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Good Cop, Bad Cop
Part 3 - Chapter 3
By Steve Stimle

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Good Cop, Bad Cop - Part 3

I barely recognized the shell-shocked man staring back at me from the bathroom mirror as clouds of steam billowed from the glass shower stall. I ran my hands through my thick, dark blond hair and then over my stubbled jaw. What the hell just happened? Was that really a dream?

I looked at my discarded briefs on the bathroom floor to confirm that yes, I’d had a wet dream. At my age. And apparently I’d come a bucketload because I could see what looked like a puddle of still-wet cum in the pouch.

I shook my head and slipped into the shower. I rested my forehead against the cool tiled surface and, as hot water sluiced down my backside, thought back once again to that fateful night two weeks ago when the nightmare that was now my life had first begun.

Physically I’m not a weak guy. Jon and I hit Equinox three or four times a week after work, often times sparring in the boxing ring. Up until last Saturday I’d considered myself equally as tough mentally. Now I wasn’t so sure.

Yes, I’d been drugged. There was no question about that because Jason even bragged about it that night. But I was still struggling to come to terms with it. Intellectually I knew what happened to me wasn’t my fault. That it had been out of my control. What had been in my control, and what I still couldn’t understand, was how I’d let him get so completely into my head the way he had. If I’d followed my first instinct and left the party instead of continuing to accept drinks from him - hell, if I hadn’t gone at all - I wouldn’t be where I was now.

And the drugs he’d used - GHB, Viagra and Baclofen - weren’t anything that should’ve made me act the way I had. I’ve been a cop for fifteen years so I know my drugs and their effects pretty well. Everybody knows what Viagra does. GHB is basically a date rape drug - victims can become incapacitated and unable to resist sexual assault, and in higher doses it can cause amnesia. Except, until Jason took me back to my condo, I remember almost everything about that night. So, it couldn’t have been a big dose. In fact, I even remember him saying he’d given me just “a little.”

I recall my limbs felt sluggish, but that was most likely due to the Baclofen - I’d had to look that one up. It’s a muscle relaxant which, in combination with the GHB, was probably why I couldn’t fight him off. Not that I really tried, though, as I recall. So, what it boiled down to was I was high and had a hard on. It doesn’t explain why I’d participated in and enjoyed - yes, enjoyed - what he did. What then?

It’s bad enough that I’d liked being fucked, but why did the subsequent humiliation turn me on? I got hard every time I thought about it - and I thought about it a lot. How, after he’d fucked me, I just lay there naked and stinking of sweat and spunk as a room full of guys I didn’t know looked on and laughed at me.

How, when I started to get dressed, he’d told me I couldn’t put on anything other than my underwear. Did I tell him to fuck off? No. Did I get up and leave? No. What did he do? He handed me another drugged drink and I drank it down. And then I’d let him parade me through the house and around his front yard like I was a possession on a leash.

I was soaping up my cock as I remembered that walk of shame. How he’d led me down the hall wearing only my briefs to a room full of people who’d laughed at me. And what had I done? Popped a fucking boner.

Suddenly it was that night and I was back in that house… Austin was across the room talking to Ryan, who I hadn’t seen since we were all watching the game what felt like hours ago. They’d changed into running shorts from the sweats they’d been wearing earlier and must’ve gone for a run or something because they both looked sweaty. In fact, when Austin had come in with that last drink a few minutes ago I recall he was practically dripping.

I suddenly remembered being in the bathroom with Austin earlier. Remembered him undoing my shorts and taking my dick out and holding it while I pissed. Then how he’d shoved my face into his stinking armpits and held it there.

I’d felt my face go beet red and worse - I’d felt my cock give a big lurch in my briefs.

They came over to where Jason and I were, in the center of the room, in front of everybody, and got right in my face. I’d tried to avert my eyes but they stayed right there, tracking my movements, invading my personal space.

“Is this what you want, Kev?” Austin had asked. He’d raised his left arm and shoved it in my face. I’d turned my head but he grabbed me by the hair with his other hand and yanked my face down into the dark hollow of his armpit.

It was wet and sticky and rank, and I’d tried to struggle, but he’d held me in place. He was a few inches shorter than me so I was bent over and my butt was sticking out. Somebody, probably Jason, had given my ass a hard smack and I yelped, which drove my face even deeper into Austin’s ripe armpit.

“Mmpphhh,” I’d muffed, and laughter from the room filled my ears.

“Look at that fuckin’ boner,” a voice shouted and I wanted to curl up and die.

The next thing I knew somebody was pulling down the front of my briefs. The elastic had caught on my erection and when my dick was finally freed, it had slapped up against my belly with a loud thwack. More laughter.

Jason had pressed up close behind me and wrapped one arm around my waist as he ground his bloated crotch into my ass. My waistband was tucked under my nuts and he grabbed my hard dick.

“You like this, Kev?” he’d asked in a raspy voice as he started to jerk me off. “You like what a real man smells like?”

I couldn’t think straight. Austin still had me by the hair and was mashing my face around and around in the musk of his sweaty, gamy pit. I’d tried to hit him, but Ryan had ahold of both my wrists. Then Austin had slid my face across the sweaty lawn of hair on the thick slabs of his chiseled pecs, to his other damp, slimy pit.

“Yeah, Kev,” Jason had whispered as he continued to masturbate me, “feels like you really like this.” He was pumping my dick really fast now and I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer.

My head was swimming with whatever had been in that last drink and I suddenly found myself going crazy all over the fetid funk in Austin’s pits.

“Mmmm,” I’d moaned and fuck if my tongue didn’t slip out of my mouth and lap up and down the length of his underarm, swirling through the thick rat’s nest of armpit hair as my nostrils sought out the source of that strangely savory reek.

“I knew it,” Austin had snickered, yanking my head back to show everybody the pit grease on my face and how my tongue was flicking out for more. There was more laughter and he’d shoved my face back into a heady hollow that seemed so full of marsh gas it made me dizzy. Why did it smell so fucking good? And taste so good--!

I don’t know how long I was there, rooting my face deep in the steel wool of his sweet, sweaty pits, when I’d felt a hand slip down the back of my briefs and somebody began to finger my hole. There was a tingling in my balls, and when Jason’s thumbnail slipped inside my piss slit, I’d come undone. I shuddered and came all over his hand.

I gasped, suddenly back in the present. I opened my eyes. I was in the shower at Jon’s parents’ house and -- what the fuck? My hand was wrapped around my throbbing cock and my creamy load was sliding down the subway tile. I couldn’t believe I just fucking spooged in the shower!

I quickly rinsed and stepped out of the shower. I toweled off and was putting on clean briefs when I caught my reflection in the mirror; I looked tired and there were dark circles under my normally bright hazel eyes. I shaved quickly and then rubbed a bit of styling gel through my hair and blew it dry. I noticed it was getting long and made a mental note to make an appointment to get it cut.

I swiped deodorant under my arms, for some reason giving each a quick sniff as I did. When I squirted toothpaste onto my toothbrush, I realized I was hard again.


Jon was in the kitchen when I walked in. His broad, muscled back was to me as he stood with hands braced on the carrara marble counter, doing modified lunge stretches as he waited for the coffee to finish brewing.

He’d showered but hadn’t shaved - Jon’s that guy who actually looks better with a little scruff - and was shirtless, his low-slung grey sweatpants exposing a couple of inches of his black underwear.

I froze. Black underwear… the dream… Jon? No. Not Jon. No fucking way. It was a dream, for fuck sake. Obviously the underwear in my dream was because in real life I knew Jon sometimes wore black briefs, and the dildo was because I’d been looking them up online the other night. Textbook Psych 101.

I don’t know how long I stared at that black Calvin Klein waistband as he continued to stretch, but I was jostled from my trance by a couple of sharp snaps of his fingers. I looked up quickly and surprised an odd, slightly bemused expression on his face. He smiled and poured me a steaming mug of coffee.

“Would you like cream with this?” he deadpanned as I took the cup.

My jaw dropped and he busted up with laughter.

“Oh my God, you’re twelve years old!” I said grumpily as he howled, actually slapping his knee. “We are NEVER to speak of this again or I will hunt you down and you know I’m a better shot than you are.”

He was doubled over, hands on his knees, panting. He stood and grabbed his right side and then held his hands up in mock surrender before dissolving into another fit of laughter.

“You ass,” I muttered. “You cannot tell Jamie or Pete about this either,” I demanded. I love my brother and his husband, but I swear they can be so gossipy. Jamie’d tell everybody he knows and then I’d for sure never live this down.

“You’re such a killjoy,” Jon whined playfully.

I doctored my coffee with cream and sugar, blushing deeply - painfully aware of how erect I was - as Jon made a production of passing me the Half & Half. I sat heavily onto a stool at the island and ran my hand through my hair. “What the fuck?”

“What’s going on, Kev?” he asked soberly. “What was that dream about?”

“I don’t remember,” I lied, shrugging. When I looked up I could tell he didn’t believe me.

“Kev.” He pushed away from the counter and stood behind me, putting his strong hands on my tense shoulders and lightly massaging them. “Come on, what’s going on?”

I sighed and glanced up at him. His 6’2 frame seemed to tower over me and I debated whether or not to come clean and lay my cards on the table. I closed my eyes and… decided against it. I shook my head slightly. “Look, you know I love you like a brother, but I just can’t.”

He blew his breath out and sat next to me, clapped a hand on my bicep and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Okay. But I’m here if you change your mind.”


We had a quiet but awkward breakfast, and after a final cup of coffee, jogged to the beach. It was supposed to be a beautiful day so we decided to rent body boards and wetsuit vests.

The waves were big and the surf was rough and I got totally thrashed, but it was so much fun. The distraction was just what we needed and the undercurrent of tension between us quickly vanished.

Afterwards we played a few games of beach volleyball with a group of guys who were looking for additional players. I have a competitive nature and hate to lose, and I ended up taking a number of headlong dives to save plays. The team I was on won more than we lost, so all the sand down the front of my shorts wound up being worth it.

When we were ready to leave we hosed down at the outdoor showers as best we could and then jogged back to Jon’s parents’ house, stopping at Subway on the way. We ate quickly, properly showered, and then went to the home gym to work out.

At one point while we were lifting, Jon got into position to spot me and when I glanced up I could see straight up his shorts. He was wearing black briefs and with his legs spread to straddle the weight bench, I could see his full, heavy pouch. The air was redolent with the musky odor of his ball sweat and I had to fight the sudden urge to lift my head and take a deep whiff. What. The. Hell?

“Earth to Kevin,” I heard him say and then he was waving his hand in front of my face. I quickly snapped out of my daze.


“You spaced for a minute there, man,” he said, looking down at me, his brown hair falling boyishly in his brown eyes. There was a funny look on his face and he cocked his head to the side. “Hey, you weren’t checking me out, were you?”

“What?!” I squeaked, my voice shooting up an octave. “Fuck you!”

“Ah, I’m kidding,” he laughed and playfully ruffled my hair. But shit, he was right. I’d totally been checking him out! My dick was stiff and pushing out the front of my shorts and I wondered if he could see. Fuck, why hadn’t I worn a jock?

“You jerk,” I muttered, batting his hand away.

He puckered his lips and made a kissing noise. “Yeah, but you love me.”

We finished the rest of the work out and it was after 5:00 when I finally hit the shower again and realized just how sore I was. It felt as if every muscle in my body ached.


“I’m gonna be so stiff tomorrow,” Jon moaned when I joined him in the kitchen after my twenty minute shower.

“Join the club,” I replied. “It was totally worth it, though.”

“Oh, definitely.” He closed his eyes and pulled his right arm over his head and dropped his forearm behind him in an overhead triceps and shoulder stretch. He arched his back and yawned, and as he held the stretch, I found my eyes traveling down his broad, brawny chest to his exposed belly. It was tanned and taut with a light dusting of hair that disappeared into the waistband of his briefs, which were sticking up a good three inches over his jeans. He really was in fantastic shape.

He opened his eyes and caught me eyeing him. “What?” he asked, flashing me a lopsided grin.

“Nothing,” I said.

“You need to stretch more,” he lectured, poking me in the shoulder before he repeated the stretch on the other side. “Especially at your advanced age.”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh brother. I’m barely a year older than you.”

There seemed to be a slight tinge of male body odor in the air and I gave my pits a quick sniff to make sure it wasn’t me. Had Jon not showered? He’d changed clothes... Odd.

We ordered Round Table Pizza for dinner and while we waited for it to arrive, Jon broke out the Sailor Jerry.

I was surprised at the level of rum in the bottle. “Did we drink that much last night?” I asked.

“We?” Jon replied, hip-checking me. “You mean me. You’re a lightweight, remember?”

“I am not,” I laughed, bumping him back. “You’re such a dick sometimes.”

“Hey, I had to practically carry you to bed last night.”

“Did not!” I remembered my dream and I felt my face redden. Suddenly the not-all-that-flaccid shaft of my dick thickened. Oh shit, and I was only wearing flimsy basketball shorts!

“What?” Jon asked, giving me that funny look again. “What’re you all red about?”

“Nothing. Just pour me a drink, bitch.”

“I’ll show you ‘bitch’,” he said as the doorbell rang.

The pizza arrived - Pepperoni Smokehouse Combo - and we dug in. We were both famished and it didn’t last long. After we cleaned up Jon mixed us each another drink and we moved into the living room to watch the Dodgers game.

Even with the windows open and a cross breeze, it was warm in the house and as we talked and Jon continued to mix drinks, the day was catching up with me. I rested my head against the back of the couch and eventually drifted off as the TV droned on.


“Kev. Kevin, are you with me?”

I opened my eyes and looked up at Jon. My head felt thick and muddled and I let my eyes close again. What the heck?

He gave my shoulder a shake. “Kevin.”

I opened my eyes. “Hmm?”

“We have a visitor.”

I turned to where Jon was gesturing and saw, oh, fucking shit...Jason. He had a big nasty smile on his face.

“Hey there, Pussy,” he said as he set down a backpack and reached down to give my cheek a light slap. “Ready to have some fun?”

What was he doing here? I looked back up at Jon and blinked until he came into focus.

“It’s okay, Kev,” Jon said reassuringly. “Trust me, okay?”

What the hell? Jon? I wanted to be mad but I just felt mellow, like I was floating. I opened my mouth but nothing came out.

“Did you give him all of it?” Jason asked him.

All of it? All of what?

“Yup,” Jon replied. “Just like you said. What was in it anyway?”

“GHB, some liquid Viagra, and a muscle relaxant. He’ll be nice and compliant.”

GH-- Jon drugged me? What was going on?!

“And you’re sure it’s safe?”

“Absolutely,” Jason assured him. “It’s the same thing I used last time.”

“Okay then,” Jon relented and I thought I saw the slightest flicker of anger skate across his face before he schooled his features. He pointed at my crotch and laughed. “But I don’t think you needed the Viagra because he’s already boned as fuck.”

“Yeah, I forgot,” Jason said and he laughed too.

“Bet you’re wondering what’s up, hey Kev?” Jon asked as he sat down next to me on the couch and put his hand on my knee. It was a reassuring gesture and even in my addled state, I felt the comfort it gave and, I think, the comfort he intended.

He squeezed my knee and looked at me. “Okay, I saw the videos. I saw what went down at that party and then the next morning at your house.” I turned my face away. Fuck.

“I was pissed at first,” he said and I could hear him struggling to keep control. “Hell, I still AM pissed. Well, kind of. I mean, I was all set to kick Jason’s ass when I noticed something. You wanna guess what that was?”

I turned my head to look at him. “You liked it,” he said.

“The hell?” I protested weakly.

“You did,” he continued, his voice confident. “Shit, you were practically begging for more. And every time over the past two weeks whenever Jason sent you a picture or a clip - yeah, I know all about those too - you popped wood.”

“Ughhh,” I groaned as I threw my arm up to cover my face. It was already starting to feel heavy.

“But I think it’s more than you just liking it and wanting it,” Jon went on. I began to protest again but he cut me off, “Now hear me out because I’ve thought about this. A lot.” He put his hand on my chin and gently turned my face so I was looking at him before softly saying, “I think you need this.”

“Oh shit, did you see that?” Jason snickered. “His dick just lurched when you said that!”

I wasn’t so out of it that what Jon said wasn’t registering. But did it make sense? Was it true? I wasn’t sure what was the more frightening prospect: wanting it or needing it.

“I’m right, aren’t I Kev?” he asked. “You put so much stress on yourself all the time that I bet deep down you probably want and need somebody to step in and take charge.”

There it was again. Was it true? Did I need this? Did I need somebody to take charge of me? Did I WANT somebody to take charge of me?

My face flushed hot and I groaned in embarrassment as I remembered the way my body had reacted when Jason had fucked me and dominated me. How it had felt to be filled with his cock. To be used so roughly, whether it was on my back with my legs up while staring up into his eyes, shamefaced, as he challenged the conventions of my manhood, or when he’d pushed me down on all fours and taken me from behind like I was some kind of bitch in heat. And I recalled how humiliated and then thrilled I’d felt every time my phone received a text from him with pictures or video clips showing me in all sorts of degrading positions and situations. And now to find out that Jon knew about it too? Knew what had happened to me? Knew what I’d let continue to happen to me? Oh fuck!

“Is that it then, Kev?” Jon was asking. “Do you need somebody to take charge? Do you want me to take charge of you?”

“Wait - you?” Jason asked, and I thought I detected a hint of challenge in his voice.

“Yes,” Jon replied adamantly, not taking his eyes off me. “It’s certainly not going to be you and your fuck buddies. Plus, you’re back in Van Nuys come Monday and I think I know better than you what Kevin needs. I just need somebody to show me the ropes. That’s the only reason you’re here and the only reason I haven’t kicked the shit out of you.”

“He tried to get me to set you up,” I said.

“I bet he did,” Jon laughed, giving my hair an affectionate ruffle. “Don’t you worry about me, Kev. I can take care of myself.” Then he glared at Jason.

“Hey, can’t blame a guy for trying,” Jason replied with a shrug, but I think I might have caught a momentary flash of something resentful in his eyes.

“Yeah, actually you can,” Jon shot back. “But it ain’t gonna happen. If I didn’t think this was something Kevin wanted, I wouldn’t be doing this. And like I said, he needs this, and if I’m going to do this, then I need to know what I’m doing.”

“I didn’t know you swung that way,” Jason said.

I looked at Jon. This was news to me as well. “I experimented a lot in college and even at the academy,” he said matter-of-factly. “Over the years I’ve kept my options open.”

“Options, huh?” Jason asked. “So, do you opt to top or bottom?”

“Oh, I don’t bottom.”

“Never?” Jon shook his head, his eyes never leaving mine, and Jason continued, a kind of calculated look crossing his face. “So you’re not as open as you say then.”

But Jon wouldn’t take the bait. “No, I just know what I like.”

I didn’t like the way Jason’s eyes lit up at that but he didn’t say anything. He just shrugged and picked up his backpack. “All right then, let’s do this,” he said. “Strip his ass.”

Jon gently patted my leg as he stood up. “Come on, Kev. Up and at ‘em.” He winked at me and pulled me into a sitting position and stripped my t-shirt off. He and Jason then hauled me to my feet and as I leaned on them, Jon untied the drawstring of my shorts and eased them down.

“Oh my God, him and those fucking tighty whities,” Jason laughed derisively as he helped me step out of my shorts. “He’s such a Boy Scout.”

“Hey, I kinda like them,” Jon said protectively. He snapped the waistband and then squeezed my rapidly inflating prong.

“Uhhnn,” I grunted in pleasure and he goosed my ass and gave it a slap.

“You said he had a wet dream?” Jason asked.

“Yeah, it was fucking awesome,” Jon said. He seemed to be oblivious to the mocking tone in Jason’s voice. “You should’ve seen him hopping around trying to cover himself, right Kev? I wish I’d gotten a picture.”

I groaned, embarrassed as the scene replayed in my head. I can’t believe he told Jason about it. My dick gave another twitch and I felt a bit of pre-cum ooze out.

“I have to say, you really surprised me, Eckert,” Jason was saying as they walked me through the hall toward the stairs. “I thought you were a Boy Scout like Brady here.”

“I bet you did,” Jon said coolly. Clearly there was no love lost there.

“Where are we going, by the way,” Jason asked.

“Upstairs. Second door on the left.” I felt Jon’s hand slide down to my crotch. “Yeah,” he said in a husky voice, “you’re fucking bone hard in those tightys. I can’t wait to see you blow a load in them.”

I gulped. “Fuck,” I practically yelped.

“Not yet,” he said, arching a brow. I felt my ass tingle. His hand moved to my ass and he caressed it softly. Then it slipped beneath my waistband and I felt his finger touch my hole. I clenched tight. “Oh yeah,” he growled in my ear, his breath a hot gust as he probed. “So hot. So tight. And all for me.”

I shivered and my dick jumped.

We ended up in Jon’s old bedroom. It was an enormous room that looked almost twice the size of the guest suite I was in, complete with attached bathroom. I’d seen it the one time I’d been here and recall Jon mentioning how his mother had redecorated both his and his sister’s bedrooms once they’d graduated from college.

The room was done in French Country style (I only know this because Kristen makes me watch design shows on HGTV) and looked out of place in the Mediterranean style house. The solid-wood bed was an enormous four-poster California King with an elaborate scrolled-metal canopy, and there was a large sitting area with a chaise lounge and a writing desk.

I noticed through my bleary eyes that the chaise and desk had been pushed aside and there was some sort of metal contraption on a low platform. They guided me to mirrored closet doors that took up nearly the length of one wall, and Jason set his backpack down.

I was feeling really good and loose now. I looked at Jon and he flashed me a smile that I didn’t quite know what to make of. I thought maybe I should be alarmed that Jason was here, too, but the GHB I’d been slipped had done its job and I didn’t give a fuck right now.

Jon eased me down to my knees, hands on my shoulders to steady me, as Jason reached into the backpack for something.

“You know the routine, Kev,” he said, holding up a bottle of poppers for me to see. I nodded and swallowed as he leaned in and pressed one of my nostrils shut. “Close your mouth and breathe deep from your nose.”

Jon’s hand was still on my shoulder, squeezing gently, reassuringly, as Jason placed the bottle to my open nostril and I inhaled. The poppers hit and my mind blinked off and on. Everything went black and then a sea of stars began to flash in my eyes. My senses came back slowly, one at a time. I felt my cock and balls flex and then a rush of heat passed through my stomach and chest. My cheeks felt flush and my neck was hot. Jon’s hand resting on my shoulder felt so warm and comforting.

The poppers were put to my other nostril and I inhaled deeply once again. I began to moan, a low, contented rumble deep in my throat.

When I opened my eyes, Jon had stepped closer and I was surrounded by his crotch. Jason whispered something to him and Jon placed a hand on my cheek and drew my face forward into that soft mound of denim, rubbing my nose, lips and cheeks softly into the folds of the faded material. My mouth opened and I moaned and breathed deep into it. He was hard!

“Oh fuck yeah,” I heard him groan quietly above me as he moved his hips from side to side, rubbing his denim-clad crotch across my face.

Jason capped the poppers and slid his hands down to my pecs and began to play with my tawny nipples, rubbing the pointed nubs over and over. My cock thickened in my briefs. My balls felt hot and heavy.

Through a haze I watched as Jon slowly unzipped his pants to reveal the large black mound within. He let his pants slide down, exposing the bulging pouch of his snug black briefs and I wondered how they smelled. I leaned in and began to inhale deep, heavy breaths.

Jason pushed the bottle under my nose again and as I breathed in deep, Jon quickly stepped out of his jeans and stripped off his t-shirt. His dick was making a huge tent in his briefs.

I had another sniff of poppers and then Jon put his hands on either side of my head and drew my face into his cotton covered crotch. When he flexed his ass, it pushed his mound forward, rubbing it into my panting mouth. I inhaled deeply and moaned softly.

“Oh fuck yeah, Kev,” he hissed. “You like that? You like that smell? You know, I forgot to pack underwear last night so these are the same ones I’ve been wearing since yesterday morning. I worked out in them today, too. Hell, I didn’t even shower afterwards.”

“Oh fuck,” I groaned, remembering, and he laughed. Jason gave me yet another hit of poppers.

I was high as a kite on the poppers as Jon continued to rub his rapidly ballooning crotch into my face. I was panting heavily and drooling spit against his cock and balls through the rank, ripe fabric of his briefs.

I mouthed up and down the length of his dick, the tip of my tongue circumnavigating the arroyo under the flare of his head, sniffing deeply the entire time, breathing in as much of his heady, ripe scent as I could. He was hard as a rock.

With my face still pressed to Jon’s groin, Jason tilted my head up so I was looking at him. He put the poppers to Jon’s nose and I watched as Jon took a couple of draws almost without realizing he was doing it, and that kind of disturbed me, but I was too far gone to think about it much.

Jon shook his head and Jason helped him sit on the chaise lounge to steady himself, pushing my face so it was mashed right up against Jon’s crotch. My dick lurched again and I felt more pre-cum drool out.

“Whoah, I’ve never tried these before. I can see why you like them,” Jon said, getting back to his feet like I could have maybe sent him a telepathic warning. Jason held the bottle out again but Jon shook his head no. “No thanks, I need to take it easy with those.”

Jason put the bottle back under my nose instead. “These poppers along with the GHB will make this little slut here do anything you want. Like he needs any encouragement. Pussy’s a real slut.”

I groaned at the degrading terms and buried my face back in Jon’s crotch, mouthing his fat prick through the soft cotton.

“Shit!” Jon gasped, grabbing me by the hair. “He’s got almost all of me down his throat and I haven’t taken my underwear off yet! Fuck! You want more, Kev?”

“Yes, more,” I slurred, trying to take more of Jon’s hard cock into my mouth.

Jon looked dazed by what I was doing to him and Jason took that opportunity to give him another hit of poppers.

“Goddammit!” Jon snapped after sniffing without realizing what he was doing. “I told you…”

“Sorry, man,” Jason said as he capped the poppers and slipped them into his pocket, but I didn’t think he was sorry at all.

“I’ll tell you when I want them, okay?” Jon growled and Jason nodded, waiting a few moments to let Jon’s high pass then leaned in to whisper something to him. Jon nodded and slid his hand across my cheek and then pulled at the pouch of his briefs. His fat, hairy balls slipped out and dangled in front of my face.

Jason grabbed me by the hair and held my head still. “You see those?”

“Balls,” I slurred. “Jon’s balls.”

“Yeah, they’re my balls, Kev.”

“They’re hot and sweaty,” Jason said and I felt somehow drawn to his voice. It was almost hypnotic.

Jon rubbed his balls against my nose and then lowered them to my lips as Jason continued. “Big, fat balls, Kevin. So hot and full of cum.”

Jason whispered into Jon’s ear again and Jon rubbed his balls against my lips. “Lick them, Kev,” he instructed. “Get them wet.”

“Yes,” I moaned as my tongue slid out of my mouth.

“Oh God, that’s right,” Jon panted. “Lick my nuts, Kev.”

My tongue lapped at them and Jon’s breath hitched. “Suck ‘em, Kev,” he urged as my tongue snaked across his hairy sack and soon I was slobbering all over his balls, coating them in layers of spit.

Jon grabbed the waistband of his briefs and pushed them down over his lean, narrow hips. The material caught against my face as I continued to slop my wet tongue over his balls. He used one hand to push my face away so he could remove his underwear, and my tongue was licking at empty air.

“Nice and slutty,” Jason laughed. “Okay, it’s time to move on to the next step of your training,” he said, turning me so I could see my reflection in the mirror. “I want you to see everything you do.”

Jason held my chin in his palm, placed his thumb against my lips, and opened my mouth. Then he placed his hand on the small of Jon’s back and nudged him forward.

“No teeth Kev, okay?” Jon said, ruffling my hair as he slid his dick into my unresisting mouth. He slid it in and out a few times, drawing it over my lips, as if testing it.

I didn’t resist. I didn’t pull back. I simply began to suck.

“Well, look at that,” Jason said. “Looks like we have ourselves a natural here.”

My face turned red as I took more of Jon’s cock into my mouth.

“You can use your hands,” Jason said. “That’s right. Stroke it. Worship it.”

“Run your fingers along the underside,” Jon instructed breathily. “Yeah, like that. You’ve got a gentle touch, Kev. Fuck, you’re good at this.”

I blushed. I touched his balls, then squeezed them very gently. “Oh yeah, that’s good,” he said.

“Make sure your tongue is really wet,” Jason said. “Yeah, that’s right. Now spit up the shaft.”

“That’s good,” Jon panted. “So good. Look at me, Kev. Look at me. Yeah, that’s right.”

I blew gentle hot breaths on it and Jon seemed to melt.

“Put both your balls in his mouth,” Jason instructed Jon. “Yeah, you can tell he likes that. See how he’s swirling his tongue? Do that again.”

“Oh fuck,” Jon breathed. Jason held the poppers out to him but Jon waved them away.

I tried to give him the best blow job I could. I used my tongue to stimulate the engorged head, switching off between mouthing it and licking it.

“You’re loving this, aren’t you?” Jason asked and I nodded.

“Kiss and lick my balls,” Jon said. “That’s good. See how wet they are? That’s motherfucking awesome, Kev.”

“Now, use your free hand and slide it just behind his balls,” Jason said, guiding my hand between Jon’s slightly spread legs. “Rub that spot nice and softly.”

“Oh fuck!” Jon cried out and Jason had to help him stand for a second. When he regained his footing he began to really fuck my face.

After about a minute, Jason grabbed me by the hair and yanked. My mouth slid off of Jon’s cock with a loud, wet pop. My lips felt puffy and I was still in a daze when he shoved the poppers back under my nose and I once again readily inhaled.

When I came down from the high I saw Jason had his dick out and was pumping it. Then he laid it against my slightly parted lips and, with a grunt and shudder, spilled his cum onto my lips. But before it could drip down my chin and onto the floor he said, “Stick your tongue out, bitch.  Further. I want you to let that cum pool on it, don’t let it slime off the sides or slip down your throat. Appreciate it like it’s an oyster.”

It jiggled on my cupped tongue like Jello but wouldn’t stay put and it was too much of an effort to keep my tongue this far out for this length of time. I lost it, part sliding down my throat like, yeah, an oyster, and part drooling off my chin. He squeezed the tip of his dick dry and pressed his wet thumb between my lips and smeared the leftover cum onto my mouth and cheek.

“You look good in spunk,” he said. “Now lick it off.” Without missing a beat, I did.

“Why didn't you just make him swallow it?” Jon asked curiously as he continued to stroke his own hard on.

“It’s not as dominating,” Jason explained. “You want a cocksucker to know who's in charge. Next time, if you want, you can have him swallow. I’m sure he’ll enjoy that.”

“Oh God, that was so hot what you did, Jason. Let me try that.”

But before he could even get into place, Jon’s cock suddenly exploded, spraying six huge blasts of semen across my face, completely basting my nose, mouth and chin.

I shuddered and came in my briefs.

“Oh fuck!” Jon marveled, his cock still in his hand. “You just creamed yourself, man!”

“Epic!” Jason laughed. “You totally cheesed all over Pussy's face! And,” he held up his iPhone, “I filmed it. I'm seeing a nice slo-mo GIF.”

They both laughed as I knelt. I saw myself in the mirror and my face looked like a glazed donut. I glanced down and saw I was still hard, the head of my dick pushing impatiently against my cum-soaked briefs.

Jon slid his own briefs back on and looked at me. He traced his right index and middle fingers across my cheek, scooped up a blob of cum, and placed his fingers to my mouth. “Open up, Kev,” he said.

I obeyed.

“Look at me,” he ordered. “Now suck.”

I groaned as I leaned forward and took the cum-coated fingers into my mouth.

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

I nodded, my face red.


My face was still slick with ball juice when they pulled me to my feet. “Come on,” Jon said as he gestured to the strange looking contraption in the middle of the room. “I hear getting fucked is your favorite part.”

I groaned when he said that and he laughed.

“You know what a fuck bench is, right?” Jason asked Jon as we stood before the metal device. Jon nodded. “Well, this is a modified version”

I gulped. The ‘fuck bench’ was less of a bench and more of a stockade fashioned of tubular steel that rested on the floor and that - from above - looked like a stretched out capital ‘H’ lying on its side. It was about 40 inches long, but the length appeared to be adjustable. Wrist and ankle shackles were soldered to each of the four ends of the ‘H’ and there was a chest pad in the center as well as a collar.

The ‘victim’ was meant to be down on his elbows and knees with his wrists, ankles and neck locked in place. The four ankle and wrist shackles were fixed, but both the collar and chest pad were height adjustable, allowing the ‘victim’ to be put into the optimal position to service or be serviced.

There was also an adjustable and detachable ‘fucking rod’ that screwed into the stockade. It had a clamp to hold a dildo and could either be locked into place or be allowed to move either back and forth or side to side.

Curiously, the chest pad, was also able to slide back and forth, about 18 inches, so the ‘victim’ could conceivably fuck himself on the dildo.

“Come on, let’s get him into place,” Jason said. I must’ve hesitated momentarily because Jon gave my shoulder another gentle squeeze and whispered, “You know you can trust me, right?”

I nodded and then he stripped my briefs off and helped me down into the contraption and Jason explained step by step what he was doing as he locked my wrists, ankles and neck into place. They adjusted both the collar and chest pad so while my wrists and ankles were almost completely immobilized, I was actually relatively comfortable.

When they were finished my face was level with their crotches.

Jason also explained the ‘fucking rod.’ “Like I said, it can move up and down or side to side, but for now I’m going to keep it fixed in place.”

He reached into the backpack and pulled out a long dildo. He held it in front of my face and flipped a small switch. It began to vibrate and I gasped as my cock lurched yet again.

“You like?” Jon asked as he waggled his eyebrows. I nodded.

“It attaches to that clamp on the end of the fuck rod,” Jason said. “This way you’re getting nice and thoroughly fucked when Jon and I need to take a breather.”

Jon picked it up and examined it. “So it vibrates and thrusts, right?” Jason nodded and Jon looked at me. “Just the way you want it, right Kevin?”

I groaned and he once again ruffled my hair. Jason continued, “Don’t worry, you’ll get fucked soon enough. But, first things first. We need to make sure you’re properly prepared. Jon here is going to do the honors.”

“I can’t wait to open you up, Kev,” Jon said. “Work your hole, work the lube in. I bet you’re so tight.”

He walked behind me and I watched in the mirror as he got down on his knees, squirted lube on his fingers and with Jason coaching him, began to gently work it into my hole.

“Oh fuck,” I sighed as Jon’s finger entered my ass for the first time. It was a welcome intruder and I couldn’t wait for more.

“That’s right,” Jason coaxed. “Don’t be afraid to push it all the way in. He likes it all the way in, don’t you?”

I blushed and nodded. I wished Jon would use his tongue instead.

“You have to say it,” Jason said firmly.

“I-I like it all the way in,” I panted.

“Good dawg. Now slide your finger in and out, Jon. That’s right. Just like that. Feel how he’s gripping it?”

“Yeah, wow. Hey Kev, while I get you all prepped back here, why don’t you tell us about that dream you had?”

Parts of the dream had faded but I remembered enough and related it to them between grunts and groans of pleasure as Jon worked his finger in and out of my hole. How Nic and Charlie had worn black dog masks; how they trussed me up with the spreader bar and teased me, refusing at first to touch my cock; how they’d made me smell a man’s dirty black briefs as well as a rag sprayed with Maximum Impact; how Nic ate out my hole while Charlie fed me my own pre-cum; and finally how they’d fucked me with a dildo while masturbating me, only to edge me and deny my orgasm until I finally exploded and sprayed cum everywhere.

At one point during my storytelling, Jon found my prostate, and the smug motherfucker thought he’d have a little fun at my expense because he continued to ring my bell as I told the story, gasping, squealing, squirming and moaning the entire time.

“Are you saying you want me and Jon to wear dog masks like that when we fuck you next time?” Jason asked when I finished, fist-bumping Jon. They were starting to act awfully chummy and I didn’t like it one bit. No matter what Jon thought, I didn’t trust Jason at all.

My face reddened and I bit my lip as I pictured being forced down onto all fours and fucked roughly from behind like a dog...wearing that mask... I shivered and my dick burped another dollop of pre-cum.

“Or do you want to be the one wearing a mask while I’m fucking you?” Jon inquired, smiling idly as he slid a second finger into me. “Because I’ll get one if you want.”

“Oh fuck. Yes, please,” I nodded.

“And you dreamed about sniffing my underwear too, huh?” he asked playfully. “Is that why you were sniffing me like that over there? You like the stink of a sweaty man?”

I nodded again, and when I looked at my reflection in the mirror I was so red-faced! Jon caught my eyes as he continued with a devilish smirk. “Isn’t that kind of pervy, Kev? I mean, you’re a grown man and you’re going around sniffing my dirty undies? You’re not going to steal them and sleep with them under your pillow, are you? Or sell them on eBay?”

“Shut up,” I groaned. He reached around and wrapped his hand around my aching erection. He held it for a moment or two and then gave it a gentle tug.

“Are you embarrassed yet, Kev?” he asked, all boyish innocence, as he continued to fondle me. “Is this getting you off?” When I gasped and nodded he stood and leaned over me, whispering in my ear, “Well, just for you I’m going to wear these briefs to the gym every day until our next boys night.”

My breath hitched and he caught my eyes in the mirror again as he slid a third finger inside me. I grunted. Oh fuck, Jon had three fingers inside me and I was basking in the incredible feeling of him stretching my hole.

“Oh yeah, Kev,” he continued, “there’s going to be a next time. Lots of next times. I’m going to get one of these fuck bench things, too. But no chemical enhancements because I’m going to teach you to submit to this all on your own.”

“Oh God,” I groaned.

“Well, maybe we’ll have poppers because I can tell how much you like them,” he said and I sighed contentedly at that. “Jason said something else about how you were getting off on sniffing some guy’s pits? Said you were slurping away?”

I groaned again at the memory. “Oh God.”

“I didn’t know you liked it dirty, Kev. Rough, yeah, but dirty too? Nice.” He smacked my ass and I yelped. He just growled.

“Hey, maybe after the gym we can find a quiet place in the locker room and you can give my pits a nice tongue bath?”

I thought I was going to shoot right there.

“Okay, he’s ready for you, Jason,” Jon said, pulling his fingers out of my hole and giving my ass another firm slap. I jumped again.

Jon slid over and Jason picked up the dildo and secured it to the fuck rod. Jon squirted more lube onto his hands and coated the rubber dong with a thick layer before Jason slid it into my ass. There was a bit of a burn and I grunted and cried out as my channel accommodated it’s girth. I was strapped down and unable to move, but when Jon gave me another hit of poppers, I found that moving was the last thing I wanted to do.

“Unnhhh,” I moaned as the rubber dick buzzed my hole. “Ohhhnnngghhh...:” It was an intense, indescribable feeling and I had no frame of reference to compare it to. It just felt so fucking good! I was never going to be able to put my phone on vibrate again without getting an instant boner.

“Damn, that’s fucking awesome,” Jon said as he stared at my flexing, clenching ass cheeks. He was squeezing his dick through his briefs. “It’s like his hole is clamping onto it or something.”

I let out a grunt and he looked at me. “How about we plug both your holes, Kev? You like that idea?”

I moaned and a big smile lit up his face. He stepped in front of me and wiggled his hips seductively, rubbing his brief-clad crotch back and forth over my face, teasing me. He lowered his underwear, tucked the elastic under his balls, and slid his thick eight inches inside my waiting mouth.

“Come on, Kev, show me what a good cocksucker you are,” he urged. I looked up at him and blushed, my dick bobbing up and down.

“You like it when I call you a cocksucker?” he asked. I moaned as I slobbered up and down the length of his hard shaft.

“I wonder what the guys back at the precinct would think if they knew you liked to suck dick?” he asked idly, his eyes twinkling. “If they knew what an incredible cocksucker you are? Or Kristen? I bet she’d get off on it, huh?”

Visions of Kristen fucking my mouth or ass wearing a strap-on and her black patent leather pumps filled my vision. But as hot as those thoughts were, right now I didn’t think anything could compare to Jon using my mouth this way at this moment. It was absolutely intoxicating.

The more he talked the more I wanted to worship his dick. I took it down to the root, loving the smell of his bush and the way it tickled my nose. I sucked and gently nibbled the flared head, delving my tongue into the piss slit.

“Oh shit, you’re so good at this,” Jon gasped, his knees buckling slightly, and I found I was both shamed and gratified by his praise.

“What about your family?” he went on. “Sure, they’re fine with Jamie being gay, but what would they think if they found out you got your kicks by getting fucked and humiliated? Hell, I can hear your nephews now: ‘Uncle Kevin,’” - he mimicked in a high-pitched voice - “‘are you a cocksucker?’”

My jaw dropped and his dick slipped from my mouth. “Oh fuck,” I groaned. My nephews?!

“Does that embarrass you, Kev?” he asked, playfully taunting me. “I was wondering because your dick sure is hard! If I didn’t know better, I’d think maybe you were liking this!”

I started to say something but he interrupted, “Whoah, and your lips are all puffy. Is that from sucking my dick? Ha! Kev’s got cocksucker lips!”

My mouth dropped open again and he slid his turgid shaft back in and began to fuck my mouth slow and easy for a while, gently carding his fingers through my hair as he continued to talk.

After a few minutes he tapped me on the nose and I looked up. “I was right, wasn’t I?” he asked. “You need this. You need to be used and taken control of. You need to be managed. You need me to manage you.”

I nodded and his thrusts became a bit more forceful. “I think I can handle that.”

Hearing him say that flipped some kind of switch inside me and my balls still tightened up. “Mmmpph...unhhh...mmmpphhh!!”

“You’re not gonna spooge all over me, are you, Kev?” he asked as he pulled out and jumped back.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned, humiliated. He laughed and shoved his cock back in.

“I know you liked being my partner before, Kev,” he said as he resumed fucking my mouth, “but you’re going to love it now. You get to get fucked whenever you need. Hell, whenever you want, too. Well,” he amended, “I can’t fuck you all the time, so I was thinking of having you wear a butt plug to work every day.”


“Yeah, a butt plug. You can put it in before you leave home in the mornings and take it out when you get home. Jason suggested a cock cage too, but I like seeing your big boner all day.”

I looked at him and he pulled out of my mouth.

“Oh yeah, I’ve noticed,” he said. “You can’t miss it. Boy Scouts could camp under that tent.”

“Jesus,” I groaned and hung my head. The idea of me putting in a butt plug and wearing it while Jon and I were interviewing witnesses or interrogating suspects was making me lightheaded. And then while at the gym? Hot and sweaty from a workout or a sparring session? Oh fuck!

“In fact,” he said as he grabbed my hair and lifted my head so he could shove his dick back into my mouth, “as an early Christmas present, I think I’m going to buy you some new suits. Slim fit ones that will show off your trim, tight ass and that boner of yours. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Mmmppphh,” I moaned and he laughed, ruffling my hair as he pressed my dirty briefs to my nose. Fuck!

“Speaking of briefs,” he said. “You’re going to have to ditch those cheap-ass Hanes you wear. I don’t care if they’re the premium ones. We’re going to put you in some nice Calvin Kleins or something.”

I gave him an affronted look and he laughed at me.

“Okay,” he said a few minutes later. “I think it’s time for the main event.” He slowly eased his cock out of my mouth. “You ready to take all of this, Kev?”

My eyes widened as he pushed his briefs down and kicked them off. He took himself in hand and began to stroke. “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”

I stared at his dick. This was actually happening.

Jason freed the dildo from my ass and I was surprised by the sudden feeling of emptiness I experienced, both physically and emotionally.

“Um, where’s the condom?” Jon asked when Jason handed him the lube, pinning him with a no-nonsense stare. “I’m not barebacking.”

Jason smiled and held out a foil-wrapped packet. “Such a Boy Scout,” he sighed.

Jon rolled his eyes and took the condom. “Hey Kev, do you want to watch me put on the rubber?”

Jason bent down to pick up Jon’s briefs before I had a chance to answer. “Hey, what’re you doing?” Jon asked sharply.

“Relax, man,” Jason said easily as he pulled Jon’s briefs down over my head. “He likes this.”

I closed my eyes and groaned in humiliated appreciation and inhaled as Jason adjusted the underwear so the front panel where Jon’s sweaty cock and balls had been nestling for the past two days was covering my nose and mouth.

“Oh fucking hell, that’s maybe the BEST thing I’ve ever seen,” Jon said. “Wait-- are you sniffing them, Kev?”

I opened my eyes and looked up at him.

“Oh fuck,” he said slowly, disbelievingly. “That’s so nasty! You’re so fucking dirty. I love it!”

I couldn’t help myself and I groaned again.

“I need you to get me hard, Kev,” he said as he lifted the briefs up over my mouth. “Open up.”

“You look pretty hard to me,” Jason pointed out.

Jon chuckled and then flashed me a shit-eating grin as he slid back into my waiting mouth. “Oh, I never have a problem getting hard or staying hard. I just wanted to see what Kev’s reaction would be.”

He gently thrust his hips back and forth before pulling out. Then he slowly rolled the condom down his hard length and slathered it with the lubricant.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve done this,” he said as he stood behind me, smoothing his hands down the small of my back to my hips.

Even though the dildo hadn’t been out of me for that long and I’d been sufficiently prepped, I knew I was still tight and I braced for the coming invasion.

But Jon took his time, brushing the head of his cock back and forth against my hole. The friction, the tease of pressure, felt very good, and my sphincter muscle began a funny fluttering in time with the pounding in my heart.

“Hey, your asshole is winking at me,” Jon said, trying to smother a chuckle. “Hellooooo!!!”

“Dammit, Eckert,” I whined. “Just do it already. Fuck me!”

“Bossy motherfucker, aintcha?” He pushed in then gasped. “Oh my God, Kev! You’re so fucking tight.”

He’d seated himself and was holding still to let my body get used to his size, and as much as I wanted him to just start fucking me, I appreciated the care he was taking with me.

After several long seconds he began to tentatively thrust his hips. “Oh fuck, Jon! Fuck!” I cried out as my partner fucked me.

He gripped my flanks and quickly found his stride. Apparently it was like riding a bike.

He settled into a steady rhythm, fucking my ass deeply with each thrust into me. My mouth fell open and I began to moan. As Jon picked up the pace my groans began to get increasingly louder.

Jason grabbed my soiled briefs and wadded them up, making sure the cum-filled pouch was on top, and shoved them in my mouth. I nearly gagged on my own salty sweet coagulating cum.

“Good idea,” Jon grunted approvingly. “Don’t want all my parents’ rich Republican friends hearing you getting made like some kind of whore.”

“Oh God.” My cock throbbed.

All of a sudden Jon pulled out, grabbed his phone and took a picture of me and then a selfie of the two of us. I didn’t even have time to react, too stunned by his ridiculous stunt, before he was back behind me, lining up his cock with my entrance.

“I’ll text those to you later,” he said as he winked and pushed back into me. “But you should change your passcode so Kristen can’t go through your pictures!”

The hell?!

Jon wasn’t going to last. Even though he’d already come once tonight, I could feel how close to the edge he was. And as if he also knew the end was fast approaching, he did what Jason had done that Sunday morning and changed the angle of his thrusts, hoping to time our releases together.

“Oh, I’m gonna come, Kev, I’m gonna come!”

“Mmmpph...unghhh...mmmpphhh...NNGGGHHH!!!!” I began to come, my dick shooting ropes of cum across the floor like silly string.

My nostrils were flared and I was panting hard as I watched in the mirror as Jon’s orgasm ripped through him. His eyes rolled back as his face contorted into a mask of blissed out pleasure. When he opened his mouth I expected a roar, but nothing came out except inarticulate nonsense.

I actually felt the condom filling as he shot his massive load into it, his cock pulsing and throbbing deep within me. He collapsed onto my back, sweat sealing our bodies together, and he wrapped an arm around me.

“Fuck. Kev. That was...amazing,” he gasped out as his chest heaved, and I agreed. When he finally caught his breath he began to giggle realizing I’d been muffing out my appreciation through the dirty briefs.

“Damn,” he whispered. “So damn good.”

He stood slowly, carefully easing himself out of me. He stripped off the condom, tied it off, and went into the bathroom to dispose of it.

The moment he was gone, Jason slunk over with his backpack. “We need to make sure to keep Kevin hydrated,” he called over his shoulder to Jon as he took a small bottle of water from his backpack and opened it.

“Good idea,” Jon replied from the bathroom where I could hear him washing his hands. Jason knelt next to me, his shirtless physique purposely blocking me from Jon’s view, and with a snarky grin dropped a tiny white pill into the water. It dissolved immediately. Then, with the running water masking any sound it would make, he took an aerosol canister of Maximum Impact from his bag, doused a rag with it, and before I could protest or think about doing anything to alert Jon, pressed it against my nose.

The effect was almost immediate, and as the familiar high assaulted my senses, sweeping away all coherent thought, I felt the briefs pulled from my mouth, my chin tipped up, and the drug-laced water poured down my throat. He covered my mouth with one hand and stroked my throat to make me swallow. Then, instead of putting my briefs back in my mouth, he held up what looked like a black dick on a leather strap, inserted the rubber penis in my mouth, and fastened the strap behind my head.

He used my briefs to wipe up the puddle of come that had pooled beneath me, got to his feet and slipped the dildo back into my ass. He slapped my butt hard with his open palm and switched the dildo on.

“Unnnhhhh...mmmppphhh…” I moaned as familiar currents of pleasure darted up and down my spine again, causing my dick to swell and throb and my ass to tingle.

As my body lurched and spasmed from the perverse pleasure, I saw Jon had come back into the bedroom. He was looking at me, smiling, and asked Jason what was in my mouth, laughing when he explained, “I thought he might miss having something to suck on.”

My eyes rolled up and everything else was forgotten except for how amazing the dildo thrusting and vibrating in my hole felt.


I don’t know how long I was space out - whatever was in the water had hit me and sent me flying high -  but the next time I opened my eyes, Jon was dressed, had brought the Sailor Jerry and Dr. Pepper to the room, and was making a drink for Jason and himself. From the way they were laughing and carrying on, I didn’t think this was their first cocktail.

I could feel my rock-hard cock drooling a steady stream of pre-cum and didn’t realize I was moaning until I heard Jason chuckle. “How’s our bitch doing over there?” he asked.

Jon came over and knelt in front of me. He looked into my eyes and smiled. “How’re you doing, Buddy? Feeling okay?” His breath smelled strongly of spiced rum and he looked a little drunk.


“Looks like you zoned out for a while there,” he was saying.


“Yeah, your new gag is pretty awesome, huh?” he interrupted.


“I can’t understand what you’re saying,” he said.

“I think he’s asking for more of these,” Jason interjected, pulling a fresh bottle of poppers from his backpack.  

Jon glanced briefly over his shoulder and nodded. “I think you’re right.”

Jason rose from the chaise and passed the poppers to Jon, placing them in his outstretched hand. As he sat back down I saw his other hand pass over Jon’s still full glass on the writing desk, pausing for just the tiniest fraction of a second.

Even in my addled state, a faint alarm bell rang out. I tried to get Jon’s attention but he was preoccupied with trying to remove the protective plastic seal from the little brown bottle. When he had it off and the bottle opened, he covered my left nostril with his thumb and pressed the poppers to the right one. Immediately my fucking Pavlovian response triggered and I snorted deeply.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned into my gag as I sailed back into the stratosphere, all thoughts of alarm gone.


I blinked back to the present and watched as Jason uncapped a bottle of poppers, take a quick sniff and hold them out to Jon who was sitting on the chaise watching me.  

“Nah, I’m good,” Jon said, and I thought I detected a bit of a slur in his voice. He looked down at the half-empty glass in his hand, frowned at it slightly, then shrugged and took another drink.

“Oh quit being a pussy like your boy over there,” Jon goaded, playfully slapping Jon’s thigh.

Jon snorted a laugh, spraying his drink all over his jeans. He was looking increasingly sluggish and out of it and I thought I shouted something like, “Watch out, Jon!” but I guess the sound I made was more of a mumble than a shout, because he didn’t react, hell, he didn’t even resist when Jason slid next to him, put the poppers to his nose and ordered him to inhale deeply.

“Yeah, that’s it, Johnny Boy,” Jason cooed encouragingly as Jon sniffed without realizing what was going on. Jason quickly switched the bottle to the other nostril and told him to inhale again. He did this two more times in each nostril, and as my eyes slid shut once again, I thought I heard a contented moan slip from Jon’s lips.


I must’ve been more out of it that I thought because the next time I opened my eyes I was confused at what I saw. Jason had his arm around a now-shirtless, glassy-eyed Jon, and was holding a rag over his nose and mouth. No, not a rag… What was--? Oh shit, it was my dirty, cum-soaked briefs! Jon must’ve realized too late something was wrong because he was weakly trying to twist away as he moaned soft protests into the soiled underwear covering his face. But Jason just sprayed more of the Maximum Impact onto the briefs and pressed them against Jon’s nose and mouth.

Jon’s eyes began to flutter and he stopped struggling. Jason dropped the briefs, picked up the half-empty drink, and put it to Jon’s soft, full lips, coaxing him to swallow as he poured the remaining contents into his mouth.

“Oh yeah, drink it all down, Johnny Boy,” he urged as he tipped Jon’s head back. Jon moaned and gurgled as some of the amber liquid dribbled down his chin to his chest.

He set the glass down and grabbed Jon roughly by his thick brown hair, holding his head until their faces were just inches apart. “Heh, looks like you’re gonna bottom now, you fucking Boy Scout,” he snarled as Jon stared vacantly ahead.

He glanced over at me and winked, smiling a cobra’s smile as he eased a now compliant and unresisting Jon off the chaise and down to his knees on the floor in front of him. “Somebody should’ve reminded Eckert here never to leave your drink unattended.”


I was floating on my drug-fueled cloud when Jason’s harsh voice brought me crashing down to earth.

“Oh yeah, take that motherfucking piece of meat down your cocksucking throat, you slut!”

I dragged my eyes open and squinted at the scene in front of me. Jon was on his knees and his pants were open and pushed down. His briefs were bulging - Christ, his erection was fucking humongous! - and the black cotton fabric was slick and shiny with his pre-cum. Jason was standing over him stark naked, his toned, muscled body sheened in sweat. His fingers were fisted in Jon’s hair and he was roughly fucking his slack mouth. Drool and Jason’s viscous pre-cum dribbled over Jon’s lips and chin as he moaned like the slut Jason was turning him into.

My dick throbbed painfully as I watched with a mix of fascination and rapt horror as Jason pulled out, slapped Jon’s face repeatedly with his dick, and then shoved all the way back in, one hand still holding Jon by the hair and the other on the back of his head forcing him forward. Jon started to gag and it looked as if he might choke on the fat, dripping cock, until Jason pulled out and began to skull fuck him again.

It was the hottest fucking thing I’d ever seen, maybe because there was something that just touched some unknown button in my psyche, seeing my rugged, straight-as-an-arrow, pussy-loving cop partner thoroughly dominated and sucking another cop’s boner. A dirty cop’s boner, at that. It was a goddamn porn flick fantasy come to life except no fuck film ever came with the kind of memorably funky pheromones that this one did.

The air reeked of cum, sex, and sweaty male ass. And then, when Jason made Jon take his load on his tongue the way he’d done to me earlier, dick-slapping him and ordering him not to spill a drop - which Jon, that motherfucking champ didn’t! - I thought my cock was going to burst!


I don’t know how long I was out, but when I opened my eyes again I was disoriented for a few moments until I realized I was still in the stocks but the dildo that had been happily dancing in my ass all evening had apparently run out of juice.

I heard moaning and turned my head. Jon was on the bed now, naked and on his back with his arms splayed out over his head, the unruly tufts of hair in his pits sopping with pungent sweat. His legs were up over Jason’s shoulders and Jason was pounding furiously into him, fucking him with the same, earth-shattering intensity he’d fucked me with that Monday morning.

Jon’s head was turned to the side facing me, but I wasn’t sure if he was looking at me or if he was seeing anything at all. His eyes looked glazed and his pupils were blown, and I wasn’t sure, but I thought there was a faint smile on his face. Over Jason’s animal grunts as he continued to peg Jon’s gland, I could hear a throaty, guttural hum coming from Jon’s slightly parted lips.

Jon’s dick was fully erect, and it bobbed and weaved with every powerful thrust of Jason’s massive cock into his once-virgin asshole. I couldn’t look away. I was mesmerized by the piston-like motions of Jason’s hips as they thrust in and out of Jon’s hole, and the slap, slap, slap of his hairy balls as they bounced off Jon’s smooth, tight ass.

Jon began to moan and grunt louder and with only a slight break in his rhythm, Jason grabbed my slimy, cum-sogged briefs and shoved them into Jon’s mouth to muffle the sound. He resumed hammering away at Jon’s ass and a few minutes later Jon arched his back, shuddered, and began to come, crying out into his gag as his cock shot thick, pearly ribbons of semen into the air in wild arcs, splashing down onto his heaving chest and flash-flooding into the deep canyon separating his sweaty, sculpted pecs. An involuntary gasp escaped my mouth and I realized I was coming too. Jason looked over at me and his smirk was both diabolical and gloating.

“Don’t you worry Pussy-boy, I’ve got plenty for both of you,” he said as he pulled out of Jon’s ass. His cock was huge, curved like a tusk carved from solid ivory, and was slick with Jon’s ass sweat and his own seminal fluid. I swallowed as I remembered again how it felt to be speared by that hard, magnificent pole and then fucked mercilessly for what felt like hours on end.

He gave his cock a couple of quick tugs before he almost casually flipped a totally dazed, defeated and mind-blown Jon over onto his stomach, pushed him up onto his knees and elbows, and roughly slammed back in in one fierce and vicious stroke all the way to the hilt, the lush jungle of his gnarled pubic bush flattening into Jon’s ass crack. And as he again began to propel his hips in and out of Jon’s battered hole in savage, dominating strokes, he grabbed Jon by the hair and yanked his head back, pulled the acrid, spit-soaked briefs from his mouth, and shouted, “Yeah, I’ve got more than enough for both of you, isn’t that right, Bottom Slut?”

“Ye-e-esss!!” Jon sobbed loudly, pleading for more, completely conquered and humiliated, as Jason continued to rock his hips into his ravaged hole, plundering and taking whatever he wanted.

Almost The End

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