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Warlock's Revenge
Part 1
By shiba8

Warlock’s Revenge, Part 1

By: Shiba8 –

Jax and his buddies had had too much to drink. It was still early in the evening, too early to be as hammered as they were. Somehow the three college frat boys had ended up telling ghost stories around the campfire like a bunch of 12-year-olds. Most of the stories were ridiculous, but the guys were so trashed that they didn't care. This all changed rather quickly when Jax's best friend Tucker suddenly stood up.

"Guys, I've got a story that will… blow your fucking mind." Tucker was slurring his words, and the other guys laughed. "Shut up for a minute, this is seriously scary shit!" Jax and Connor settled down, giving each other confused looks.

"Scary as your girlfriend's mustache?" The two burst out laughing again.

"Fuck you Connor. I heard this one from a high school buddy on Halloween last year. It was fuckin' weird dude. And kinda gay."

"Gay like... gay gay? Connor looked confused.

"Yeah, it's kinda gross. Maybe I shouldn't tell it."

"Come on man, we all know you made it up yourself while you were playing with your asshole in the shower." Jax laughed and high-fived Connor.

Tucker rolled his eyes. "Fuck this, I'm not telling you shit then."

"Nah bro, let's hear just how gay this story is." Both Jax and Connor were intrigued, though Jax tried to hide just how curious he was.

"Okay, but y'all had better not give me shit over this. It's pretty fucked up, and it was so detailed it almost seemed like it could be real..." Tucker seemed a bit shaken for a moment, but it might have just been the 4 beers he had shotgunned 30 minutes ago.

"Just… fuckin’ get on with it then." Connor swayed a bit and caught himself before he fell out of his chair.

You know that abandoned mansion just outside of town? They say it is haunted by the spirit of a warlock with unfinished business. The warlock toiled for years to develop a spell that would grant him eternal life, but he was never able to complete the spell. He knew the final ingredient was the essence of a male orgasm, but despite milking countless men the spell always fizzled at the last incantation. In his olden age, he finally realized he had been overlooking the key reagent - the essence must come not from a man who willingly submits to orgasm, but from the soul of a man resisting an orgasm being forced upon him.

The warlock quickly had a henchman capture a virile young man to be an unwilling donor. The warlock channeled his magic into the young man’s cock, hardening it quickly. The young man fought the building orgasm with everything he had, fearing that he may lose the battle and sacrifice both his semen and his soul. Unfortunately, the warlock made a grave mistake in the incantation just as the young man was about to surrender to the orgasm. The spell backfired, and the warlock was struck by a beam of energy and slain.

Now the warlock’s ghost haunts the mansion. In the basement of the house, his spirit awaits a curious but cocky young man to battle him and prove that no one can bring him to orgasm against his will. The warlock is prepared this time. He has had centuries to perfect the incantation. Once he successfully completes the spell, he will return to the world of the living and wreak havoc upon all of humanity.

Tucker finished, and silence filled the air for a moment. Connor erupted in screaming laughter, falling out of his chair and rolling on the ground. Tucker's face turned beet red, half out of anger and half of embarrassment. Both were too distracted to notice Jax adjusting his semi-hard cock in his shorts.

"I told y'all it was fucked up!" Tucker said. Connor couldn't breathe. He was laying on his back, crying with laughter and rolling around in the dirt. Jax noticed Connor's shirt had lifted halfway up, exposing his furry stomach. He quickly looked back at Tucker.

Connor stopped a moment to breathe. "You are such a fag bro! You made that shit up!"

"I did not! Jax, you believe me don't you?" Jax hesitated for a split second, pulling his focus away from Connor's laughing fit on the ground.

"That's fucking weird man. I mean, I heard that mansion was haunted by a wizard or some shit but never anything like that." Jax's dick finally began to soften, but he could feel a slight wetness in his boxers where precum had leaked through. He breathed a sigh of relief.

Connor finally calmed down enough to pick himself up off the ground. He ran his hand over his abs, brushing the dirt out of the hair and lowering his shirt. "That was the gayest thing I've ever heard. I'm going to bed. Night fags." He walked toward the house, nearly falling over several times in a drunken stupor.

Jax and Tucker sat in silence for what seemed like forever.

"I mean, you don't believe in that kind of shit, right bro?" Jax asked Tucker quietly.

"Naah, but I was freaked out a bit when my buddy told me. He is kind of a creeper, I haven't talked to him much since then."

"The wizard shit aside, how can a dude be forced to cum like that? Like, you can't make a guy cum if he doesn't want to, right?" Jax was deep in thought.

"I mean, I think if any dude had his dick played with long enough he'd eventually blow. Uh, like, I guess maybe?" Tucker looked side to side as if to see if anyone was listening to their awkward conversation.

Jax looked up and grinned. "Yeah, maybe you would. I heard your girlfriend talking about you being a minute man! Just because you can't hold your load doesn't mean most men can't."

Tucker shoved Jax in a playful manner. "Fuck you bro! We can't all be an all-nighter stud like you." Jax laughed. Tucker was right. He had a reputation for pleasing the ladies, fucking long and hard for as long as a girl liked. Sometimes he would pick up two chicks in one night and fuck them one after another without cumming.

"Bud, I'm going to bed. If I stay up much longer I won't make it to class in the morning." Tucker walked back to the house and left Jax sitting and staring into the fire.

Jax again lost himself in thought. "What if the story is real? That mansion does look like some crazy shit could have gone down in there." He felt his face flush briefly, thinking about what it would be like to....

"Naah, that shit's not real. But even if it was, he would never get what he wants from me." Even though he knew it wasn't real, his curiosity was strong. Jax didn't realize it at that moment, but on some level he knew that he would be going to that mansion to check it out for himself.

"I can't believe you dragged me into this shit. What are you trying to prove, bro?" Tucker was so out of breath he could hardly speak. He was lagging a good 15 feet behind Jax, trudging through the bushes and briars.

"Come on, aren't you the least bit curious? You know that whole story is bullshit. I bet there's nothing in that house but dirt and dead rats." Jax slowed down to let Tucker catch up. Being a wrestler in high school and now in college, Jax had the endurance of a horse. All those years of wearing other guys down on the mat had done his body good, and the hours he put in at the weight room showed. At 6'0" and 215 lbs of solid muscle, even the guys couldn't keep their eyes off him.

"Slow... down... fuck..." Tucker looked almost comical trying to catch up with Jax, being 6'3" and skinny as a rail. Flailing around through the bushes, he finally caught up. The two continued, fighting tall grass and tree branches as they went. Eventually they came to the edge of the woods, and an open meadow sprawled out before them. The sun was well on its way down, and the field was bathed in a deep orange light. In the middle of the meadow stood the mansion. The boys moved forward, this time fighting their way through the tall grass. They reached the steps to the mansion just as the sun had finally dipped below the horizon.

“Damn bro.” Jax looked up, taking in the view of the mansion. “It looks so much bigger close up.” It looked like a typical “haunted house” - wooden siding rotting and falling to the ground, broken windows, shutters flapping in the breeze.

Tucker looked nervous. “Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, what if we fall through the floor or some shit?”

“Don’t be a pussy, we came all the way out here. We can’t quit now.” Jax walked up the steps to the front door. The doorknob had long fallen off, and with a gentle push the door creaked open. He walked in, observing the entryway. The floors were covered in dust and cobwebs filled the corners. The house had been abandoned for years, but that didn’t mean people hadn’t visited. Graffiti was clearly visible covering the walls. It was exactly what one would imagine from teenage vandals.


Tucker hesitantly walked through the door. By the time he had made it into the entryway, Jax had already found his way into the kitchen. Tucker looked around nervously, took a deep breath, and quickly followed. Not being the most graceful of walkers, Tucker caught his foot on something and fell flat on his face. He hit the ground and a cloud of dust flew up around him.

"Ugh, what the fuck?" Tucker picked himself up off the floor and dusted off his pants. He bent down to look at what had caused him to trip. Jax came running in and saw that Tucker had caught his foot on a crack in the floor. Tucker brushed the dirt off the crack and noticed a loose wooden panel. "Is this a door or something?"

Jax bent down, put his fingers under the panel, and slid it to the side. A cloud of dust floated in the air, and through it the two could see a rickety staircase descending into blackness. Jax looked at Tucker and gave a nod toward the hole in the floor.

"No way bro, I've followed you far enough. There's nothing here, let's just go."

"Come on, let's just take a look. If there's nothing down here you can tell the guys I'm fucked up in the head and believe in ghosts and magic and shit. Deal?"

"Dude, I'm out. Fuck this."

".... Please?" Jax pulled out his signature puppy-dog eyes trick. It worked on women and men alike without fail. It must have been something to do with his deep brown eyes contrasting with the reddish-blond color of his hair and beard. Tucker was straight, but even the straightest of men couldn't resist that .

"Goddamit, fine. But this is it." Tucker turned the on the flashlight on his phone and shined it down the stairs. "But you go first, I'm not dying today."

Jax followed in suit, turning on his flashlight. He began descending the staircase slowly. Reaching the bottom, he took a couple of steps forward into the darkness as Tucker timidly followed. Neither of them took much notice of a mild static in the air, one that made both of their cocks twitch involuntarily.

"Dude, wait..." As Tucker reached the bottom of the steps Jax shined his light directly forward. It appeared to be a large cellar, dug out of the earth. It was rather primitive looking for a mansion of that size and grandeur. It was mostly empty except for a few rotting barrels in a corner. The floor was covered with dust, though a large circle was clearly visible on the ground. The circle was approximately 8 feet in diameter and seemed out of place from the rest of the cellar.

Jax walked around the room, a look of disappointment on his face. "Looks like there's nothing here." He felt stupid. Of course there was nothing there, wizards and shit didn't exist. He didn't know why he got all worked up about nothing. Even more so, he felt ashamed that he had come all the way here over a gay-ass story. "Let's get the fuck out of here."

"You don't have to tell me tw..." Tucker's sentence was interrupted as he bumped into one of the barrels. He fell backwards, landing in the center of the room and right in the middle of the large circle on the floor.

"Wha..." Jax turned around to see what had happened. He threw his hands up over his eyes as a painfully bright light flew up out of the circle. Both Tucker and Jax were blinded for a moment. When the light subsided, Tucker was laying on the floor in the middle of the circle, though the room around him looked very different. Candles lit the room with a soft white light. Bookshelves lined the walls, and a table at the end of the room had odd-looking vials bubbling with unknown substances. The stairs were nowhere to be seen.

Tucker quickly scrambled to his feet. "Omigod omigod, what the fuuuuuck...." He tried to scream but his words came out as a hoarse whisper. Jax was too stunned to move, standing with his mouth agape looking around the room.

"This can't... it's not..." Jax didn't want to believe, but he knew exactly where they were. Tucker had reactivated the sealed quarters of the warlock.

"Tucker what the hell did you do?" Jax screamed.

"I..." Before Tucker could say anything, both he and Jax suddenly felt a rigidity strike their bodies. They were suddenly paralyzed, standing frozen like statues. The only thing they maintained any control over was their eyes.

"He did exactly what I needed him to." In the center of the circle Jax and Tucker witnessed a figure slowly materialize. The warlock appeared old and disheveled, hunched over a staff. He was slightly translucent, not having fully materialized into the physical realm. Despite his frail appearance, it was clear that he was not at all weak. Jax and Tucker felt a power from him, though they did not know what it meant. All they knew is that they were fucked.

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