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Good Cop, Bad Cop
Part 4 - Chapter 4(a)
By Steve Stimle

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Good Cop, Bad Cop - Part 4a

by Stimle (

I don’t know how long I was zoned out before the sound of skin slapping against skin and the muted sounds of somebody’s cries entered my consciousness.

I opened my eyes and took stock of my surroundings, realizing I was still strapped into the fuck bench and gagged with the cock gag. I noted, happily, that the batteries in the dildo had been changed because it was buzzing and pulsing away in my ass, sending delicious tingles coursing up and down the length of my spine and down to my hole.

My head still felt light from whatever it was Jason had given me earlier. It had wrapped me in a blanket of euphoria and I didn’t feel the least bit panicked or worried about my current situation.

I lifted my head to see Jason sitting a few feet away on the chaise with Jon sprawled naked over his knees. He was spanking him and Jon’s butt was beet red. Tears were streaming down Jon’s cheeks and I saw that my cum-splotched and spit-soaked briefs had been shoved in his mouth to muffle his sobs.


“You thought you were going to take control of Brady from me?” Jason asked as his open palm made contact with Jon’s scarlet ass again.


“Pussy needs a real man in charge, not some Boy Scout like you.”


“Not some bottom boy.”


“Yeah, I’m gonna show Pussy just how big a bottom you are.”

And on and on it went. I knew I should be angry or outraged on Jon’s behalf but the dildo thrumming in my hole was distracting me and soon I didn’t give two fucks about Jon or Jason.

I closed my eyes and let the building waves of pleasure carry me off.


When I opened my eyes Jason was no longer spanking Jon.

Instead, Jon was back down on his knees and Jason was once again fucking his mouth, his hand fisted in Jon’s hair to hold his head in place as his cock pummeled his throat. Unlike earlier, however, Jon appeared to be really into it and was greedily sucking and slobbering his way up and down the length of Jason’s dick. Although his eyes were glazed and heavy-lidded, his cock was fully awake and erect, bobbing and swaying in counter rhythm to the pile driver thrusts of Jason’s split-slick shaft in and out of his mouth.

“Oh yeah, you’re a real slut for my cock, aren’t you?” Jason said as his hips pistoned back and forth.

“Ummm, unggghhh, unggghhh, ummmfff!”

“You’re an even bigger dick slut than Brady is.”

“Ummm, unggghhh, unggghhh, ummmfff!”

“Oh yeah, you know you love it.”

“Ummm, unggghhh, unggghhh, ummmfff!”

“I own you, Johnny Boy.”

“Ummm, unggghhh, unggghhh, ummmfff!”

Jason had his phone out and it looked like he was recording himself as he fucked Jon’s face. I grunted and he looked over at me. “Oh hey, Pussy. You’re awake.”

He saw me eyeing his phone and he smiled. “Just taking some video of Johnny Boy’s dick ditch in action,” he said.

I gulped and he laughed. “Don’t worry,” he said, snapping a picture of me, “it’ll be your turn soon. While you were out I called a friend of yours and he should be here shortly.”

I moaned and he laughed again before turning his attention back to Jon, giving his hair a quick ruffle before slapping his cheek. “I hope Johnny Boy doesn’t mind, but I left the door unlocked for him.”

He pulled out of Jon’s mouth and took his chin in his hand, tilting his face up to stare down into Jon's eyes. “I knew you were a bottom the second I walked in the door tonight,” he said as he ran his thumb over Jon’s lower lip, playing with it. “Your cock looked like fucking rebar in your jeans and then you adjusted yourself when you thought I wasn’t looking. Yeah, I saw that,” he continued as he rammed his dick back into Jon’s mouth. “Here you thought you were gonna be the one to manage Pussy but turns out you’re nothing but a bottom slut yourself.”

“Unghh,” Jon moaned, his lips stretched tautly around Jason’s dick.

His phone dinged and Jason looked at the screen. “Ah-a, here he is now,” he said as he pulled back out of Jon’s mouth, ran the swollen head of his wet dick across Jon’s cheeks and forehead to dry it, and reached for his jeans, leaving a panting and drooling Jon to slump sideways against the chaise, limp - except for his prick. “Consider this training day, Johnny Boy.”

I looked at Jon, but he was staring past me, eyes unfocused, seeing nothing. My own eyes slid shut.


I heard moans coming from across the room and I opened my eyes to see Jason fucking Jon. He had him on the bed again, on his back with his arms splayed over his head, tied at the wrists to an upright of the headboard, and a pillow under his lower back so his asshole was perfectly aligned with Jason’s rod. There was no real reason to have Jon tied to the bed - in his drugged state he wasn’t going anywhere - but it added to the look of the hard-bodied warrior defeated, and if that wasn’t enough to keep my boner going, it gave me the added thrill of a direct head-on view of the brambled hair in the hollows under his arms, a sight that made my rock-solid pole leak more pre-cum even as a trickle of saliva overflowed my lips and spilled down my chin.

Jason was holding Jon’s legs up in a wide V formation but his thrusts weren’t manic and punishing like earlier. Now he was moving in long, leisurely strokes, taking his time as he long-dicked my partner.

I watched in fascination as he eased all the way in in one smooth stroke, rotated his hips, and then pulled back out just as slowly, right until the head of his cock was about to fall out of Jon’s hole. Then he pushed Jon’s legs further back, until they were practically resting on Jon’s shoulders, and sank back in, pumping in and out of him again and again and again.

Every now and then he’d switch the angle of his thrusts and from the animal sounds Jon made, I could tell Jason was bottoming out in his hole. Damn, the guy had to have incredible stamina, not to mention core strength, to be able to keep that up!

I thought I heard Jon try moaning “no” every now and then, but it turns out I was mistaken. As his cock twitched and jerked wickedly and his body arched up, nipples erect, I realized the plaintive cries weren’t a plea for mercy, they were begging for “more.”

Ho-ly fuck!

Jason glanced my way and he must’ve thought I looked confused or something because he began to explain, “I’m going real nice and slow and using a studded condom so Johnny Boy can experience just how good getting ass-fucked feels.”

Jon was drooling and his groans were becoming deeper and more guttural, a low rumbling that was almost like a cat purring. Oh yeah, he was enjoying this. Jason was making fucking sure of that!

I could tell whenever he hit Jon’s prostate because Jon’s back would arch, his moans hitch, and his dick - already ramrod stiff and red - would rear up like an elephant’s trunk and another pearl of jizz would slither from the slit, adding to the sheen of funky sweat and pre-cum that spread across his flat belly and abs and dripped down his sides. The salacious scent of man-funk was unavoidable and incredibly erotic.

I continued to watch the scene in front of me, staring wide-eyed as Jason fucked Jon in long, languid strokes. Then after what seemed like forever, he pulled out, shoved poppers under Jon’s nose, and flipped him onto his stomach as if the brawny young cop’s chiseled Greek god physique weighed nothing more than a rag doll’s.

He took Jon’s cum-slicked black Calvin Kleins and pulled them over his head, mashing the sopping, spooge-filled pouch over Jon’s nose and mouth, then pushed him up onto his knees and forearms so he was ass-up in a sort of collapsed doggy-style, before thrusting back in with short, powerful jabs.

“Ohhh… nnggghhh…” Jon wailed and moaned into the briefs covering his face, burying his head in the pillow as Jason’s dick continued to batter his prostate. “Please f-u-u-u-ck meeeee…”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Jon, who’d only hours earlier blithely announced that he never bottomed - hell, until tonight I’d never even known he’d been with a guy before - was begging to be fucked, and it was so fucking hot to watch Jason pop his cherry.

I lost track of time as Jason thoroughly dominated and ravaged Jon, my dick throbbing and pulsing every time Jon cried out for more. Then Jason reached up and grabbed Jon by the hair, pulling his head out of the pillow and yanked the briefs off. “You like that, Johnny Boy?”

“Yes…” Jon cried out, his tear-streaked face smeared with his own cum.

“You want more?” Jason asked as he slammed into him, his hips snapping as they punched deep into Jon’s hole.

“Yes…” Jon grunted. “More…”

“Who owns you?”

“You do,” Jon slurred, drooling. “You own me.”

“Fucking right, I own you,” Jason roared, forcing several more hits of poppers into Jon before pushing his face back down to the pillow and into the soiled briefs he’d tossed there.

Witnessing Jon’s total subjugation - seeing him go from confident, happy-go-lucky stud to this mindless fuck toy - made my own hole clench and unclench, and I reached down and grabbed my twitching cock.

It wasn’t until that moment that I realized I was no longer strapped onto the fuck bench and that the dildo was out of my hole. I was on the chaise and somebody was sitting next to me. I turned my head and my jaw dropped when I saw Austin. He shot me a wicked smile before grabbing the back of my head, drawing me forward to bury my face in his hairy, sweaty armpit, smearing the odiferous briar patch back and forth across my face.

“I bet you missed this, huh, you little pit slut,” he said as the stink from his dank underarm assaulted my nostrils. It didn’t smell like he was even wearing deodorant and I was immediately intoxicated by his heady stud scent, putting up only a half-hearted struggle to free myself.

Austin laughed and hauled me onto his lap. Although shorter than me by a good three inches, he was built like a brick shithouse and manhandled me with relative ease, which was making my dick go diamond hard.

“Jason made sure I was nearby so I’ve been at the 24-Hour Fitness over on Harbor working out while waiting for his call,” he explained as he rubbed my face back and forth in that hairy cave. “I didn’t have time to shower, but judging from your boner and the way you’re rooting around in my pit like it’s a trough, it doesn’t look like you mind.”

“Oh fuck,” I groaned, and he let out a raucous laugh.

“Yeah, you’re a fucking pit pig.”

I know I should’ve been embarrassed but I was still soaring a bit from what Jason had given me. Plus, if I was going to be honest… Fuck, I didn’t even want to go there right now. Instead, I burrowed my face deeper into the sweaty forest of his underarm.

The rank tangle of hair tickled my nose and I could taste the greasy tang on my lips as he cradled me to his sweat-sticky body. I felt his massive erection through the tattered and yellowed Bike jock he’d stripped down to and my heart sped up.

With my face still firmly lodged in his left pit, he started playing with my nipples, thumbing the rubbery nubs until they were as hard as my cock. Then he began to alternate between flicking and pinching them before rolling them between his spit-slicked thumb and index finger. I moaned into the tangled undergrowth covering my face.

It was like someone had run jumper cables to my dick. I felt it lurch, yearning for release, and I reached for it with the hope to get some relief.

“Hands off,” Austin ordered and he pinched my left nipple again, hard.

“Oh, fuck!” I gasped and arched up when he pinched it again, scraping a fingernail across the rubbery tip and eliciting a helpless moan of pleasure from the back of my throat as my tongue thrust forward to lick my lips.

“Like that, do you?”

I shook my head no and struggled to free myself from his hold, but he was too strong.

“No? You don’t like this? Really?” he asked with a smirk as he plucked and tweaked my tits. I was still shaking my head no, but my thrusting hips, arching back, and needy groans said otherwise. He chuckled as he rolled first my left nipple and then my right. “Admit it, you’re a nipple slut too, aren’t you?”

"Yesssss... oohhhh fuuuccckkkk yeesssss," I hissed and slurred, embarrassed not at how easily I gave in - at how easily he pulled the truth from me - but at why I fought him in the first place.

“You’re just a slut,” he whispered breathily into my ear, before licking from the top of my ear to the lobe and giving it a quick nip. “Don’t fight it.”

I jumped at the gentle bite and tug and then let out a high pitched moan when his tongue darted into my ear canal in a quick swirl.

I could feel the pre-cum oozing from my prick tip, naturally lubricating my cock, but when I reached for it again, Austin slapped my hand away.

“I said hands off, boy,” he rumbled in a gruff, throaty growl. The threat in his voice made me even more hard because fuck, not only did he easily physically dominate me, but he was mindfucking me with his words as well. Boy? I was at least ten years older than this punk hunk but I was his boy?!

Not being permitted to touch my dick, I let my hands roam up and down his massive arms instead, feeling the corded muscles and throbbing veins of his massive biceps. At some point he’d shucked his jock strap and his impressive cock, engorged head slick with juice, nudged my side. With my face still buried deep in his man cave, snuffling away like the pit pig he kept calling me, I let my right hand slide down his hairy pecs and over his treasure trail until I found his divining rod. It was warm and soft like velvet, yet at the same time, hard and veined as marble. I wrapped my hand around the rigid pole and began to slowly fist it.

“Oh yeah, that’s it,” he cooed with a gurgle, pushing up into my hand. “That’s a good Pussy.”

I blushed at the name. Pussy. Fuck. Still though, I tried to do my best to give him the best fucking slow jerk he’d ever had.

I played with his dick for a couple more minutes when suddenly he pressed close to me and grasped my boner, just the fat knob, and began to swipe his thumb back and forth across the piss lips and swollen flange. I bucked my hips, thrusting into his hand as I shuddered and moaned, my voice pitched high in contrast to his low husky rasp. Pussy indeed.

He wrapped his big paw around both our cocks and slid them back to back up and down, our pre-cum mixing and forming the slickest of lubricants. It was the most unreal feeling in the world. My body juddered and I opened my mouth to moan or gasp, but nothing came out.

He kept this up for several long seconds until, suddenly, he pulled his hand away.

“No, no,” I moaned and pushed deeper into the recess of his underarm.

He slid his hand into my hair and pulled my face out of his pit. Before I could react, he shoved a bottle of poppers first to one nostril and then the other, ordering me to inhale deeply. He repeated the action and when they hit he eased me off his lap and pushed me down to my hands and knees.

“Open up,” he said, taking my chin in one big hand and raising my head. I blinked slowly, waiting for the rush to fade, and realized his enormous cock was less than an inch from my nose. He traced the fat, wet plumb across my cheek bones and over my parted lips, which were still glistening with a sheen of his armpit sweat, leaving trails of pre-cum in its wake. I opened my mouth but the head of his cock was so big I couldn’t get it in. I took it as far into my mouth as I could - which was barely the tip - before pulling off.

He swiped it over my lips again and I looked up at him. He gave me a slight nod, and I opened my mouth again, swirling my tongue over the circumcised knob and dipping into the piss slit.

“Oh yeah, work that tongue,” he groaned in pleasure as my tongue lapped at the well. He got to his feet, pulling me by my hair up from all fours to my knees and began to thrust harder, trying to get more of his colossal tool into my mouth.

I tried again to take it in but its length and thickness was too humongous so I just licked up and down the shaft, doing my best to worship it like the cum-glutton I now was.

“You really are a cock slut, aren’t you?” he gasped with a disparaging laugh, slapping my cheeks with his dick before bopping me on the nose. He held it out for me again and I leaned in for another taste.

"Hold the crown of it in your mouth and don't let it slip out,” he ordered as he reached down and grabbed my wrists. “Here, put your hands on my hips." I did as instructed and suckled, his knob swelling up even more.

“Oh yeah, that’s it,” he moaned. “Suck it hard.”

Austin was a leaker and it wasn’t long before there was enough pre-cum slime in my mouth that I had to swallow. It tasted funky and foul, like his pit grease, and fuck if I didn’t groan for more.

“Oh, you like that, do you?” he rumbled lowly, squeezing his dick with one hand while fisting my hair like a crank in the other. “I’m going to feed you and you’re going to enjoy this stud meal.”

This time my voice came out in a high-pitched whimper and he sneered derisively down at me.

There was movement to my left and I turned my head slightly from where I was currently occupied trying to get my mouth to open like the jaws of life, to see Jason standing with a naked, dazed looking Jon, obviously still in the throes of the roofie or whatever it was Jason had slipped into his drink. He was sheened in a light layer of sweat. His hair was disheveled, his lips were puffy, and his cock was hard as an I-beam, if an I-beam had a throbbing vasculature.

I’d seen Jon naked plenty of times before but this was the first time I think I ever really looked at him. At his tall swimmer’s build with broad shoulders that tapered down to a narrow waist. At his well-defined chest with nipples that stuck out like pencil erasers, and that was covered, like his arms, with a light dusting of hair. At his toned, nicely furred legs. At the trail of hair that led from his navel to the lush undergrowth of a totally untamed bush.

His erect dick looked to be seven or eight inches and curved up and slightly to the left, the large head with its circumcision scar glistening with pre-cum, and when Jason knocked his knees out from under him and eased him to the floor, his balls, fat and heavy in their sack, swung back and forth like a pendulum.

Then Jason stood next to me and hauled me to my feet, grabbed a handful of Jon’s hair to hold his head up, and pushed my cock into Jon’s mouth.

“Oh yeah,” he cooed as Jon began to suck. “That’s it, Johnny Boy. Pretty soon you’ll be as big a Pussy as Brady.”

To be continued.

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