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Zach's Island Adventure
Part 5
By swphillyboi

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Zach’s Island Adventure

Chapter 5

Zach did his best to pull away from Manu which, at first, caused Manu to chuckle. When Zach attempted to kick Manu he stopped chuckling. He punched Zach in the stomach hard enough to double him over.

Zach was still struggling to breathe normally when Manu swept him up into his arms. He carried him to an area well behind the house, screened by a wall of foliage. There was a row of what looked like oversized outhouse. The walls were treated plywood and the roofs were aluminum.

Manu yanked open the door on one of the sheds. The hot air and the smell hit Zach in the face. He thought he might vomit right before Manu dropped him on his ass.

“Let’s see if a couple days in a hot box improves your attitude.”

Zach lay on the bare wooden floor, looking up at Manu, still trying to get his breathing under control.

Manu pulled his sarong open, grabbed his dick, and pissed into Zach’s face. Zach’s first instinct was to open his mouth to scream for Manu to stop. He discovered it is impossible to scream when your mouth is full of fresh, warm piss. He scrambled onto his hands and knees and spit the piss onto the floor.

Manu continued to piss on Zach and when he was done he slammed the door shut, and padlocked it shut. He walked away laughing.

Inside the heat and the smell were intense. Zach managed to get into a sitting position, leaning back against one wall. There was not enough room to fully extend his legs. There were a few really small holes drilled in the floor.

At first Zach could see nothing but the tiny holes eventually let in enough light so that Zach could look around his prison, once his eyes adjusted to the dimness. There was not much to see. The walls were unpainted and felt rough against his back.

It felt like he was inside an oven and the smell was overwhelming. The lingering stench of sweat, piss & shit combined with the fresh scent of Manu’s piss made it difficult to take a breath without wanting to vomit. Zach felt perspiration break out all over his body.

Zach moved next to the door and started to pound on it and demand to be let out. There was no response and he realized the only thing that was happening was that he was bruising his hand. He settled down and tried to stay calm. He was slightly claustrophobic and being locked in this confined space was freaking him out.

The light from the floor holes faded and eventually Zach fell into an uneasy sleep. He awakened to the sound of a wooden hatch being opened. He was able to see that a small section of the back wall had been opened.

There was a small metal box attached to building and inside was a single bottle of water, a paper bowl of fruit and a small plastic container with two pills inside. The container was labeled “salt tablets”.

Zach pulled the three items into the building just before the hatch in the wall reclosed. He was smart enough not to drink the water in one gulp. The water was lukewarm and he took small sips as he ate the fruit. Right before the bottle was empty he swallowed the tablet and washed them down with the last of the water.

He could tell it was daylight but had no idea what time it was. The heat inside the building rose as the sun beat down on the rook. Zach started to feel like he had to shit. He held it as long as he could and did shout several times that he needed to use the bathroom.

Finally he knew he had no choice but to empty his bowels. He squatted in front of the door and let go. The air in the hot box got even more unpleasant to breath. Zach moved as close as he could to the back wall but the pile of his shit was not even two feet away from where he sat.

Zach scrapped his asshole as best he could with the paper bowl before placing that over his shit. It did little to diminish the odor. The hatch opened one other time but other than that Zach was alone with nothing to occupy his time.

The second time the hatch opened there were two bottle of water along with the salt tablet and fruit. Zach felt exhausted and when he felt the need to piss he just sat there and peed. It seemed a really dark color to him and smelled horrible.

He did struggle once more to the door to try and shit but little came out. The complete darkness told him he was spending his second night in this hell hole.

Zach awoke in the gloom of the shed but there was no opening of the hatch. Zach found it hard to concentrate or even to actually move. He had done nothing but he felt exhausted.

Suddenly the door opened, Zach was blinded by the light. He couldn’t really see them but Manu and his oldest brother Hale stood at the entrance. Hale carefully stepped over the pile of shit just inside the door.

Hale grabbed Zach by the arm and pulled him across the floor and out the door. The back of Zach’s body was streaked with his own shit and the two brothers laughed at him sprawled in the grass in front of the shack.

Zach eyes adjusted to the light and he looked up to see a smiling Paki holding a hose. Paki directed a stream of cold water at Zach who screamed as the water hit his overheated skin. He was barely able to obey Paki’s command to “Roll over” but was grateful to have the shit rinsed off of him.

Hale held a baby bottle filled with fruit juice to Zach’s mouth and he began to suck the nipple. Zach was grateful for the cool drink and the nipple prevented him from gulping down too much at one time.

Paki came over and grabbed Zach’s hair and forced him to look up at him.

“Little Zach, I hope you have learned your lesson. If you continue to be disobedient you will spend more time in the hot box.

The news of your death in the plane crash has been made public. I am having a scrapbook made for you so you can read about your fan’s reactions. Your family appears to be grieving. I think once the first shock of grief fades I will invite them here for a memorial service. I will have it filmed and it may comfort you over the years to view their grief.”

Paki laughed at the incredulous look on Zach’s face. He turned to his sons.

“Carry on. I want the work on him to continue tomorrow.”

Two houseboys came over and helped Zach to his feet. They walked him a short distance to a tub filled with cool, flower scented water. They lifted him into the tub and proceeded to wash him while Hale & Manu looked on.

In spite of himself Zach relaxed back into the water and allowed the house boys to wash him. It was just such a relief to be out of the hot box. Zach didn’t ever want to be locked in there again.

Hale occasioned held the bottle down at Zach’s mouth so he could suck on it. Zach’s relief at getting out of the hot box was so great that he was willing to do just about anything he was asked. On some level he recognized the humiliation of drinking out of a baby bottle but he just didn’t care.

Hale and Manu hauled him out of the tub and got him to put on a pair of flip flops. Each taking an arm they led him to a small guest cottage, a short distance from the main house.

The guest house was basically one large room divided into a sleeping area, a sitting area and a small kitchenette. There was also a bathroom. The windows were all secured with extra strong screens, the same as on the balcony of the room Zach had been occupying.

There was a small front porch and this is where the three men left their flip flops before going inside. Zach looked around the room, grateful to be out of the hot box. Manu & Hale pushed Zach onto a chair in the sitting area. Manu smiled down at him.

“You can get some rest tonight Little Zach. Tomorrow we have some modifications scheduled from Papa’s list. There is some food and drink in the kitchen area. Breakfast will be delivered tomorrow morning.”

Zach had nothing to say so the brothers left, locking the door from outside.

As soon as the men left Zach got up quickly and explored the guest house. He tried the screens, looked around for something to use as a tool or weapon. The glasses, dishes and implements in the kitchen were all plastic.

In the bathroom there was a large mirror but when Zach examined it he saw it was made of some kind if metal with a thin reflective surface. The sink and toilet were also made of metal. The shower had a lattice wooden floor that was securely attached and Zach could see the screening underneath the wood.

There was a large salad with seafood in the refrigerator and Zack poured a large plastic tumbler with fruit punch. He knew the food might be drugged but he was hungry and really what did it matter if the food was drugged. He was trapped here whether he ate or went hungry.

After he ate Zach explored the house a little more. He found a selection of newspapers all of which had the news of the plane crash and his “death”. He couldn’t help crying at the statement released from his family. He hated thinking about how his parents and brother were suffering while mourning him.

Eventually Zach decided to just go to bed. The bed linens were luxurious and the mattress was soft. He quickly fell asleep.

It was early the next morning when breakfast was delivered and Zach was rousted out of bed by two house boys. He just finished eating when Manu appeared.

“I hope you will not create any problems today Little Zach. Now you have an idea of what kind of punishment you could receive.”

Zach just looked at him for a couple minutes.

“I guess I have no choice but to cooperate but you are not going to get away with keeping me here. You should make it easy on yourself and help me get in touch with my family.”

Manu laughed.

“You are adorable Little Zach! You are a slow learner but eventually you will come to accept this is your new life. Come on now, we have things to accomplish today.”

Zach stood up. Manu laughed at the bath towel Zach wore around his waist.

“Everyone has seen everything you have. Just who do you think you are hiding your body from? You will be spending some time outside so we need to get some sun block on you.”

Manu grabbed the towel off Zach and produced a bottle of white cream, he put some on his hands and started to coat Zach’s body, starting with his face. Zach protested that he could apply the sunblock himself but Manu insisted on doing it.

Manu did a thorough job of applying sunblock everywhere. Zach squirmed as his dick & balls were coated and even more when Manu ran his hand over his buttocks and down his ass crack, giving Zach’s hole a little scratch.

When Manu was done coating Zach he produced what looked like a small piece of hot pink fabric and handed it to Zach.

“Put this on. You are going to do a workout so you need some support.”

Zach took the fabric from Manu’s hand. He realized it was a miniscule swimsuit. He bent over to put the suit over his feet and pulled it up. It provided little coverage. There was an adequate pouch in the front and he was able to adjust his cock and balls to be comfortable. Two small straps of fabric joined the pouch to the back of the suit. The back of the suit covered about half Zach’s ass with the sides of his buttocks completed uncovered.

Manu gave Zach an appraising look with a smile on his face. The fabric of the pouch was thin and outline of Zach’s dick and balls was obvious.

“You look very cute Little Zach. Come along now, we have a lot to get done today.”

Zach refused to say anything about what he was forced to wear and simply followed Manu out of the house and to an outdoor gym area. Man had Zach put on a pair of sneakers to match his swimsuit with white socks that had a border of lace at the top. Zach was determined not to give Manu the satisfaction of him complaining so he silently put on the socks and shoes.

Zach was put through a tough workout that left him sweaty and exhausted. House boys appeared to take Zach to the tub again filled with cool flower scented water. They washed Zach despite him telling them he was more than capable of washing himself.

Manu appeared just as Zach was stepping out of the tub. He carefully examined Zach.

“We started some excellent tan line today. Papa will be pleased.”

Manu led the way to the outbuilding with the tile lined room. Manu’s brothers, Hale & Kana, were waiting there. Between the three of them they got Zach fastened to the table in the middle of the room. They used his wrist and ankle bracelets to fasten Zach to the table. They also tightened belts around his chest and forehead to further restrict Zach’s movements.

Zach’s protests were loud and constant until the brothers were able to get a ball gag in his mouth. They tightly fastened the gag around his head.

Manu took a piercing gun and quickly pierced both of Zach’s earlobes. He inserted silver hoop earrings in the holes before moving on to pierce a series of holes in the inside fold of Zach’s right ear and inserting pearl earrings along the top of the ear.

Zach grunted with each piercing and futilely attempted to free himself from the table. The brothers chuckled and mocked his efforts. Next Manu pierced Zach’s navel and inserted a ring in the hole.

Hale put a little lubricant on his hand and grasped Zach’s cock. He skillfully brought Zach to a partial erection before moving aside so Manu could give Zach a large gauge Prince Albert ring.

Zach’s shriek of pain could be heard even with his gag in place. Manu finished up the piercing with a ring at the bottom of Zach’s scrotum. Zach lay on the table panting with tears running down his cheeks.

Manu took a syringe and injected something in Zach’s arm. A few moments later he was unconscious. Kana moved in with his tattoo gun in his hand. He added think black eyeliner around both Zach’s eyes. Next he drew thin highly arched eyebrows on Zach’s forehead before tattooing over the drawn lines.

Once Kana was done Manu made two injections beside each of Zach’s nipples. The brothers quickly freed Zach from the table and Manu carried him back to the guest house and deposited him on the bed.

Zach woke up about an hour later and looked around the room disoriented and wondering where he was. He sat up and started to feel the pain from his piercings. He stumbled into the bathroom and looked into the large mirror.

Zach screamed when he saw the absurd eyebrows that had been tattooed on him along with the eyeliner. He tried to remove the ring thru his navel and the head of his dick but they had been sealed closed and couldn’t be removed.

He couldn’t understand why his pecs ached and his nipples were sensitive to touch. Knowing that he had been touched everywhere by the brothers, Zach climbed into the shower and set the water as hot as he could stand. He stayed in the shower until the water started to cool.

Zach dried off and wandered back to the sitting area. He found it somewhat awkward to walk with the PA weighing down his dick so it swayed and tapped his thighs as he walked.

Two house boys came into cottage.

“You have been invited to a luau tonight. We are to get you ready.”

Zach shook his head.

“I am not going to any fucking luau!”

The boys laughed.

“It’s cute that you think you have a choice. Paki has decided you will attend the luau and that is what you will do.”

One house boy plugged a cord into an electrical outlet. There was a box attached to the end of the cord with a dial and a button. A thin wire came out of the box and ended with a clip.

Both boys came at Zach and were able to wrestle him to the floor on his stomach and attach his wrist bracelets together with a small length of chain. They rolled him onto his back. One boy held Zach and the other retrieved the wire and attached the clip to Zach’s PA.

He left the dial on the lowest setting and pushed the button. Zach felt the slight electric shock to his dick and groaned.

“That was the lowest of ten settings. At ten there will be permanent scaring. Want to reconsider the luau invitation or should we try setting two?”

Zach shook his head.

“No more shocks. I’ll go to the luau.”

The house boys laughed.

“Good decision.”

They released Zach’s wrists and had him sit in a chair. They opened a makeup kit and went to work. Zach got a smoky eye look and shiny pink lips. The tips of his tender nipples were rouged and all 20 of his nails were painted with gold sparkle polish. Mousse with more gold sparkles held his spikey hairdo in place.

Once his nails were dry Zach stood up and his gauzy flowered sarong was put on him. The boys stood back and gave him a visual once over.

“You look beautiful, let’s go.”

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