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The Violators
Chapter 1 - Codes
By Steve Sierran

This is a work of fiction. The behaviors described in this story are both immoral and illegal. This story is written for entertainment purposes only. The characters depicted are completely fictional. If you wish to post this work elsewhere, please request permission first. Tell me what you think:

Robert stood 6 feet tall and had dark brown hair cut short with a matching goatee also trimmed short. His eyes were blue with long dark lashes. His frame was average size, but his body was lean with powerful muscles from years of working on the factory floor. He hated the job, but without a high school diploma really couldn…t pursue anything more advanced. Robert was about a week away from his 30th birthday, and the event was bothering him more as it drew closer. It wasn…t so much growing old as it was the fact that he was alone. Robert knew he wasn…t the brightest guy on the planet, and his smart ass mouth had gotten him into trouble a couple of times in the past, but for whatever reason, he couldn…t make a relationship with a woman last more than a few dates.

Stumbling home from the bar alone again at 3 in the morning, Robert knew that he had pushed the envelope on this night.

He simply couldn…t stay away from Vodka, no matter how hard he tried, he would end up drinking straight shots by the end of the evening, and then would drag himself home to pass out and probably end up late for work. Unknown to Robert, however was that tonight was going to turn out very different.

Max and Joe had been watching Robert in the Crazy Horse as he drank himself into oblivion. Max was a big construction worker with a solid belly, huge muscles, plenty of hair and a laugh that frightened small children. Joe was much taller, but worked construction with Max and had powerful arms and legs. He was always in the background behind Max, but shared the appreciation of darker activities.

At one point, Max had jabbed his elbow into Joe…s side and nodded towards Robert who was sagging on his bar stool. His blue jeans were molded nicely around his solid ass, and his t-shirt was tight against his lean frame, but his head kept falling forward as the alcohol began taking deadly effect.

Joe and Max rose from their seats and proceeded to leave, waiting for the intoxicated target to leave the bar.

Now, Max and Joe were following their prey at about 10 yards, and were silent in their hunt. Robert was completely unaware.

Robert reached his porch and while climbing the three steps up, tripped and fell flat onto the porch floor. Robert failed to move any further. The porch was enclosed and the screen door remained open with Roberts feet sticking out.

He had finally lost consciousness.

Max and Joe closed the final distance, checked around for others then made their move. Within seconds both men bounded up the stairs, grabbed Rob by both arms and drug him into the porch. The screen door swung shut as the two men made sure Robert was down for the count and went to work.

Rolling Robert onto his back, Joe pulled his arms up over his head and tied his wrists together and then tied them to the base of the heavy wooden couch that sat at the end of the room. Max straddled Robert…s body and then crouched down, sitting over the unconscious man…s thighs. Max reached down and stroked Robert…s chest through the thin t-shirt. His armpits were lightly damp, and with his arms stretched over his head, his chest was pushed tight against the shirt. His nipples were noticeable through the material.

Max reached both hands to the collar and taking firm grips, pulled down and apart, shredding the shirt and exposing Robert…s chest to the night air. Robert…s skin was pale and his chest was lightly covered with the same dark brown hair as his head and chin. The hair was centered over his pecs and then narrowed to a trail down over his flat stomach. Joe produced a knife and quickly cut through the sleeves of the t-shirt and left Robert naked from the waist up.

Max proceeded to reach for the waistband of the jeans, unfastening the button and instead of waiting to pull the zipper down, again used his muscles to destroy the zipper, literally tearing it from it…s stitching. This utter destruction of his victim…s clothing was part of his trademark, and nothing made Max…s cock harder than the sound of cloth ripping apart. Max roughly yanked the destroyed jeans down to Robert…s ankles, leaving the man with only his boxers providing him any protection from the violators.

Joe was now leaning down over Robert…s chest and was licking and biting at his nipples which were now responding to the cool air and the attention from Joe…s mouth. Joe was watching Max…s every move out of the corner of his eye and was rubbing his own six inch cock encased in his jeans.

Max again straddled Robert…s legs, this time at his shins and leaned down to his crotch, sniffing occasionally as he reached into the fly, felt around for a few seconds, feeling the soft skin, the scratchy hair and the hint of his victim…s shaft. With sudden brutality, Max yanked his hands apart for the third time, disintegrating the thin white boxers and exposing Robert…s 4 inch flaccid shaft, it…s cut head as pale as the rest of his skin. His dark bush surrounding the base and his smooth sack resting between his thighs with their cargo of large, heavy balls provided Max with a feast. He buried his face into Robert…s groin, mauling the man…s genitals with his tongue, licking and sucking his balls, licking through his bush and ending up with the shaft in his mouth, and his tongue sliding over and around the sensitive tip, but due to his unconscious state, Robert…s cock would not get more than half erect.

Max, however, was a pro, and he wanted a nice load to swallow, slipping a finger into his mouth, he slicked up the digit and with both hands, lifted Robert…s hips and slid his hands around Robert…s ass cheeks, groaning in appreciation as he felt the hard muscles under the soft skin. He massaged the cheeks and used this advantage to pull Robert…s groin up into his face. Max slipped his spit slicked finger into the crack of Robert…s ass, and rubbed up and down until he located his goal, the tight puckered anus. With tender prodding, Max worked his finger in, deep enough to probe past the ring of muscle and then found and began to massage the prostate. The reaction was nearly instantaneous, as Robert…s cock quickly surged with blood and grew to a full 7 inches and expanded under Max…s tongue and throat ministrations. In no time flat, Robert…s cock throbbed and blew his load into Max…s swallowing throat. Once spent, Max popped his finger out, and let the shrinking cock slide from his lips. He didn…t waste anytime however on his next maneuver.

Joe had straddled Robert…s chest and pulling the man…s mouth open and holding onto the back of his skull, began to slide his uncut five inch cock across Robert…s lips and into the damp home of his mouth and throat. Soon, Joe was pounding his hips into Robert…s face and was matching the movement with his hand on the back of Robert…s head.

Max tore the jeans into two pant legs only and grabbing both booted ankles, lifted his legs high into the air, exposing Robert…s crack and hole. Max pulled his own pants down, exposing his fat cock, no longer than 5 inches, but extremely thick. Max spit in his hand and rubbed his cock to full hardness. He spit on Robert…s exposed hole and moved in, placing the fat head against the tiny opening.

With two attempts, Max finally tore through, ripping his fat cock into the tight hole. Robert screamed, but still couldn…t return to full consciousness, and with a cock shoved down his throat, the scream was completely muffled.

The two men pounded into Robert mercilessly, occasionally expressing their sexual dominance by slapping Robert…s unconscious body or punching him hard enough to bruise wherever they could reach, his arms, his legs, his torso.

Max leaned down again and twisted Robert…s nipples harshly, causing them to turn red and swell. He reached down and wrapped his fist around the man…s cock and began to beat him off, this time, with his cock providing the stimulation, the unconscious man…s cock rose to the occasion.

After minutes of heavy pounding the two attackers came at nearly the same time. Joe pulled out and blew his load all over Robert…s face, landing the white substance in his goatee, across his face and in his hair. Max pulled out as well, as he shot all over Robert…s groin and ass. The two men stood up and quickly got themselves back together again and split, leaving the abused and beaten Robert lying naked on the floor of his own porch.

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