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Zach's Island Adventure
Part 3
By swphillyboi

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Zac’s Island Adventure

Chapter 3

Once lunch was finished, they started to get dressed so they could continue to the temple. Hale pulled a box out of the back of the land rover. He handed the box to Harry. Harry turned to Zach.

“Hey Zach, you know how Indiana Jones always wear his hat. Well we thought the archeologist in this movie should have something like that. We had these boots made. The gimmick is that they were given to him as a joke but he likes them so he wears them on all his trips.”

Harry pulled a pair of red leather boots out of the box. They were shiny & new, high enough to come partway up Zach’s calves and had slight high heels.

Zach looked at them in horror. “I am not wearing those boot! They look ridiculous, what’s with the high heels?”

Harry shrugged. “We thought it would be a good idea to add a couple inches to your height.”

The brothers all chuckled at Harry’s comment but Zach was not amused.

Manu spoke up. “Zach we just want to get some photos and shot a little film at the temple. It won’t kill you to wear the boots. If they don’t look good in the photos, chances are they idea will get dropped.”

Zach slipped on the black silk socks that were stuffed into the boots before pulling them on to his feet. Harry knelt down to lace the boot up and tie them for Zach. When Zach stood up he was amazed at how comfortable the boots were. It took him a few steps to get adjusted the higher than normal heels.

Hale led the way to the path that cut through the jungle growth. They climbed a short way up a hill before the path made a sharp turn. The temple area came into view as soon as they made the turn.

A low stone wall enclosed the entire area. There was a tall stone structure in the middle which had an intact palm frond roof. The roof had recently been repaired. A couple smaller building were open to the sky. Just past the temple area the ground fell off and there was an amazing, unobstructed view of the Pacific

Zach suddenly acquired a back pack and a wide brimmed hat. Harry produced a camera and took what seemed to Zach like hundreds of photos. Zach was posed on the wall, by the cliff above the ocean and near the unrenovated outbuildings.

Harry also shot some video while the brothers headed into the main temple building. Harry had Zach take off his outer shirt and took some more photos and film with Zach just wearing his white wife beater. Since it was a warm day Zach had worked up a sweat. The shirt became pretty see thru, Zach’s dark nipples showed through the wet material.

Finally Harry and Zach headed into the temple. It was a surprisingly large building. Sunlight filtered thru the roof and burning torches lined the walls. There was a stone platform in the center of the room with some sort of wooden bench on top.

There were several stone statues around the edges of the room. Zach was surprised that jewels still adorned the statues. Kana noticed Zach looking around.

“Papa had some work done on the temple recently. The jewels are synthetic made at our lab here on the island. The wooden bench is new, recreated from some drawings that were found here on the island.

As you can see if a man is fastened to the bench, his entire body is accessible from underneath. The stone platform is really just walls, it is open in the middle. The victim was usually sexually abused, often castrated, before he was killed. Stories about the temple were handed down from generations in our family.

It’s the main reason that Papa bought this island. He wanted to preserve this part of our culture.”

The photos & video now continued inside the temple. Zach followed Harry’s instructions about how to pose. He had Zach stand near one of the statues and reach up, apparently trying to grab the jewels that served as the eyes.

Zach was startled when the three brothers suddenly grabbed him and pulled him away from the statue. Before he could say anything they ripped the sweaty wife beater off him. Part of the shirt was cut off and stuffed in Zach’s mouth. The rest of the shirt was wrapped around his head and tied tightly at the back of his head, effectively gagging him.

Zach struggled to get free but he was no match for the three burly brothers. A metal pan with wooden handles appeared and held under Zach’s chin. When the top was opened a cloud of smoke emerged. Zach couldn’t help but breathe it in.

In his more adventuresome days Zach had tried poppers but this smoke was like poppers on steroids. It hit his mind like a sledgehammer. He slumped into the arms of the brothers unable to stand on his own.

They lowered him to the floor. Zach saw Hale take a knife from a sheath around his waist. His eyes grew wide with fear. Hale laughed.

“Don’t worry little Zach. We aren’t going to harm you. Papa just paid quite a bit of money to acquire you. He wouldn’t be happy with us if we wasted his money.”

Zach could hear the words but he couldn’t really understand them. Hale took the knife and quickly cut through Zach’s shorts and jockstrap. He was naked now except for the red boots.

Zach could feel hands on his nipples, followed by a tongue licking them and then a mouth sucking on them. He tried to focus on who was working his nipples but he couldn’t really be sure who it was. He thought it was Manu but wasn’t sure.

It was Manu who worked Zach’s nipples. Now he put a small suction cup over each nipples and squeezed them so the nipples were pulled into the cups. Zach groaned at the sensation.

Manu looked at his oldest brother and smiled.

“Let’s give him another dose and get him really flying.”

Hale chuckled and nodded. He got the pot ready as Manu pulled Zach to his feet with his arms around his waist. He pulled Zach back against him and placed his hands on Zach’s stomach. He pulled back sharply, driving the air from Zach’s lungs.

Zach took a deep breath while Hale held the open pot right by his nose. Zach coughed as he sucked in the drugged smoke. The brothers laughed as Zach groaned. Manu turned him around so they were face to face and pulled the gag from Zach’s mouth.

Manu held Zach against him with one arm and put the other hand behind Zach’s head, entwining his fingers in his hair. He roughly pushed his lips against Zach’s, forced his lips open and explored his mouth with his tongue.

Zach couldn’t believe he was being so passionately kissed by another man. He tried to pull away but had no control over his body. Manu broke off the kiss and licked the side of Zach’s face.

“Little Zach, you are one hot little guy! We are going to have a lot of fun with you.”

Manu swept Zach up in his arms and carried him up to the wooden bench. He laid Zach on top, his stomach supported by hemp ropes. Hale joined his bother and pulled Zach’s arms forward and closed wooden brackets over his wrists to keep the arms extended. He fastened leather straps around Zach’s elbows to further restrict any arm movement.

Manu placed Zach’s legs in a kneeling position, the red boots still in place, and fastened them to the bench. Finally the brothers worked together to tighten leather straps around Zach’s torso. Zach offered no resistance.

Harry left the temple and Kana took over the video camera. Hale moved under the bench and pulled the suction cups off Zach’s nipples. The nipples were distended and engorged with blood. He gave them a quick squeeze which brought a groan from Zach. Hale quickly placed his mouth over one nipple and sucked while gently biting the nipple.

Zach couldn’t decide if this was causing him pain or pleasure, he continued to groan and make feeble attempts to free himself. Hale switched to the other nipple. Tears ran down Zach’s face, he couldn’t actually form rational thoughts. He didn’t know if the tears were from frustration or pain.

Meanwhile Manu pushed the sections of the bench holding Zach’s leg apart and locked them into place. This caused Zach’s ass cheeks to part. Manu had a tremendous view of Zach’s slightly haired crack with is pinkish brown asshole, hanging below the asshole was Zach’s hairless ball sack, obviously some man-scaping had taken place, and his dick, the head just peeking out of his foreskin.

Manu grabbed a butt cheek in each hand and went to work on Zach’s asshole with his tongue. Zach’s body trembled in reaction to his first ever rim job. Manu pulled out some of the curly black hairs around the hole with his teeth. He spit them onto Zach’s back.

Manu went back to work on the asshole, Hale continued working Zach’s nipples. Zach found himself panting, unable to catch his breath as his drugged mind tried to deal with all the sensations his body was experiencing.

The sensations were about to increase. Manu kept his face buried in Zach’s ass crack but let go of his butt cheeks. He coated his hands with an oil that warmed and lubricated. Manu took Zach’s dick in his hand and coated it with the oil before starting to masturbate Zach.

Zach kept shaking his head trying to clear his thoughts. Hale held the pan under Zach’s chin and opened the lid again letting the drugged smoke engulf his head. Zach wasn’t even sure where he was anymore. The only thing he was aware of the mouths on his nipples and asshole along with the hand masturbating his cock.

Zach gasped in shock as Manu inserted a carved wooden dowel into his ass. Based on some ancient drawing found buried here at the temple the dowel had a slight curve and a band raised wooden bumps. Manu turned the dowel with one hand while continuing to slide his hand up & down Zach’s cock.

Zach squealed as the bumps stimulated his prostate and he had the most powerful orgasm of his life. He felt like his balls would deflate as cum shot down onto the floor. Zach felt as if he passed out for an instant and was left taking deep heaving breaths trying to recover from the over whelming sensations.

Manu continued twirling the dowel and rubbing Zach’s cock. Amazingly the cock started to harden again. Zach couldn’t tell if he felt pain or pleasure but the sensations remained overwhelming. A short time later he had another orgasm, not as spectacular as the first but it left him feeling drained and confused.

Manu never stopped but it took a while to coax Zach’s dick into another erection and the third orgasm resulted in just a few drips of cum. Zach groaned as his dick was finally released and the wooden dowel was pulled from his ass.

Tears ran down his face but he still wasn’t sure if they were caused by pain or pleasure. They released him from the bench and once again Zach felt himself swept up in Manu’s arms. Once again Manu treated Zach to a bruising kiss and his tongue explored an unresisting Zach’s mouth.

A bottle was placed against Zach’s mouth and he drank the contents without even thinking about the consequences. His head was still spinning from the drugged smoke and his powerful orgasms.

Zach was unconscious in seconds. Manu laid him of the grounds and the brothers worked together to remove the boots and socks. They quickly fastened wide stainless steel bands, decorated with pearls, around his wrists and ankles along with a matching wide collar around his neck.

They carried the unconscious Zach back to the SUV and quickly made their way back to the house.

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