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Project Alpha
Chapter 1 - Part One
By The Extractor


A secret program within the military where top grade soldiers are conditioned and fitted into high-tech rubber suits. Developed to combat the rising crisis of crime and super villains. Subjects of the suit go through intensive conditioning in order to be fully calibrated with their suits - very few are compatible. Even those that are compatible, many turn away the opportunity. Testing for compatibility requires the subject’s cum to test for a match. The suits also have several side-effects: The suit becomes part of the subject, thus maintenance is required daily through special hardware which interfaces with the suit. Recharging is also done during maintenance. The suit however, gives the wearer near superhuman protection, speed and strength - the different modes are known as protocols. Addition protocols can be implemented to adapt to any situation.

The suits were first co-developed with X-Laboratories, but the second versions are now wholly developed now in Project Alpha based on the first suits. The first versions are still in use today and the second versions now just entering beta use.

Part 1

“Squeak squeak”, the hero’s gear made the sound as he walked down a silent, dimly lit hallway. He was clad in a special rubber suit, advanced helmet that covered the head, gloves and boots to match. The hero known as V2 was expecting an attack any time - except there weren’t any. All his sensors detected nothing. Even so, he was prepared. The hallway ended with a single metal door, with a single, advanced digital lock. A strange place to have one considering it was an abandoned building.

V2 moved his gloved hands over the lock and scanned it. Inside his helmet a prompt appeared, “Enable decryption protocols?”

V2 replied, “Commence decryption protocols.”

Within a few seconds the red light on the lock switched to green and the door opened to a pitch black room with flickering lights around. Switching to night vision he could see what was around, a bunch of computer stations. There was a hum in the background noise of the room, no doubt a large computer. It was traced to here where the hack was done, despite the hacker’s attempt to cover it up. Walking in and investigating around, he walked up to what appeared to be the main computer hooked up to the humming machine behind.

Turning on the display, a prompt lie waiting to be finished:

It seems like someone was in a rush and didn’t log out properly. V2 keyed in ‘N’

The screen then switched to the main frame desktop. It was empty of all else except a single icon of a toy laser gun. Double clicking on it an application started to start up. The cursor started to show it was loading. it was taking a bit of time. V2 wondered what was going. Except it was too late when he heard the sound and realised it was a trap. On the ceiling of the room a particle beam gun was on top. The only thing they were weak to. All went black when the beam shot out.


V2 awoke in a state as if he did not get enough sleep. He was trapped in some sort of contraption. His hands and legs were curved behind him and cuffed in rings. Angled slightly, he rested on his back, but slightly arced. He was still in his suit however.

V2 was in trouble, his suit had taken a direct hit and his helmet display showed he was in need of recharge soon or else he would  be completely vulnerable. Trying to break free with the remaining power he had, the metallic rings held firmly still. If only he had more charge!

“Don’t even try my boy” a voice said behind him. The room lit up brighter.

Alerted by the voice, V2 tensed and tried harder and growing frustrated the more he struggled.

“I told you, it’s useless!” the figure walked in front of him. From the back his figure was solid, but average in height. He appeared to be wearing a special suit as well. He also had a helmet, gloves and boots on as well. V2’s helmet scanned the figure, and came up empty, not even information on the material of his suit.

“Who are you?”, V2 questioned.

The figure turned around and said, “You will know soon enough, V2, but first I will have brought under control!” The mysterious figure’s helmet was like that of a MX helmet, but closed off with two tubes running out on the sides. The visor glowed red and had a mirror tint. The voice that came through sounded like it was coming through a mask. The tight suit appeared to be one piece from neck down and into the boots. Lines flowed along the suit, similar to V2’s. V2 suspected the suit and the rest of the hardware was similar to his own. If it was, V2 and the rest of Project Alpha was in trouble. The suspected hacking was far more serious than expected!

“You’ll never control me, someone will find you before you get to do anything!”, V2 defiantly answered.

“Mmmm, yes resistance. V2, you’re in no position to deny anything. You’re trapped, low on charge, don’t know where you are, and I’ve jammed all your communications!”, the suited man mused. V2 knew he was right, the interface in his helmet showed the truth - the link showed up as an error, he couldn’t send any communications out, his charge could run out any second. Whatever this thing he was trapped in it held him firmly.

Stalling for time, V2 replied, “That may be true, but my teammates will be looking. You can’t control me. We’re all trained to resist any tactic out there!”

“You’re about to learn you’re wrong,” amusement was in his voice. He walked over to a nearby station and flipped some switches and before he hit a button he said, “Now, let’s run some tests shall we?”

The contraption that V2 was held in started to rumble and from behind, wires burst out and attached themselves all over various parts of V2’s suit and helmet. Inside V2’s display, a warning appeared of the intrusion. There wasn’t much V2 could do himself, but let the security protocols do its job in keeping the probes out.

A screen lit up near the station and showed that access was denied. V2 still trying to stall, “You can’t get in! We have have the most advanced securities you won’t be able to hack anything!”

“I’m afraid you’re wrong again! You see, I haven’t introduced myself, I am the Extractor. I can extract anything from anything!”

V2 was growing desperate, “I’d see you try!”

“Oh I won’t need to try,” Extractor said, “I know how already!” and tapped his helmet with a finger knowing. The Extractor left the station and approached V2 and whispered beside his helmet, “You see, I am no mere hacker or ordinary mastermind you Alpha Team have met before, I was the one that made the Alpha Suits.”

V2 was in serious trouble if it was true. He knew that Project Alpha was once co-developed with a private company called X-Laboratories which since was shutdown and the government kept Project Alpha going. Whatever happened to X-Laboratories was information that was inaccessible for his clearance level.

“I don’t believe you! Still you can’t get in, my suit is of a new version!” V2 tried keeping collected. He had to escape somehow and warn the others!

“It doesn’t matter, already I am collecting information about this ‘new’ suit of yours,” Extractor said offhandedly, already back at his station looking over the data. “Yes, the base structure is the same, it seems like it’s bad news for you! Time to make you mine!” And with a few keystrokes, V2’s contraption started to rumble again. The wires retracted then reattached themselves to sockets through out V2’s suit and helmet.

“No!..” V2 tried dislodging the connectors, but it was useless, he could hardly move at all with his arms and legs still firmly held in place. Inside his visor the following showed up:

On the screen near Extractor’s station some sort of program was running. But this time instead of showing access denied it was trying to gain access to his suit.

V2 was growing more and more desperate. Then he thought, it could still be all a fake! He can’t give up until it’s true. Still trying to struggle while the numbers on the screen climbed.

Extractor watched patiently as his program ran. Arms crossed, he savoured the view of the V2’s form, trapped and struggling on the Alpha Extraction Chair. The entire machinery itself was made out of a special alloy that he developed as well while he was working on Project Alpha. After all, one needed a way to contain these super soldiers if one was to make these Alpha suits as a precaution.

V2 was running out of time. He wasn’t able to budge his restraints at all. All of his energy was spent, only the reserve was left to power his display now. He watched as the decryption neared closer to completion. Damn it! Where was the rest of the team?

V2’s worst fear came true, inside his visor showed:

“NO!...Abort Connection!” V2 tried. But it was useless because it was taken as a maintenance link which had higher priority.

The Extractor now into V2’s system, was busy at the station taking full control of V2’s suit.

“What are you planning to do!?” V2 asked.

“Making you into my slave of course!” Extractor replied.

“That’s impossible!” V2 shot back. The suit’s weren’t made to do those things. Or were they? V2 thought. Inside his helmet visor he could see Extractor accessing his suit.

V2 finally admitted to himself that Extractor was the real thing. He was seeing things beyond his own knowledge of what the suit was doing. His visor display now showed a completely different heads up display - The Extractor Mainframe.

V2 felt his suit start to shift on his skin, it felt it was getting tighter on all spots. He felt it slowly become a second skin than he thought was possible. “Augh...what’s going on?”

As the suit neared calibration completion, he felt the suit adjust into his ass crack and forming a bulge over his cock. “Nooo...!” V2 gasped out as he struggled trying to prevent the calibration.

“You see V2,” the Extractor finally done with all the preparation, “You may have gained the special powers of protection, speed and strength. But certainly all things have weaknesses. A side-effect that your cum eventually become linked to your will! They probably don’t tell you that at headquarters.”

“You lie!”, V2 objected.

“I assure you it’s true! We will find out soon enough hahaha! Then let me ask you when was the last time you cummed? Can’t remember? Probably the last time was the first time you got into that suit!” the Extractor slowly walked over to V2 and inspected the newly calibrated suit.

V2 thought back and realised he couldn’t remember. All he remembered was wearing the suit, taking orders, maintenance and that’s it. He was in Project Alpha to serve and protect. He hasn’t been out of the suit since he joined. It was part of him now.

“I...don’t believe you!”

“You better believe it, you know what happens when you cum now?”, then giving V2’s now visible bulge a few good pumps.

V2 gasped, “Augh...!” he never felt something so intense. It was as if the suit now amplified the Extractor’s touch. He vaguely remembered the time he got into the suit and they found out he was a match, ever since then he’d been in the Project Alpha team.

Extractor pleased with the reaction, returned to his station and pressed a button.

Inside V2’s visor displayed what was happening to his suit which was going to happen on him.

Unused to the intrusion to his anal track, V2 yelled out, “AAUUUGH!...”

“No..., can’t let you win! I’ll resist all the way!” V2 panted.

V2 felt his suit stimulating him, he tried as hard as possible resisting, but now his brain was bombarded with signals of submission. Now, not just his suit, but also his helmet now betrayed him of any protection.

His visor showed that he was unconsciously losing ground. The suit felt so ...damn it.. he just can’t and won’t admit it. But...

V2 had never felt anything like it, his prostate was stimulated and cock was being pumped as if it knew exactly where it felt good. V2 was hard.

Still ...the suit was far from making him cum...he could probably keep resisting it, maybe. It felt good.

“Urgh...” V2 let out a moan, all the while resisting. He’d managed to keep the suit from overtaking him so far. He could probably resist for a while...

V2 now felt something powerful. It felt something in his brain just changed, he wanted to feel good, he wanted more, he felt a craving.

“MMMMmmmm!” V2 moaned out loud as the stimulation was brought to new levels with electrifying stimulations and pumping.

“NUUUGH!” V2 tried to grasp on to this resistance, but it was slipping away. Feel so good he thought. He was so horny, so stimulated. He could feel his pre-cum was leaking out as his suit continued to stimulate him..

V2 didn’t know what was going on any more. He was trying to grasp on to resistance, but he didn’t know what for any more. He was moaning and writhing in the Extraction Chair. So horny, so good. So wanting to cum.

The Extractor watched intently as the Alpha hero slowly was brought to a climax by the suit. Soon he will become a Beta slave to serve and obey his every command.

The numbers climbed higher, the Extractor awaited the moment the rubber clad hero will cum and give in to his suit.

“AAAuuuUUGH!” moans came out of V2’s helmet. V2’s mind was a total mess, he wanted to feel so good, yet he was trying to resist. He couldn’t think straight. He wanted to let go, but he struggled. His visor started to display words, “SUBMIT”, “OBEY”, “SERVE”.

V2 soon started to drone the three words, “Sub---mit! AUGH!... O--bey MMMM! Ser---ve! NUGH!”





And with that V2’s cock erupted with his hero seed that drained him of all resistance and with it, V2 lost his will as well. His suit and helmet actively recorded V2’s climax patterns and replicated the pattern back into V2’s brain. V2 couldn’t stop climaxing, he cummed again and again writhing intensely on the Extraction Chair as he was milked by his suit. All the while, the Beta slave program ran in the background turning him into Extractor’s mindless drone.

After several minutes, the conditioning was done. V2 was milked dry of his cum and turned into a obedient Beta slave. An Alpha no more as long a regular milking is done, which his suit’s mainframe has already preprogrammed in.

The Extractor walked up to his victim and lifted a hand and tilted up V2’s head looking straight into his visor and asked, “Who do you server and obey?”

“The Extractor, sir.” V2 said.

The Extractor was pleased and said, “Good slave. Now, let’s harvest some of that alpha cum of yours.”

The Extractor pressed a button and the cock area of V2’s suit opened up revealing V2’s still throbbing, but now, spent manhood. Before any cum could drop to the ground, the Extraction Chair had already attached a large tube over and placed itself over V2’s cock and sucked all of V2’s cum into a container.

The Extractor seeing the amount he had harvested from his victim, smiled inside his helmet. The rest of the Alpha team was in for a surprise.

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