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Zach's Island Adventure
Part 2
By swphillyboi

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Zach was sprawled across the bed, sound asleep, when a knock on the door startled him awake. He rolled onto his back and pulled the sheet over his crotch.

“Who’s there?”

The door opened and a house boy walked in carrying a tray, covered with a white cloth.

“I have your breakfast Mr Zach. I think it would be nice to eat out on the balcony this morning”

Without waiting for a reply the boy went out the French doors to the balcony and placed the tray on the table. Zach got out of bed quickly, hurrying into the bathroom. He took a piss, splashed some water in his face and put on a robe before heading out to the balcony.

The house boy uncovered the breakfast tray and revealed a bowl of cut up fresh fruit, a carafe of coffee and a covered plate of bacon & eggs. There were also large glasses of water & orange juice.

“Mr Paki was told you liked bacon and eggs but if you prefer something different I’ll have that prepared immediately.”

Zach nodded.

“Breakfast looks great. I haven’t been able to work the clasps on this jewelry to get it off me. Do you know how to open the clasps?”

“These are special magnetic clasps; they require a special tool to unlock them. Mr Paki is the only one with the tools. He and the sons have gone to the lab. They aren’t expected back until close to two o’clock when the plane is due to arrive from Hawaii.”

Zach sighed in disgust.

“Paki certainly likes to keep a tight control on everything.”

The house boy smiled.

“It is Mr Paki’s island. He is in charge of everything that happens on this island.”

“Well he is NOT in control of me. You can go.”

The house boy gave a slight bow and left with a smirk on his face. An annoyed Zach sat down to eat his breakfast. He had to admit the view from the balcony was amazing. Thankfully there were no sexual hijinks taking place on the beach this morning.

Once he was finished eating Zach went and grabbed the book he had been reading last night and settled into the hammock. He untied the belt of the robe and let it fall off his body. The cool breeze felt good on his skin.

The book was fascinating but the explorer, archeologist was no Indiana Jones. This character in the book was simply looking to make money by raiding historic sites and selling what treasures he found there.

This book dealt with a student, in the university class the archeologist taught, telling him about an ancient temple on the Pacific Island he grew up on. Anxious not to be forced to go back to live on the isolated island the student and the archeologist agreed to split the profits on the artifacts they found at the temple.

They travel together with a small group to the island. The student’s family discovers his betrayal. His father skins him alive to discover the details of the plan to get the treasure off the island. After a vicious battle with the islanders a couple members of the group are killed but the archeologist was able to escape from the island with the other survivors. Of course he is unable to even get to the temple so he is forced to leave empty handed.

Authorities were sent to the island where they arrested the island leaders for murder but the charges didn’t stick. The temple treasures were well hidden but the island inhabitants were left angry and anxious for revenge against the archeologist.

That is how the book ended but a blurb promised a continuation of the story in the next book of the series. Zach let the book drop to the floor. He had no interest in playing the main character who was little better than a thief.

He realized that this book really illustrated the way Paki felt that native islanders were treated by outsiders. This trip was just a huge waste of time.

Zach climbed out of the hammock pulled the robe around himself and tied the belt. He went into the bedroom. There was a laptop sitting on the desk. He booted it up and sent several emails.

He emailed his agent to say that he had no interest in starring in this movie. He also emailed his brother and some friends to tell them about his strange visit. He was hoping to leave the next time the plane went back to Honolulu.

In the building on the other side of the island, that housed Paki’s chemical lab, Manu sat working at a computer. He smiled when he saw the popup letting him know someone was attempting to send an email. No electronic message left the island without an approval from Paki or his sons.

Manu chuckled before calling for his father to come see what Zach had written. The email to the agent was altered to read that Zach was looking forward to making this movie. The emails to his brother & friends extolled the beauty of the island and let them know that this little break was just was Zach needed, he could feel the tension leaving his body as he lounged around by the pool, sipping on fruity, tropical, non-alcoholic drinks.

Both men smiled as Manu released their version of the emails.

Back in his room Zach looked through the dresser trying to find some decent clothes to put on. One drawer was filled with fabric for sarongs. There were also some shirts & shorts; all in pastels colors and made of some gauzy fabric. As the house boy told him there was a selection of thong underwear, also in a variety if pastel colors.

Zach decided to take a shower and then ring for a house boy to demand the clothes he wore when he arrived yesterday. The whole setup on this island was giving him the creeps.

He took a shower and was surprised when he emerged from the bathroom in his robe to find a house boy waiting there.

“Miss Europa is having lunch by the pool. She would like you to join her.”

Zach shrugged.

“That might be okay but first I’d like my own clothes, that I arrived wearing.”

The boy had a slight smile on his face as he shook his head.

“Those wouldn’t be appropriate for lunch with Miss Europa. Mr Paki dislikes what he calls “mainland clothes” being worn on his island. I have brought a swimsuit that Mr Paki would consider appropriate for island wear.”

Zach glanced at the speedo style suit on the bed and shook his head.

“I prefer to wear board shorts for swimming. I’m afraid I don’t consider that scrap of cloth appropriate for me to wear.”

The house boy had a big, condescending smile on his face.

“When you own an island you will be entitled to make those decisions. On this island Mr Paki’s wishes are what we must obey.”

Zach grabbed the swimsuit off the bed, went into the bathroom and slammed the door. He could hear the laughter from the bedroom and that infuriated him. He shucked off the robe and pulled the swimsuit up his legs.

Zach knew that this was called a tanga style swimsuit. The front just barely covered his dick & balls. Basically there was little more than a waistband that joined the front & back of the garment. The back panel left the sides of his ass exposed. He wanted to pull the suit off and throw it in the trash.

Zach took a deep breath and considered his next move. His plan was to get off this island as fast as he could but in the meantime he decided to just go with the flow. There was something spooky about Paki’s control of everything & everyone on the island. Why get everyone upset, Zach figured he could put up with anything for another day and then he would be back in Hawaii when the plane returned there.

Zach gave his package a final adjustment in the tight swimsuit and went back into the bedroom. Like the sarong it exposed a lot of white, untanned flesh. The house boy was waiting with some sunscreen that he insisted upon applying on Zach.

As Zach made his way out to the pool he decided to pretend he was on a movie set. He had worn even more revealing outfits in many of his movies.

When he walked out the door to the pool deck he was pretty shocked to see how Europa was dressed as she reclined on a lounger. Her impressive breasts were completely uncovered. The only thing she was wearing was a thin strip of white materiel that just barely covered her labia, held up by a white string around her waist. Zach couldn’t help noticing that unlike Paki’s sons & daughters-in-law, Europa’s crotch was completely hairless.

Feeling almost overdressed Zach went over and settled into a lounger beside Europa. He smiled and said hello but for the most part he did his best to keep his eyes focused forward.

Europa asked if Zach had read the book that Paki wanted made into a movie. When he said that he had read it, Europa engaged him in a discussion about the book.

Zach said that he didn’t think the book’s bias against the archeologist would get a large following. Europa disagreed, saying that she & Paki were convinced that the time was right for the movie to be made. The world had become more “politically correct” and sympathetic to native peoples who had been victimized by “invaders” from other countries.

Eventually a delicious lunch was served on bamboo tray tables fitted onto their lounge chairs. Zach’s lunch came with lemon flavored ice water and he asked if he could some more of the fresh squeezed orange juice he had been served with breakfast. Since citrus fruit was an excellent cover for the drug that was included in the beverages his request was happily complied with.

Europa and Zach continued to chat during and immediately after they ate. A short time after he finished lunch Zach feel into a drug induced sleep. An amused Europa went to her room, leaving Zach alone by the pool.

Zach was awakened by an insistent shaking from one of the house boys. Zach sleepily opened his eyes to see the boy and another man standing over him. He also was aware that he had an erection which was pushing up the front of his brief swimsuit. The house boy took a towel from a nearby lounger and dropped it into Zach’s lap.

“Mr Zach, there is a man here to meet with you.”

Zach sat up straighter and looked at the stranger looking down at him. The stranger thrust out his arm and the two men shook hands.

“Hello. I’m Harry Beaston, the head of Brad’s production group. Unfortunately he is still tied up with this legal crap so he won’t be able to make the trip out here.

He asked me to come and scope out the island to see if it can be used for location work. I am also going to start discussions with Paki about his financial support.

What the fuck is going on with you? You’re asleep out here with a hardon popping out of that banana hammock you have on. What’s with all the pearls?”

Zach looked up, with an annoyed expression on his face. He was sure to keep the towel in his lap.

“Listen! This is a fucked up place. My suitcase got lost so the only things I have to wear is what they give me. I was told Paki wants everyone at the luau to dress traditionally. I can’t open the clasps on this shit until Paki shows up with some special release tool.

Yesterday his sons and some the house boys had sex on the beach, I could see them from my room. Last night the sons and their wives did this weird dance after we ate. I’m pretty sure they were going to have sex. I just went back to my room before that happened.

I just want to get off this island. I’m going to fly back to Honolulu on the plane.”

Harry just shook his head.

“The plane returned after they dropped me off. You need to get your act together, you sound nuts.

Are you using again?”

Zach was pissed.

“NO I am not using. I trying to tell you that this place is crazy. This Paki guy has everyone under his thumb. I don’t think he is anyone that you want to be in business with. I read the book that this movie is going to be based on and I don’t think I am interested in doing the movie.”

Harry shook his head again.

“You weren’t our first choice for the movie so I don’t care of you aren’t interested. I have no doubt that Paki is eccentric. He is a fucking billionaire, as far as I know all billionaires are eccentric, it comes with the territory. As far as the sons having sex with the house boys they are all legal age so who cares what they do.

What I don’t understand is why you are doing everything he asks. Just say NO! Tomorrow we are supposed to go and check out the temple site. Just try and hold it together until that is over. After that we’ll get you back to Hawaii and hopefully we’ll never run into each other again.”

Harry turned and went towards the house leaving Zach feeling a little foolish. Why was he going along with everything he was told that Paki wanted, he didn’t have a good answer to that question.

Zach stood up, wrapped the towel around his waist and went back to his room. He was surprised to see one of the house boys waiting there.

“Is there anything you need Mr Zach?”

“No, I’m good. I just need some time alone.”

The house boy walked across the room and stood next to Zach. He glanced down at Zach’s crotch.

“Maybe I could help you with that issue? Seems a waste to spill it in the toilet.”

Zach didn’t say anything as the boy undid the towel, sunk to his knees and pulled down Zach’s swimsuit. He engulfed Zach’s cock with his mouth while he played with his balls. He quickly developed a rhythm as he took in more & more of the rock hard cock into his mouth.

Zach felt a little light headed, he put his hands on the boy’s shoulders to steady himself as a tongue swirled around the sensitive head of his cock. He had been the recipient of many blowjobs and this was among the best.

It didn’t take long for Zach to blow his load in the house boy’s mouth. Once he was sure all the sperm was licked off the cock, the house boy let it fall from his mouth.

Zach looked down at him.

“How old are you?”

The boy answered with a laugh.

“I’m twenty three so I do have some experience.”

Zach smiled.

“That was amazing. Why are you called house boys?”

“Because that is what Mr Paki wants and he signs our paychecks. We are well paid, none of us are prisoners here. One of us will be back in a while to help you get ready for tonight’s luau.”

The house boy left still licking his lips. Zach stepped out of the swimsuit and walked out onto the balcony. Suddenly it occurred to him to wonder how the house boy knew he had jerked off into the toilet. Was that just a lucky guess?

Zach went into the bathroom and checked around for hidden cameras. He found nothing and began to wonder if he was getting paranoid about this place. He sat at the desk and sent a couple more emails to his brother and his agent. Neither had replied to his earlier messages.

He spent some time surfing the net for information about Paki. There wasn’t much to find. There was information about the chemical company he founded and still controlled. The information mentioned that he was semi-retired and lived on a private island. Zach also learned that Europa was his fourth wife.

Zach checked his email again and was annoyed that he still had no replies from the emails he sent. Zach was still sitting around naked when the house boy showed up to help him get ready for the luau Zach still went with his plan to just go with the flow.

Zach grabbed a thong out of the dresser and slipped it on. The sarong was fitted around his waist. When Zach got to the luau area he was surprised to see Harry dressed in shorts and a flowered shirt. He did have a lei around his neck but that was his only concession to traditional wear.

Harry & Paki were standing together and talking. They both turned to Zach as he walked up to them. Harry had a funny smile on his face but Paki’s expression was stern.

“Zach! Harry was just telling me you are uncomfortable about your traditional dress. It seems you are upset about the pearl accessories you are wearing. You are dressed like my sons, it was certainly not my intent to insult or intimidate you.”

Zach did his best to back pedal.

“I think maybe Harry misunderstood me. I was just preparing him for the way you prefer to have things done. I can see he didn’t take my advice.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s luau and dancing. I’m fully rested so I will be able to stay to see the whole performance.”

Paki enveloped Zach in a hug. “I am glad we are still friends. You are right about Harry, he refuses to enter into the spirit of things.”

Zach saw that Harry was not pleased to be thrown under the bus and gave him a big smile. Paki kept an arm draped over Zach’s shoulders as they walked away from Harry. When the food was ready, they took their places at the long table. Tonight Zach sat between Paki & Europa while Harry sat to the left of Paki.

Another delicious meal was consumed and after they were done with dinner and the fruit was served; Paki’s daughters-in-law started to dance. They were bare breasted and Zach gave Harry a look.

Zach switched his attention back to the women and when their grass skirts twirled he was surprised to see they were wearing bikini bottoms. Their husbands joined the dance with torches like the night before.

Zach was amazed that Paki’s sons kept their loincloths in place. There was no denying the dance was sensual but there was no actual sex. When the dance was over Harry leaned forward to give Zach a quizzical look.

As they all stood Zach gave Europa a hug and a kiss on the cheek before turning to Paki and also giving him a hug. Paki pulled him close and Zach couldn’t help being repulsed by Paki’s flab pressed against his chest.

Harry & Zach made arrangements to meet up with the sons the next morning to visit the temple site. Zach went straight to his room where a house boy waited with the tool to open the clasps on the jewelry Zach was wearing. It was a relief to take it off. Zach took a quick shower and went to sleep quickly.

Zach woke early the next morning. He went out on the balcony to check on the weather before taking a shower. He quickly dried himself when he finished. He didn’t bother with a robe, although he could hear someone in the bedroom. Zach was accustomed to appearing on movie sets with very little, or no, clothing. He did not have a great sense of modesty and the drugs that had been included in his food and drink lowered his sense of modesty even further.

Zach emerged naked form the bathroom. He spotted clothes laid out on his now made bed. A house boy was straightening the room. Zach give him a quick smile before looking over the clothes on the bed. He was surprised that they seemed normal. There was a jock strap, a pair of khaki shorts, a white wife beater and a gauzy pale green shirt.

Zach pulled on the jock strap and adjusted himself in the pouch. The house boy came over.

“I think Mr Zach that we should get some sun block, insect repellent on you before you get dressed.”

“That sounds like a good idea.”

Zach stood still when he was anointed with the creamy lotion. The house boy started with his face and moved down his body. As he rubbed the lotion into Zach’s firm ass, Zach remarked “that there didn’t seem much chance of getting sunburnt there”.

The house boy pointed out that “insects could bite anywhere and a bit on the ass can be very annoying”.

Zach shrugged and allowed the lotion to be applied. He had body makeup applied many time and this didn’t seem too different to him. His breakfast tray was delivered by a second house boy while the lotion was applied. Zach paid no attention; the two boys smirked at each other.

Once the application was finished Zach reached of the shorts but the boy suggested he wait to get dressed until after breakfast so nothing dripped or spilled on his clothes. Zach thought that was a good suggestion and both house boys enjoyed watching him walk out onto the balcony, his ass framed by the jock strap and still a little shiny from the lotion. They enjoyed the view.

After he was done eating Zach walked back into the bedroom and checked his email again. He was happy to see responses to the emails to his agent & his brother.

The agent’s reply puzzled him. His agent told him he as making the right decision to stay with the movie project. It was a good decision not to give up this opportunity. He had been in touch with Brad’s agent and even though Brad wasn’t able to come out to the island he was still interested in the movie project.

His brother’s reply was also puzzling to Zach. His brother wrote that he was glad Zach was enjoying his time on a tropical island. Zach tried to scroll down to his original emails so he could reread what he had written. Unfortunately he couldn’t see his emails. He checked the email settings but couldn’t find any way to view his email.

Finally he gave up and got dressed. When he got downstairs he saw Paki & his sons all sitting out on the porch. Zach slipped on the sandals that a house boy handed him and joined the others out on the porch. As usually Paki & his sons were wearing sarongs. Zach was happy to be wearing more normal clothes.

The four large men got up and walked over to gather around him, almost hemming him in. Zach felt a little overwhelmed as they stood so close to him. He attempted to move away and get some orange juice off a table set up with drinks. Kana asked Zach what he wanted and moved away to get the glass of juice. Zach couldn’t help feeling that the other three seemed to close ranks so that he was still hemmed on by the Kalakaua men.

Zach took the glass of juice and did his best to contribute to the conversation but he was relieved when Harry finally put in an appearance. He was dressed in shorts and another flowered shirt.

Ready to begin the trip to the temple, the five men walked to the land rover parked in front of the house. Hale got behind the wheel and Harry got in the front passenger seat. Zach found himself in the middle back seat between Kana & Manu. He wasn’t even sure how he got there.

They started out driving down the beach, after a couple miles a cleared spot in the jungle revealed a semi-paved road. The road climbed up the hill in the center of the island. It was not a smooth ride and Zach found himself bouncing between the two brothers.

About half way to the top of hill the road curved and traveled along the side of the hill until it snaked back down. It continued just above where the ocean splashed against the rocky coast of the island. Another road appeared coming from the other side of the island.

Manu pointed it out to Zach.

“That road leads to the laboratory building. There is a pretty deep harbor there and a dock. That’s where we’ll bring in any equipment we need for the movie that can’t be transported by plane.”

Zach nodded and pretended interest but all he wanted was to get off this island as soon as he could.

The condition of the road made for slow going. Zach was getting really tired of being in the car when Manu pulled into a widened area and stopped the car. There was a sandy beach just down the hill from where they parked. They all got out of the car and stretched.

Manu looked down at the beach. “That water looks too good to resist.”

He quickly kicked off his sandals and let his sarong fall to the ground. His brothers followed his example. All three ran down the hill, across the beach and dove into the clear blue water.

Zach shrugged and quickly took off his clothes. Once he was naked he followed the brothers into the water. Harry hesitated a little longer but did join the others in the ocean.

Manu came up behind Zach gathered him up in his arms and threw him toward Hale. Zach splashed down into the water and came up sputtering. He just barely got his breath when Hale followed his brother’s example and tossed Zach in the direction of his oldest brother.

This time when Zach emerged from the water he was more prepared.

“Hey guys! I’m not a beach ball, I really rather you not have you toss me around.”

He said it with a smile but he was annoyed. A laughing Hale came up behind him and out his arm around Zach’s chest and pulled him back against him.

“Yeah boys! Leave little Zach alone. Don’t worry Zach I won’t let those big bullies hurt you.”

Everyone but Zach laughed. As Hale held him, Zach could feel the larger man’s dick and pubes press against his lower back. Hale seemed to grind into Zach before he let him go.

Zach quickly moved away once he was released. He tried his best to keep his distance as they all enjoyed cooling off in the water. Eventually they all moved back to the car. The sons grabbed some grass mats out of the back. They also unpacked some food and some towels. All five men sprawled on the mats and enjoyed their lunch.

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