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The Violators
Chapter 3 - The Cabin
By Steve Sierran

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Rick popped the cap off another beer and in seconds had downed halfthe bottle. The temperature was 92 degrees and he had already soakedhis faded, red, sleeveless t-shirt with a v from the collar and a vdown the back. The gray sweat shorts he wore were also dark withsweat above his crotch and a dark line ran down between his athleticcheeks in back. Rick stood 6'4" tall and his body was a sight withhis bulging muscles, tanned skin and his loose blonde hair plasteredagainst his head, heavy with moisture. His chest and legs werecovered with blonde hair, just like his head, and he was sporting twodays of stubble on his face. The tan was so dark that his green eyespierced through anyone who looked at his handsome and rugged facewith his strong jaw line and thick lips. He had played footballthrough high school and for three years in college until he droppedout. Rick was 25 years old and had been a fire fighter for 3 years. He had just purchased this cabin on the edge of the state forest andwas working diligently to turn it into his dream home, but the workwas nearly overwhelming him both physically and financially. Today,the heat was taking it's toll as well.

Taking another swig from his beer, Rick pulled his shirt up andrubbed his hard six pack abs and burped loudly as he sat the beerdown on the steps of the porch. Standing back up, Rick caughthimself for a second, as he stumbled a bit. He was hungry, but withno food at the cabin and a 20 minute drive back to town, Rick figuredhe could at least finish his work on the roof before supper. Thelack of food, combined with the heat and the 4 beers he had alreadychugged were making him light headed.

"Nice cabin."

The voice scared the daylights out of Rick who turned around quicklyto face the man who had spoken to him. The man facing him was a bigguy, but not as big as Rick. He was wearing a flannel shirt with nosleeves, showing his huge biceps and his stained white tank topunderneath. The man wore work boots and dirty jeans. His face wasrugged and tan with a moustache and graying hair. Rick recoveredfrom the scare quickly, "Thanks. I didn't hear you walk up."

"I was out for a walk from my campsite up the hill in the statepark. Sorry to scare you. It really is a nice cabin, at least itwill be when you get it finished."

"Yeah, if it doesn't kill me first. You camp out here a lot?" Rickasked, trying to be polite, but anxious to get on with his work.

"A few times a year I make it out here. How `bout you, you livehere?"

"No, this is just a hobby. I'd like to make it my home, but it'llprobably take me years to get it cleaned up enough to live in it. Well, it's nice chatting, but I've got work to do. If you'll excuseme."

"Sure. See you around." Max didn't move. He watched the gorgeousman turn away and move over to a pile of shingles. Max staredblatantly as the man bent over at the waist and picked up his toolbelt, his ass pulling his shorts tight across his rear end as hestood back up and pulled the belt around his hips. The weight of thebelt pulled the shorts down just enough to reveal the wide waist bandunderneath. Max immediately recognized the stitching of the jockstrap the man wore. Max changed his mind about leaving, "You need ahand?"

Rick stopped and turned back to the huge man. "Actually, yeah, ifyou wouldn't mind bringing some of these shingle packs up to me onceI'm on the roof, then I don't have to risk breaking my neck everytime I climb up and down the ladder."

"No problem." Max took his shirt off and threw it on the porchrailing, exposing his oversize stomach stretching the shirt, and alsorevealing his massive shoulders. "I'm Max." Max held his hand out.

Rick looked at the hand, shrugged and extended his own, grasping thehuge meaty paw of the former stranger, and shaking it firmly. "I'mRick."

Releasing the hand, Rick started up the rickety wooden ladder, movingslowly as he was already feeling dizzy again from his buzz. Maxstepped up and leaned against the ladder, watching Rick's ass as heslowly moved upward. Max stared intently, getting a quick glanceevery now and again up the legs of the gray shorts. Max recognizedhis opportunity and waited until Rick got a little higher and then,using his foot, kicked the bottom of the ladder.

Rick threw his weight as the ladder jumped from under him, and byshifting, Rick pulled the ladder from it's safe hold on the rooftop. The beer had slowed Rick's reactions, and he couldn't recoverquickly enough. Max gave the ladder a tiny shove and Rick wenttumbling, with the ladder, down to the ground. The impact was notthat rough, and Rick rolled as he had trained to do, should he fallfrom a ladder on the job as a fire fighter, but his metal tool boxwas an unavoidable barrier, and Rick smacked his head into it hardenough to render him unconscious.

Max quickly moved over to Rick's prone body, pulled the ladder to theside and kneeled down to check Rick's vital signs. His pulse wassolid, he had a good size knot on his head, but there was no visiblewound. His breathing was steady and even. Max smiled, the man wasall his.

Bending down and hooking his arms under Rick's shoulders, Max pulledhim up to his chest level and walking backwards, drug the huge man upthe porch steps and into the cabin. Inside, Max found exactly whathe was looking for. The ceiling of the cabin was open and supportbeams cris-crossed the interior. Releasing Rick, and gently restinghis head on the floor, Max stepped back outside and found a length ofnylon rope in Rick's truck. That was all he needed.

Once back inside, Max wasted no time, worried that if Rick woke up,Max might not be able to overpower this hulk of a man. Tying therope around his wrists, and throwing the remainder of the rope overthe main beam, Max returned to his position standing over the man'shead. First sitting him up, Max pulled the man to a weakly standingposition, leaning backward to support the weight of the huge man. Keeping one arm firmly wrapped around Rick's muscular and huge chest,Max pulled the rope, repeating the motion until Rick's arms werestretched above his head. Pulling as tight as he could with one arm,Max quickly grasped the rope and pulled as hard as he could takingthe man's weight onto the rope and pulling him into a fully standingposition. Max pushed Rick's legs about 3 feet apart and releasedenough tension so that Rick's weight settled back onto his legs andboot clad feet. Max tied off the rope. He was soaked in sweat fromthe exertion in this heat, but it wasn't the workout which was makinghis heart race, it was the excitement of what he could now take histime to enjoy.

Max walked around his latest victim and soaked in the view. Rick wasstill sweating in the enclosed heat of the cabin. His huge arms werepulled high, exposing his arm pits with their blonde hair. His chestwas stretched upward, pulling the shirt up enough to expose his hardstomach. The tool belt hung very low, pulling the shorts even lower,exposing just the thinnest bit of skin under the waistband of thejockstrap. Max walked up to the front of Rick and grabbing theshorts by either side of his waist, slowly pulled downward, slidingthe loose cloth lower and lower, exposing more and more of the pouchof the athletic supporter from under the tool belt. Finally, theshorts slipped over the huge bulge of the strap and slid down to mid- thigh. Kneeling down, Max buried his face into the sweaty pouchcovered groin of the huge man. "You're huge all over, aren't youbaby?" Max whispered as he ran his tongue over the material, tracingthe outline of Rick's thick shaft still hidden under the dampmaterial.

Max continued licking the pouch as he pulled out his pocket knife,sliced the waist of the shorts and shredded them into two ringsaround each leg, which fell down in clumps on top of Rick's workboots. Finally leaning back, Max soaks in the view. Rick's hard,blonde-hair covered body is covered only by the red t-shirt, the dampjock strap and the heavy tool belt. Max stands up, gently tugs atthe bottom of the t-shirt and rips it from the bottom to theneckline, pulling it apart and throwing the strands over Rick'sshoulders. Rick's chest hair is matted with sweat, and his largepink nipples are surrounded by the curly blonde strands. Max leansin and licks an armpit as his fingers circle the tips of his nipplesand then begin to pinch and twist the nubs, hardening them andcausing them to swell, turning a darker pink. Sliding across hischest, Max runs his face through the thick blonde hair, gripping hishard stretched pecs, Max bites the hard nipples and sucks on thembefore stepping back and readjusting his own dick inside his jeans.

Licking his other armpit, Max proceeds around to Rick's back,massaging the bare skin of his muscular shoulders and runs his tonguedown his captive's spine, kneeling down and keeping his hands runningdown the sides of his torso. Max stops as his tongue reaches thewaistband of the strap, and leans back to soak in the view beforehim. Rick's ass is simply beautiful, the tan ends under thewaistband, his cheeks, muscular and firm, the pale hairy skin tautover the muscles. The globes are rounded enough to arch out from hismuscular thighs, and gently curve back to his lower torso. The hairycrack is plastered with the seat soaked hair.

Max closes his eyes and reaches out with his hands and touches thecheeks, one in each hand, seeing with his fingers, he rubs andsqueezes this gorgeous man's flesh. He leans forward and tastes thesweat. Running his tongue up and down the crack. He pulls themuscular cheeks apart, sliding his tongue deeper and deeper, tastingand smelling the funk as he buries his face, pushing his face fromside to side, rubbing his stubble all over the soft skin under thehair. Leaning in more, Max tips his head back, shoving his chinunder the cheeks, and extending his tongue as deep as he can, andfinding the sweet spot of Rick's hole, sliding his tongue around thetight and tangy opening. His nose is buried into the crack, and hecan feel the moisture soaking into his own face. He knows his ownface will smell for hours later. Max continues to probe and tastethis masculine creature's ass, grasping the huge cheeks and squeezingthem against the sides of his face, worshiping the experience. As hecontinues to taste him, Max reaches down and unbuttons and unzips hisjeans, hauling out his cock and stroking the long shaft, rubbing histhumb over the large head and smearing the pre-cum down along theshaft.

Unable to wait any longer, Max pulls his face out of Rick's ass, andcatches his breath. He stands up and places his feet in between therestrained man's legs. Sliding one arm around Rick's waist, Maxpulls the hanging man's waist backwards, causing him to bend, pullinghis cheeks apart naturally. Using his other hand, Max lines up hissteel hard rod with Rick's spit and sweat slicked hole. Catching hisbreath, Max pushes forward. The firefighter's sphincter resists. Max continues to push. He could have used his fingers to loosen himup, but Max wants to feel the hole at it's tightest gripping hislarge cock. Pushing forward more, Max feels the muscle slip, and allat once the head of his cock slides in. The shaft moves forwardslowly. Max can't believe how tight it is. He's gentle no longer,He slams his cock in all the way, feeling the hairy cheeks restagainst his groin before sliding nearly all the way out and thendriving back in as deep as he could go. Max slides his hands down tohis victim's cheeks and wraps his fingers under the straps of Rick'ssupporter and begins to use them to pull the ass back against him,stretching them with each tug. The ring of muscle gripping his cockdoesn't relax, and so provides the tightest of grips sliding up anddown his shaft as he pounds into him.

Max reaches around to the covered groin of the man he is violatingand grasping as hard as he can, Max pulls apart, tearing the strap intwo as he drives his cock as deep as he can. The sound combined withthe grip on his cock, nearly causes him to lose his load, but Maxrestrains. Reaching into the tear, Max pulls Rick's long fat cockfrom the confines and then proceeds to pull his loose sack with twovery heavy balls through as well. The cock is already half hard andnearly 8 inches long. In no time at all, Max has the shaft hard andsticking straight out from his body. Using one hand on the root togive him the leverage to drive into him, the other hand slides up anddown the man's long cock, twisting across the head and back down theshaft. Max continues to drive hard and deep, matching his own strokewith the manipulation of Rick's penis. Occasionally, he reachesdown, grasping the low hanging sack, stretching the skin andsqueezing roughly his huge balls.

The intense pleasure is driving Max wild, he bits into the huge man'sshoulders, leaving teeth marks as he continues to rape hisunconscious victim, driving harder and harder with each thrust. Bothmen are drenched in sweat, but Max doesn't even notice. He feelsRick's hard cock swell in his hand and increases his pace, driving asdeep as possible as his own orgasm explodes from his cock deep intoRick's ass. The intensity is beyond explanation, as he shakesuncontrollably, his cock spurting uncontrollably in an explosion ofpleasure. Rick's own hard shaft releases its load at the same time,filling Max's hand which cups around the huge head, catching as muchof the sticky load as possible.

Max, still holding his rock hard cock as deep as possible, lifts theload in his hand to Rick's face and rubs it all over his gorgeousface, even running his hand through Rick's blonde hair.

Unwilling to believe it's over, Max finally steps back and watches ashis cock slowly slides out of Rick's gorgeous ass. Max picks up hisknife and slices through the waist band and straps of the ruined jockstrap and stuffs it into his pocket. Stepping around the abused man,Max slices through the nylon rope and Rick's body collapses on thefloor. Kicking Rick's legs apart, Max leans inbetween them and licksRick's crotch from top to bottom, licking the fresh load from hiscock and biting fiercely on his balls.

Standing back up, Max zips up and leaves.