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Project Alpha
Chapter 2 - Part Two
By The Extractor

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The Extractor picked up the flask that now held V2’s cum. Holding it up and looking at it, it was a little less than he had hoped for. He’ll have to put his new Beta slave on a new kind of diet - one that produced more of his alpha seed. Examining closely at his newly converted slave, the results were more than satisfactory. His male form was in top shape as expected of an alpha. Giving his chest a light stroke produced a moan from V2. The suit amplified the touch. As horny as the Extractor was, he still had much unfinished business, there was no time for pleasures - at least not yet. He could have all that he desired later, once he got into full control of all the Alpha Team.

Walking back to the control station with the flask, Extractor pressed a combination of buttons which commanded the Extraction Chair to remove the suction tube over V2’s manhood and readjusted the various nutrients that was fed into V2’s suit. Then the suit automatically closed over V2’s cock and formed a bulge. The chair then started a proper bio-maintenance sequence which would take several hours to complete. V2 would be kept cuffed to the chair still as precaution - there are still unknowns to how far Project Alpha have improved their Alpha soldiers over the past few years. Regardless, Extractor was taking no chances - especially if they were first commissioned to counter super villains. Except, he knew their weakness and knew how to take advantage of it. There were still experiments to run on the Alpha’s, but he’ll need fresh new candidates now. Leaving the room and switching the lights off, the Extractor exited to prepare for his next phase of the plan.

V2 was in a haze. He stared out into the darkness around him which was dimly illuminated by lights that came from a control station. He could hear fluids flow through and feel his human waste get funnelled out. Wet, watery sounds. Submit. He didn’t want to move, but be a subservient being. He slowly felt he was regaining energy. Serve. He was so horny. Obey. He wanted it all. To give in, to submit, to serve and obey. His helmet continued to display words that burned into his eyes. Voices in head told him to enjoy and be a drone that obeyed the Extractor. Deep down inside V2 felt something grow the longer he stared into space. The voices started to get dimmer. He was aware of his own breathing. He had difficulty thinking... BEEP. BEEP. BEEP.

A sharp beeping sound cut through the silence. V2 got jolted awake with a massive headache. It was as if someone had gone in and scrambled it good. He couldn’t tell if he was up or down, and left from right. He even had some trouble mentally thinking words. His cock throbbed with intensity, he was so damned horny. Horny...who? Why? What? How? Shit. Extractor.

V2 took a deep breath, trying hard to remember what happened. He could remember getting hit by a particle cannon and then...waking to a brightly lit room. V2, couldn’t quite remember the pieces. He remembered cumming...His hard on was distracting him. He couldn’t quite grasp it. Still he tried figuring out what happened. He was getting really horny now. Words of submit, serve and obey continued to show in his helmet. Trying to concentrate, but he kept thinking of his throbbing cock. V2’s mind shifted between his now precumming shaft and what he was trying to remember. Then panic set into his mind. He had to get out of here somehow. He didn’t know why yet, but he started to breath frantically and struggle in his bonds. Unable to break free, V2 started to grunt in frustration over his now raging hard on and his primal instincts. Run. Fuck. Out. Milk. Hide. Cum. No. Words flashed across and V2’s felt like his head was going to explode.

Then it all became clear. Extractor. Milked him and turned him into a puppet. But he was still trapped on the contraption. His suit was his only hope. If he could somehow access other protocols there might be a way to break free...

Going through the data that was harvested from V2’s suit, the Extractor got more than he hoped for. Data of all kinds could be mined out from it. Communication logs, pass codes, and more! Now if he had logs for other suits he might just be able to take out or even control Project Alpha’s Main System. Mmm, yes the possibility of that...But having realistic expectations was a much safer route. Too many villains have fallen for their own dreams in the end and only to be defeated at the hands of the Alpha Team. Speaking of which, it’s about time that V2 should have been recharged.

Switching on a monitor nearby, he saw a live surveillance of V2. It would seem he has awakened from his Beta slave like mindset. Which could only mean his cum levels are back up. Faster than expected even with the optimized cum production diet. All the better, just more cum to be harvested and used. Bringing up live data of V2 it displayed the stats he cared for:

It was tempting to milk him again, not only was it a pleasure to watch the soldier struggle, but he had just a tiny bit left of alpha cum left from the experiments he did earlier. However, the plan would require him to be conscious to be all the more convincing. Extractor twiddled his gloved fingers together - thinking. Time to head back to the lab where V2 was kept.

The sound of a mechanical door slid open, out of V2’s view. Glaring white lights turned on. Immediately his visor dimmed to adjust. Some features of the suit stayed the same it seems. Footsteps could be heard until the person came into view. Extractor.


“Yes me.” Not even glancing at V2, he continued to walk towards the controls.

“What are you planning?!”

“I thought it’s quite obvious, turning each and every one of you into my Beta slaves.” Extractor continued to busily type commands into the keyboard.

“You won’t succeed Extractor! I’ve already recovered from your methods!”

“Oh have you now?”

“Yes!” V2 defiantly shot back.

“Well, I’d say your raging-dripping-wet-of-a-cock says otherwise!”

It was true what he said, his penis had been hard the whole time and it was driving him nuts. But he wasn’t going to give the satisfaction, he was a trained top-alpha marine. Discipline, order and justice was what he fought for.

“I will still resist you! Your conditioning will fail!”

“And what if I told you you’re all part of a plan, a puppet either way?”

“I jam your plans then!”

“We’ll see.. we’ll see” Extractor offhandedly replied.

The Extractor then placed his hands on a surface and hit a button. Inside V2’s visor a display showed up:

“What have you done?” V2 demanded.

“Just taking control of your suit - something I should of done in the first place.”

Shortly after, the tubes and cables that were attached to his suit retracted away, but the contraption still held him tight.

Walking towards V2 Extractor faced him in full view now. His suit was still a mystery, but no doubt it had capabilities beyond what V2’s could do.

In a voice of indisputable conviction the Extractor spoke, “Now, V2 you will become my Beta slave sooner or later - I guarantee that. Now, suit V2, commence extraction protocols.”


Inside V2’s visor, Extractor’s command was relayed in and carried out by his suit. His screams to try and take any control only brought an error message up. He started to feel the stimulations again, he almost forgot he had something up in his anal track. It started to move and rumble.


“Yes, my Beta slave?”

“Re...oooh...zist...! Mmm!”

“Resist all you want, in the end you’re still mine. Hahahaha!”

The Extractor left V2’s suit on one of the sub-modes of the extraction protocol - edging. It will edge the victim so close to cumming, yet they will be unable to cum. Perfect for tormenting and keeping V2 in his regular state of mind.

“Argh....Ugh...” V2 moaned as the pleasure throbbed through him. He kept resisting - thinking about his discipline and training. But nothing prepared him for this.

“Remember V2, when you cum, you’re mine!”

“Ne...augh!.. -ver!” cried out as he struggled against the stimulation.

Then Extractor pleased with the results headed back to the control station. Inside he broadcasted a brief signal out. One that was signed with V2’s digital signature that he had obtained. The Main System would be sure to pick it up. Bait set. Now time to head to the master control room and wait.


Back at Project Alpha headquarters, it was a mess. The past few days were far from peaceful, it was as if all the villains scheduled to try and cause chaos all at the same time all in different cities. But it was unlikely - they were always at odds at each other. Regardless, they were definitely short on hand with only Alpha Suit X1 at the base. Although the vast majority of it was automated by the Main System, there were still tasks that a computer could not do. Especially the missions.

“ALERT. MISSION INCOMING. ALERT. MISSION INCOMING.” the base broadcast system sounded.

“Damn it, I just can’t catch a break.?” T2 throwing his hands up in the air having just returned from another mission earlier.

“Well, let’s take a look first...,” X1 replied.

Both approached the mission table where the Main System left a holographic folder waiting to be opened. A touch with X1’s rubbery glove hands enabled access and opened the file for viewing.

Scanning the mission, both were surprised, and alarmed. It seemed that V2 had been on a mission for over 30 hours and then went missing in action. A distress signal of his was picked up just minutes ago. The location however was even more concerning: X-Laboratories Atlantis Campus.

Usually on most missions one alpha team member was enough to complete the mission. Rarely was there two required. But this required at least four of them, but if V2 was in there by himself and requesting help, it smelled like a trap.

“Main System, X-Labs Atlantis Campus information,” X1 requested.

The mission table reorganized itself and displayed a building complex in 3D space and displayed the spot where the signal came from - deep underground. Checking back at the mission brief, there wasn’t even a criminal name provided. Whoever or whatever was keeping V2 busy must be new to the playing field or one that was well acquainted with X-Labs to be using its facilities.

T2 stood on the side watching X1 shift through the mission information and took a detailed look at the brief shaking his head.

“Dude, if we’re going in there we’re going to need some more guys,” T2 said to X1

X1 didn’t reply immediately, thinking, then concluded, “Yes, we do, but we need to go now. V2’s energy should be running out by now and if he’s down there fighting something he’ll be in deep trouble. I’ll contact others to come in support when they’re done their missions. We’ll head there first.”

T2 gave out a sigh and replied, “You’re the boss today...” and T2 went to make preparations.

X1 then quickly requested for Atlantis Campus information, what was provided by the Main System was sparse. It didn’t tell him anything new. It was pointless, the government purged a large section of the records when they split from X-Labs five years ago. Accessing the secret files would require a higher clearance level. Damn it all, they don’t have time for this.

Transferring what information he could get into his suit, X1 rushed off to notify other team members for backup.

An hour later...

Upon arrival X1 and T2 was dwarfed by the size of X-Laboratories. The place was immense. The hologram simply didn’t translate it well. The two approached the main doors and T2, using his suit, unlocked the doors. Inside, things were barely lit, only the emergency lights were still on. Turning on night vision they continued on.

Having a map of the complex in their suits they went in the direction of where the signal was last detected. Further down they went, unlocking the security doors with their suit protocols. They passed countless rooms - if not cells on the way down. They were definitely below ground now, but they were nearing their target location. The further they descent, a fog started to appear, which got thicker and thicker. The two were cautious as they got closer to V2’s signal until they approached a security door which they believe V2 was behind.

X1 held his hand at the door panel and said, “Decrypt” and the security’s door light changed from red to green and slid open. Inside was much more clearly lit and their visors dropped the night vision mode. V2 was in the center of the room trapped on some sort of orb like contraption that held his legs and arms behind. He was moaning in either pain or pleasure, it was hard to differentiate through his helmet. But it was clear he needed to get free from what was holding him.

Looking around, there was no immediate danger of any kind. The room had cameras on the roof - so they were being watched. The floor was metal plated with holes in them. Computer stations were on the far end. Sensing no danger they both entered the room and the security door closed behind them, which T2 automatically broke it down to secure their exit. T2 stood by the door. One couldn’t be too careful in the Atlantis complex. Information indicated that this place developed the Alpha suits, which means like any good lab, it would be able to keep whatever it researched within.

X1 carefully approached V2 and scanned him. Vitals appear all unharmed. His suit however, looked...extremely tight. Something tells him that it wouldn’t be a good idea to interface it with his suit.

“Augh...X1...No...So...UGH...Goood...” V2 could be heard slurring from behind his helmet.

“Hang in there bud, we’re here to get you out.” X1 calmly reassured his teammate.

“MMMMM....Noooo...Resist.....can’t...ugh...UGH...Get..nugh....out..Ooooh...” V2 was blabbering. Whatever was happening to him it wasn’t good. His muscles were all tensed from the struggling. X1 investigated the contraption V2 was strapped to, it had some cables and tubes that he was familiar with, but with other things on it. His hands reached towards the metal rings that held V2, and tried breaking them. Giving a bit of force, just enough to bend any other metal...nothing, it held.

“Strength Protocol, Output 70%,” X1 said. Feeling the energy flow through his body he gave it another try. Even still, the metal rings did not move.

V2 tried speaking again through his haze to warn his teammates, ”!...”

“Output 100%” and X1 again tried again. Pulling with both hands outwards, the rings stretched so very slightly, a tiny fraction. Outputting at 100% wasn’t normally required aside from stopping speeding trucks or lifting large vehicles. This wasn’t good. Not good at all. He already consumed a large chunk of energy just from that excursion. If his super strength wasn’t strong enough they’ve gotten into something serious.

Piecing V2 and the ring’s strength together X1 hit a conclusion. Alarmed, X1 said, “We’ve got to get out of this room, fast!” But before either could take action, their supposedly doorless doorframe slid another panel out from the side. Metal. The same strange metal that held V2! Shit, they were now trapped! Communicating back to the Main System was all of a sudden a static haze. Signal jammers!

“Welcome Alpha Team,” a voice spoke out from the computer station nearby.

“RUn...AUGH...UGH!...RUN” V2 yelled out through his now extremely horned up frenzy.

“Who’s there!? What have you done with V2!” X1 demanded ignoring V2’s warning as it was too late..

“I’ve done no real harm to your fellow member, X1, I assure you he enjoys it very much.

“No, you’ve done something with him, and you won’t get away with it!” X1 defiantly said.

“Oh how wrong you are, soon you and T2 will be processed as well.”

“Processed? You won’t be processing anyone!” T2 replied.

”The confidence! Yes, I almost forgot how you’re all the best of the best. Makes it all the more thrilling! Say goodnight!” and with that gas started to stream out from the floor.

“You can’t gas us you idiot!” T2 yelled.

No reply came.

In the master control room of the laboratory complex, the Extractor watched intently as his special gas was being streamed into the room while the two were trapped in alongside V2.

The gas laced with slave V2’s alpha cum, was the perfect catalyst to allow the chemicals to permeate through their special suits and neutralize their super immune systems as he was a matching alpha male. The effects of course were temporary, but enough. He’ll have to find a better way to delivery these doses if he was going to have more visitors. Maybe he should re-purpose his deep sea harvester...

X1 and T2 started to try and break the door down and even the walls, but it was all lined with the special metal. They were trapped! T2 continued to to search for a weak spot in the room, but his helmet scanners told him it was pointless. X1 headed towards the control station to see if it was any use at all. The screen lit up as he approached asking for a password. He reflexively initiated decryption protocols and interfaced with the station. The progress meter started to run...

Slowly T2 was feeling the effects of the gas, “Fuck...getting sleepy” T2 said.

“No...don’t T2, we have to fight this...” X1 as he kept running the decryption and hopefully a way out of this mess. But the stream of gas never stopped. They couldn’t figure out how it was getting through their super enhanced defences. But it didn’t matter, X1 was focused on watching the completion of the decryption.

X1 had a creeping thought, as he started to feel the effects of the gas as well. It was taking too long to decrypt. T2 was still banging away at the door, but no progress.

X1 found himself feeling tired. His eyelids felt heavy. Still he kept trying and keep awake. White mist now enveloped the room; he could no longer see T2 across, but only his banging, which was sounding weaker and weaker.

“Come on...” X1 thought to himself, he had trouble blinking now, each time his eyelids went down, it was difficult to open them again. T2 seemed to have stopped, having succumbed to the gas.

X1 wanted to close his eyes so badly now. He heard the beep which signalled that it was completed. Sluggishly navigating through the menus he found the room controls for the door. He hit the open button. He heard something slid open afar. X1’s vision and world slowed down to a snail’s pace. He was fighting hard to stay awake. Slowly, ever so slowly, he moved towards the door. Step by step. It seemed an eternity. The only way he knew he was moving in the right direction was through his visor. It detailed his location. The soft hiss of the gas sounded almost hypnotic. V2’s moans had been reduced to a soft whimper. X1 was feeling so weak now, the gas sapped the strength out of him entirely. His legs gave away. Barely able to crawl. Taking a few breaths, X1 passed out.


Extractor watched the whole struggle with great fascination and pleasure - although he had to switch to infrared to keep track of them in the mist. At a point the Extractor was a bit concerned. Just a bit. The whole facility had many more securities to keep these alpha members in even if he did get out. But the gas had worked, just not as swiftly. Perhaps he needed more alpha cum?

Standing up from the seat in the master control room and pressed the fan button. It swiftly cleared the room of the sleeping gas. Swapping the camera mode back to regular vision, he saw that all three were asleep. Time for the next phase of the plan he thought.

Opening the room door, revealed just as the monitors had shown. V2 moaned in his sleep, while the other two laid motionless on the floor. Walking past all of them, he headed for the control station and brought two more Extraction Chairs up from beneath the floors.

Moving both sleeping bodies in a Chair and with a press of a button on the control station, they now were ready for further experiments.

V2 stirred and awoke from his sleep. He immediately felt the effects of the extraction protocols working on him again. It kept him on edge even while asleep. “..AUGH....Urgh!...Can’t...Cum....” He noticed something to his left, a chair-like thing. With a figure on. T2. Shock went through him, he remembered X1 was here. Turning his head towards to the right. His hopes sunk. It was X1.

Then later he realized his thoughts weren’t so clouded any more. The stimulation seem to have stopped.

But Extractor came into view.

“ peculiar.” Extractor examined something on a clipboard, ”I guess it was expected,” flipping back and forth on some pages. It would seem that gassing someone with their own cum shortened the effects.

V2, finally recovered enough from his rampaging hormones, spoke, “What have you done?...”

“Nothing really! They’re just taking a nap can’t you see?”

“Damn it you! What are you trying to do!”

“A good villain never reveals their plans you know,” Extractor sounded amused.

“This is all a game to you isn’t it?”

“My, my, a game! I’m sorry boy, but you’ll never understand what I have in mind. You’ll be ...mind blown if not already.”


“You see I’ve temporarily stopped the extraction protocols so I could have a quick chat. I’m telling you you’re wrong and you’ve just played an obedient little pawn in my plans just now.”

V2 kept silent. There was no use in reasoning or talking to this Extractor. The Alpha Team had to be warned somehow!

“Not talking now? Hm...maybe it was a bad idea to stop the milking.” With a wave of his hand as he navigated the menus that only he could see through his visor, Extractor initiated the extraction protocols in V2’s suit again. This time however, it won’t be edging him, it will milk him once again. Opening up the crotch area of the suit, the Extraction Chair again automatically brought out a suction tube and attached it to V2’s shaft.

V2 saw what was happening on his heads up display and started to yell, “No! no! no! no! no! Stop!”

V2’s suit then started to run the program that will extract the cum out of him again. This time however, it would skip right to the orgasm.

“AUUUGH!..NUGH...NOOoooo..!” V2 started to feel the effects of his suit stimulating and forcing his brain to fire the signals to orgasm.

V2 could stop nothing, as his helmet sent waves of his own orgasm signals back in, his cock exploded once more with his superhero seed. The extractor chair was ready and waiting sucking up every drop of his cum.

“Urgh!...must...augh! Resist...ugh!...No!...Sstop!...urgh..!” V2 moaned in ecstasy as he was milked.

V2 shot load after load and the machine channeled his fluids into a flask.


The Extractor paused and watched V2 as he was struggling and cumming. It was a sight to see. Soon, he will feel the effects of the submission program.

“Stopugh!...fu-...ugh!-Tile...NUGH...AUGH.....SUB...urgh! -mit!...stop...aUGH!” V2 continued to fall further and further, slipping back into a mindless haze as he shot load after load. Inside his visor, words of submit, serve and obey displayed. The speakers inside his helmet droned the words hypnotically making it impossible to resist his conditioning.


Struggling still, V2 could do nothing at all to prevent him from falling into the Extractor’s control again. It knew exactly how and what to do to get him under. His gloved hands clenched in and out while his feet writhed within his bonds.



“AUGH...augh...ugh...submit...serve...obey...” V2 panted out and droned. Having milked dry once more, he was once again mindless. A Beta slave.

Nearby, X1 and T2 were fully strapped into the Extraction Chair still knocked out. With the press of a button from the control panel, the two chairs went back down into the floor and re-emerged in another room in the facility similar to the one V2 was held in. The Extractor was now done with V2, but he had some new devices to run on the two new victims.

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