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Zach's Island Adventure
Part 4
By swphillyboi

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Zach’s Island Adventure

Chapter 4

Zach slowly came back to consciousness sprawled naked on the bed in his room in Paki’s house. The room was filled with sunlight and he blinked as looked around. He glanced at the metal bands around his ankles and wrists and realized he had not dreamed what happened at the temple last night.

Zach’s nipples felt swollen and were sore when he touched them. He shifted on the bed and sat up the ache from his swollen asshole was another reminder of what happened to him. There were no sheets on the bed and no pillows. Zach cautiously slid off the bed and took a few tentative steps to the dresser. He pulled open each drawer and was not surprised to find them all empty.

He reached up to try and remove the metal band around his neck. It made it difficult to look down. As he suspected he could not remove it. It no doubt required the same tool that was needed to remove the bracelets and anklets he wore to the luau. Now, of course those were back, larger and heavier than before.

Zach felt dirty, his dick and ass still felt greasy from what he had been subjected to in the temple. He wandered into the bathroom. There was a pile of small hand towels on the counter. He ran the water until it was as hot as he could stand before he stepped in the shower.

The shower gel on the shower shelf seemed more flowery than what was there before but Zach used a lot to try and feel clean again. He scrubbed at his skin causing himself pain as he washed his swollen nipples & asshole. He rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. He used several of the small towels to dry off before going out on the room’s balcony. He looked down at the yard and the beach beyond but no seemed to be around.

He heard the door to his room open and hurried back inside. Two houseboys were standing near the door which they relocked. One carried some kind of metal tool and the other carried a tray with fruit, yogurt & croissants for Zach’s breakfast.

Zach walked towards them.

“Hey Zach, you need to stay back. We don’t want any trouble. This is an electric prod. You come too close and I’ll give you a jolt that’ll knock you on your ass.”

Zach stopped and the other houseboy put the tray on the table before they quickly left the room. Zach looked at the food, he was hungry but he was afraid the food was drugged so he went back out on the balcony.

He heard the plane engine and watched as it came in for a landing. Zach was determined to be on that plane when it returned to Hawaii. A short time later he heard the door open again and went into the bedroom.

Harry was standing by the table eating a piece of pineapple.

“Oh there you are Mr Movie Star. Just wanted to stop by and say good bye and good luck.”

“What do you mean good bye. I plan to be on that plane with you. I have had all I can take of this fucked up island.”

Harry laughed.

“You’re not going anywhere. I guess you haven’t realized yet that you have been bought and paid for. You are Paki’s newest pet.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? Brad would never agree to something like this happening.”

Harry just looked at the naked man standing in front of him and shook his head.

“Are you brain damaged? Why would a big star like Brad be involved in a goofy situation like this? When he wants to make a movie the money men are lined up waiting. He doesn’t need to suck up to some lowlife like Paki.”

Zach was wide eyed in amazement.

“My agent told me Brad has contacted him. Why would he lie to me?”

“Maybe because word on the street is that you are looking to replace him. Looking for someone to revitalize your career. I guess he figured he should make money from you while he still could. My understanding is the Paki made him a very generous offer for you.”

“No! That can’t be true. Even if my agent betrayed me, my family will look for me. They aren’t going to accept that I just disappeared. They won’t let this drop!”

Harry shrugged.

“I expect there is going to be some tragic accident involving you. Maybe a shark attack? I am not privy to that part of the plan. I have played my part, been well paid and will be on my way home soon.”

Zach grabbed his arm.

“I’ll pay you. Just contact my brother and let him know what’s going on. I’ll make it worth your while.”

Harry smiled and shook his head.

“Nope! Paki has quite the reputation. People who cross him always regret it. I enjoy my balls and have no desire to have them removed. Just face it, you are Paki’s boy from now on.”

Harry shook off Zach’s hand on his arm and went over to the door. He knocked and it was opened by a houseboy. Zach ran toward the door. The houseboy jammed the prod into Zach’s abs and pushed the trigger button.

Zach screamed and fell back into the room. The door closed and he heard the lock slid into place. He stood up and rubbed the sore spot.

He walked out onto the balcony and tried to loosen the screening, even using a chair to try and break through. The screens held firm despite Zach’s best efforts. He could hear the plane engines from here and saw it take off before banking and heading to Hawaii.

Zach plopped into the hammock and tried to think of his next move. He had to get off this island or find a way to get word to his family. He realized his emails must not have been sent without someone editing them. That would explain the odd replies he received. Somewhere in this house there must be a computer that has direct internet access.

He decided to play along for a while. Hopefully he would not be as closely watched if he appeared to accept that he was staying on the island. Also he felt sure his family would not accept some trumped up story about his death.

Zach was still thinking about his options when he heard the bedroom door open. He went back into the bedroom. Manu had come into the room with 2 house boys.

All of Zach’s good intentions of going along dissolved.

“You need to let me leave before you get into even worse trouble than you are now. My family is going to be looking for me. They will not accept that I just disappeared!”

Manu smiled.

“Ah Little Zach still doesn’t understand how things really are. Papa paid a lot of money for you. He is not about to let you go. As far as disappearing, that is not exactly the plan.”

He glanced at his wrist watch and his smile widened.

“Actually just about now you are dying in a plane crash. It seems there was a tiny fuel leak on the plane. All it needed for an explosion was a tiny flame to ignite the fuel. I supplied that with two small explosive devices.

The plane is over deep water and it will be difficult to reach the wreckage. Even if it is recovered there will be no evidence of the devices. Your luggage was on board. The area has quite a shark population. I doubt any human remains will be found.

The plane going down eliminates two people who knew you remained on the island. Harry and the pilot. The house boys are aware of what will happen to them if they decided to let anyone know you are still alive. Castration and a lobotomy await anyone we suspect of any disloyalty.”

Zach was shocked and quickly realized these people were even more dangerous than he suspected. They were willing to destroy an expensive plane and kill two innocent people to keep him here on this island.

Manu still had a smile on his face as he observed Zach. One of the house boys had an electric prod in his hand. The bedroom door was open and Zach couldn’t resist the opportunity to run toward the hall.

Manu caught him with one arm and pulled him into a tight hug.

“You are so cute little Zach. Just what would you have done if you actually got out of this room? Even if you got out of the house, there is nowhere for you to go.

Papa is anxious that we start on the modifications that he wants. So, as they say, there is no time like the present.”

The house boy without the prod took a cloth out of a plastic bag and came over to where Manu was holding Zach. He held the cloth over Zach’s nose & mouth. Zach attempted to hold his breath but Manu reached down and gave his balls a hard squeeze. Zach gasped at the sudden pain and that was all it took for the chemical in the drug to get into his system.

Zach waivered at the edge of unconsciousness as Manu eased him down to the floor. He quickly put a tourniquet around Zach arm and patted the inside of his elbow to get a vein to pop. He skillfully inject a syringe of muscle relaxant into the vein & removed the tourniquet.

Manu gathered Zach into his arms and carried him out of the room and down the hall. They continued down and out of the house. Manu walked to one of the outbuildings behind the house. There was just one large room with a tile floor that had a drain in the middle of the room.

There were multiple cabinets and shelves and a metal table in the middle of the room. Manu carried Zach over and laid him on the table face up. Zach was aware but unable to move his arms or legs. He found it a little difficult to breath and was relieved when plastic cannula was put it his nostrils to deliver oxygen.

Manu smiled down at Zach.

“Little Zach you are too hairy. Papa likes less hair on his toys. Luckily we have developed a permanent depilatory. My brothers and I had it applied to our chest. You can see it works well. Just relax now.”

Manu laughed as he knew Zach had little choice except to lay there. He used the magnetic tool to remove Zach’s collar, bracelets & anklets.

Next Manu pulled on a pair of latex gloves and grabbed a jar of petroleum jelly. He started at Zach navel and smeared a line of jelly down to the base of his cock. He smeared a little over a small area of pubic hair.

“Papa enjoys a treasure trail but most of this hair has to go. This may burn a little but there won’t be any skin damage.”

Manu took a bottle of lotion off a shelf and squeezed the think liquid on Zach’s hand and up his arms. Using his gloved hands he made sure Zach’s hands and arms were completely covered. He moved onto Zach’s chest area and armpits. He carefully smeared the depilatory onto Zach’s neck and face.

A house boy applied petroleum jelly to Zach’s hairline but sideburns and eyebrows were covered with the lotion. The house boy also out a plastic cover over Zach’s eyes. Manu continued down and made sure Zach’s pubic hair was covered as well as his balls & his penis.

He covered Zach’s feet and legs with the lotions before removing the gloves and throwing them away. Zach grunted as his skin heated up. Manu assured him again that there would be no damage to his skin.

Fifteen minutes later Manu took a towel and started to wipe off the depilatory. What was left behind was hairless pink skin. Once all the hair on the front of Zach’s body was removed, Manu turned him face down on the table. The depilatory was applied everywhere on the back of Zach’s body including the crack of his ass. Zach groaned again as Manu’s finger rubbed his anus which made Manu laugh.

“Better get used to your asshole getting attention Little Zach. Eventually Papa with turn that into you mangina.”

Another fifteen minutes and all the hair on the backside of Zach was gone. Manu replaced Zach’s jewelry and grabbed a hose to wash off Zach front & back. By the time the hair removal was done Zach was starting to regain the use of his arms & legs.

Manu helped him to sit up on the table. Zach looked into the mirror hanging on the wall across from the table and couldn’t stop the scream. He was mutilated. Without eyebrows he didn’t even look like the same person. His altered treasure trail ended in a small arrow above his dick.

“What the fuck have you done to me!”

Manu laughed.

“You may not approve but I’m sure Papa will be happy with the change.”

“I don’t care what your insane father wants, you have no right to do this to me. You better be fucking kidding about this being permanent.”

Many smiled and shook his head.

“You were pretty hairy Little Zach so there may be some peach fuzz that grows back but we’ll deal with that if it happens. You need to calm yourself, we are just beginning the required modifications.”

Zach slid off the table and when Manu grabbed his arm Zach threw a punch which Manu easily blocked. Manu dragged Zach across the room and sat in a chair. He spun Zach around and put his over his lap, ass up. With one arm he was able to easily hold down Zach, who was still recovering from the muscle relaxant. Manu’s other hand landed hard on Zach’s ass and caused Zach to yell “Stop that”.

Manu delivered half a dozen slaps to Zach’s firm buttocks before he paused. Zach hated that he couldn’t stop the tears of pain & humiliation from running down his face.

Manu rubbed Zach’s head gently as he asked. “Are you going to behave now?”

Zach nodded.

Manu helped Zach to his feet. Zach turned and spit in Manu’s face.

“You son if a bitch I will never behave the way you want me to behave. I will never become your asshole father’s pet. I will fight you until I get off this fucking island or die!”

Manu laughed as he reached down and squeezed Zach’s balls until he screamed.

“Little Zach you have been treated well up until now. Now you will learn how we deal with disobedient boys.”

Manu let go of Zach’s scrotum and smacked his in the face. He grabbed Zach’s hand and pulled him outside.

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