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Good Cop, Bad Cop
Part 7 - Chapter 4(d)
By Steve Stimle

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Good Cop, Bad Cop – Part 4d

by Stimle (

A wet, sucking heat on my cock slowly pulled me from the depths of sleep. I don’t know how long I’d been out, but as I began to wake I could feel how warm and humid the room had become, the air heavy and redolent with the intoxicating smell of sex and sweat.

I dragged my eyes open to see Jon languidly bobbing up and down on my fully erect dick, Jason’s hand fisted in his damp, matted hair, guiding his movements while he stared down at him.

“Oh yeah… you like that, don’t you, buddy?” Jason said, his voice encouraging and lulling. Jon moaned something around the head of my cock as his tongue laved the crown before he dove back down all the way to the root, burying his face in my dank pubic bush, some of the hairs curling out at the corners of his mouth as my dick lodged deep in his throat.

“Huh? What’s that Johnny Boy?” Jason asked, leaning his head toward Jon’s. “You want more cock?”

Jon groaned again and I must have as well because Jason’s head snapped up and when he caught my eyes, the corners of his mouth tugged up into a malevolent grin. “Ah, there you are, Pussy. Finally awake.”

He straightened up to his full height and that’s when I noticed he was stroking his jutting cock. I couldn’t help but stare, my eyes wide. Once again it reminded me of a carved ivory tusk, its curved eight inch length slick and shiny with lube and pre-cum, as he slowly fisted it from root to tip.

I looked up into his eyes and caught a glimpse of something sinister before I returned my attention to his sensual masturbation. I licked my lips as I watched his hand travel up and down the length of his shaft and he huffed a derisive laugh.

“You’re such a cockwhore.”

I heard more skin on skin and reluctantly glanced toward the noise to see Austin standing on the other side of the bed. He too was naked, stroking his cock with one hand while holding a GoPro in the other, filming Jon going down on me as well as my reactions. As if caught in a tractor beam, my head swiveled toward him.

I think this was the first time I really got a good look at his body. He was a couple inches taller than Jason - still three inches shy of my 6’4 - and although Jason had the more commanding presence, Austin exuded pure testosterone-soaked power. He was magnificent. Fucking glorious.

While Jason’s muscles were toned and sleek, Austin’s rippled like breathing granite. He reminded me of the statue of Hercules I’d seen when I visited Naples a few years ago. But while statues of Greek and Roman gods featured small, uncut penises, Austin’s was anything but. Fuck! Easily eight inches long and the circumference of a beer can, it had a wide flared glans and deep piss slit, and was so fat his fist could barely get around it. A pearl of pre-cum oozed out and I watched, entranced, as he smeared it over his prick tip with his calloused thumb, wondering how the heck I’d been able to take that whole thing up my hole!

It was marbled with veins and as he continued to slowly stroke it, it undulated and swayed, like a cobra poised to strike, its single eye staring at me like a blind cyclops. The effect was almost hypnotic and I shuddered as I recalled the intense fucking I’d received earlier.

I opened my mouth to say...something, and realized I was gagged with the penis gag. The hell? I tried to spit it out and when I couldn’t, I went to pull it out only to discover that my wrists and ankles were cuffed to the bedposts. What the fuck?! I was tied spread eagle, splayed out like some cheap whore. The mattress was cum-splotched from the twin fuckings Jon and I’d received earlier and I could feel the damp stickiness on my skin.

The wet heat of Jon’s suctioning mouth dragging up and down the length of my shaft pulled me back into the moment and I reluctantly tore my gaze from Austin’s monster cock to focus on Jon and what that magic mouth of his was doing to me. Fuck, just watching him work my dick with his lips and tongue was a thing of beauty. Exquisite, really. And when he took both my balls into his mouth, lashing his tongue around them, my eyes rolled so far back in my head I could almost see myself think.

He began to lick the underside of my twitching dick, tracing the throbbing vein with his shiny lips and flickering tongue, saliva drooling down onto my balls. He dipped his head and swiped his tongue over my wiry scrotum to lap at it before licking back up, slowly and deliberately. When he opened wide to once again take the fat crown into his mouth, our eyes met.

He had a wild, manic look in his eyes, and his face was like a glazed donut, shining with half-dried drool and cum. He was amped up - pupils blown wide - and I knew Jason had given him something else, probably some kind of mixture of GHB and Ecstasy, or maybe even Ketamine or Mephedrone. I’d seen that look before, back when I was a beat cop doing drug raids with Pete, so while Jon was in the room, I seriously doubted he was making any memories at the moment. Fuck, the way Jason and Austin were gripping their fists in his mop of hair, guiding his slurping mouth up and down my cock, told me he was on autopilot and just reacting to the stimuli being introduced to him.

And I knew I should be righteously pissed at that. Pissed at what Jason had done to him: how he’d drugged him, fucked him, and then reduced him to nothing more than a raving cocksucker. But the moment Jon’s mouth closed over the head of my cock - his swirling tongue laving the tip of my prick, the wet suctioning heat - I didn’t give a fuck. Jason had found the right combination of buttons to push in me and right now all I wanted was cock. On my dick, in my mouth, and in my hole. I groaned in pleasure, arching my back like a contented cat, as Jon once again took me down his throat.

“What’s that?” Jason asked as he unbuckled the leather strap of the gag and eased it from my mouth. I moaned and sighed, and as if reading my mind, he said, “Cock. Yeah, you want cock, don’t you?”

I nodded, because along with having no fucks, I apparently also had no shame. He barked a sharp laugh.

I noticed again how warm it was in the room and wondered why they were deliberately keeping the air-conditioning off because it was stifling. I gazed down the length of my bound body, flesh stretched tautly across muscle, and saw the neat overlay of body hair slick with a sheen of sweat. My tawny nipples glistened at the corners of my pectoral ridge and my armpits were wet and slimy, my musk-scented deodorant long ago eclipsed by the ripe, pungent smell of body odor.

Jon dove back down between my legs and sucked my balls into his mouth, and my cock went even more rigid. The swollen head was flushed scarlet like an overripe plum, the tracery of blue veins along the shaft pulsated visibly, and the pee-hole leaked a pearly stream of pre-cum slime down its length, across my wiry pubes, and into the sinkhole of my navel.

Then he began the slow journey back up my shaft, his mouth slurping along the underside of my straining rod until he reached the head, where he licked and sucked, expertly working his tongue and lips - and even a hint of teeth - over my knob, like the confirmed cocksucker he now was.

“Oh, fuck… yeah,” I encouraged him, my voice a plaintive wail as my balls began to tighten. “That’s it, Jon. Shit… Oh yeah…”

Jason smirked and glanced over to Austin. They were standing on either side of the bed with their free hands fastened firmly around their own pricks, jacking themselves off as they exchanged furtive grins over Jon’s bobbing head. I could tell they were up to something. Then, as if on cue, they pushed Jon’s head all the way down on my throbbing cock until his nose was buried in the dense rainforest of my pubes, holding him in place for several long seconds until they let him up, sputtering and gasping. He took several gulps of air before his mouth attacked my dick with a renewed vigor. His appetite was voracious and insatiable, and the sounds rumbling up from deep within his chest were rabid and animal. Fuck, I wanted more.

I became distracted by movement on either side of me and my eyes darted back and forth between Jason and Austin as they took a step closer to me and then another, casting furtive glances at each other the whole while. Suddenly they seemed to loom over me, fisting their throbbing meat with increasing speed and ferocity. Their hands flew up and down from the roots of their shafts to the eaves of their cock heads in an almost blur, and I could see their balls in their sacs tighten and hoist upward into their pelvic arches with each stroke.

Their mouths went slack, grunts and gasps escaping as their ridiculously perfect six-pack abs spasmed and crunched, and I realized they were… fuck, they were timing their orgasms! Was I about to get a cum facial?

My eyes flicked between them again and I could tell just by the mindless looks on their faces that they were about to explode.

But no, not mindless, I realized too late. Not mindless at all. And they weren’t aiming at my face, either. No, they were - fuck, they were aiming their dicks at my exposed underarms! They were timing their orgasms to fire into my --

They came simultaneously, heads thrown back and grunting as streams of white hot jizz rocketed from their cocks, splashing into the humid tangle of hair in my splayed-out pits. Cum dripped down the hollow curves of my underarms and oozed through the dank, matted forest, viscous strands clinging to the fetid brambles.

An intoxicating combination of ripe and raunchy masculine smells crashed into my nostrils and slammed up into my sinuses, heady and funky and more intense than any of the poppers Jason had forced me to inhale. It was a uniquely sweet-sour swampy stink of cum mixed in with the undeodorized musk of an armpit that’s gone unwashed over several days of strenuous activity under a broiling sun.

And suddenly I was over the edge. My back arched and I strained against the tethering ropes as my backbone - from shoulder blades to glutes - shot up off the mattress, and I ejaculated, roaring thunderously as rope after rope of semen shot like cannon-fire up my abs, chest, neck and chin, splattering everywhere and coating everything in its wake.

I was in a daze. Had I passed out? Why was I covered with my load, jizz dripping off my chin and down my heaving chest, and pooling into the concave of my belly? I mean, shouldn’t Jon be gargling it? Shouldn’t he be trying to swallow the gunky clots as fast as he could while the excess spluttered over his lips and glistened on his chin?

By the time I could focus, trying to get my breathing under control, the reason was brutally apparent: Jason and Austin, in a coordinated move - everything about this had been coordinated - had yanked him off my dick just as I started to cum, and were now holding him only inches from the cum and sweat-drenched marsh of my left armpit.

“This is what you really want, isn’t it buddy?” Jason sneered down at him, his voice dripping with the kind of contempt that slices through you razor-sharp. He bent down so his face was next to Jon’s as he continued. “Come on,” he hissed, spittle flecking Jon’s cheek, “admit it. You know it’s true. This is what you’ve always wanted from Word One but could never have because you wouldn’t admit - couldn’t, not even to yourself - what you really are. Who you really are.”

Jon shuddered and tried to shake his head no, but Jason held him still. “Come on, Johnny Boy… Jon. It’s time. Admit it. Admit that deep down you’re a cocksucking, ass-fucked faggot.”

Jason’s words and the sight of my dank, spunk-soaked pit and the scent of that overpowering man reek made denial no longer possible. It was as if Jason had flipped a switch in Jon’s brain, a switch he’d never had the slightest idea was there. And in that exact instant of surrender to the darkest of his long-suppressed desires, Jon was like a slavering dog straining at its leash, husking and whimpering and trying to break free, desperate to bury his face in the recesses of my cumdumpster of an armpit.

They released him and, mouth open and lips smacking, he plunged his face deep into that trough, tongue swiping and slurping, slobbering as he ravenously sucked the pearly strings and globs of jism from the knotty mass of hair, savoring the forbidden tastes and wanting more.

No one had to guide him now. Jason and Austin stood back and watched with arms crossed as he inhaled my stink and lapped up their cum. His tongue then licked and lashed up the left side of my pec, swirling around my satin-skinned nipple as he worked his way through the rivulets of cum in the cleft of my still heaving chest, leaving a trail of drool in its wake.

And he wasn’t done. There was the far side of my chest to tongue-bathe, another nipple to nip and tug at, and another mother lode of cum and pit-grease to devour. As he smeared his muzzle into my right armpit, snuffling and snarfing, I became acutely aware of his erect cock sliding against my own suddenly-hard-again dick.

I was also aware of the gleefully triumphant smirks on Jason and Austin’s faces as they stared at Jon’s upturned ass as he rutted against me. They traded yet another silent nod and suddenly the cuffs on my ankles were loosened and I felt my legs being lifted. What the hell? I whipped my head from side to side as they held my legs up and spread out wide. A moment later Austin’s slick finger delved between my ass cheeks and slid easily into my well-fucked hole. Oh shit, were they…? I lifted my head and watched Jason slather Jon’s dick with lube while Austin pierced me with a second finger and then a third.

“Unhh!” I cried out, slamming my head back onto the pillow. Then Jason guided Jon’s cock to my hole. I felt the blunt tip against my entrance and I took a deep breath and held it.

“Go on, Johnny Boy,” Jason urged, his eyes riveted on mine. He licked up and down Jon’s ear, laving his tongue over the sensitive cartilage and flesh. “Come on, Cumdumpster,” he whispered. “Breed the bitch.”

Jon grunted and I realized I’d been wrong. He wasn’t on any kind of autopilot - he was on a mission. He had a wild, almost feral look in his eyes as he drove into me, his cock pushing into my hole in one swift stab.

“Oh, f-u-u-u-u-ck!” I cried out, my thighs shaking as they folded me in half, sliding my legs up and over Jon’s shoulders as he pounded hard and deep into my core, his hips bucking and snapping in staccato thrusts as his balls slapped against my ass. After several long moments he changed his angle of entry and slowed his pace. The fat plum of his cock dragged over my gland as I shuddered and let out a moan. It was guttural and gravelly and I felt my body erupt in goosebumps as I flushed with a chill.

As he continued to hit the swollen nub of my prostate, my body tensed and helpless, desperate sounds came rolling up from my guts, spilling out in inarticulate noises, something between pleas, praises, and protests.

He shifted his body again and I wrapped my legs around his waist, crossing my ankles at the small of his back and pulling him closer, willing him to fuck me even harder and deeper. I wanted this. I needed this. And when his mouth crushed over mine, scruff rasping against my skin as his tongue pushed through my shocked, parted lips, I lifted my head off the pillow to meet him, opening wide for him and revelling when his tongue swept over mine as he ravaged and plundered my mouth.

He tasted like cum and pit-sweat and - faintly - like Dr. Pepper, and suddenly my own tongue was jousting back, thrusting, parrying and tangling with his as we jockeyed for position.

He arched and stiffened, changing back to short, punching strokes as he plunged his cock frantically and fiercely into my taut body, grunting and groaning. And then he was coming. I was dimly aware of the pulsing beats of his cock as he emptied hot and wet inside me - no condom, nothing between us - and of the wounded, winded sounds he made as he collapsed onto me, arms clutching me, the both of us sweaty and sticky and sated.

My head fell back on the pillow, stunned. Jon was still inside me, his cock beginning to soften. I let out a long breath and closed my eyes, completely blissed out.

“That’s it, Kevin. Just ride it out,” Austin said in a soothing voice as his fingers gently brushed my hair. I was so tired, but when I felt Jon being pulled off me and as his cum, hot and molten, began to ooze from my hole, I clenched, vainly trying to keep him inside me.

With his comforting weight gone, my body began to cool, even in the humid, overheated room. I was distantly aware of a sloshing noise next to my head, and when I opened my eyes to see what it was, a white cloud descended over my nose and mouth.

My body went ramrod straight and I pulled at my bonds as the sickly sweet smell of chloroform assaulted my nostrils.

“Shhh… It’s okay,” Austin soothed patiently, cradling the back of my head with one strong hand while cupping the chloroform-doused cloth over my face with the other so the air I breathed in was heavily laced with the drug. “That’s it. Just relax.”

Contrary to what you see on TV and in the movies, chloroform doesn’t work instantly. It actually takes a few minutes, and it was long enough to make me panic and thrash my body about.

I heard groaning on the other side of the room and craned my neck to see Jon strapped onto the fuck bench with Jason screwing the dildo into his ass. I grunted.

“Shhh… Don’t worry about Jon,” Austin said as he turned my head back and locked eyes with me. “We’re gonna take real good care of him, okay? He really shouldn’t have pissed Jason off like that.”

A rushing noise pounded in my ears, like the waves crashing against the Santa Monica pier, and I felt myself being swept out on a dark tide. I stopped struggling and just stared up into Austin’s surprisingly gentle eyes. Each new breath I took seemed deeper than the one before and soon I was breathing normally, letting the drugging fumes engulf me. My eyelids were heavy and as they slowly drifted shut, I was vaguely aware in my dimming periphery of Jon being bounced up and down on the rubber dong, moaning in pleasure.

“That’s it, Kevin,” Austin said again as he caressed my forehead with his thumb. “Time to sleep.”

And then… nothing.

To be continued.

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