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The Violators
Chapter 2 - Guard Duty
By Steve Sierran

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This is a work of fiction. The behaviors described in this story are both immoral and illegal. This story is written for entertainment purposes only. The characters depicted are completely fictional. Tell me what you think:

Max, with his hefty frame squeezed into the old Dodge truck, drove through the dock front, weaving slowly between the old abandoned warehouses and various buildings that made up this forgotten section of the city. Now, the only activity that took place down here were the occasional ship loadings or the drug deals. Max did know of one other thing, the reason for his solo journey without Joe. He didn't know the guy's name, but he knew he was going to be worth the effort.

Greg was absolutely depressed. He had lost his job only two months ago, and unable to find anything else, he had to resort to this stupid security guard job.

The uniform he had to wear consisted of navy blue pants, a sky blue short sleeve shirt and a navy blue nylon jacket with security stitched in huge white letters on the back. The pants were too tight, and Greg was constantly pulling at the back, trying to pull the pants back out of his ass crack. Greg stood only 5'5", and weighed about 160 lbs. As a receiver in high school football, he had developed a firm and defined body, which still showed. His light brown hair and mustache were neat and trimmed, and his blue eyes sparkled when he smiled. His wife and two kids were extremely unhappy with the hours he had to keep, but Greg had to feed his family.

Although he was bonded, Greg wasn't licensed for a fire arm, so all he had to protect himself was a night stick and his radio. The radio linked him to a larger transmitter which boosted his signal and sent it to the company offices 3 miles away. Finishing his coffee, Greg picked up his radio, his night stick and his flashlight and headed out into the 3 warehouse section that was his to monitor for the evening. It was already 10 o'clock and the night was chilly and extremely dark with no stars shining through the clouds.

Max parked his truck behind an empty and rusted cargo container. He quickly climbed out and shut the door gently, making next to no noise. He was a big man, but moved with the grace of a cat when he was on the hunt like he was right now. Moving in like this gave him such a rush. It was almost like an addiction.

Greg walked out of his office, not bothering to lock it behind him. He hadn't so much as busted a rat crawling around the building since he started working here and this had lulled him into a sense of security that was about to be violated. Walking slowly down the main room of the first warehouse, Greg turned on his flashlight and whistled softly as he moved. A dark figure moved across the hallway behind him, and slipped into the office.

Max waited until Greg made his first turn and was out of sight of the office, then he slipped inside the tiny room and unplugged the relay transmitter. The guard would now be unable to call for help. Max slipped back out of the office and disappeared into the shadows of the alcove right next to the office entrance.

30 minutes later, Greg made his way back into the first building and wandered back to the office. He yawned and stretched for a second then reached for the doorknob. Max pounced.

Grabbing Greg by his hair and by his right arm, Max smashed Greg's face into the door frame. Max reached under the jacket and pulled the nightstick from it's ring on the belt and spun Greg around. Greg pulled his radio from it's holster and called out the emergency code, but received no response. Looking up at his attacker, Greg saw the man grin and swing the nightstick smashing the radio out of his hand and scattering it's pieces across the floor. Max swung again, this time driving the stick forward and into Greg's abdomen, driving all the wind out of his lungs and doubling him over.

Greg couldn't believe the pain in his gut, and staggered, stars jumped around his field of vision.

Why the fuck was this happening? The warehouses were nearly empty and there was nothing truly valuable anywhere. His attacker grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and pulled him upright. Greg knew what was coming and tried to get his arms up to defend himself, but was simply too late. The series of 5 punches landed on or around his face.

Max pulled the unconscious man closer to him, examining his attractive features, despite the bruises and cuts he had just inflicted upon him. Max still held him by the collar, and felt the excitement growing. He pulled the guard into the office and quickly dragged him to the big oak desk. Shoving everything aside, to make room, Max threw him on top of the desk face up and quickly went to work, pulling the jacket off and removing the heavy leather belt from his soon to be victim.

Greg's arms were pulled over his head and the belt was used to tie them together. The ring that held the nightstick was hooked on the latch of the main drawer, and kept his arms in place. Max ran his hands over Greg's firm chest, feeling the pecs, the abs and the waist of this fine looking man. Grabbing the blue shirt at the button line, Max yanked it apart, the buttons flying everywhere, exposing Greg's pale, hairless chest with his brown quarter size nipples, firm muscles and smooth skin.

Max wasted no time in mauling the unconscious man's chest, tugging at his nipples and biting his flesh.

Max moved up to his neck and bit at him there, sucking hard enough to leave a series of marks on both sides; something for his wife to question him about. Max then pulled Greg's head up and kissed him roughly, forcing his lips and jaw apart and invading his mouth with his tongue.

The stimulation brought Greg back, and after struggling to regain his bearings, realized that robbery was not the crime being committed here.

"Why are you doing this to me? I've got a family, please let me go." Greg was finally able to get the words out as the fog in his head gradually began to clear.

Max did not respond, instead he bit Greg's left nipple fiercly, causing Greg to cry out in pain. Max reached down to the blue slacks and rubbed Greg's groin, feeling the tightly held cock and balls under the synthetic fabric.

Greg tried to pull his arms down to protect himself, and realized he was bound. Greg instead pulled his legs up and tried to curl, while pushing and kicking at Max. Max literally growled and snatched an ankle in each of his hands, and pulled himself inbetween, smashing his weight on Greg's exposed groin and then throwing a powerful punch back into his exposed abs.

Greg's struggling immediately ceased, as he cried in pain and tried again to curl up, only to be held in place by Max's huge hands.

Fighting to regain his breath, Greg felt Max's hands slide down his stomach to his waist band. Max unbuttoned the slacks and slid the zipper down.

Pulling the sides apart, Greg's fully packed groin was pushed up, encased in the thin white cotton of his briefs. Greg recovered enough to speak, "Please don't do this. Please, I'm not like this, I'm not a faggot."

Max finally broke his silence, "I know you're not a faggot, that's why I want you." Max buried his face into Greg's groin and began biting at the hidden shaft, rubbing his tongue across the fabric and feeling the outline of his cock and the edge of the tip.

Greg shut his eyes, praying silently. Despite the pain in his stomach, his cock was getting hard. This shouldn't be happening to him, but he was completely powerless to stop it. Finally opening his eyes and looking down, he saw the huge man licking him, and shuddered as he saw the man's two huge hands grasp the fly of his underwear and in one quick move shredded the cloth, causing his 4 inch semi-hard cock to flop free. His curly brown pubic hair and his smooth sack with his two large balls were exposed to the cool air in the office. Greg dropped his head back down and closed his eyes as he felt the other man's tongue slide along his cock and lick his scrotum.

Max was enthralled. This guy's cock was great, nice and hefty with a pronounced head. His balls were good size and Max wasted no time in slipping them into his mouth and rolling them around one at a time. Max wrapped his hand around the guard's shaft and within just a few pulls had Greg at a full erection, topping out at just under 7 inches, with a nice girth. Max slipped the head into his mouth and carefully allowed the shaft to slide over his lips, reaching the back of his mouth and then relaxing his throat until his nose reached the man's pubic hair. Still sliding his tongue around, Max used every bit of cock-sucking skill to manipulate and stimulate his victim.

Greg couldn't believe the sensations. He had never had anyone take him so deeply, or make him feel like this. Though he tried to ignore what was happening, he simply couldn't deny the intensity. His breathing became deeper and faster. His cock was getting harder, and he thought that wasn't even possible. The man was rubbing his balls as he worked him over, and despite his trauma, Greg knew he was going to come soon.

Max loved it. This guy was completely under his control, and although he was trying, Max knew he wouldn't be able to resist for long. Max felt the shaft getting harder, and quickened his actions. The guard suddenly shuddered and huge blasts covered Max' throat. Max swallowed it down and pulled off to watch the last few shots pump out of the hard tool. Max used his hand to rub the shaft and coat the entire thing with his warm load. The guard's cock was starting to lose it's rigidity as Max slid his hand to the base and began slapping it from thigh to thigh.

Max spoke again, "For a straight guy, you sure do enjoy head from a faggot. Of course from the size of that load, you apparently don't get much action from the wife."

Greg was still breathing heavy and fast from the huge release, but barked back at him, "Fuck you! You've had your fun, now let me out of here!" Greg began struggling with the belt holding his arms over his head.

Max leaned down over the nearly naked man, keeping a hand on his exposed and softening cock, and pressing his face right against the side of Greg's mouth and then whispering, "No wonder you don't get any action, once you're spent, you think the evening's over. Now it's my turn to get off."

Greg's blood turned to ice. He didn't want to suck this guy's cock, and said as much, "You put that dick in my mouth and I swear to God, I'll bite it off."

"As much as I would love to fuck your face, there are other areas that you can't defend as well as your mouth."

Greg was confused for a second, but then realized what the man was talking about and began thrashing and kicking, but not landing a hit with his legs, and barely moving due to Max's heavy frame holding him down. Greg began to beg, "No, please don't do this.

Please let me go. I've never done this. Please, for the love of god, don't do this."

"Keep fighting, boy. I like it when they struggle."Max pulled his fist back to land another punch, but thought again, and instead grabbed Greg's legs and in one quick move, flipped him over, smashing Greg's exposed cock on the edge of the desk.

"What can I do to convince you not to do this?Please, just let me go." Greg still tried to struggle, but it was much more difficult in this position, plus his cock hurt.

Max was done talking and pushed Greg's legs apart and soaked in the view. Greg's waist was just on the desk, and his legs barely touched the floor, pushing his rounded ass up into the air. The navy blue pants were stretched tight, and Max caught himself actually drooling.

He ran his hands up the back of the guard's thighs and stroked the tight globes under the cloth. Reaching into his pocket, Max pulled out his pocket knife, flipped open the blade and sliced through the waist band. Tossing the knife aside, Max took a firm grip on each side of the cut and slowly ripped the pants apart. The tearing sound made Max's cock jump inside his jeans. He watched as the white underwear was exposed. Feeling his desire escalating, Max snarled as he grabbed the white cotton and shredded it, exposing the guard's pale smooth ass. Only a few sparse hairs grew from his crack. The skin was unblemished and soft, but the bubble butt was hard and so firm. Max' hands rubbed over both cheeks, stroking and squeezing. Max leaned down and sniffed right at the deep crack, enjoying the slightly sweaty scent and then drug his tongue right down the crack from the top to the spot where his thighs met his cheeks.

Gregg didn't know what to do. He couldn't get any leverage, and he was fairly sure that he couldn't escape. His mind was racing, but with his arms tied up, there was no way he could do anything to defend himself. It was at this point that he felt his underwear being torn and the man's hands touching his butt. He felt his emotions spiraling out of control and had to restrain himself from crying. At that point, he felt the man's tongue run down his crack, and the wet touch made him shiver.

Max kneeled behind his prey and with both hands pulled the cheeks apart, and ran his tongue again into the man's ass crack, burying his face and finally finding the puckered entrance that he craved. He worked it over, sliding his tongue teasingly and then more and more forcefully, wetting the entrance and eventually wiggling his way inside, but just a little bit. As he withdrew, Max ran his tongue over the smooth cheeks and bit them teasingly, sometimes forcefully and leaving tiny bruises for him to again explain to the wife.

Max stood up and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, hauling out his thick cock which was already completely hard, and after spitting on it several times, sidled up to the naked ass exposed for him and laid his cock along the curve of his crack.

Greg freaked out. The tongue was bad enough, but now he knew what was resting across his rear. It felt hot against his skin, and it also felt huge. Greg tried to kick free again, and was rewarded with a punch to his kidney.

Max pulled back, slid his cock up and down the moist, slightly hairy passage and then forced his meat into the crevice, homing in on the guard's hole. With a menacing smile on his face, Max drove forward, slowly, but relentlessly, driving his thick cock into the man's virgin hole and finding passage into the hot canal.

"No, mister, please don't do this to me, please stop." Gregg was pleading as he felt the hot tip of the man's dick slide down and hone in on his asshole.

When the unrelenting pressure began, Gregg screamed, "Noooooooooooooooooooooo!" The pain was overwhelming. It was like a pain he had never known. His stomach knotted and his mouth watered from the intensity. He felt as though a cannon was being shoved up him. It hurt so insanely bad, he couldn't even think about fighting back. He felt so full in his rectum, he tried to push out, but that only made the process easier for his attacker. Finally, the man stopped and Greg's tears began to stream down his face as he realized that the scratchy feeling on his cheeks was this man's pubic hair. He was all the way inside.

Greg's mind reeled and he finally just collapsed, surrendering because he had no choices left.

Max was reveling. He loved this, taking what he wanted, being denied nothing, feeling this straight man's tight hole gripping his cock so completely. Max shoved the man's shirt up his back and drug his nails down the guard's smooth back, finally taking firm grip of the man's hips and then began his in and out motion, fucking the man for all he was worth. Max picked up a slow rhythm, but began to increase the tempo as his victim finally relaxed and accepted the assault. Nothing quite like bare backing, particularly a man with as sweet an ass as this one.

Max slapped the man's ass cheeks occasionally as he continued to grind his groin into him.

The pain was finally diminishing, but Greg was pretty sure that his ass hole would never be the same again, stretched to a limit that it was never designed for.

Then he felt something else, something pleasurable as his attackers motions began to massage his prostate.

Greg felt his cock begin to harden again. His breathing began to run deep again. This couldn't be possible, he was getting turned on. Fucking-A, this guy was turning him queer!

Max felt a change, and slipped his hand under the man's hips and freed his trapped cock which was rapidly growing hard. Max leaned over the man, and whispered again into his ear as he continued to plow him in the ass, "Looks like you're more of a faggot than you thought, cunt."

Greg buried his head into his arm, as the tears flowed freely now from the corners of his eyes.

Max pounded away, relishing the sensations and stroking the man's cock at the same time. Timing his release, Max waited until he felt the man's cock swell to it's steel-hard condition, and then released deep inside him as the man's own cock released it's second impressive load of the evening.

Greg felt the climax of the man as he came at the same time. Greg lay silently, trying to mask his heavy breathing and his sobbing. The man lay on top of him sweating through his shirt, and still rubbing his ass as the cock up his ass began to shrink and finally slid free. Greg felt the cool air circle his hole and seemingly filled him. Greg was sure his ass would never close back up again. The muscles began to spasm as they tried to contract.

Max pulled himself off of his victim and after wiping his cock on the man's shirt and back, turned, looked around and picked up the nightstick and a roll of duct tape. Max rubbed the rounded end of the nightstick in the man's cum and then inserted it into the man's exposed ass. He then used the duct tape to make sure it wouldn't slip free.

Greg felt the intrusion and began to beg again, "Please, stop what you're doing to me, please have mercy."

"What's the matter, faggot, don't want anyone to know your ugly little secret? Well, I can guarantee that everyone will know."

Max prepared to leave, but before doing so, plugged the transmitter back in and brought the microphone over to Greg's face. "I'm going to turn this on, and you'll be able to call for help. But, I'm going to leave your nightstick up your ass. That will be a constant reminder to you that your life will never again be the same."

With that said, Max turned on the microphone and slipped away. Greg sobbed for a moment, and then spoke softly, "Unit 12 to base, I need assistance."

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