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Good Cop, Bad Cop
Part 6 - Chapter 4(c)
By Steve Stimle

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Good Cop, Bad Cop - Part 4c

by Stimle (

My head was spinning. There was something about seeing Jon naked with his taut ass spread wide in front of me that both excited and unnerved me. This was Jon, my partner and one of my closest friends, who’d without judgment or ridicule stepped in to ride to my rescue, only to fall victim to his own hubris. This was Jon, who’s fall had been so fucking spectacular - who’d sucked my dick like a world-class cocksucker and had taken my load down his gullet. Jon, who was now splayed out before me, ripe for the picking…

As my hand ghosted over the contour of his smooth pale cheeks, still pink from the blistering spanking Jason had dished out earlier (I could make out the faint palm prints), a memory flickered into my strung-out mind.

About a month ago Jon and I’d had lunch at the library with Kristen, Liz, and my brother, and as we were leaving, walking across the lawn to the lot where we’d parked, Liz wolf-whistled at Jon and called out, “Nice butt, Eckert!” Without missing a beat, Jon had turned and bowed low in a sweeping, courtly gesture, and ran his hand over his ass in an exaggerated move. He’d then turned to me, flashed that cocky grin of his, and said with a wink, “Go on, Kev… touch it. It’s like the curvature of the earth.” I’d rolled my eyes and playfully punched his shoulder.

Now, smiling at the memory, I gripped the globes of his ass and, mindful of their tender condition, parted them, gently kneading the firm, muscled flesh as I buried my nose in his damp, aromatic crack. Tangled tufts of sweat-matted hair tickled my nose and the fragrant scent of cum mingled with body odor overwhelmed and assaulted my nostrils as I foraged my way up and down the length of his fur-lined trench.

My dick lurched and I hummed with pleasure as I burrowed in deeper, lapping at his puckered hole with my tongue. He tasted tangy and ripe. Rich and manly. But there was something else. I furrowed my brows and licked again… lubricant. Ugh.

I sat back on my haunches, nearly overbalancing, and realized both Jason and Austin were laughing at me.

“Oh come on, Pussy,” Jason chided as he pushed my face back into the dank crevice. “Eat his hole out like the slut you are. Get your fingers in there, too.”

I nodded and tentatively ran the tip of my tongue over his hole, delicately probing and tasting him. My body felt electric as I touched this most intimate part of him. I was coming down from whatever Jason had slipped me earlier - my head was less muddled and I was better able to focus my thoughts - but I was feeling a completely different high now. It was on a whole nother plane. I felt amped up by this sudden, deep-seated need to touch Jon. It was like I’d tapped into some previously undiscovered lust. I wasn’t sure what that was about and I definitely didn’t want to examine it too closely, especially not right now with my face just inches from his winking, pulsing hole!

I backed up half a step and stroked my index finger over his spit-shiny anal knot before softly tapping at it, marveling how the delicate folds of skin seemed to flutter beneath my touch. The quick expansion and contraction made me think of the ‘live’ screensavers on my iPhone. I probed a bit more before letting the pad of my finger come to rest against the quivering flesh, and then gasped when the crinkled rosette seemed to grab at my finger tip.

“Fuck,” I breathed out softly as I quickly pulled my finger back. I stared at the bud and then touched it again. This time, though, I didn’t move it.

Holy shit!

“Run the tip of your finger around the outside of his hole,” Austin instructed softly, as if trying not to spook me. “That’s where the nerves are.”

I did as he said, hearing a heavy sigh as I felt Jon’s body quake and shudder. I glanced up and saw he’d turned his head toward me and was peering at me through heavy-lidded, glassy eyes. I returned my attention to the task at hand and once more circled his entrance with my finger. My eyes darted back up when he sighed again and his face seemed to go slack with pleasure. He licked his lips and I rubbed around the quivering hole again - a bit quicker this time and pressing a bit harder - and was rewarded by the increased pace of his breathing. Encouraged by the contented noises he was making, I kept it up.

“Ooooohhh,” he rumbled lowly as I saw the muscles in his ass clench and unclench. I reached out and stroked his hole again, my finger pressing slightly harder and lingering just a tiny bit longer. There was a slight stutter and hitch in his breath before he exhaled. Then he began to practically purr.

“You like that, Johnny Boy?” Jason asked, his face suddenly just inches from Jon’s. Jon’s only response was a gurgle that made Jason smile. I remembered how it felt when Jason had eaten my ass that first night, and I knew if Jon was experiencing anything even close… I blew out my breath. Fuck! The thought was almost too much to fathom.

I slid the blunt tip of my index finger into his hole and my eyes went wide, amazed again at how the walls of his channel seemed to grip it, almost clutching it. I took a deep breath and slid my entire finger inside him. It took only minimal effort to push past the ring of muscle.

“Unngghh…” he groaned in a low, breathy exhale as his body granted me passage.

Holy fuck!

“Kev,” Jon moaned huskily as I pulled out to the first knuckle and then pushed back in. “What’re you doing to me?”

I met his questioning gaze but didn’t answer. I just continued to saw my finger in and out of his tight hole, watching him as he gasped, feeling him flex the muscles in his ass, tightening them. It felt like a hot velvet glove was wrapped around my finger.

I chewed on my lower lip and glanced back at his ass. Watching my finger disappear inside him while he writhed, panted, and whimpered, was one of the most erotic things I’d ever seen. My cock throbbed with need.

I don’t know why I did what I did next, but I leaned in close, flattened my tongue, and licked from his ripe, musky center, on up his spine. I stopped halfway up his back and made my way back down, planting gentle kisses along the way. My mouth moved slowly and deliberately, my lips caressing each vertebrae as if they were beads on a rosary.

With my body, I thee worship…

I blinked back to alertness. I realized I hadn’t stopped fingering his hole the whole the entire time, and as my mouth continued its slow, languorous journey back down to his ass, I experimented moving my fingers fast, then slow, and then fast and slow, my own dick throbbing and rising with every moan of pleasure that slipped from his lips. I looked up and saw his eyes were squeezed shut and his mouth was opening and closing as if in silent supplication. I continued my treacherous assault.

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned...

I found his prostate - yeah, I’d been reading up on it the past couple of weeks while gathering the nerve to start playing with my own ass - and he gasped, his eyes flying open to stare at me.

Jason leaned in again, his head once more just inches from Jon’s. “You like Kev’s fingers stroking inside you, Johnny Boy? Is that it?”

Jon moaned and, emboldened, I began to massage his pulsing nut. He sighed and closed his eyes again.

“Feels natural, doesn’t it?” Jason said.

Another moan - I swear the timber of Jon’s voice had dropped at least an octave - and I could see his head continuing to nod in my peripheral vision. He was losing this mental war of attrition.

“So natural,” Jason continued, sensing victory was near. “Just like a Cumdumpster.”

“Cumdumpster,” Jon ground out slowly, his voice a gravelly rasp.

“Yeah,” Jason laughed derisively, “a fuckin’ Cumdumpster.”

My finger was sliding in and out of his ass with ease now, and I figured if one finger was good, then two must be better, so I managed to work a second finger in next to the other. I heard Jon’s low, throaty rumble and I knew he was loving it.

“You’re a quick learner,” Jason observed, patting my head approvingly. “Now add another finger and go faster and harder.”

I looked up at Jason and nodded, swallowing around the huge lump in my throat. But the third finger slid in surprisingly easy, and soon I was working his hole in earnest.

Jon’s moans filled the air and after about a minute, he began to push back on my fingers as I widened him, preparing him for entry.


“Oh fuck yeah,” Jon slurred as he moved his ass from side to side. I didn’t have to be told twice: I twisted and turned my fingers deeper within him, finding the spongy bundle of his prostate once more and delicately caressed it.

“Oh! Ungh!!” Jon groaned. His voice was at the lower end of his register now… dark and thick and laced with heat and desire. “Fuuuuuuuck!”

“Oh yeah,” Jason said. “He’s almost ready.”

“Lick his balls too, Pussy,” Austin ordered, stepping in and reaching down between Jon’s splayed legs. He pulled his pinned, erect dick free and pointed it down and back at me. Pre-cum flowed freely, the first of several beads welling up from his swollen glans and stretching out to dangle like a glistening strand of gum, quickly followed by a second… and a third...

With my fingers fucking his hole, stretching him and loosening him up, I leaned in and slithered my tongue across his taint, over his pendulous balls, and down the underside of his dick, tracing up and down the prominent vein of his shaft with the tip of my tongue. The combination of sweat, salt and pre-cum was like ambrosia. I wanted more.

“Mmmm,” he thrummed as I greedily lapped at the knob of his swollen cock, my tongue fervently circling the deep well of the crown, dipping into the piss slit to catch more of his pre-ejaculate. I nuzzled my cheeks and chin against his shaft before I made my way back to his balls. The stubble of my five o’clock shadow brushed against the delicate skin of his frenulum and he shuddered.

“Oh fuck…”

I sniffed at his scrotum, the heady scent intoxicating, and took one of his balls into my mouth. He gasped and I moaned around the fragile sac before taking the other in as well, gently rolling them over my tongue. They tasted salty and sweaty and bitter, and my dick throbbed. I reached down to stroke myself with one hand but a snap of fingers stopped me.

“Good boy,” Austin said, patting my head like I was a pet poodle, and fuck if I didn’t crave his approval. I smiled as I let Jon’s spit-slicked balls slip from my mouth and went back to tonguing the length of his vein-etched cock, paying special attention to his sensitive circumcision scar.

Jon continued to moan and shiver with every stroke of my fingers and every lash of my tongue. And with every low rumble and lurch of his dick, my own aching cock throbbed and dripped. Even though I needed to cum badly, I focused on working his hole, suckling at the fat head of his prick, lapping up every drop of his cream.

I was surprised when Austin suddenly pulled me off and up to my feet. I yelped in surprise as I stumbled, nearly falling, and blinked at him when he held up a condom and wiggled it. I cast a questioning glance his way.

“It’s time to fuck him,” he said, as if I were an idiot.

I looked from Austin to Jason to Jon and then back to Jason, who simply nodded. My eyes widened, my pulse quickened, and my hands shook as I eagerly reached for the foil packet.

“Easy there, Pussy,” Jason said, snatching the condom from Austin’s fingers and holding it out of my reach. He ripped the foil packet open and crooked his finger to beckon me closer. I gulped, realizing what he had in mind, and scooted into place.

He gave my dick a couple of quick tugs before he rolled the latex onto my twitching cock. Seeing the condom was ribbed and studded just about brought me to my knees, but he steadied me before liberally slathering my shaft with lube.

Austin flipped Jon onto his back and pulled him to the edge of the bed as Jason spread Jon’s legs and positioned me between them. They hoisted them up onto my shoulders and I shakily lined up my erect cock with his waiting hole.

“Fuck him, Pussy,” Jason ordered. “Show Eckert what a Cumdumpster he is.”

Oh fuck.

I swallowed nervously as I dragged the thick head of my dick up and down the length of Jon’s furry trench before resting it against his slicked entrance.

“Kev?” Jon slurred thickly, lifting his head. Austin reached over to shove poppers to his nose but Jason stopped him.

“No,” Jason said, holding up his hand. “He’s good.” He placed his hand on the small of my back and gave me a gentle nudge. “Go on.”

I nodded and began to push into Jon, stopping when I met the resistance of his sphincter muscles.

“Kev,” Jon gasped, his head rising again, “what are you doing?”

“He’s fucking you, Cumdumpster,” Jason announced matter-of-factly. He leaned in and whispered into my ear, “Tell him,” he hissed.

I flinched as if I’d been slapped, and turned my head to face Jason. “Tell him,” he ground out again

I looked back at Jon. “I-I’m fucking you, Cumdumpster,” I choked out.

Jon looked confused. His brows were knit and he shook his head. “Unghh… no…” he started to say, but Jason interrupted him.

“How does it feel to get fucked up the butt by Kevin?” he asked, invading Jon’s personal space. HIs voice was laced with a contempt that bordered on malevolence and I shuddered, knowing first hand the effect that voice could have.

“Nnunghh,” Jon moaned, shaking his head.

“How did you think you could take care of Kevin when it’s obvious to everybody you’re the one who needs to be taken care of.”


“The one who needs to be fucked hard.”

“No… unghh.”

“You love being fucked, don’t you?” Jason pressed, licking up the side of Jon’s face and blowing softly in his ear. “Admit it.”

Jon was visibly shivering from the sensation. “Nnunghh.”

“You want to be fucked, don’t you?”


“You need to be fucked, don’t you?”

Jon let out a long, low groan.

“Admit it,” Jason snapped. “You love it. You want it. You need it.”

Jon finally looked at him, his face creased with doubt and confusion, and finally nodded. He looked up at me and swallowed. “Yes,” he said in a quiet rasp.

Something gave way in me then and I sank all the way in, in one slow push, until the wiry tangle of my pubes mashed against Jon’s ass. Our eyes locked and we stayed that way, frozen for several long seconds, before I started to move. I pulled nearly all the way out and then literally slammed back in.

“Kevin,” his voice grated, low and hoarse as he pulled in a ragged breath. I repeated the move, my hips moving faster now as I quickly found my rhythm, settling into it as his groans deepened and thickened.

I looked down and watched as my cock flashed in and out of his hole. I was fucking Jon Eckert’s ass. I was fucking Jon!

Holy shit!

I tuned out everything around me and focused on the fact that I was fucking Jon - that I was fucking another man. I was surprised at how natural it felt. How right it felt. How fucking good it felt.

Then Jason’s voice pierced through the bubble and broke my reverie. “Just don’t fuck him, Pussy. Jerk him off while you’re doing it,” he urged, nodding down at Jon’s erect cock. “Go on.”

I took Jon’s ramrod stiff cock in my hand and began to work it. I wrapped my fist around it and began a corkscrew motion up and down the length of it, swiping my thumb across the sensitive tip of his prick before roiling my palm over it.

Jon’s bucked and squealed and tried to bat my hands away, but Jason was holding his wrists, keeping his hands away. I continued to jack him off in time with my own thrusts, and it was then that I realized Austin was sliding a finger in and out of my ass. My eyes widened and I heard him chuckle lowly.

Jason pulled Jon’s arms over his head, exposing his pits, while at the same time Austin yanked my head back. “Go on, pit slut,” he said as he shoved me down. “You know you want it.”

With my cock buried balls deep in Jon’s ass, his long legs now wrapped around my waist and my right hand still jacking his hard dick, I leaned forward to lick nice and slowly over his rank, sopping pit, and soaked my face in the delicious stink.

I luxuriated in Jon’s pit, the greasy funk tasting tangy on my lips, and grunted sharply when Austin slipped a second thick finger inside me. I gasped and panted at the intrusion, huffing and slobbering into Jon’s underarm, moaning in pleasure as the digits twisted and turned inside me.

Without warning he pulled his fingers out, but before I could voice my protest I felt the blunt tip of his cock at my entrance. I stilled as he pushed into me. He was bigger than both Jason and Jon, and I cried out into the wiry forest of Jon’s armpit as he breached my hole, pushing into me with no holds barred. But I’d been sufficiently prepped, especially having that dildo in my ass the better part of the night, so the burn of the stretch was minimal and soon faded altogether, replaced by the now-familiar, full sensation.

He wrapped a big arm around me as he seated himself fully inside me. Then he pulled me off and out of Jon and I yelped, arms flailing, as he shuffled two steps to the right, bent me over the bed, and began to thrust into me.

Oh fuck!

"Ohhh," I grunted deeply as my body shuddered. My lashes fluttered as I felt my eyes roll back into my head. Drool spilled down the corners of my chin and I was aware I was making guttural noises. Anybody watching or listening could see and hear just how much I was enjoying this total domination.

His cock was sliding easily into me now, the pressure filling me with the most incredible sense of pleasure I’d ever as he battered my prostate. I felt the sparks explode behind my eyes.

I chanced a look at Jon. Jason had stepped in and was taking over. He flipped a dazed Jon onto his back and was pushing his legs up to his shoulders. I watched as he slicked up his bare cock and thrust into him. But instead of the slow, methodical strokes of earlier, he pounded Jon’s ass with an intensity I’d yet to see.

Jon moaned and panted. “Yeah, oh yeah, fuck… yes,” he implored, his voice raw, as Jason drilled into him. He arched his back and threw his arms over his head, treating me once again to the sight and stench of his sweaty armpits.

“Want me to hit your sweet spot, Johnny Boy?” Jason asked, a wicked smile curving his lips.

“Yes, oh yes,” Jon bleated, nodding furiously as Jason switched the angle of his next thrust, grazing his prostate and causing him to cry out in a high pitch. “Yes!”

“Play with your tits for me.”

“Unghhh,” Jon moaned and I watched - fascinated - as he began to pinch and pluck his nipples, rolling the eraser-like nubs between this index finger and thumb. What the fuck?! Jason saw me staring and smirked at me.

“Yeah, that’s a good Cumdumpster,” he encouraged, his eyes never leaving mine as he drove deeper into Jon’s center.

“Oh fuck!” Jon gasped, his arms slamming down against the mattress as Jason nailed his prostate again and again. Ruthless. Relentless. Jon’s cock bobbed wildly as he groaned, flecks of pre-cum spraying all over. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

While Jon was reduced to helpless babble, Austin pulled out of me and pushed me up onto the bed, and then proceeded to comprehensively fuck me. He had me on my forearms and knees, his hands gripping my hips so roughly they were going to leave marks, but I didn’t care. He thrust harder into me and I could feel his pelvic bone slam against my ass. It felt fucking amazing. So right. So fucking good. He pushed me down so my face was in the pillow and my ass was up in the air and he continued to roughly pummel me. His dick found my prostate and he began to ring my bell.

“Oh fuck! Oh Christ!” I cried out, the pillow muffling my voice as I felt wave after wave of pleasure begin to build in me. The pressure - gentle at first - began to crest and crescendo, building into a full-fledged tsunami. I reached under me to grab my aching dick but my arm was wrenched away.

“What did I tell you?” he growled, and I gasped, inexplicably turned on by how ferocious he sounded. “That’s right, Pussy,” he reiterated, “hands off unless I say. You don’t touch your dick without my permission. It belongs to me. You fuckin’ understand?”

“Oh shit,” I moaned. “Yes! Yes!” Why did I want this so bad? Fuck - why did I need this so bad?

There was a sudden movement next to me and I saw Jason flipping Jon over onto his belly. A moment later Austin pulled out of me and turned me onto my back. What the fuck?

He slipped a pillow under my lower back and grabbed my legs. He lifted them up and spread them in a wide V formation before pushing back into me. Without ceremony and without mercy, he began to power-fuck me.

“Nnnaaahh...ggaahhhhrrr!!!” I wailed as he thrust into me. An exquisite combination of pain and ecstasy blew through my body.

“Uh, uh, uh,” he breathed roughly as he fucked me in short furious jabs, beads of sweat dripping down onto me from his forehead as the slapping sound of skin on skin filled my ears. “Uh, uh, uh!”

“Oh. God. Yes,” I cried out between gasps. “Oh. God. Yes!”

Next to me I could hear Jon moaning something similar as Jason pounded into him. He was on his belly with his head turned toward me. Jason stood behind him holding his legs like the arms of a wheelbarrow, driving into him in a slow, heavy fuck. Claiming him. Owning him. I could see the marks his fingers left on Jon’s tanned flanks and I knew there would be bruises tomorrow. Hell, we’d have a matching set.

“Oh fuck... oh fuck... oh fuck,” Jon moaned over and over as Jason hammered into him, as if it were some kind of mantra. It sounded like he was coming apart. Breaking open.

After several minutes Jason started to pant and grunt, his tell that he was about to cum, and his thrusts became that much more frenetic. Seconds later Jon’s body began to shudder and he pushed up onto his elbows, arching his spine as he ground his ass back into Jason’s thrusts.

Jon’s eyelids fluttered and his eyes rolled up as he threw his head back. His drooling mouth opened wide and I knew at that very moment Jason’s wet heat was flooding his ass, marking him. Jon pulled in another ragged breath and then let out a deep moan as he began to cum.

Claimed. Owned. Bred.

Moments later I felt Austin’s orgasm rip through his body and into mine. The condom filled and swelled in my channel, as tiny bolts of lightning skittered up and down my spine like the aftershocks of an earthquake, before he eased himself out of me and disposed of the rubber.

Jon collapsed onto his belly as Jason pulled out of him, his eyes still closed. I felt his hand reach for mine and I laced my fingers with his. Within moments I heard his breathing even out and he was asleep.

I still hadn’t cum but all of a sudden I was too tired to care. Although I’d been in and out of consciousness for part of the night, I was completely exhausted. Jason and Austin were in the bathroom now, talking in hushed tones, which left the bedroom nearly silent. As I listened to Jon peacefully drowsing next to me, I found I couldn’t keep my eyes open and decided to close them for just a moment.

To be continued.

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