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The Revenge of the Spellbinder
Part 4 - Part 4
By SHeroNY
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The Revenge of The Spellbinder

by SHeroNY

(inspired by "The Breaking Of Lightning Man" on

Part 4

A smiling Spellbinder then emerged from the shadows and stood next to Superman.

"I hope that you are enjoying yourself, Hero. I know I am." said the grinning villain, who then excused his four brainwashed slaveboys with a wave of his hand. "Now that we are finally alone, I will conduct the next part of your training myself. You are going to offer something of yourself to me as a token of your servitude. And in return, I will give you a gift ..... a very special gift which shall confirm that you will serve me and only me from this day forward. Then I will finish breaking you, at which point, you will no choice but to become my obedient slave. You'd like that, wouldn't you, Superman? To have me for your Master? To spend the rest of your miserable life serving the magnificent Spellbinder?"

Superman wanted to scream out "No!" But in his current condition, he found it hard to say anything.

"I do hope so, because you really don't have much of a say in the matter." Spellbinder replied as he grabbed hold of Superman's cock. Again, it started to swell and throb in his hand. "Yes, Man of Steel ... Or should I say, my 'hunk of clay' ... you are now mere putty in my hands! ... Mine to mold any way I choose. You see, Superman, your life as a superhero is about to come to an end and your new life as my slave shall soon begin. And all it will take is a few waves of my magic wand ... a certain incantation ... and the particular power of an ancient Egyptian God!!!"

Superman was totally at the mercy of Spellbinder, as he started stroking his 'Cock of Steel'. Despite all his strength and abilities, Superman was no longer able to offer any resistance. The constant edging he had just endured for the past three hours, of being repeatedly brought to climax, only to be denied again and again, had stripped away any willpower Superman had left.

"Yes, you will now offer me something of yours as a gift, to show that you have accepted your new role as my slave." said Spellbinder as he disappeared into the darkness and came back with a folding magician's table which he placed next to Superman, who still remained bent over backwards, his well-hung cock thrust into the air. The sinister sorceror then waved his magic wand over the table and .... presto! .... In a puff of smoke, a bowl filled with warm water, a can of shaving cream and a strange looking razor suddenly appeared!

"And now, Superman, I will take what you have to offer." Spellbinder then took the cap off the can and sprayed some shaving cream on the area around Superman's crotch. He slowly rubbed the foam into the hero's pubic hairs and on his cock and balls.

Spellbinder then took the razor in his right hand. Since no average razor could shave away this alien superhero's usually-thick hair without breaking, its incredibly sharp, bright green blade was also made from kryptonite. As he lied there panting, a look of panic suddenly came over Superman's face as he groaned, "Uuuugghh ... " , still too tired to speak.

But the villain tried to reassure him, "Relax, Superman. You have nothing to worry about. I wouldn't dream of cutting off this succulent supercock of yours, especially now that it belongs to me. But I require all of my slaves to be clean-shaven. As you may have noticed, my other four slaveboys didn't have any pubic hair left either. So try not to move, hero, and I promise you won't even feel so much as a nick."

The Spellbinder grabbed a hold of his cock and started to shave his pubes. Superman could feel the razor blade cut the body hair right off his skin. He wanted to fight back, but did not have enough strength left in him. In a few moments, Superman's crotch was as smooth as a baby's and the clean-shaven superhero was broken all the more.

After rinsing the shaving cream off Superman with the basin of water, Spellbinder then moved some controls and Superman's arms were slowly pulled upward, followed by the rest of his body. Superman was now standing upright again, still in the arm and leg restraints, but standing just the same. Totally spent, the hero's head fell to his chest.

The mad magician once again flicked his magic wand and poof! .... As soon as the smoke cleared, the magician's table as well as the empty bowl, the can of shaving cream and the razor had all just mysteriously disappeared right before Superman's eyes.

The Spellbinder then said, "I told you I would give you a gift as well! And, as you are about to find out, I always keep my promises, Superman! Now I shall give to you the release you have been wanting for so long."

The Spellbinder took off his hat and gloves, then got on his knees in front of Superman and grabbed a hold of his balls with one hand. With the other, he began to caress the superhero's strunken cock until it began to stiffen. Once it began to become more erect, Spellbinder began to suck the head and lap at it with his tongue. In contrast to his four slaveboys who had quickly brought Superman to verge of a orgasm and then backed off, Spellbinder was slowly and deliberately taking his time to bring him to full erection, obviously savoring every moment. He took all of his 12 inches into his mouth. When it appeared that Superman was close to cumming, Spellbinder removed the cock from his mouth and very methodically continued to stroke it.

Superman began to breathe more heavily as he started to sigh, "Aaaaahhhh .... ".

"Yes, yes, Superman, I want you to cum. More importantly, I want to be the one to make you cum. For as you shall soon realize, only I can provide you with the relief you sooo long for ... Only I alone can satisfy that super-lust of yours. Then I will completely own you, superhero, and you shall be MINE ..... ALL MINE!"

The stroking intensified and Superman's breathing quickened. "Unnnh.....unnnnh.......unnnnh." Try as he might to hold it in, Superman was about to cum.

"That's right, Superman! Don't fight it! Just let it out. Yes .... YES!"

"OOOooooohhhh! ..... " Superman's hips thrusted forward and his head threw back as his cock spewed forth more man juice than even the Spellbinder had thought possible. The evil villain continued to stroke Superman's cock as he shot for a second and then a third time. Completely drained, Superman's head fell back to his chest as he begged his enemy to quit milking his sore dick, "Please ..... Stop! ..... No more! .... "

"Sorry, Superman, but that's only the beginning. There is much, much more to CUM! Soon you will be mine forever!!!"

To Be Continued ...

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