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Good Cop, Bad Cop
Part 5 - Chapter 4(b)
By Steve Stimle

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Good Cop, Bad Cop - Part 4b

by Stimle (

“That’s good, Johnny Boy,” Jason praised softly as he gently but firmly guided Jon’s mouth up and down the length of my throbbing dick until Jon began sucking on his own. Then he stepped back and grabbed his iPhone. “Remember now, no teeth,” he said as he started taking pictures.

I stared, dumbfounded, as my partner sucked my dick. He was tentative at first, but caught on quickly, and soon was bobbing up and down, his own prick hard and drooling a steady stream of pre-cum.

After several seconds he pulled off, licked his lips, and then laved his tongue around the bloated ridge of my prickhead. I shivered and let out a low moan as he ran his long tongue back and forth across my rigid pole where the fuck nerves come together under the crown before taking it back in all the way down to the root, and began a slow, steady slurping suck, giving me one of the better blow jobs I’d ever had. I felt weak in the knees and if it weren’t for Austin’s arms wrapped around me, steadying me while mauling my nipples, I might have collapsed.

“Yeah, you’re a real natural,” Jason smirked as he got down on his knees next to Jon, continuing to snap photos of Jon mindlessly sucking my cock, his drool and my own pre-cum slicking it up. “A real cumdumpster.”

Jon groaned at the word ‘cumdumpster,’ and the hum reverberated around my cock and throughout my body. I closed my eyes, moaning as I waited for the ripple effect to subside, fighting the urge to grab Jon’s head with both hands and thrust into the wet, sucking heat of his mouth. Instead, I ran my fingers gently through his hair in silent encouragement as Jason rambled on.

“Why would you want Kevin or anybody else ever sucking your cock when it’s obvious you belong on your knees?” Jason whispered into Jon’s ear as he stared up at me and winked.

“Uhnn,” Jon moaned, pausing as if to consider what Jason was saying, before wetly slurping at my turgid shaft once again.

“See? I’m right, aren’t I?” Jason said as he softly caressed Jon’s shoulder, running his hand down his muscled back to the curve of his ass. “A good cumdumpster belongs down on his knees.”

Jon moaned softly around my shaft, his eyelids fluttering, and nodded. I closed my eyes again, opening them a few moments later when he once more pulled off. I saw him looking at my dick as if studying it. He reached out and gingerly touched it, then cocked his head from side to side, licked his lips and dove back down.

Ho-ly Fuck!

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the sight of my partner - straight, handsome, man’s man, Jon Eckert - down on his knees with his lips wrapped around my fat prick, slobbering over the flare of my knob like the cocksucker - no, like the cumdumpster - Jason was turning him into. I couldn’t believe it even though it was right in front of me!

Jason leaned in close to Jon again. “Yeah, Johnny Boy,” he whispered, his voice low and husky as he licked up and down the shell of Jon’s ear before giving his lobe a quick nip. “Admit it, you’re nothing but a cumdumpster.”

“Cumdumpstherrr...” Jon slurred as he let my bouncing, shiny cock slip from between his lips before catching it again in his mouth.

“Oh yeah!” Jason crowed, as he tapped the screen of his iPhone. “That’s the fucking money shot right there!”

He watched in silence for several more seconds, filming Jon as he went back to sucking, all his focus on the immediate task at hand.

“That’s it, Johnny Boy,” Jason said, his voice a soothing lull as he talked around the edges of Jon’s consciousness like he was trying to subliminally indoctrinate him. As if he could somehow rewire his internal coding. “Yeah, that’s a fucking good cumdumpster.”

I wondered what Jon’s reaction would be when faced with the evidence of his downfall and debauchery in the harsh light of day. Would he be furious? Outraged? Or would he be in the same predicament I was in now? Craving more. Wanting to be taken deeper. Willingly submitting --

A rapid series of shutter clicks from Jason’s iPhone jerked me out of my daze and I looked away from where I’d been staring, down at the top of Jon’s head, to see Jason climbing to his feet.

“Bet you didn’t see this coming, did you Pussy?” he smirked as he stepped back to take a couple full length shots. “Johnny Boy here thought he was going to be managing you” - he made air quotes as he fumbled his phone - “but turns out he’s a bigger pussy that you. A fuckin’ cumdumpster is what he is.”

He yanked Jon’s head off my cock with an audible pop. Jon’s eyes were bleary, his nose was running, and slime and pre-cum coated his lips. “Isn’t that right, Johnny Boy?” he said, bending low, his hand roughly fisted in Jon’s hair holding his head mere inches away from his own. “You’re nothing but a cumdumpster.”

He shoved Jon’s head back onto my dick. This time Jon took to it without any coaxing and I watched, spellbound, as he greedily sucked my cock. I didn’t think it was possible, but he took me even deeper down into the maw of his throat and I felt my dick vibrate again as he moaned and hummed around it, his cheeks hollowing out with his efforts. His hands reached up and scrabbled at my ass, grabbing my cheeks and parting them as he continued to deep throat me. The warm air in the room felt suddenly cool against my exposed pucker and I shivered.

“Mmpphh,” Jon groaned into my cock. He pulled off slightly but Jason pushed him back down on me until his face was flush against the wiry bramble of pubes around my groin and held it in place. After several seconds Jon reddened and he began to choke and sputter. When Jason released him, he pulled back only momentarily before he resumed sucking, barely missing a beat. Fuck, but he was good!

I couldn’t look away as I pushed easily over his spit-flecked lips and into his responsive, eager mouth. Long glistening strands of pre-cum clung to his lips and to the scruff on his chin, while another thin ribbon - it looked almost like spun silk - ran from the tip of his drooling prick to the floor, creating a small, glistening puddle on the carpet.

“That’s right, Kevin,” Jason whispered in my ear, his breath warm against my neck, and his tone pure Machiavellian. I gave an involuntary shudder as his words sunk into me, tempting me. “Give it to him,” he goaded. “Fuck that cocksucking mouth of his. Look at him - he wants it. He’s a fucking cumdumpster.”

I looked down at Jon, oblivious to his surroundings as he enthusiastically bobbed almost rhythmically on my spit-slicked dick, and it was like a switch was suddenly flipped on inside of me. All at once I was so turned on that I plunged the full length of my hard, pulsing shaft deep into his mouth and began to fuck it hard, ravaging it and plumbing the depths of his throat with my throbbing ramrod.

“Fuck yeah!” Jason and Austin burst out in unison, gleeful like their team had just scored a touchdown.

“Give it to him!” Austin urged.

“You’re loving this aren’t you, Johnny Boy!” Jason hooted.

I felt something thick and blunt at my hole and realized it was a finger. I shot a quick glance back over my shoulder and my eyes widened when I saw Austin smiling wickedly, teeth gleaming like a shark as his finger slid easily inside me.

“Ungh,” I grunted in pleasure at the unexpected, but not unwelcome, intrusion. Was this really happening or was I dreaming? Was I fucking Jon’s mouth while about to get fingerbanged? Fuck, but I was turned on!

Austin pulled his finger out, and when he pushed back in it was joined by a second. He pistoned them in and out of my hole, the timing a counter-rhythm to my own now rapid-fire thrusts into Jon’s mouth. But then he sped up even more, deliberately I was sure, and when his fingers curled into me, the calloused tips grazing the sensitive nerve bundle of my prostate, I almost lost it.

My hips bucked more aggressively, more insatiable, and Jon did his best to keep up with my increasingly frantic pace, not realizing it was a losing battle because I was a man on a mission. And fuck me if I didn’t hope this was being filmed. I hoped that Jason would send me pictures or a video… FUCK! Suddenly the idea of Jon down on his knees, submissive and compliant, taking my cock down his throat… oh shit!

I felt the first flirtings of orgasm skitter and skate up and down my spine, causing sparks to blaze behind my eyes. My scrotum tightened, my balls pulled up, and dammit I was close. “I’m going to come,” I gasped. “I’m… I need to…”

“Do it,” Jason encouraged. “Shoot your load down his cocksucking throat. He’s a cumdumpster, remember? He wants this.”

Oh fuck. A cumdumpster? Jon? Yeah… Oh. Hell. Yes! “Ungh… ngghh… UHHHHHH!!!!”

I came - hard - and Jon did his best to swallow it all, but cum seeped out around my cock which was still firmly jammed to its hairy root in his mouth, over his lips and down his chin. It was fucking hot and Jason was right there recording it all in glorious living color.

I was still breathing hard when Austin withdrew his fingers from my ass. He wrapped both huge arms around me and pulled me away. My spent cock slipped gracelessly from Jon’s lips and, suddenly off-balance, Jon pitched forward, but Jason moved quickly to catch him, steadying him before roughly shoving his own engorged cock into Jon’s slack-jawed mouth.

Austin set me down and I was still folded in his strong arms, held tightly to him, when he reached for the poppers and held them to my nose, ordering me to sniff. I didn’t need to be told to anymore - I actually enjoyed what they did to me - and he passed them back and forth under my nostrils a few times and then took a hit himself. I was still lightheaded from my orgasm and they hit me really fast and really hard. My head was spinning as he eased me to the floor, back down on my knees where I’d been a little while earlier --

I felt something smooth and wet brush across my lips and I opened my eyes. Austin’s cock was right in front of my face. He was cupping his balls with his right hand and stroking the length of his shaft with his thumb, making it bob up and down and move side to side. I followed it with my eyes, mesmerized by the movements, as if it was a cobra. I licked my lips and I heard him chuckle derisively as he notched his hips forward, nudging my lips apart with the head of his cock.

“Now where were we?” he asked softly as he slid into my unresisting mouth. “That’s right, you were showing me what a cock slut you are.”

I groaned as another inch pushed inside. He was huge; so big I had to open my mouth all the way to accommodate his ridiculous girth. It was warm and I could feel the veins as they pulsed and I could taste him on my tongue.

“Oh yeah,” he practically purred as he roughly carded his left hand through my hair and forced two more inches of his fat sausage into my mouth. “There’s no way you only sucked your first stiffy tonight. You’re a pro. A real slut.”

I felt my face redden with his backhanded praise and my dick began to swell with pride. I looked up at him from under my lowered lashes, catching a sneer on his face.

It quickly became evident that I was going to need help taking him all in. His hard-on was only halfway in and already cock snot was drooling from the corners of my mouth, dribbling across my cheeks and down my chin. He held my head with both hands and slowly, yet determinedly, pushed in deeper.

“Come on, Pussy, I know you can open your cocksucking mouth wider.” I nodded. Some perverse part of me wanted to make him proud and I redoubled my efforts, aware of the pressure he was exerting against my lips as his cock moved deeper into my mouth.

“Ahhhhhhh, that’s good,” he said as he leaned back and reached once again for the bottle of poppers. He held the open vial to my right nostril, plugging the left with his thumb, and encouraged me to inhale. I readily obeyed, struggling to get enough breath as my lips were still wrapped around his thick shaft.

I felt drool pour from the side of my mouth as I continued to take more and more of Austin’s humongous cock into my stretched out mouth.

Jason and Jon were only a couple of feet away and I could see Jon in my peripheral vision. His eyes were locked onto Jason’s, staring up at him almost rapturously as Jason’s pale cock flashed in and out of his mouth. I recognized that look for what it most likely was: drug-induced bliss. I knew because I’d seen the same look on my own face many times in pictures and video clips Jason had sent me over the past two weeks. Images and moments of which I had no memory, yet were now forever burned in my mind. I was obsessed with them and jacked off to them. Yeah, I’d been jerking off like a punk teen, pinching my nipples and fingering the rim of my hole as I fisted my cock to the memories of Jason fucking me that afternoon in my condo.

“You’re a cumdumpster, Johnny Boy,” I heard Jason hiss. He spoke again a few moments later, and there was a hard edge to his voice. “Hands off,” he snapped. “Cumdumpsters don’t touch their dicks without permission.”

Oh my god. Jon!

The now-familiar “ummm, unggghhh, unggghhh, ummmfffs” coming from deep within Jon’s chest in a low, rhythmic rumble, triggered something buried deep inside me and a memory from that night - the night of that first party when my life forever changed - sparked and flickered to life.

He’d fucked my mouth in the living room of my condo that night. I was down on my knees, naked except for the cum-soaked briefs he’d paraded me around in, and he fucked my mouth. Made me beg for it. Told me what a pussy I was and how he owned me… I’d forgotten all about it.

It all came rushing back, and with my mouth stretched around Austin’s dick and Jon’s thick, throaty grunts a driving soundtrack, I found myself reliving that night.

I groaned into Austin’s cock, wondering if Jon, at this very moment was feeling the same thrill I’d experienced that night. How it’d felt to be thoroughly dominated and used. How it’d felt to be utterly owned... and if I hadn’t just shot my load down Jon’s throat a few minutes earlier, I’d have probably creamed all over Austin’s legs.

There was a loud snap and I flinched and looked up. A bemused and irritated looking Austin was glaring down at me. He snapped his fingers again, this time inches from my face, and I realized I’d been so engrossed in my thoughts that I’d stopped breathing and now, with Austin’s log of a cock crammed down my gullet, I couldn’t get any air. I started to panic and tried to pull off his rebar-solid boner but one big paw held my head in place.

“Just relax,” he encouraged me in a gentle yet firm voice, snapping his fingers again to focus and center me. “You can take it.” I began to breathe again, taking long pulls of air through my nose.

“That’s better,” he continued as he pushed all the way into my mouth. “Now I’m going to dump my load straight down into your belly and then we’ll get back to some serious fucking.”

I flicked my gaze up again and saw he was taking pictures with his phone. I groaned as he snapped a few more before tossing the phone onto the chaise and running his hands through my hair. “It’s feeding time.”

The idea of feeding time made me crazy with lust and I moaned around his cock that was now lodged in my throat. He was pressed flush against my face and the wiry hair of his bush tickled my nose. The musky smell of sweat and pre-cum was intoxicating. I put one hand on his hip and wrapped the other around my tumid cock and began to stroke it.

The slap against my face startled me and I flinched. It wasn’t hard, but it took me by surprise and I looked up at him.

“Hands off your dick,” he ordered. “That’s my property.”

I gulped, my eyes wide with shock, and let go of my cock. His property. Oh fuck. He continued. “You don’t touch it unless I say so, understand?”

I nodded and he grunted softly and then pulled halfway out of my mouth before snapping his muscular hips forward to fuck my mouth in swift, steady jabs, hands on either side of my head to hold me in place as the fat head of his cock battered the back of my throat.

I sputtered and gurgled, but held my own, both my hands on his hips now to keep me from falling back on my ass as he pounded into my mouth.

When his breathing started to come in short grunts and his body began to shudder, I knew he was about to come and I whimpered because I wanted it so bad.

“Aaaggghhhhhhh,” he groaned loudly, his back arching, as he exploded into my mouth, huge spurts of thick, warm goo rocketing straight down my throat.

I worked hard to swallow it all, but there was just so much and my mouth began to literally flood with his cum until it was bubbling out over my lips. He didn’t seem to notice or didn’t care because he just held my head in place.

Then he pulled out and splattered my face with the remainder of his spooge. He fisted his hand in my hair and ran his still spurting dick up and down my cheeks and across my forehead. It was so fucking hot and I let out another whimper. My dick had come fully back to life and it burped out a dollop of cream.

He sat down heavily onto the chaise, panting, and held his slick prick out. “Lick it clean,” he ordered.

As I dutifully licked the length of his shaft, he scraped his index and middle fingers over the planes of my face, scooping up his still warm curds, and presented them to me. “Open wide.”

“Oh fuck,” I groaned as he slipped the fingers between my lips and I dutifully sucked them clean. He sawed them in and out of my mouth and I wrapped my lips tightly around them. He smiled and my dick throbbed and leaked and I felt just like the slut he said I was.

As I continued to shamelessly fellate his fingers, I watched Jon and Jason from the corner of my eye. Up until just a few moments ago, Jason had been alternating between leisurely fucking Jon’s mouth and having Jon worship his cock, the entire time berating him, calling him a cock whore, dick slut, and cumdumpster. Now though, Jason was sheened in sweat and was grunting loudly, frantically pumping his hips, brutally skullfucking Jon.

Then, with one final guttural moan, Jason began to come. It looked like Jon was going to be able to swallow it all down, but he suddenly began to cough and sputter and choke. Cum erupted from his mouth, sprayed all over the front of Jason, and ran down Jon’s chin.

Jason pulled out and stepped back. Jon fell onto all fours and wheezed, chest heaving as cum dripped onto the floor in front of him as he took several long moments to catch his breath. Jason went into the bathroom to clean up and when he came out a minute later, pulled Jon to his feet and flopped him crossways onto the bed, positioning him up on all fours. Jon was so exhausted though, that his upper body collapsed down onto his forearms, leaving his bare ass in the air.

I was stunned by what I saw - by what Jon had been reduced to - and wasn’t expecting it when Austin hauled me to my feet. I stumbled toward the bed, his big mitt on the back of my neck guiding me. Then he put both hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees so my face was level with Jon’s naked ass.

“Get him prepped,” Jason ordered.

I looked up at them, confused, and Austin rolled his eyes and shook his head like I was an idiot. He grabbed my head and pushed my nose between Jon’s sweaty butt cheeks.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me.

To be continued.

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