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Warlock's Revenge
Part 2
By shiba8

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Warlock’s Revenge, Part 2

By Shiba8 –

"My deepest gratitude to the both of you for allowing me to return to this realm. It seems my assistant did his job in spreading my story." Tucker and Jax looked each other in the eyes. The story Tucker heard from his high school buddy must have been relayed to him purposefully.

"Well, what do you boys think? Speak!" Tucker and Jax felt control of their bodies return. For a moment both were quiet, but Tucker quickly broke the silence.

"HELLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP!" He screamed as loud as he possibly could. Before Tucker could take another breath, the warlock raised his hand. Tucker was flung against the wall by an invisible force.

"Do NOT do that. Screaming does not please me. In addition, no one can hear you." The warlock waived his hand again. Cuffs emerged from the walls, pinning Tucker's wrists and ankles. His eyes grew wide as he watched the cuffs click into place.

Jax watched helplessly as his friend struggled against the restraints. Tucker’s skinny frame stretched across the wall made him look like a scarecrow. "Stop! Don't hurt him!" Jax bellowed. As soon as the words left his mouth, Jax found himself flung against the wall. Once again, cuffs appeared and restrained him as well. Jax fought hard against the cuffs. Though he was far more muscular than Tucker, he fared no better in freeing himself.

"Now, clearly it was not happenstance that the two of you found yourselves in my home. Therefore, you must know the unfortunate state of my existence. Being torn between two planes is not a pleasant state of being, and I am rather fond of the world of the living." The warlock hobbled toward the inner edge of the circle, but was quickly met with a barrier preventing him from setting foot outside of its bounds.

"And if you are aware of these circumstances, you must also be aware of what I require to return to the realm of the living. Am I correct?" Jax and Tucker shot each other panicked looks but remained silent.

"That was a QUESTION!" The warlock shouted, the force of his voice rattling the room.

"Yeah, fuck, yeah we know!" Jax said reluctantly.

"We do?" Tucker appeared afraid but confused.

"SHUT UP!" Jax screamed from across the room. He had no patience for Tucker's stupidity at the moment.

The warlock turned toward Jax. "Well Jackson, please enlighten me."

"How do you know my name?"

"I know many things. Now tell me. I want to hear it from your very lips."

"Oh, yeah! You have to make somebody cum or something?" Tucker interjected. The warlock quickly spun around, first looking angry but then softening into a smile.

"Simply put, yes. Though it is somewhat more involved than that. Allow me to explain." The warlock returned to the center of the circle.

"Within every man is a powerful energy. His soul if you will. A man's soul is the essence of his identity. It is intrinsically linked with his masculine energy and manhood. When a man reaches orgasm and ejaculates, he releases an infinitely small part of his soul along with his semen. This is how a man gives his essence to a woman and the soul of a child is born."

The warlock cleared his throat. "In order to return to the plane of the living, I need the soul of a living man to replace my own lost essence. This is where the two of you play a role." He paused for a moment, turning to look each of them in the eyes. "The essence released from a man who gives into orgasm willingly is not sufficient. The man relinquishes his soul, but this soul is not fully energized. Only through extracting the essence involuntarily can I obtain the man's full energy and regain my true strength."

Jax roared, fighting against his restraints and ignoring the futility of his efforts. "You can't do that, we won't let you!"

Tucker seemed a bit more timid. "But what happens to us if you..."

"Without a soul, of course, you will fade into oblivion."

Jax had continued to struggle against the restraints. Upon hearing the warlock reveal this information, he immediately froze. Hundreds of thoughts began spinning through his head all at once. "What do I do?" "How do I get out of here?" "Is he going to try to do that to ME?" His heart was racing. He was brought back to reality by a high pitched shriek, which he came to realize was Tucker screaming in panic.

"Oh my god! Please, dude! Man! Bro, let us go! Don't do this to me. Please, ugh, p...p..." Tucker's screaming had turned into blubbering sobs. His face turned bright red and streams of tears rolled down his face. The warlock turned to him, took one look, and laughed.

"Don't worry just yet, my boy!" The warlock smiled malevolently. "If one of you gives me what I want, I have no use for the other."

Tucker stopped crying long enough to give a confused look. Jax's mouth was agape for a few seconds, but he quickly regained the ability to form words. "So you mean..." His voice trailed off.

"Yes boy, go on." The warlock walked to Jax's side of the circle, moving as close as he could without encountering the barrier. Jax was suspended in a way that the warlock's face was level to his crotch. The warlock stopped approximately two feet away from Jax, looking directly at the crotch of Jax's jeans.

Jax turned his hips away, trying to draw attention away from his concealed cock and balls. "So if Tucker goes first, I get to just leave? That's fucked up, man!"

"I suppose you could put it that way. However, the surviving gentleman does not leave my lab without worry. With my newfound power, I will soon exert my dominance over the planet. He along with all the other pathetic people of the world will be slaves under my control."

"No way, bro!" Tucker seemed to have collected himself and found some level of confidence. His voice sounded a bit more determined. "We'll stop you! No way you'll get my load, and I bet Jax will beat you at your game too!" He glanced over at Jax, hoping for a reassuring look. He didn’t get it.

"That's where you're wrong, boy. I've had plenty of time to hone my craft. I have spent years upon years living in the in-between, refining and perfecting the incantations that led to my demise. I will not fail again!" The warlock snarled as he lifted his staff in the air and brought it down to strike the floor. From the staff erupted a wave of purple energy that quickly spread through the room. As it passed through the young men's bodies, they each felt a powerful surge of sexual energy. Both men moaned involuntarily with a pleasure that was unlike anything else they had experienced. The warlock snickered arrogantly.

Jax shook his head from side to side as if trying to wake himself from a nightmare. He couldn't help but shift his awareness to his dick. He noticed that it had plumped slightly, having responded to the pleasure. Closing his eyes, he focused his thoughts and willed it back to its fully soft state.

"NOW..." Despite being confined to the circle, the warlock's booming voice filled every inch of the room. "I'm sure you're wondering who gets the misfortune sacrificing his soul." Before either young man could respond, the warlock raised both hands into the air. The restraints released, and Jax and Tucker were carried by an unknown force to either side of the circle. Once again the men were not in control of their bodies, standing helplessly paralyzed as the warlock began to speak.

"Jax, you have a coin in your pocket, no?" Jax knew he had some change in his pocket from earlier that day. Suddenly, his hand moved of its own volition into his pocket, withdrew a quarter, and displayed it in the palm of his hand.

"Very good. Thank you for complying so freely." Jax was awash with confusion and shame. The feeling of not having control over his own body was terribly humiliating. He was angry for allowing himself to be manipulated so easily.

"Jax, what the fuck are you doing?" Tucker broke through and was able to cry out, though in actuality the warlock allowed him to speak.

"I didn't do it, he made me!" Jax's face turned red out of anger and embarrassment.

The warlock shot glances at both men. "Heads, Jackson gets the misfortune of being my subject. Tails, the honor goes to Tucker." The warlock turned to Jax. "Jackson, please flip the coin."

This time, aware that he would be controlled, Jax was prepared to challenge the warlock’s magic. He felt the twinge in his arm that indicated the warlock was controlling his mind. He fought the impulse, watching his own hand shake back and forth as if possessed. He resisted for a moment, gritting his teeth as Tucker looked on helplessly. However, the warlock's power soon became too much for him. Jax’s hand moved to grasp the coin, and he watched in horror as his hand betrayed him and flipped the coin into the air.

All three watched the coin sparkle as it twisted and turned through the air - the warlock with glee and the two men with terror. It seemed as though it would never hit the ground. A second felt like an hour, but the coin eventually did hit the floor. It spun slower and slower until it became apparent which young man's fate was sealed.

"Tails." Upon uttering the word, the warlock spun around with inhuman speed, tossing his staff to the ground. He threw his hand out toward Tucker, and he was flung shrieking against the wall. The restraints reattached themselves. The warlock threw his other hand up and Jax met the same fate on the other wall.

"Let us begin!" Moving to Tucker's side of the circle, the warlock thrust his hands out to either side. Tucker's clothes ripped themselves off his body as if they were tissue paper.

"No, fuck no! Stop, please, I'll do anything!" Tucker begged. His body was exposed to the room. His red hair and fair skin stood out against the dark stone wall. His freckled shoulders sat above his chest which was sprinkled with a few sparse reddish-blond hairs. Though his chest was largely bare, he had a trail leading from his belly button down into the bright red bed of hair above his cock. It hung long and slender, 5 inches soft, swaying side to side as Tucker struggled against the restraints. His balls hung almost equally as low, swinging the opposite direction of his dick.

From across the room, Jax helplessly watched the scene unfold. He couldn't help but take note of the details of Tucker's naked body. They had been best friends since high school, and Jax had seen most of Tucker's body. But not that part. He was taken aback by the flaccid length of Tucker’s cock, never having imagined his best friend to have such a big dick. Tucker was so awkward with the girls, and every girl he had slept with had told her friends how terrible he was in bed. You'd think a guy with that kind of equipment would have girls beating down his door to get stuffed.

"Well well well, take a look at that!" The warlock nodded his head and the restraints disappeared. Tucker's naked body floated toward the warlock. Tucker had his eyes closed, squeezing them tight and muttering to himself. "This is not real, this is not real..."

"Oh, but it is." Tucker's body slowly came to a stop in midair. His cock and balls hung loosely through the barrier, though the rest of his body remained outside. With a sparkle of lust in his eye, the warlock reached up and cupped Tucker's balls in his hand. He rolled them around gently, noting that they were naturally hairless. The warlock felt the weight of them as he hefted them toward Tucker's body.

Tucker's concentration was broken and his eyes opened. He immediately looked down to see his most intimate body parts being manipulated by another man. "Dude, stop..." He whispered desperately.

The warlock cackled. "You do not appear to be the one in control here, boy." He turned his attention to Tucker's flaccid dick. It hung straight down, floppy as a noodle. His dick was a milky white except for the head which was a bright red. "It seems the gods have blessed you."

"What? Yeah, I mean..." For a moment the feeling of fear was replaced with a more confident sense of pride. Generally the only thing girls respected him for was his big dick. He quickly shook this feeling off however, reminding himself of the situation he was in. "Fuck, let me go!"

Leaving one hand on Tucker's balls, the warlock wrapped his gnarled fingers around the shaft of Tucker's dick. A mild tingle moved from his dick all the way up his spine, and he shivered. The warlock began to slowly milk Tucker's dick from the base of the shaft all the way down to the head. Tucker closed his eyes tight again, trying to ignore the pleasure. Though he was intentionally not looking down at his cock, he could feel the familiar sensation of it hardening.

"I see this may not be as difficult as I had anticipated." Tucker opened his eyes and stared in disbelief. He witnessed his cock already fully erect, pointing straight toward the ceiling. Never in his life had he gotten hard that fast. He looked away from his cock to the warlock, and they locked eyes for a moment.

The warlock burst into laughter. "Turning you on, am I boy?"

"Fuck, stop! It's not fair, you cast a spell on it or some shit!"

The warlock laughed even harder. "I'm not even using magic. The hardness of your cock is a creation of your own mind. Looks like you friend Jackson may live after all." Now that Tucker's dick was fully standing at attention, the warlock began to stroke it in earnest.

"Dude, no, stop! I'm not gay, let me go!" His defiance turned quickly into a whimpering desperation. "I don't wanna… don't... please stop...." His words were interrupted by the increasingly intense pleasure with every stroke. Tucker looked up toward the ceiling and attempted to focus on something else. He willed the pleasure away, trying not to embrace how good it made him feel.

Jax had tried to close his eyes and shut out the horror, but he found himself unable to look away. Part of him was terrified, knowing Tucker was sexually weak and wouldn't hold out for long. There was some relief in this knowing his life would be spared, though that life may not be the most pleasant if the entirety of the human race were enslaved.

However, there was a part of him that was arising that he did not want to acknowledge. A part of him that he had spent years trying to contain. It was so shameful he could not even bear to put words to it. This was the part that preyed upon his curiosity and led him here in the first place. The heat of this thought broke through for a moment, and he felt his own cock start to harden.

"Fuck no, not that... stop it!" Jax thought to himself. Years of practice in suppressing this sinister part of him had paid off. His cock obeyed his command and returned to its flaccid state.

Meanwhile, Tucker continued to fight the stimulation being imposed upon him. He maintained his focus on the ceiling, breathing slowly and deeply to contain his arousal. The warlock realized that he had hit a roadblock in the process, and paused for a moment.

"I see you have a bit of fight in you, boy."

Tucker's confidence was boosted by the success he found in fighting the warlock's advances. "You won't make me cum old man! Just let me go." Tucker’s cock softened a bit.

"Oh, you have seen only a fraction of my power. I haven't even yet tapped into your psyche."

"Huh, what's that?" Tucker gave his classic confused look.

The warlock lifted his hand above his head, level with Tucker's face. He muttered a few words in an unknown language. A dull white light emerged from the warlock’s hand and floated slowly toward him. Tucker looked stunned as the light flowed into his eyes like water.

"Unh.. whaaa...." Tucker's head tipped slightly to the side. The light began to flow back out of his eyes, except this time it was a whitish-pink color. It floated gently back into the warlock's hand, and he lowered it to his side. Closing his eyes, the warlock took two deep breaths and reopened them. His eyes flashed the same whitish-pink color.

The warlock smirked. "Ah, I see. This will be rather simple."

Tucker reopened his own eyes slowly and shook his head side to side. "Hey, what the hell did you do to me bro?" His cock had fully softened, swinging once again between his legs while he floated gently in the air.

"I tapped into your brain, browsing the entirety of your sexuality. Oh, and I learned a great deal."

"Like, what do you mean?" The confidence in Tucker's voice was gone, replaced by the shaky insecure tone that he spoke with earlier.

"With this knowledge I am aware of your deepest desires and fantasies. These desires are tools, ammunition if you will. And I intend to use them fully and effectively." Suddenly the warlock grabbed the back of his cloak. He swooped it around in front of him, the fabric obscuring his face and body for a moment. A bright light flashed throughout the room. Tucker and Jax turned their heads to shield their eyes from the brightness.

The warlock was gone, and in his place was a young woman. And what a woman she was. Fully nude, she was tall and curvy with flowing blonde hair in a tight ponytail. Her breasts were large and heavy, and they sat effortlessly upon her chest without any evidence of gravity's influence. With a flawless hourglass shape, she could not have been more perfect or attractive. Especially to Tucker.

Tucker looked like a deer in headlights, his mouth agape and eyes aflame. He had only seen a woman more beautiful in his dreams, which was exactly where the warlock had pulled her from. The woman looked into Tucker's eyes and laughed. Though it was clearly the voice of a woman, the cackle was clearly that of the warlock.

"Like what you see?" The woman turned seductively to the side, cupping her ample breasts and smirking. Tucker tried to look away, but the primal male part of him redirected his gaze to her flawless body. He knew his dick was getting hard again, but he was helpless to stop it. By the time he gathered the energy to look down it was already fully hard. A pearly drop of precum oozed from the head.

"Fuck, how is he doing this?" Tucker thought to himself. "But she is so hot..." With his ideal woman standing in front of him, he let his guard down for a moment. His cock throbbed and tapped his abdomen. It left a string of precum between his dick and his bright red treasure trail.

Jax, observing Tucker's resolve weakening, screamed out to him. "Tucker, don't let him get to you!" Without even breaking eye contact with Tucker, she flung her hand backwards and a pink gag materialized in Jax's mouth. He shook his head side to side in attempts to dislodge it, but it was held in place by a magical force. Jax attempted to scream but his voice was muffled.

"Now," the woman said, "this figure is not the only thing I found in the depths of your mind." She waved her hand and materialized a chair behind her. She sat down, ensuring her legs were slightly spread to give Tucker a full view of her soft pussy. "What really turns you on? Something you've never told anyone? Something that you've always wanted but never trusted anyone to do to you?"

Tucker's face cracked. "No.... not that..." Blood rushed to his face and he turned beet red from the neck up. He knew exactly what she was talking about, and he knew that he could not resist if she used it against him.

The woman suddenly stood up, raising her hands high in the air. Her breasts jiggled as she pulled her hands down, using her magic to descend Tucker into the circle. He floated inches away from her face, and his long dick nearly touched the lips of her pussy. His cock throbbed hard, trying desperately to reach her but coming just short.

'Come on, you know you want it. Your ultimate desire." She raised her hands again, but this time not with the intention of using magic. She wiggled her fingers slowly in front of his face, smiling mischievously.

"Oh god, please, don't.... I can't...." Before he could finish, the woman buried her hands in Tucker's armpits. Her fingers lightly scratched at the fiery red hair and she began to mercilessly tickle him.

Tucker screamed out in a combination of shame, laughter, and pleasure. "HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" He thrashed in the air, bringing his arms down to protect his armpits. The woman pulled her hands out and waved them up. Tucker's arms flew above his head involuntarily. She quickly thrust her hands back into his armpits and resumed the torturous act.

"FUUUUUUUUUUCKKKK HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!" Tucker's arms were frozen in place, but he kicked his legs as hard as he could. He looked like a marionette, flailing in the air. His rock-hard dick swung side to side, flinging web-like precum in all directions.

Jax watched the scene in horror. He never would have imagined Tucker to have a tickling fetish. For moment he found it humorous, giggling through the gag. His mind quickly switched to panic as he realized the terrible truth. "If he can read into Tucker's mind...." His train of thought was interrupted by another howl from across the room.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, STOP PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!" Tucker was hoarse from the screaming. He hated the control she had over him, but loved the sensation of being tickled. It was the most intense pleasure he had ever felt. His hottest fantasy was being played out in reality.

The woman paused for a moment. "Yeah, resist it. Don't give in to the pleasure. It turns you on so much, doesn't it? Does it make you want to blow that load?" She began stroking her fingers ever so gently down the sides of his abdomen, feeling every rib on his skinny frame.

Tucker began to giggle. It felt good. So good, like nothing he had ever felt before. The intensity was building, and even without his cock being stimulated he could feel the edge approaching. The heat was rising from his groin up through his body, and he knew that the point of no return was coming.

"Feels.... so.... good...." Tucker muttered between giggles. Without warning, the woman dug her fingers into the fleshy parts of the sides of Tucker's abdomen. In a flash, Tucker gave into the pleasure. It felt so amazing and intense, he allowed it to overcome him. Tucker inhaled deeply. His porcelain-colored cock swelled and turned a bright red. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Jax screamed as loud as he could through the gag as he witnessed the hot cum flying out of Tucker's cock. It was the biggest load any of the three of them had ever seen, with what seemed like gallons of jizz coating the floor and the woman's face. A thick glob landed on Jax's cheek, the heat almost searing his skin.

The warlock's female illusion faded, returning to the haggard old man that had been present before. The warlock fell to his knees, dripping in viscous milky cum. Tucker had fallen to the floor, unconscious and barely breathing. His cock still protruded from his body, dripping cum but softening with every passing second.

Silence hung in the air like a fog. Jax wanted to scream, but he was so stunned he couldn’t even make a sound. Just as he thought maybe nothing would happen, the room began to tremor slightly. The warlock shook his head and brought himself to his feet. As the warlock reached for his staff, the sticky cum coating the room began to glow a pale white. The intensity of the tremor grew quickly, escalating into what felt like an earthquake. The warlock snatched the staff from the floor, and the restraints suddenly disappeared. Jax nearly hit the floor face-down. The gag suddenly disappeared as well, though his mouth remained ajar in both wonder and terror.

The orb at the top of the warlock's staff began to glow a pale purple. Tucker's cum, having slightly cooled since exploding from his cock, began to evaporate into a mist. The warlock thrust the staff in the air, watching as the mist swirled toward the orb. It floated around the staff like a cloud.

"Finally, the time has come!" The warlock lowered his staff, bringing the orb to eye level. He waived his hand around the cum-mist, watching it float through the around his fingers. Without warning, he thrust the staff out before him. Letting it go, it floated in the air of its own volition. The warlock threw his hands out to the side. "COME!"

"NO!" Jax screamed as if he thought it would do something to stop the inevitable. The cum-mist shot through the air and into the warlock's chest, and he was knocked back against the barrier. With a flash of white light the barrier disappeared, and the warlock was freed from his prison.

Picking himself up off the floor, the warlock laughed with a malevolence like Jax had never heard. "I am FREE!" His voice boomed through the room and shook the earth. Jax bowed his head, knowing that eternal pain was to come to the world. He closed his eyes in defeat. Only seconds after accepting this fate, a high-pitched noise pierced the air. His eyes shot open and he looked toward the center of the room.

"Arghhhhhhh..." The warlock doubled over, clutching his hands to his chest. The shrill noise became louder, and Jax couldn't help but cover his ears. The warlock began glowing white, intensifying with every passing second. "NOOOOO, erghhhhhhhhh... AAHHHH!"

The room flashed white once again. When the light subsided Jax saw the warlock laying on the floor, eyes closed and appearing lifeless. Tucker's body had vanished. Jax didn't know what was going on, but he wasn't sticking around to find out. He jumped up and bolted for the stairs to escape the cellar. He took the stairs in threes, surprising himself at how quickly he could move. As he reached for the doorknob, the warlock opened his eyes and thrust his hand out. Jax froze, paralyzed once again by the warlock's magic.

"Oh no no no no." The warlock collected himself from the floor and stepped outside the circle with glee. "You're not going anywhere."

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