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The Revenge of the Spellbinder
Part 2 - Part 2
By SHeroNY
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The Revenge of The Spellbinder

by SHeroNY

(inspired by "The Breaking Of Lightning Man" on

Part 2

As the hypnotized Jimmy Olsen, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Robin stood over the fallen Man of Steel, just then, The Spellbinder stepped out of the darkness. Dressed in his old magician's costume (complete with a top hat, tails, vest, and cape, his entire outfit was almost all black, the sole exception being the pair of white gloves he wore on his hands, that is .... ) , the sinister sorceror greeted his spellbound assistants. "You arrived just in time, my extremely useful young slaves. First, take our invited guest down to my underground sanctuary below, boys. .... The time has come for Superman to experience my revenge!!!!" The Spellbinder said as he then opened a hidden door that led to the basement and gestured for them to follow.

"Yes, Master!" Robin answered as the four of them lifted Superman up by his muscular arms and legs and carried him down the stairs to the villain's dungeon fortress which lied underneath the haunted old mansion. No one other than the Spellbinder and his mind controlled slaves knew about this secret subterranean cellar which made it the perfect hideout for this escaped fugitive to evade the law.

"Now put this green krytonite collar around Superman's neck, slave." said the Spellbinder as he handed it to the slacked-faced Jimmy Olsen. "It will make your former hero much more easy to manage when he comes to."

"As you wish, Master." replied Jimmy as the three other hypnotized young slaves rolled the Man of Steel over on to his back and Olsen obediently fastened the krytonite collar around his neck.

"Now remove his costume. Strip him completely, my slave-boys." said Spellbinder. "and then strap him up to the rack."

"It would be our pleasure, Master." Kid Flash said for all four of them as The Spellbinder's young slaves started to rip Superman's costume off his unconscious body. Then, they stood him up and placed him on the rack. First, his arms were raised and shackled, then they grabbed his ankles and spread his legs apart until they were approximately a foot and a half away from each other. The ankle manacles were then secured and now, Superman was totally restrained!

"Aqualad, check to see if my new Superslave is waking up from his nap!" ordered Spellbinder.

"I hear and I will obey, Master!" said Aqualad. The 21 year old sea-prince was quite a stud himself. The young black man had well developed pecs, huge arms and thick legs. Also, he sported a 9 inch uncut piece of slave meat. "Superman, are you prepared to submit to our Master now?" he asked but Superman did not answer. "It appears that Superman has yet to regain consciousness, Sir! Do you want me to wake him up, Oh great Spellbinder?"

"Take a piss on him, Aqua-slave! Maybe a splash of water will revive him! ... " Spellbinder says with a snicker. "Your wish is my command, Master." Aqualad then took hold of his firm dark cock and started to urinate all over Superman's handsome face, aiming the yellow stream right towards his open mouth. But Superman, completely unaware that the young Sea Prince was peeing on him, was still out cold!

"Enough, Aqualad. ...... Kid Flash, now it is your turn. "

Aqualad moved back and Kid Flash came forward. The 20 year old speedster was lean and muscular and carrying an 8 ½ inch cut cock between his legs. "Let's see if he can sleep through this!" Kid Flash said as he started to manhandle the Man of Steel. Kid Flash rubbed his wandering hands all over their prisoner's bound body, slapping him across the face, punching him in the abs and pinching his nipples. But Superman did not register anything. He remained totally unconscious.

"Stop, Kid Flash! .... Let's give The Boy Wonder a chance. Robin, you know what to do." The Spellbinder said with a giggle.

The well-built Boy Wonder assumed the position in front of Superman and grabbed a handful of the sleepy superhero's hair and lifted his head. Batman's 18 year old sidekick moved his own lips close to Superman's right ear and, breathing heavily, whispered, "We're going to break you, Superman. By the time our Master is through with you, he is going to make you his next slave. Soon you will worship him and gladly obey his every command ..... just like the four of us already do!" He then licked Superman's ear and nibbled on his lobe before he finally backed off.

Then the 19 year old Jimmy Olsen finally approached the restrained superhero. The red headed freckled faced young man said nothing, but went right to work. He grabbed a hold of The Man of Steel's limp but long cock with one hand while the other squeezed his big balls. Superman's young pal started to stroke him hard and fast. He could definitely feel it stir in his hand. Then, when he heard his Master snap his fingers, Jimmy suddenly released Superman's cock from his grip and stepped away. After he let go, their prisoner began to regain consciousness.

The Man of Steel's head tossed back and forth as he tried to clear the cobwebs from his mind. "Ooooohhh ... where am I? .... What the hell happened?"

"Don't even think about using your superpowers, my inquisative superhero. The collar around your neck is made of Green Kryptonite, rendering you completely powerless!" said The Spellbinder. "As for where you are, I brought you here to my secret hiding place. As for what happened, like a big dope, you fell right into my trap! And now I am about to get my revenge on you, Superman, for sending me to prison ten long years ago!"

"Not if I can help it, Spellbinder!" Superman said as he attempted to break his bonds. Superman struggled, but, try as he might, he wasn't going anywhere. The krytonite collar was neutralizing all of his superpowers and strength. "Hey, where is my costume, you sick sorceror?"

"You won't be needing your costume for what I have planned for you, Superman. Isn't that right, my toy boys?"

Superman looked around and saw his four young friends, each completely naked, each sporting a massive hard-on, each stroking their very sizable cocks. He didn't like the looks of this.

"Are you comfy, Superman? Here, why don't you just lie back and relax!" The Spellbinder said as he activated the rack with a flick of his magic wand.

Suddenly the rack started to move and both Superman's strong arms and legs were being pulled behind him. His body was suspended in the air so both his cock and balls were now higher than either his head or his feet. This position left his manhood and asshole as open to exploration as possible.

"Remember, my boys, Superman is mine. And soon he shall belong to me and only me. But, until then, you slaves may have some fun breaking him in for your Master ..... Now show The Man of Steel just how far all four of you are willing to go to serve The Sensational Spellbinder .... " The evil villain said with a chuckle.

To Be Continued ...

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