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The Revenge of the Spellbinder
Part 5 - Part 5
By SHeroNY
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The Revenge of The Spellbinder

by SHeroNY

(inspired by "The Breaking Of Lightning Man" on

Part 5

Although barely conscious, a still defiant Superman mustered all of his remaining strength to speak up,"I will never submit to you, Spellbinder. ..... NEVER!!!"

"Oh, but you will submit to me, Superman! .... Do you hear me, hero? .... " Spellbinder put his hand under Superman's chin and lifted his head. "Look at me when I am speaking to you, boy!"

Under normal circumstances, Superman would have never allowed himself to do what he was about to do. But in his weakened state, Superman couldn't help himself. When he looked directly into Spellbinder' eyes, his face suddenly went slack. It would be the last decision Superman would ever make on his own from this day forward ......

"Yes, you look at me when I'm talking to you, boy. Just look deep into my eyes! .... Deeper, my sexy super-stud, deeper!"

Superman started to feel dizzy. Those deep blue pools in Spellbinder' eyes kept calling to him, holding him in his stare. No matter how he tried, he could not look away. Soon it was becoming harder for Superman to think for himself .... to concentrate .... to remember. His head started to sway from side to side and his eyes began to roll into the back of his head. All that Superman knew was the last of his free will was quickly leaving him.

The evil villain held his helpless prisoner in his memserizing thrall, "That's right, Superman. Do not resist. Just submit to me completely! The Amazing Spellbinder commands you!!!"

The Spellbinder had used his hypnotic powers over many men before, but it had never worked on Superman .... up until now, that is. But from the dumb look on his face, it was clear to see that the one man that he could never hypnotize had finally succumbed.

"Are you still with me, Superman? ... Can you hear me?" The Spellbinder inquires.

Obviously in some kind of a trance, Superman spoke very softly as he slowly replied, "Yes .... I can hear you, Spellbinder. ...."

"Oh no, that will never do. You're now my slave, Superman. So from now on, you will address me as Master." The Spellbinder insisted.

Now under the villain's spell, Superman must follow his instructions, "Yes, ..... Master. ..... "

"That's much MUCH better! Now I'm going to release you from your restraints, Superman. However, you will not try to escape. In fact, you won't even move out of this spot. Is that understood, slave?" The Spellbinder asked the hypnotized hero, knowing just what his answer would be.

"Yes, Master ...... I understand. .... "

Spellbinder removed Superman from the restraints and his muscular arms fell to his side. Normally, this would have brought him some comfort, but now under the spell of his hated enemy, Superman could not feel anything unless he was told. Remaining totally still, the mighty Man of Steel could not move so much as a muscle until he received the order to do so.

"Ahhh, this is the day I have been waiting for .... for so soooooo long! At last, I've finally gotten my revenge on my sworn enemy Superboy! Not only have I totally stripped Superman of his super-strength and super-powers but of his free will as well. .... So, my slave, you have finally acknowledged that I am your Master."

"Yes, .... you are my Master, Oh Great Spellbinder ...... "

"Excellent, slave! And just to make sure you remain under my spell, I shall now take the final step to make you mine forever! You would like to that very VERY much, wouldn't you, Superman? ... " said Spellbinder.

"Yes, Master ...... I would like that .... very VERY much. ..... "

Taking a few steps back, The Spellbinder then raised his magic wand and pointed it directly at Superman as he kept him in his gaze, "Then all you have to do is repeat after me! You are no longer Superman. Say it!!!"

"I am no longer Superman .... "

"From now on, your name is Superslave. And that is the only name that you will answer to from this day forward!"

"From now on, my name is Superslave. ..... And that is the only name I will answer to from this day forward ...... "

"And you shall serve me, The Spectacular Spellbinder, and only me from this moment on! ... For my will has now become your will!"

"I shall serve you, .... The Spectacular Spellbinder, .... and only you from this moment on ..... For your will .... has now become my will!"

With that, the Spellbinder looked up towards the heavens and called upon an ancient Egyptian God of Magic to help him complete his sinister plans for Superman, "Oh Great Heka, make my fondest wish come true!"

"Oh Great Heka, ..... make my fondest wish come true!" Superman echoed The Spellbinder's sentiments as, all of a sudden, thunder started to rumble above them.

As soon as he said the words, a lightning bolt sprang forth from the tip of Spellbinder's magic wand and shocked The Man of Steel right in the middle of his forehead. You could actually hear the surge of electricity crackling inside the superhero's very skull as his whole head started shaking wildly and his blue eyes began to glow until they turned bright white. Smoke was not just coming out of both of Superman's ears but from his flaring nostrils and his slack mouth which was hanging wide open, almost as if he was trying to scream, yet not a sound could be heard.

Then POOF!!!! By the time the smoke had cleared, any details of his superhero past had completely disappeared from his mind as well. Within a matter of seconds, Superman could no longer remember the man he once was or the life he once knew. The only thing he knows now is that his name is Superslave. And all he could think about was serving his new Master. Suddenly nothing else mattered. Unfortunately for our hero, this particular spell would prove to be not only permanent but irreversible.

Now that the ritual was complete, the wicked magician lowered his magic wand and then tested his spellbound superhero subject, "Superman, are you still here? ... If you are, I command you to answer me right now!!!"

But Superman did not respond. In fact, he showed no signs of recognition, like it wasn't even his real name, much to the sinister sorceror's delight.

"Well, what do you know? My new magical incantation actually did work! Not even Superman is powerful enough to resist falling under this mystical spell! For it just goes to prove The God of Magic is even mightier than The Man of Steel! How about that? I guess I really do possess the power of Heka after all! And now I finally possess Superboy as well! With both completely at my disposal, at last I have everything I have ever wanted!" The Spellbinder thought to himself as he then asked the hypnotized hero-hunk, "So tell me, slave ... Who you are? What is your purpose?"

The spellbound Superman's eyes were still locked on the Spellbinder's as he slowly answered, "My name is Superslave. ..... And my sole purpose in life is to serve you, Master .... and only you! ..... "

"Very good, Superslave!" The Spellbinder said with evil grin as he reveled in his victory, "Now the spell has been cast and it can never be broken! You see, Superboy, I told you that I would make you pay for what you did to me! Yes, it may have taken me a few years to get my revenge on you, hero. But I have just assumed complete control of both your mind and your body. For I finally have the one and only Superman as my own personal slave. And you shall remain totally under my power until the day you die! Oh, my saintly superhero, if you only knew of all of disturbing things that I plan to do to you ... of all of the indignities you will be expected to endure .... of all of the evil orders you will have no choice but to obey .... of all of the lewd sex acts I will have you perform for my enjoyment, you would probably wish you were dead! But not to worry, hero, you shouldn't have that long to live .... just long enough to make sure you truly suffer!"

The Spellbinder finally released Superman from his hypnotic gaze but the expressionless superhero still kept staring off into space if as he was a zombie. Both of his once-blue irises were now totally white, his pupils had reduced to the size of a pinhead and he couldn't close his eyes, not even to blink.

As The Man of Steel just stood there, frozen like a statue. the villain lustfully ogled his new slave, looking him up and down, "I must say, Superboy, you sure have grown into quite a man! With a physique like that, it's no wonder they use to call you Superman! But I think your new name Superslave is much more suitable! Because you shall make the perfect sex slave for me, your new Master! ..... Oh yes, that positively breathtaking body of yours shall serve me well." After sizing up his prized catch, The Spellbinder's eyes finally met Superman's once again. " ..... And I have never seen a more handsome face! You put all of my other slaveboys to shame! For you are the most masculine, muscular man-servant I could possibly ever own. You're just so beautiful ..... so very beautiful!" The Spellbinder then leaned in and deep kissed the blank-faced Superman right on the lips.

A few moments ago, Superman felt only hate and disgust for this madman. Now, he worshiped him as if he were a god. And he wanted nothing more than to please him. Even though the feelings weren't real, it was the only reality Superman would ever know for the rest of his remaining days on this earth.

To Be Continued ...

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