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The Revenge of the Spellbinder
Part 3 - Part 3
By SHeroNY
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The Revenge of The Spellbinder

by SHeroNY

(inspired by "The Breaking Of Lightning Man" on

Part 3

Superman heard the eerie laughter of the Spellbinder as his four slave boys approached him. Superman struggled to break his restraints, but freedom eluded him. Superman was completely helpless as Spellbinder's horny young sex slaves moved closer. They were getting their cocks ready in anticipation of what was about to happen.

"Don't forget, slaves, Superman is all mine, and it is I who shall have the ultimate pleasure with him. Just give him a taste of what's to come!" Spellbinder laughed.

"We hear and we will obey, Master!" they all replied at the same time.

Both the uniformity of their responses and the reverence in their voices troubled Superman. The trapped superhero now knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the vengeful Spellbinder had placed his young colleagues under his spell. But the question that still remained was just how far would these brainwashed slaveboys be willing to go to serve their new Master? From the evil expresions on all four of their once-wholesome faces, it soon became all-too apparent to our hero that he was about to get his answer.

The Man of Steel was restrained so that his back was completely arched and his head was hanging upside down. His crotch was almost at the top of his bent backwards body, in a perfect position for these four men to take advantage of. Aqualad approached Superman first.

"We're going to begin your training, Superslave." said Aqualad. Then he moved closer so that he stood directly over Superman's head and leaned forward. As he did this, Aqualad's enormous package rubbed up against Superman's face. Aqualad started to slap his massive meat across Superman's face back and forth. Superman tried to turn away but there was little he could do.

"Do you like seafood, Superman?" Aqualad asked."Because soon you will be going down on my dick from the deep, whether you like it or not!"

Superman refused to open his mouth, even as Aqualad placed the tip of his cock against his closed lips. When Aqualad realized Superman wasn't going to cooperate, he began to roll his cock all over Superman's face.

"Don't you want my big black cock, Superman? Well, I am not about to give up until you do ...." Aqualad then turned his attention to The Man of Steel's prone body. "You may not want mine, but I sure as hell want yours." With that, Aqualad reached out and grabbed a hold of Superman's flaccid dick. He began to stroke it gently. Aqualad leaned forward and started chewing the head of the helpless hero's 12 inch cock, and then very deliberately licked the entire length of his shaft.

Superman closed his eyes as he felt his cock start to stiffen up. As Aqualad was sucking on his cock, Jimmy Olsen came over and started working on Superman's testicles. He slowly licked them and took both inside his warm, moist mouth. Superman's cock became erect. Aqualad just kept going down on his dick. In and out, lapping his slit with his tongue and licking where the giant mushroom head and shaft came together.

Superman's eyes remained closed as he tried to control himself, but he was felt his willpower starting to slip away. Aqualad and Jimmy were bringing his 'Cock of Steel' to release and he knew it. He tried to keep his composure, but the pleasure kept on building in his cock and balls as he was getting closer and closer to cumming. That only made the two slaves work even harder and faster on his cock, trying to bring him to orgasm.

Just as Superman was about to cum, the two boys suddenly stopped. Aqualad then started whacking their prisoner's cock hard with his hand as Jimmy grabbed a hold of his balls and started squeezing them tight, not allowing Superman the climax he craved. He had been denied release as his body went completely limp. Just when he was about to rest, the two slaves started all over again. But even more voracious than the first time. Sucking and biting ... Stroking and kissing. Superman's cock soon became just as erect as it was before. But just as he was about to shoot his load, Jimmy and Aqualad prevented it once again. This proved to be not only very frustrating, but totally exhausting.

All four of the Spellbinder's slaveboys took turns playing with Superman's dick for more than an hour. To be brought to the brink of orgasm only to be denied over and over again caused Superman's willpower to slowly deteriorate. He could no longer resist their savage, relentless attacks on his manhood. The four persistant young men continued toying with his cock for nearly another hour and The Man of Steel was sweating profusely by the end of their sadistic sex game. He really had become their plaything, theirs to do with as they please, when they please and how they please.

Jimmy approached Superman one last time and shoved his dick in his face. Having been weakened by all the attention his cock had received for the past two hours straight, this time, Superman opened his drooling mouth and agreed to suck on it. Olsen's excited cock started to seep out pre-cum in no time. But just before his young pal was about to ejaculate, he took his cock out of Superman's mouth and shot his load all over his handsome face. Kid Flash, Aqualad and Robin were next as Superman soon found himself the recipient of each of their cocks as well as their cum as each one of the boys took their turn giving Superman a facial. By the time all four of them were through, Superman's chin, cheeks, lips, nose, eyebrows, even his dark black hair were all covered with their white hot spunk.

After more than three hours now, Superman was totally exhausted, having serviced all four of these horny young men while being denied release himself. Never had he felt so used and degraded. It was the most humiliating experience he ever had to endure. But there was more humiliation to come.

"Enough, my slaveboys. You have done well. Now clean him up" said the Spellbinder.

"Yes, Master!" The four hypnotized slaves said in unison as they all took their still-hard cocks in their hands and pissed on Superman to wash their cum off his face and chest. Then, as soon as they were through urinating on him, they all dropped to his knees and bowed their heads, waiting for their master's next instructions. Now dripping wet, Superman was weak and disoriented. There is nothing more exhausting than being denied orgasm. And this had happened to Superman countless times over the course of the past few hours.

To Be Continued ...

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