor

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Pump. Pump. Pump.

X1 was dreaming. Something horny.

Pump. Pump. Pump.

Couldn’t help but feel good.

Pump. Pump. Pump.

From the dazed haze, X1 started to awake. He was so damned horny!

Opening his eyes, he was unaccostumed to the bright lights that lit up the room. X1 didn’t know where he was. He tried moving, but he couldn’t. His hands were restrained. He tried moving his legs. Same. They were immobilized. But he felt good. So good.

Pump. Pump. Pump.

Slowly, his mind cleared. He turned his head and looked around. He was restrainted to some sort contraption that held his ankle and wrists. Wires attached themselves to the various spots on his suit and his crotch area had a large metallic cup up close forming around his cock and balls.

Pump. Pump. Pump.

Shit! He thought, he just remembered what happened. He was trying to save V2 from this chair thing, which no doubt he was now on one of them now. Adrenaline starting to rush through his body, he started to use his super strength to break free of his bonds.

“NUUUUGH!” grunting trying to bend the metal. It was impossible. At full power output, the metal hardly moved. He would have to expend more than full charge to break free. Fuck!...the machine was making him feel so good! He was going to get milked at this rate.

Pump. Pump. Pump.

All the time, the Extractor watched behind as X1 struggled in the Extractor Chair. Yes, another Alpha Team member in his clutches and soon to join his side. V2 was once again reconditioned and milked of his mind and will. T2 was being processed in another chamber likewise here with X1. Checking the security footage from the monitors, T2 was trying hard to resist as well.

Very good, it seems the new process might just work without having to do the complicated suit reprogramming. However he still had to bypass the suit securities though to access their crotch. But the first method could also be applied just incase it did not work. Setting the cock stimulation on ‘Edging’ mode, he then left the station and grabbed a vial of clear cloudy-white liquid and walked towards X1.

“AUGH...AUGH...AUGH...” X1 was moaning as the metallic cup stimulated his crotch area.

“Won’t...cum!...” X1 said in a raspy voice.

“Of course you won’t” the Extractor replied as he drawed closer where X1 was strapped.

Hearing the familiar voice of their captor, X1 was alarmed, but was distracted completely by his raging hard on, X1 said back in between his moans of pleasure, “No...UGH...fuck...I won’t give in...UGH...UGH...what are you...doing! NUGH!”

“Clearly, I’m milking you and you’re going to cum for me!”

“NooUGH... AUGH...!”

“Yes, that’s right X1, don’t worry, I’ve got you all under my control, you won’t cum just yet until I let you. Enjoy getting edged hero! I should mention, if you do cum, you’re still mine, hahaha!”


“You see all this time while you were strapped in the chair, I have already managed to extract some precious pre-cum of yours,” the Extractor taunted, holding up the thin vial so that X1 could see.

“AUGH...NO...!...WhAT!...are UGH...SO good...! Planning...?!” X1 spoke in between his stimulations.

“Ah, but I never reveal my plans! Maybe I’ll tell you after you’ve cummed!!” the Extractor sneered.


An Alpha Team member’s precum was something that was potent like cum. Precum unlike cum has an special effect of making those that weren’t Alpha matches to instantly cum and become highly suggestible. The Extractor wanted all the precum from every member on the team, and make the ultimate precum to enslave all the heroes and his rivals. Cum of an Alpha match however, contained the power to permeate through their suits, but of course it had a myriad of other uses if properly prepared.

“NO...! ..NO...! WON’T CUM!!” X1 struggled hard as he tried to resist the Extraction Chair.

Extractor savoured the sight of the struggling hero and slowly groped and stroked the muscular body of X1 enchancing the already over stimulated body.

“AUUUGH...!” X1 started to moan even more as his body was driven towards the edge yet still unable to shoot his load. Not that he wanted to. It was taking every bit of his willpower to resist the onslaught of pleasures.

“Yes, the struggle! You’re not far now, soldier. Your bodies are reaching their limits hahaha!”

“I...MMM!...WON’T...GRRRR...!” X1 continued to resist. But it was all according to Extractor’s plan to siphon more precum from his victim. Edging was an effective way to harvest it, watching the struggle of a hero however, was a big bonus. Satisfied by the progress of the experimental process, Extractor left the room to monitor T2.

“DAMN...AAAUGH..” X1 was cursing as he continued his struggle against the crotch stimulator. It sent electric pulses of pleasure which spread from his shaft and outwards all over his body. Resisting it was extremely diffcult. From the wet sounds that he could hear coming from his crotch area, it seems he was precumming much more than he wanted. Still he had to fight this - he was X1, he’d defeated countless villains and completed past missions with the highest degree of expertise. He is an top-grade soldier selected from the best. He can’t and won’t lose to this!

T2 was awake when Extractor entered the room. Similar to X1, he was struggling, writhing in his metallic bonds resisting every attempt the crotch stimulator tried to get him to cum. Of course, the Extractor knew better, T2 couldn’t cum even if he wanted to - it was set to edging mode to get more precum out of him. Regardless, the stimulator worked to maximize the harvest.

“YOU...! AUGH...! AUGH!....NO!” T2 moaned as he saw Extractor enter.

“All you heroes are like the same. Always me! Me what?” Extractor rebutted, waving an arm of disregard. Approaching T2’s chair, he saw that there was quite a bit of precum harvested. Good. All on track for the next phases. Extractor estimated that he probably would only have at most 12 hours before the others showed up. But he will have at least 6 hours to prepare for their arrival.

“UGH...I’ YOU!..”

“Kill who? But I think you’re in no state at all to make threats, T2.”

“AUGH...GRRRR!......Uuuugh!” T2 tried breaking free, but couldn’t. His body was secured on top of a large orbular contraption and his arms and legs were both cuffed behind him. He was held firmly and even with T2’s super strength.

“Mmm, I thought so. You can’t even free yourself right now. Just enjoy getting pumped soldier!”


“Resist all you want, but you’re all playing on the palm of my hand. V2 is already under control, soon you and X1 will follow! HAHAHA!”

T2’s hopes sunk. X1 didn’t make it afterall. Still, he had to overcome this. He’d been in tight spots before on other missions. This is just another. He’ll make it out for sure. Damn it! This...thing just won’t quit. T2’s raging hard on distracted him from forming any plans. All he could think of was pleasuring his cock. Grrrrr! If only he had more energy left to power his super strength more!...

“Soon you’ll be my handsome Beta slaves willing to serve and obey my every whim,” Extractor taunted and left T2 to be edged endlessly by the stimulator like X1.

“NO...AUGH!...AUGH!..” T2’s moans could be heard as the door closed behind.


Extractor had much to do in the coming hours before the other Alpha’s arrived. It was good that he didn’t need regular rest, his suit was special like the Alpha suits. Quickly interfacing with his helmet display checking on V2, it showed that he had been constantly milked by the Extraction protocols that was installed into his suit. All according to plan - eventually V2 will permanently turn into a Beta slave even if he recovers his cum - once that happens, he will become a slave to his gear and Extractor’s will forever. But that will take a while yet, there’s a bigger problem at hand coming.

Never has there been a time when three of their members were caught at the same time. They were sure to come in full force of what they have available. But they were coming to Extractor’s lair and there offers a huge advantage already.

Extractor headed to the storage warehouse where the deep sea harvestors were kept. Opening the holding containers revealed a chrome sphere object the size of a large exercise ball. Prototypes, but fully functional. Extractor watched with gleaming eyes and smiled within his helmet..


Four Alpha team members were gathered around the mission table - T1, R1, V1,  and X2. Other key members were still abroad dealing with other threats. It seems this will be all the manpower they can get for the next while. X2 was the highest ranking among them right now. Being in an X suit, his suit could do any of the functions that the others could do. The V suit excelled in speed while it compensated for its lack of strength. The R suit’s main specialization was in bypassing encryption while it still had substantial strength and speed. The T suit provided maximum strength, but did not have the speed that V2 has. The number indicated their generation.

About two hours ago, X1 sent out a message to closeby members for backup. Looking at the mission file left by the Main System, it appears they went to assist V2. Trying to contact them resulted in a static haze while location recordings of them ended at a remote location about an hour away. Video recording revealed they managed to reach V2, who was strapped to a strange device and after that, the video feed got too distored and cut out.

Concern was slightly apparent around the atmosphere, but they were hardly afraid - actually quite the opposite. Alpha Members were all first chosen at the highest degree of skill and discipline and then tested for their suit compatability. Over the years that they were in Project Alpha, their success over their opponents boosted their reputation among the public and military sectors. Suffice to say, each had developed an ego to match their cockiness. Whoever was causing trouble, they were going to pay.

X2, looked around the table and said, “You know what to do guys, we need to put down whoever is behind this, prepare for combat, no messing around this time.”

 “Yes, sir,” the rest agreed in unison. The team set off for X-Laboratories within 15 minutes.


Extractor finished ahead of schedule reprogramming the deep sea harvestors. They were now made to ‘harvest’ any Alpha team members when deployed. Made out of a metal alloy that could withstand deep sea pressures, the Alpha’s won’t have an easy time destroying them. It’s too bad, that the alpha metal alloy couldn’t be used. - the nearly indescructible metal that was used to build the holding cells.

Regardless, Extractor was standing in front of a squirming X1. His precum was flowing easily as the crotch stimulator continued to edge him almost on the verge of madness. How the confident Alpha’s have become mind fucked! But it was all child’s play for Extractor - he knew all the secrets and methods on how to control the human brain in his years of research and pioneering in the field. A curious essence known as Alpha was present in the cum of men. With sufficient quantities and concentration of it, it could power an Alpha suit and its unique skills. Which is also why, Alpha members haven’t ever had to cum when they became part of their suits. The suits however, were more than just rubber. Produced from a variety of biological and technological nanobots that was well beyond the years of regular consumers, it was almost an living being - one that thrived and lived off of Alpha essences. The skills however, expended that essence. If one fed enough Alpha essence into their suit, the suit could dominate and take over it’s host if left uncontrolled. The rest of the gear - helmet, gloves and boots were all made similarily to be compatible with everything. In short, it was a living shell with an Alpha male as it’s host. But such risks was worth the augemented powers they recieved. Almost daily maintenance prevented any risks - until now.

“UGH...! NO...!” X1 writhed in his bonds as he was continuously being edged. His mind was in turmoil from all the pleasure while he continued to resist. He could see Extractor standing in front of him, he wanted to beat the shit out of that man - yet he couldn’t even break free from the chair. But he won’t lose to the stimulations!

Extractor walked up and said, ”Still resisting are we? Now let’s see what happens when I MILK you?”

X1 alarmed, but could do nothing but continue to moan in ecstasy. He slipped back and forth on the verge of cumming and not. Until moments later, the pulses changed. The pleasure centers in his brains fired without warning.

“Urgh...! UGH...NOOOOAAUGH!-,” X1 moaned as an intense orgasm was released. He could hold nothing back as his resistance shattered. Shot after shot he continued to fire his seed into the stimulator which hungrily sucked off his fluids.

“Yes! Cum! Shoot that load soldier!”

“AUGH..FUCK!...AUGH! NO...AUGH! FUUUUUUCK...!” X1 crid out as he was forced to cum.

Extractor watched as the hero shot his load. His groin thrusted upwards with each load he released from his balls. Watching the cum flask fill up to the level he wanted, he stopped the milking process and removed the stimulator which revealed X1’s cum soaked shaft.

X1 was gasping for air from the intense exertion. His confidence was shaken as he couldn’t resist and prevent a machine from milking him. “Fuck!...I’m going to kill you when I get free...” X1 rasped.

“Hmph...when you do get free.” Extractor quietly laughed. Picking up the cum flask he examined it closely.

X1 didn’t know what to say, he had no options left but wait for backup. He watched Extractor examine his flask of cum. “What are you planning to do with that?” hoping that the Extractor will finally reveal some of his secret plans.

“Hm...” Extractor appeared deep in thought or looking at something within his helmet.

 X1 was impatient and desperate, “Just tell me, dammit! I’ve got nothing, you got my cum already!”

Extractor a little taken aback by the outburst paused and looked at X1. “You’ll find out soon enough, as a matter of fact,” Extractor then poured his cum over X1’s rubber covered chest, “you’ll find out now,” he finished saying. His own cum slowly slid down his rubber torso and slowly, to X1’s surprised it was absorbed by his suit.

Extractor watched intently on the side. X1 didn’t feel any different. Although he expected his own cum to just slide off the suit. Inside his helmet, a warning popped up telling him to head to maintenance immediately. X1 have never seen such a warning before. Alarmed, he fired to Extractor, “What’s happening? What did you do!?”

Extractor didn’t reply and continued to watch. “Strength protocols 100%,” X1 ordered, it didn’t matter any more, he had to break out or whatever was going to happen it was going to be bad. Using the last remaining suit power he had he started to try and break free. He could feel the rings stretch, then all of a sudden his head’s up display all shut down. His super strength faded almost instantly. The rings however, were barely stretched. Exhausted, X1 inhaled and exhaled deeply through his helmet.

Then X1 felt his suit stir around his crotch. It started to form a dome to cover his cock. Then right away it began to stimulate him. “No!...What the fuck?!” X1 was feeling the effects right away. His cock was rock hard in a matter of seconds.

“Make it stop! Shit! Augh...!” X1 cried to Extractor.

“I’m afraid it’s not my doing,” Extractor said back with crossed arms.

“Ugh...How...!?...Ugh...!” X1 was confused and aroused again. His suit was stimulating every surface of his body.

X1 couldn’t control anything, his body was shaking, all that he could do was watch and see out through  his helmet visor. “No...! I...augh...won’t...! Augh! FUCK!...” X1 moaned as he felt his pleasure centers fire.

But X1’s efforts were futile, soon his suit increased the pleasures in strength, his mind was lost completely in ecstasy as his body writhed uncontrollably in the Extractor Chair.

“AUGH...! FUCK!... AUGH!...AAAAAUGH!” X1 screamed as he cummed uncontrollably within his suit. His suit absorbed every drop. His brain was on fire unable to comprehend the intensity of the stimulation. As he continued to cum, he slowly lost all control. When he slowly started to slow down on his orgasms, another thought started to go through his mind - one of submissiveness. He wanted to give in and be controlled. He wanted to let someone else take control.

Visibly shaking and struggling within his Alpha suit, X1 was grasping to the last threads of his own self. He could barely control his limbs, they all felt like heavy iron. His thoughts kept going back to submit and obey. He couldn’t think beyond listening to the inner voice that made it so easy, so good. Yes, so good. Giving in was easy, he didn’t have to do anything. Just let it control him.

Extractor watched as X1’s struggles slowly died down. He was soon murmuring words of obey and submission. His suit clearly had started to dominate his mind. An Alpha suit without energy could not hold back the nature of their suits - domination. But once a person was completely dominated by their suits, they would become will be taken over with uncontrollable lust and insatiable hunger for more Alpha cum. Of course, they could break free of the suit’s effects if they managed to take it off or produced enough cum to override the suit. But that won’t be possible, not when the suit will continuously drain its host of their seed. Without energy to run the programs to keep the suit at bay, the suit will turn its host into its slave.

“Augh....cum...want...more...” X1 was slowly moaning. X1’s suit was visibily tighter now, it carressed his body showing every detail. It continued to pump X1 of his fluids it seemed as his crotch area was still seeing signs of activity. Extractor was extremely turned on as well watching as X1 was enslaved by his suit. Still, with an iron will, he still wanted to wait. The experiment was a success, it confirmed that an Alpha’s own cum would enable their suits to take over the host. They never fixed that problem it seemed.

Speaking of problems, the silent alarm was just tripped. It seems that the rest of the Alpha’s have arrived. T2 will just have to be edged for a prolonged period while he dealt with the guests.


The team, T1, R1, V1, and X2, got out of the armoured vehicle as they arrived at the front entrance of X-Laboratories. Towering and overwhelmingly large, the complex was like a fortress. The team scanned the immediate area and there were no threats. Another vehicle however was present, the one that X1 and T2 had used. It was left untouched and no one was in it. Going through the vehicles last data inputs, it appeared they headed deep down into the basement of the campus.

Each member of the team this time was equipped with a small arsenal of weapons this time. The team was taking no chances against an unknown enemy. Each person had a gun, rifle, grenades which all fired deadly particle rounds and a photon knife that could easily cut through steel. Carrying anymore would hamper their suit’s mobility too much.

The team entered the complex with caution, constantly scanning and on the look out for potential threats. Slowly the four made their way down - taking an elevator wouldn’t be a good idea as it could of easily been rigged. They passed through countless rooms. The place was a huge labrynth, if they didn’t have their helmet displays, one could easily get lost. Dense fog slowly started to appear as they made their way down. The temperature dropped as well.

“Switching to hybrid wavelength vision,” X2 noticed the team. Now they could see any threat coming at them without getting hampered by the fog. Whatever was going here wasn’t normal. As they made their way down to the level that X1 had left in the vehicle, they exited the stairwell doors. On their maps, inside the helmet, it was labelled as ‘Experimental Rooms’. Looking out their helmets revealed a long hallway lined with doors like the other floors. R1 did a quick scan and it revealed footstep prints throughout, it was recent. Another scan to get information what was held behind the walls was impossible. It seems like the material within prevented any kind of penetration. This level was far from ordinary.

X2 motioned the team forward slowly and to proceed to check each door. Each door was locked with an encrpyted security system. But it was no major obstacle for the Alpha team. R1 quickly unlocked the door with ease. Behind the first door revealed nothing aside from a computer control panel and an empty room. Going door by door from each side of the hall, every single one was empty. They were near the end of the hall now, and they unlocked the door. T2 was seen somehow cuffed to a strange device with wires attached to him all over his body. Much like he was getting maintenanced. However, it was immediately apparent that he was moaning. Something was being done to him. X2 motioned T1 to head foward with R1 to check on T2 while X2 headed for the computer controls on the far end. V1 was left to the guard the door.

Soon enough as they entered, V1 warned that there was motion.

“Incoming, large spherical,” V1 was speaking as he took aim with his particle rifle and fired. The particle rounds connected and the sphere stopped in a smokey mess. But it wasn’t the only one, a swarm was rolling themselves down the hallway with rapid speed. You could see a bright red light on each one and as they rolled it created a red line.

“Guys we won’t have much time here,” V1 continued to say as he took a particle grenade and lobbed it into the swarm of chrome spheres. Again, it quickly did the work of dismantling them.

“Scans are in, deep sea harvestors. Prototypes. Seems to have been reprogrammed,” V1 continued to say as he kept the incoming swarm from advancing.

T2 was in a hazy overstimulated mess, “AUGH...HELP...,” he knew help was here but was helpless to do anything. R1 was scanning T2 for problems while T1 worked on trying to break his restraints. X1 was kept busy at the computer station trying to gain access.

R1 quickly removed the crotch stimulator which revealed a wet, hard shaft completely dripping with precum. There wasn’t much R1 could do beyond that other than forcing the wire connectors off. First time in this kind of situation. T1 continued to try and pry the restraints apart, but it seems like he was having great difficulty.

By now, V1 had run out of particle grenades and was using the particle hand guns, damn how many of these things are there?

“T2’s suit’s been somehow tampered, what’s the status V1?” R1 spoke through the team communications.

“These things just won’t let off, I’ll need back up soon. I’m out of grenades.” V1 updated.

X2 was almost in to the computer system, but it seemed that the algorithm was more complex than anticipated. He needed more time!

X2 then said, “I’ll need 2 minutes to get access to the computer systems. T2 assist V1, R1 ---”

All of a sudden the floors in the lab room slid open. T2 and R1 had to get away from T2’s chair. To their surprise,  large group of deep sea harvestors that V2 was keeping at bay at the door was just delivered in from below. Immediately they, charged at the nearest member they could find. One went directly to the helpless T2. Multiple wires burst out from its body and attached themselves to T2’s suit. There wasn’t time to see what happened next, they were fighting these things in close range now.

V1 was focused on the incoming swarm at the door, before he could fire another round, a flurry of wires wrapped around his arms, legs and body. Shit! Struggling and trying to pull free, he could see that the rest of the team was in combat. V1 pulled out the wires with augmented speed and force, but with each one he pulled out another took its place as more and more wires started wrapping around his limbs. Dammit! He had to get free otherwise he would be overrun!

X2 had to stop decryption and start dispatching these things before it can overrun them.

“What the fuck are these things?” T1 was saying as he dispatched them one by one. V1 was seen struggling, but they couldn’t shoot while he was in close range. Particle rounds could harm the Alpha suits.

Both R1 and X2 focused on clearing the room first. But they were too slow. The swarm of harvestors flooded the room from the door.

V1 was struggling hard to get free. These harvestors were trying to connect to his suit! He tried reaching for his photon knife, but it was knocked loose by the harvestor and fell on the floor closeby. Struggling on the floor, between keeping the wires from attaching and reaching the knife, he saw the swarm of harvestors flood into the door. Before he could reach the knife, more and more harvestors started to attach to V1’s suit. Within his visor displayed:

V1 switched to strength protocols and started to try and rip through the connectors.

There was no end to these things trying to connect while he was down on the floor!

Ripping it out and another immediately took its place.

He just needed to get that knife...

Wait?! What?! Inside V1’s visor the harvestor’s hacking started to appear.

“Abort connection!” V1 tried, but it was no use.

No! It was impossible! Stasis protocols were supposed to be used only in the case of a rogue Alpha by the Main System! V1 could feel his suit turn on him and paralyze his body neck down immediately.

The other three Alpha’s were effectively cornered. They were running low on rounds. Soon the harvestors would overrun them. It seemed like there was some kind of AI programmed into these things. It learned very quickly from another machine’s demise.

X2 had to make some fast decisions before they are taken over by the swarm of harvestors. They need to get out of here - fast. Throwing particle grenades into the brunt of the masses, the harvestors were effectively taken care of for now. R1 and T1 reacting to X2’s movement followed suit and started to make their way out their only exit. X2 cleared the front while the other two guarded the flank.

When they were close to the doorway a figure appeared. It was V2, but before any words were exchanged V2 sped up with his super speed. The next thing that happened was the feeling of wires wrapping around each of them. Both R1 and T1 were taken by surprise and soon the swarm of harvestors charged on them when they were distracted. Slowly, but surely their suits were hacked and stasis protocols were used on them as the swarm took over.

X2 didn’t have much of a choice, the mission was clearly lost already and he had to get out fast to bring backup or else he would be caught as well. Using Speed Protocols, he dodged the harvestors and shot some along the way to clear the path. To the naked eye, X2 was a blur of movement fluidly moving through. Just turning the corner out the door - X2 stopped.

A man in a suit of some kind stood firm and tall and held X2 up in the air by the neck. Alarmed by the sudden intruder, he switched to protocols and tried breaking the man’s arm to get him to release. It was no use, he didn’t even flinch. The grip held firmly. Shit! What’s happening? Who is this figure?

Extractor held X2’s neck in a firm grip with his left hand. Lifting the hero up in the air prevented him from running. Using maximum amount of power with his suit, it could withstand the assault of Alpha suits. In the instant, he removed all of X2’s weapons as well. Commanding his swarm of harvestors over, it will be very soon X2 will be subdued.

X2 struggled with this mysteriously suited and masked figure. A MX like helmet with tubes running out the side, a rubber-like suit, matched with gloves and boots. No skin of any kind was exposed. Lines flowed vertically in areas of the suit as well which radiated softly with energy. It was like an Alpha suit. But all of his scanners instantly returned no information while he tried prying the fingers apart of his captor. While X2 struggled to break free, he could feel the harvestor’s wires start to wrap around his legs, thighs, torso, then his shoulders arms. Then just as fast as they wrapped around him, a connection link was made instantly.

Shit, this isn’t good. X2 thought as he tried pulling the connectors out. But immediately another took it’s place.

“What the fuck is going on?!” X2 swore as he struggled in his masked captive’s hands.

“Grrrrr...!” X2 still tried to breakfree from his opponent’s deathgrip. But all the reaction he got was the sound of his rubber’s suit’s squeaking and the noise from the harestors.

Was it no use?! He had to keep trying before his suit gets hacked. How it was doing it was a question for another time.

Extractor watched as he held X2 as he struggled against the harvestor’s hacking. It was useless prying out the connectors. All the harvestors are programmed as a collective intelligence, as one part failed another took its place. So as one ran out of connectors another could simply take the same role. The hacking could be taking place over several machines, but all working as one. There would be no escape for the Alpha Team.

Oh fuck! No! X2 thought as his suit was hacked by an unknown system.

“No! NO! Stop!” X2 urgently shouted as he struggled still to get free.

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