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Warlock's Revenge
Part 3
By shiba8

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Warlock’s Revenge, Part 3

By Shiba8 –

The warlock waved his hand and Jax was flung against the wall once again. The black cuffs appeared on his wrists and ankles just as before. Jax had regained control of his body, though it mostly did not matter as he was tightly restrained against the cold stone. He thrashed his body as hard as he could against the restraints, his arms extended straight out to his sides. The sleeves of his tight t-shirt stretched as his huge triceps flexed with every move of his arm. Despite only being supported by cuffs on his wrists and ankles, he felt no weight on these parts of his body. It was as if he was floating, only he was helplessly bound to the wall.

"Let me go! What do you even want from me?!" Jax screamed as loud as he could. The warlock lowered his hand and walked toward Jax. Any sense of safety from knowing the warlock was confined had now faded. The warlock stopped about 3 inches from Jax. His abs were clearly visible through his tight blue t-shirt, rippling as Jax trembled in fear. The warlock reached up and stroked Jax's face, feeling the 2-day stubble scratch against the tips of his fingers.

"I want what your PATHETIC friend failed to give me." The warlock slapped Jax square across the face. "The boy was weak!" Jax turned his head, stretching his jaw to recover from the impact of the blow.

"You got what you wanted from him you sick fuck, let me go!" Jax shrieked.

"I see you fail to grasp the course of events that just took place. Allow me to enlighten you." The warlock waived his left hand, and another translucent chair materialized. He took a seat and crossed his legs. "As I explained to you before, to obtain the full spectrum of power needed for my ultimate goal I must extract the essence of a young man. Most importantly, it must be extracted from him against his will. However, if a man is to resist an orgasm being imposed upon him, he must fight the battle on two fronts."

Jax looked confused. "What the hell are you even talking about?"

"Orgasm is impacted by two processes in the brain. One is the primal part of the brain controlling basic bodily functions. When a man is stimulated, the nervous system carries the signal to the brain indicating arousal. Eventually, when a critical point is reached, orgasm is triggered independent of conscious thought. The primal part of the brain takes over and ejaculation is initiated, just as the male body is designed to do."

"I don't need a fuckin' science lesson bro, let me down!"

The warlock did not even acknowledge that Jax had spoken. "The interesting part is that with enough resolve, the conscious mind can challenge this primal part. Influence it to some degree. This part can 'fight’ the orgasm, if you will. However, the body has no reason to fight an orgasm. It is designed by nature to pump out semen as hard, fast, and often as possible. Herein lies the true battle, which is where your friend did not meet my expectations. You see, your friend became so overwhelmed by the pleasure of his greatest fantasy coming true that he gave in. His conscious mind stopped fighting his primal urge to ejaculate, and he allowed his body to orgasm. In this he was not truly an 'unwilling' donor."

Jax's mouth opened wide as he realized what had happened. He realized the look of surprise on his face, and changed his expression. Across his square jaw there was still a red mark where the warlock struck him earlier. "Fuck you, Tucker. I always knew you were a weak-ass bitch..." Jax thought to himself.

The warlock stood up slowly, and the chair faded into oblivion. "The essence I received from him was enough to free me from my confines and restore my magical energy. But as I did not receive his full unwilling essence, I am unable to complete the final incantation. I will need your essence to realize my final objective."

Jax couldn't hide his surprise this time. "Whaa... no... no way! Stop, let me go! No, erghhh...." Jax struggled against the restraints, ignoring the futility. The warlock laughed Jax's effort to free himself.

Suddenly, Jax stopped. Regaining his senses, he began to remember his own strength. He was known across campus as the stud who could go all night. The hotshot college wrestler who sometimes fucked two or three chicks a day, choosing not to cum just to prove he could. He was the competitive kid who exceled in sports, pushing his body to the limit to prove his toughness and determination to anyone who told him he couldn't. No one could take him down, not even some wrinkly old wizard with magic powers. He had been challenged before, and he met every challenge head-on. Jax was ready to fight. Only this time, the fate of the world and his own soul were on the line.

"Fuck you, old man. Bring it on." The warlock was surprised by Jax's confidence, but only for a moment. His surprise turned into glee as he realized the challenge he faced. "Oh, that makes it even better. The harder you fight, the more powerful your essence in the end when you break."

Jax puffed his chest out with pride, his pecs straining against the tight blue t-shirt. "Not gonna happen bro. What if you fail? Then what?" Jax's confidence strengthened even further, an anger burning within him. The harder he was challenged, the more driven he became.

"No man has ever been able to resist. I understand the intricate details of both the male anatomy as well as his sexual drive and psyche. You have no chance, though I admire your confidence." Jax laughed aloud. "Enough shit talk, let's do this!"

"Very well. Let us BEGIN!" As the warlock spoke the last word, he waived his hand sharply from left to right. An unseen force ripped Jax's clothes from his body, leaving them shredded on the floor. He was totally exposed, his perfectly scuplted body vulnerable on display. The warlock chuckled with delight.

Jax looked down at his body. Even though he had lived in it his whole life, he never failed to be impressed with its perfection. His pecs, which had previously been straining against his shirt, were now on display. His torso was normally covered by a thick chestnut-colored hair, but he kept it very shortly trimmed to expose the definition of his chest and abs. The ridges of his 6-pack were emphasized by the flickering shadows of candles. His arms hung straight out to his sides, and a thick vein could be seen just under the skin of each bicep. His firm quads, covered in a light dusting of hair, bulged out against the wall.

"Impressive, my boy. I see you treat your body rather well." He reached out and stroked the side of Jax's leg. Jax recoiled, the thick quad visibly flexing as he pulled away. "It is a shame that the strength of a man's muscles cannot help him when it comes to his sexual self-control." The warlock surveyed Jax's body as if he was taking inventory. He scanned Jax's full upper body, gradually moving downward until his eyes reached Jax's exposed cock.

"Ah, let us take a look at your sexual equipment. I like to thoroughly examine a man's tools before I use them against him." The warlock reached up and cupped Jax's balls in his hand, allowing them to rest in his palm. They were clean shaven, and the warlock rubbed his crooked fingers over the smooth skin of his scrotum. Jax's balls contracted with the stimulation, lifting themselves out of the warlock's hand. "Flexing other muscles now, are you?" The warlock snickered softly. He then moved his hand upward, rubbing his palm over Jax's shortly trimmed pubes and downward over the top side of Jax's cock.

Jax felt the mild pleasurable sensations run from his cock through his body. Before he would have tried to struggle and move his cock away from the warlock's hands, but he didn't even move this time. "Let the fucker try." he thought to himself. The warlock moved his hand around the backside of Jax's dick, grasped it, and lifted it up. It was average sized, 3 and a half inches long and proportionate in girth. Just like his body, it was evenly colored and perfectly blemish-free. Despite being circumcised, his cockhead was smooth and free of the rough skin that frequently accompanies a cut cock. Jax's frenulum was left intact, and the warlock ran his thumb from the underside of the head down the underside of the shaft. The pleasurable sensation was more intense this time, and Jax shuddered involuntarily.

The warlock nodded. "A perfect example. The stimulation of your frenulum led you to involuntarily react. Your body responding to the pleasure. Just a taste of what's to come, my boy." Jax scowled at the warlock. "Fuck you old man." The warlock laughed. "And what's more, your dick is rather average. I expected more from someone as big and strong as you. I suppose no amount of exercise will increase the size of a man's cock." Jax's face turned a bit red with embarrassment. The warlock was right. Jax was self-conscious about having an average-sized cock, especially since everything else about him was huge and built to perfection.

"Maybe we can do a little something about that." The warlock quickly withdrew his hand, allowing Jax's soft cock to flop back down into a hanging position. He walked over to the circle in the center of the room, picked up his staff, and returned to Jax. The warlock waived his hand over the orb at the top of the staff and whispered a few words. The orb began to glow, and he gently held the orb against the head of Jax's cock.

"The fuck..." Jax watched the purple light flow out of the orb and into his cock. The light engulfed it, and it began to glow a bright purple. Jax began to feel a tingling in his dick. Not pleasurable, but just a tingling sensation unlike anything he had felt before. Jax watched flabbergasted as his soft dick began grow. It grew first in length, increasing 1, 2, then 3 inches longer. It now hung like a thin pendulum between his legs.

"What are you doing to me?" The warlock ignored Jax. The light then dulled a bit, and his dick began to grow in girth. It plumped up in two strong throbs, nearly doubling in thickness. Jax shook his hips side to side as if to try to fling the magical light out of his dick, but this only succeeded in causing his newly enlarged cock to slap heavily against his leg. The warlock took a step backward and withdrew the staff. The light on Jax's dick faded.

"Wh...." Jax was stunned. He was acutely aware of the difference in how having a big dick felt. He noticed the weight of gravity pulling stronger upon it and the tug of it against his body as he moved. He was still angry at the warlock, but also undeniably excited about his new possession.

"Enjoy it now boy, because you won't be around for much longer. Your essence will be mine momentarily, and you will fade into oblivion." Jax pulled his eyes away from his hefty new cock and stared the warlock straight in the eyes. "Bring it."

"As you wish." The warlock redirected his attention to Jax's dick. He grasped it gently in his hand. "The first step," said the warlock confidently, "is to initiate an erection. This should not be at all difficult in a young, virile man such as yourself." He began to stroke Jax's cock, moving his rough hand up and down in a slow rhythm. Jax acknowledged to himself that it felt good, but also was disgusted by an ugly old man manipulating his dick. There was no way he would even get hard for the warlock. He might as well just give up now.

The warlock spent a few minutes on his efforts to arouse Jax with no avail. He took a step back, looked at Jax's cock, and then up to his face. "This is no matter at all. As I noted before, arousal occurs in both the mind and the body. I must not be the most sexually appealing specimen you've come across I suppose." The warlock grabbed his cloak and spun around quickly, once again transforming into the female illusion he had used with Tucker. "How do you like this?"

Jax did not answer. He refused to entertain the warlock's games any longer and simply stared at the ceiling. His concentration was broken when he felt something warm and wet envelop his dick. Jax looked down to see the woman bobbing up and down on his soft cock. She moaned and rubbed her nipples as she sucked his dick voraciously. She kept at this for a few minutes, but Jax's cock remained totally soft. The woman pulled his dick out of her mouth with a pop.

"What's the problem baby? Don't you want me?" She pressed her breasts together seductively with her hands.

"Sure, you're hot. But I control what gets me off, not the other way around." Jax said cockily. Getting his dick sucked by hot girls was a daily occurrence for him, nothing special. He was almost bored.

The woman spun around with a flash, and the warlock returned to his original form. "I see you will be more of a challenge than your friend. But worry not, I have not even looked into your mind yet."

Jax froze. "Fuck, I can't let him into my mind... I can't let him know..." Jax closed his eyes and imagined a brick wall, trying to block the warlock from penetrating his thoughts. The warlock raised his hand to Jax's face, and muttered a brief incantation. The white light flowed from his hand, entering Jax's eyes. He squeezed his eyes tightly closed, continuing to envision a brick wall. However, the wall in his vision began to crumble. Jax shook his head back and forth forcefully trying to rid his mind of the warlock's magic, but it was fruitless. The white light flowed out of Jax's eyes with a purple hue, returning to the warlock's palm.

The warlock closed his eyes for a moment and looked down. To Jax it seemed like forever as he sweated profusely hanging on the wall. "He can't know, he can't...." The warlock's eyes shot open and he looked at Jax with a menacing stare. "Oh, but I do."

The warlock grabbed his cloak for the third time and spun in a flash of light. Jax squinted to protect his eyes from the light, but when he reopened them he gasped in horror. He could not believe it. In the warlock's place stood Connor. "Hey bro!" Connor threw his head back and laughed.

Jax squirmed in a panic. "The fuck, man! Why?" He shook his head side to side violently. Connor took a step forward. "You know why, buddy." Jax couldn't help but notice how tight Connor's t-shirt was. It stretched across his broad chest and thick torso, and his nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. Oh, and that bulge in his jeans.... Jax shut his eyes, trying to tune it all out.

"I've seen the way you look at me when we all get wasted together." Connor wrapped his thick hands around Jax's ankles. "You talk so much shit about how many girls you fuck, how much of a stud you are. But I know what you really want."

"Fuck you, I'm straight! You're not even really Connor!"

"Does it really matter bro? We both know you're a big fag." Connor let go of Jax's ankles and chuckled. "You can't deny it, I read your mind. But your thirst for Connor isn't the only thing I found hidden in there..." Connor winked at Jax. Jax tensed up in fear. He thought he might cry. The things that he had never told anyone. The things he was so ashamed of, but burned like a heat in his balls...

"I bet I can get you hard without even touching you. That would be pretty embarrassing, huh bro?" Connor reached down and grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt near his waist. He began to slowly peel it upward, revealing those furry rock-hard abs. His pecs came into view, covered in dark hair but with bright pink nipples poking through. Connor pulled the shirt the rest of the way off his head and tossed it to the side. His shoulders were round and big as grapefruits. He flexed both his arms, showing off his softball-sized biceps. Jax felt a twinge in his dick, and a surge of fear and arousal shot through him. "No, gotta keep it down...." He willed his dick into submission, and it remained soft.

"Yeah, keep resisting. There's so much more...." Connor began to take off his jeans, his fingers scratching in the hair on his lower abs while he undid the button. He lowered the zipper slowly and tantalizingly, revealing that he was wearing no underwear. Jax closed his eyes, attempting to tune it all out.

"Nah, I'm not gonna let you get away with that." Connor waved his hand and Jax's eyes shot open involuntarily. He was being forced to watch the show, and he knew that didn't bode well. Connor resumed where he left off, returning his hands to the zipper of his jeans. Dark pubes were visible, as was the root of his thick cock. He lowered the zipper the rest of the way down, revealing another inch of his dick.

“All this time everybody thought you were straight. None of the guys would have guessed that you went home after the frat parties and beat your meat thinking about them. Your wrestling teammates would be disgusted knowing you got off on pinning their hard bodies to the mat during practice.” Connor stared Jax in the eyes, taking advantage of his inability to look away. Jax couldn’t help but notice Connor nonchalantly rubbing the base of his dick. Connor was toying with him.

“I am straight, asshole!”

“There’s no use denying anything, fag. I already read your mind. Might as well own it.” Connor reached his fingers into the crotch of his jeans and began to fish out his dick. He pulled it slowly upward, inch after inch revealing itself until the head finally was unleashed. Connor held it in the air for a moment and then let it flop lazily down.

It was unreal. Jax had heard Connor was hung, but never would he have imagined that . Soft his cock had to have been at least 6 inches long, and unlike Tucker’s it was not just long but thick . He grabbed it by the base and slapped it into his palm with a loud thwack. “Whaddya think?”

Jax began to salivate involuntarily. He had always wondered if the rumors about Connor’s size were true, and now it was being proved to him in the flesh. His mind was lusting for that cock, and his body knew it. Despite his best efforts, Jax started to get hard.

“Yeah, there ya go. Just let it happen. There’s no use fighting it.” Connor was right. Jax looked down and watched helplessly as his dick grew. With each beat of his heart it throbbed, this time refusing to obey his commands to remain soft. It was a strange sensation, the hardening of his new mega-cock. The heaviness of was causing it to bounce with every pulse. This only turned Jax on more, and within seconds his cock was standing fully at attention.

“Wow bro! Impressive. I knew I made it bigger, but I didn’t expect it to turn into that kind of monster.” It truly was a sight to behold. Most big cocks droop even when they are hard, but not in Jax’s case. Despite its weight, Jax’s dick pointed straight up toward the ceiling, measuring a full 9 inches. Jax’s face turned red. He was ashamed of himself, letting Connor get to him like that. His cock, part of his own body, was responding to the command of another man.

Connor reached up and slapped Jax’s dick. He laughed aloud as it swung comically side to side. “Yup, that’s what I like to see. The first step in forcing you to blow a load is to get that dick hard. We’ve definitely gotten there, no denying that!” Jax’s cock eventually settled back to its original position, still hard as a rock. Connor lifted his hands and floated into the air, maneuvering himself until his face was just inches from Jax’s. He looked directly into Jax’s brown eyes.

“I know I turn you on like fuck, bro.” Connor whispered. “But I also know there’s another secret hiding there in the back of your mind. One you haven’t even admitted to yourself. It’s the reason you decided to come here in the first place, right?”

The shame in Jax’s face turned to fury. “Come on, motherfucker, you’ve had your fun! Yeah, I had a thing for you… er, Connor… So what? That’s it though, there’s no more secrets.” Connor didn’t flinch despite Jax screaming directly in his face. “Just get on with it, I’m ready to play your stupid game.”

Connor floated back down to the floor. “All right bud. If that’s what you want.” He reached down and wrapped his hand around his dick. Connor’s fingers didn’t reach all the way around, his cock too girthy even when soft. He began to stroke it, and Jax couldn’t help but watch lustfully as it hardened. It grew to an unbelievable size, long as a paper towel roll and thicker. “Yeah, watch my cock fuckin’ grow. You know you want to slobber all over it.” Jax had never been with a guy, but Connor was right. The only thing he could think of at that moment was his mouth on Connor’s huge dick. He caught himself and snapped back to reality. “Come on, you know better than that. Don’t let him get to you.” Jax thought.

Connor placed both of his hands palms-down in the air above his cock. His hands began to glow a soft purple, and his dick glowed in response. He smirked. “Watch this.” The light faded, and Connor grabbed his cock with one hand. Starting from the base, he milked his cock all the way to the head. An unnaturally large amount of precum oozed out of the tip, and before any could drip to the ground he reached out with the other hand and caught some. There must have been half a cup, thick and clinging to his fingers.

Jax tensed as he realized what was coming. Connor reached his hand toward Jax’s dick. Starting along the underside, he began to smear it with his own slimy precum. Jax moaned as Connor slid his hand up and down Jax’s monolithic cock. It felt amazing. He thrust his hips forward reflexively to embrace Connor’s lubed hand. It was the most perfect and slippery lube he had ever had on his dick, and it was impossible to deny the pleasure. Jax recognized his body responding to the stimulation, and pulled his dick away from Connor’s hand to avoid being further aroused.

“Feels good, don’t it bro?” Connor reached forward and grabbed Jax’s dick again. He stroked it slowly, his hand all the way up and down the shaft. He hit the sensitive underside of the cockhead but avoided stimulating the glans.

Jax took a deep breath and flashed a cocky smile. “All under control. Give me all you got, I can take it.” Connor began to stroke Jax’s dick faster, tightening his grip a bit. Jax fought back against the sensation, keeping his arousal at bay. Despite the assault on his cock, Jax was winning the battle so far.

“Can you take it though? You can hide it all you want, but you’ll break eventually.” Connor stopped the stroking for a second. “Hey, actually I’ve got an idea. What if you couldn’t hide it?”

Jax looked confused. “Doesn’t matter, I’m not even close. Doesn’t matter how hard my dick is, you’re not making me cum.”

“Ya think so? Let’s make it a little more difficult then.” Connor let go of Jax’s cock and turned toward the wall across the room. He spoke a few words under his breath and pointed his sticky hand at the wall. Out of the air materialized a large panel with what looked like a thermometer. The glass cylinder in the center was labeled with numbers – 1 at the bottom and increasing until reaching 10 at the top. A blue liquid rolled around in the bottom of the cylinder, glowing softly. It filled the gauge up to the number 3.

“The fuck is that?” Turning his head to the side, Jax stared at the panel quizzically.

“Just a little tool to make reading you a bit easier. See the numbers on the glass? Those numbers show the arousal level of your body. They measure your level of sexual excitement.” Connor stepped back in front of Jax and returned his slippery hand to Jax’s dick. “So basically, it tells us how close you are to giving me that load.”

Jax couldn’t believe it. He knew he had the self-control to beat this guy at his own game, but now the game had changed. The warlock could now tell what aroused Jax and what didn’t – what was and wasn’t working to break his steely resolve. The resolve not to lose control and be forced to cum.

“Go ahead, put it on display. I’m not ashamed. I can hold my load.” Jax barked defiantly. Connor opened his mouth to say something, but before he could Jax rared back and spit straight in his face.

Connor took a step back, looked down, and wiped the spit off with his sleeve. He looked up, the fury in his eyes burning like a fire. Jax saw a flash of the warlock in Connor’s eyes. “NO MAN will defy me in that way!” Connor threw his hands up, and purple energy flew from his palms and into Jax’s hard dick.

“UNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Jax roared in pleasure. Never in his life had he felt anything that felt so good. He threw his chest out and tensed his abs, trying to resist the feeling being forced upon him by the warlock’s magic. His muscles rippled with the tension, and the head of his hard cock flared as it responded to the stimulation. A loud “click” emanated from the gauge across the room, and the liquid bubbled upward. It changed from a deep blue to a green as it began to fill the cylinder, quickly passing the 4 and 5. Upon reaching the 6 the thermometer began to shake. Jax’s body was responding to the pleasure, but the gauge sensed he was fighting it. “Must not…. give… in….” Jax gritted his teeth, battling his cock’s need to cum.

“Yeah bro, give me everything you got. I can feel your essence boiling. You can’t hold out forever.” Connor began to sweat as he channeled energy into Jax’s dick. He continued verbally taunting him as he maintained the beam. “Fight back as hard as you can. Your body wants to cum, and you know it. It’s inevitable – you can’t fight what your body was designed for. The primal male need will take control eventually, and there will be nothing you can do. You’re going to give me that load.”

Jax strained even harder. He could feel his cock accepting the pleasure, soaking it in greedily. It felt so fucking good. He wanted so badly to let it overtake him, but he knew that that wasn’t an option. Even if he gave in and the warlock got his essence, it would not be enough to sate him. He would just find another unwilling victim to extract the soul from. Jax would cease to exist, and the warlock would still get what he wanted in the end. Jax remembered the story Tucker told at the campfire.

The young man fought the building orgasm with everything he had, fearing that he may lose the battle and sacrifice both his semen and his soul. Unfortunately, the warlock made a grave mistake in the incantation just as the young man was about to surrender to the orgasm. The spell backfired, and the warlock was struck by a beam of energy and slain.

“He can’t keep the spell up forever. Maybe if I fight back long enough it will backfire like it did before.” With newfound determination, Jax gathered all his mental strength and focused it into his cock. It glowed an even brighter purple. Suddenly the beam shooting from Connor’s hand bounced off Jax’s dick and flew in a different direction. The beam hit the wall with a bang, leaving a smoking black mark.

“What the hell was that?” Connor lowered his hands for a moment.


Connor turned around and watched as the liquid in the thermometer cooled, setting back to the number 5. Connor spun around, and a brief flash of light revealed the warlock in his original form. Gnarled and hobbled over, the warlock turned around and walked back to Jax. “I respect your resolve my boy. But know this – in the end, you are not battling me. You’re battling your own cock.”

Jax laughed. “I’ve got more control over this dick than you give me credit for, buddy.” He flexed his muscles, this time in a show of strength. Jax was confident, but he couldn’t understand why his dick was still so hard. The warlock was hideous, and he wasn’t being actively stimulated. Under normal circumstances he would have been able to will it to go down, but something was keeping him too horny.

“What’s wrong? Something bothering you? Maybe you’ve realized this whole time I’ve been appealing to something deeper and darker inside of you. Is that why your cock won’t obey?”

“What… what do you mean?” Jax tried to maintain his air of confidence, but on the inside he knew exactly what the warlock was talking about.

“As I said earlier, you didn’t just come here out of curiosity, did you? Something about that story made you horny. Maybe hornier than you’ve ever been. What could it be?” The warlock circled his finger playfully around the head of Jax’s dick.

“NO, fuck you! You’re fuckin’ crazy, bro! I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Now Jax was clearly panicking. Shame-fueled heat rose up into his face as he finally recognized that the warlock knew everything .

“You WANTED to be in this position, didn’t you boy! You pride yourself on being in control of all aspects of your life. You’ve spent your whole life proving to others you’re the best, the strongest, the sexiest…” The warlock continued to stimulate Jax’s cockhead. “But there’s one thing that can always take a man down. One thing that can emotionally bring him to his knees, override all his self-control, and make a slave out of him. What do you think it is?” Jax shook his head side to side, trying to tune out the warlock’s words.


The gauge began to bubble and fill again, rising past 5… 6… to 7…

“NOOO, I’m not listening to you!” Jax writhed in the restraints, not caring that trying to free himself was futile. His cock was harder than ever, flopping side to side as he struggled. He felt the heat of shame and arousal flush over his face. He knew the warlock was talking about his cock. And he knew that the warlock’s taunts were turning him on more than anything ever had.

The warlock threw his hand up, and suddenly Jax was still. He was paralyzed, unable to move. The only motion in his body came from the involuntary throbbing of his dick. He watched to his horror as a drop of precum oozed out of the tip. The warlock reached up and touched it, pulling his hand away and watching the sticky string between his finger and Jax’s cockhead. “There was one night in your past you’d rather forget. One night you’ve tried to block out as it was so humiliating for you. Do you remember the night I’m talking about?”

Jax didn’t want to, but he remembered that night vividly. When going for girls, Jax usually sought out dumb chicks. Ones who were easy to dominate and would submit to him. But one night, he met a girl that didn’t quite fit these criteria. At first he didn’t realize what he was getting himself into, thinking she was just being flirty and playing hard to get. He went along with her teasing. He was looking forward to taking her home, holding her down, and fucking her just like most girls wanted. He played her little games, submitting to her shy request to tie him down to the bed. It was cute, so he went along with it.

It wasn’t until she restrained him that she revealed her true colors. She began to demean him, taunting him about how big his muscles were and despite all his strength he couldn’t get himself free. She stroked his rock-hard cock while making fun of how disproportionately small it looked to the rest of his huge body. She had heard from other girls that he thought he was a stud who could fuck all night long. She was there to prove him wrong. Stroking his cock tightly, she told him she was going to make him cum whether he wanted to or not.

He tried his hardest to resist. Just when he thought she may have mercy, she turned around and opened the drawer beside the bed. She pulled out a huge vibrator, bigger than he had ever seen. Turning it to the highest setting, she pressed it firmly into the underside of his cock. Within seconds he lost control and blew the biggest and most powerful load of his entire life.

Though he had tried for years to forget, he frequently found himself awakening from a dream that took him back to that moment. Every time when he awoke from this dream, he would look down and see that he had filled his boxers with jizz. Nothing had ever humiliated him so badly, but turned him on so much at the same time.

Jax snapped back to reality. When he looked down at the warlock he choked, unable to breathe. In the warlock’s hand was the same vibrator the girl had used on him that shameful evening. It was about a foot long, slender with a round knob on the end. The only difference was that this vibrator had something extra. Attached to the knob was a rubber sleeve, molded exactly to fit around…

“No, don’t! You can’t… please…” Jax was still unable to move and watched helplessly as the warlock slipped the sleeve over his eager cock. The liquid in the thermometer started to boil and turned a deep orange color. The warlock looked up at Jax and smiled, peered again into his eyes. Without breaking eye contact, he flipped the switch to the low setting.

Jax was immediately overwhelmed. The vibrations enveloped the entirety of his cock, stimulating every sensitive inch of its length. He closed his eyes and tried to ignore it, tried to push the pleasure away. Despite using every ounce of his mental fortitude he began to feel it coming. The familiar feeling that every man knows and craves. He was approaching the edge of cumming.

“Yes, yes… You are weakening. I can sense it. It’s building, isn’t it? Despite your best efforts your conscious mind is losing. Your cock is betraying you – disobeying your orders and relishing in the pleasure.” A purple glow emanated from the warlock’s hands. It moved forward, at first coating the vibrator and then enveloping Jax’s massive cock. The warlock began to breathe heavily, consumed with the excitement of being so near to his goal.


The liquid in the thermometer began to climb again. It bubbled past 8 and hesitated slightly before it continued to 9. It turned a bright red color, boiling like molten lava. Jax was shaking all over. He was holding on by a thread. He mustered every bit of strength and willpower he could find. He could not let this happen.

“I will NOT give in to my cock. I control my dick, it doesn’t control me.” Jax whispered these words over and over, becoming more out of breath each time he said it. It was the only thing he could think of to do at this point. He had to fight it. He had to win. He MUST not cum.

Jax felt the heat of orgasm building, and he was barely keeping it at bay. He felt his balls tighten up, preparing to embrace their purpose. His scrotum was wrinkled and hugging his balls tightly against his body. He was holding on to his control, staying just on the right side of the point of no return. It was like a man maintaining his balance on a tightrope. One wrong move, one second of distraction and it would be the end. He would go over the edge, and no matter what he did his body would shoot massive amounts of cum against his will.

Gritting his teeth, Jax’s face turned blood red. Veins bulged out across his body, every muscle tensed and straining to hold in the load. The warlock was frustrated that Jax was still holding on, but eager to begin the incantation that failed him so long ago. He began to speak in an unknown language. The purple glow around Jax’s cock turned to a blinding bright red.

Both Jax and the warlock were stunned by the sound of an explosion behind them. The intensity of Jax’s battle against his own sexual energy had caused the pressure in the thermometer to become too much. The temperature in the room had risen to an almost dangerous level. Jax’s words had turned into guttural noises. He clenched his fingers into his fists, his fingernails digging into the palms of his hands. It felt SO good, inhumanly good. His body wanted to give in to its instincts and fling hot cum across the room. He was still determined not to let that happen. Jax would fight it until his last breath.

The warlock knew he couldn’t maintain the spell much longer. He began screaming the words of the incantation, desperate to force Jax’s cock to obey his command. Holding his breath, he reached down and switched the vibrator to the “high” setting.

As the intensity of the vibrations increased, time seemed to stop. Jax’s cock swelled to a painfully engorged state. The thermometer was broken, but Jax felt a switch flip in his brain.


It was done. His cock had won. Jax had gone over the edge. All men know the feeling of passing the point of no return. There are a few seconds between that point and when involuntary ejaculation begins. These two seconds felt like two hours for Jax, waiting for his cock to shoot his load as he watched in horror. Consumed by shame, he began to cry. It was beyond his control at this point - he was going to cum and there was nothing he could do about it. His body had just decided to surrender his soul.

“ARHGHAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!” Jax felt the first contraction hit. His cock flexed hard, slapping his abs with a thud. The sleeve on the vibrator came off, flying off the end of his dick and landing on the floor. Jax looked down at his dick as it pulsed the second time. He sobbed and moaned at the same time as the first jet of thick white cum exploded out of his deceitful cock. It soared across the room and was soon followed by another powerful shot. And another. And another. His dick had sprayed at least 15 full spurts of cum across the room before it decided to stop.

The warlock screamed with laughter as he watched jets of cum fly through the room. Grabbing his staff, he began the extraction spell as he did before with Tucker. The warlock thrust his staff into the air, and Jax’s cum began to evaporate into a thick mist.

“NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jax screamed. He was watching his soul being devoured by the warlock. His cock began to soften, globs of cum oozing from the tip. These globs too were quickly vaporized. The mist began to swirl around the orb atop the warlock’s staff.

“Finally, I have succeeded! The world is mine to control!” The warlock cackled with glee. Jax felt his energy being drained, and his eyes began to close. His body became transparent, fading from existence. Without a soul, he would fade into nothingness. He tried to keep his eyes open, but there was nothing left to fight with. The warlock thrust the staff out in front of himself, making it float in the air by magic. “COME!” The white cum-mist began to swirl around him. He threw his head back and closed his eyes, awaiting the essence to fill him.

Immediately the warlock’s eyes shot open in surprise. Standing before him was Tucker, fully nude, holding the staff in his hand. “It’s over shitstain!” Tucker shouted. The process of absorbing Jax’s essence had released Tucker’s soul from the warlock’s grasp.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” The warlock shrieked as Tucker slammed the top of the staff to the ground. The orb shattered into a million pieces. A wave of energy flew from the point of impact, knocking them both back. A flash of light filled the room, and white mist began to flow like steam out of his body. His screams faded into nothingness as he disappeared into oblivion.

The cuffs holding Jax against the wall disappeared, and he fell to the ground. Tucker ran across the room and leaned down next to him. “Are you okay?”

Jax opened his eyes and rubbed his head. “Fuck, what the hell just happened?” Tucker helped Jax to his feet, both of them still totally naked. Jax tried to stand on his own, but his knees buckled and he fell back to the ground. Tucker wrapped Jax’s arm around his neck and lifted him.

“It’s over bro. We beat him. He’s gone.” Jax looked at Tucker with shame in his eyes.

“I couldn’t do it…. I couldn’t hold out against him…” He bowed his head, feeling defeated.

“Hey, don’t sweat it man. There’s not a guy on earth that can hold back forever. I bet you believe that now, huh?” Tucker laughed jokingly.

Jax gave a tired smile. “Thanks for saving me bud.”

“Hey, at least you got a big dick out of the whole situation!” Tucker reached down and gave Jax’s swinging dick a playful slap.

Jax laughed. “I guess you’re right bro.” He looked around the room. “Um, hey…. Where are our clothes?”