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The Revenge of the Spellbinder
Part 1 - Part 1
By SHeroNY
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The Revenge of The Spellbinder

by SHeroNY

(inspired by "The Breaking Of Lightning Man" on

Part 1

More than a decade ago, a much younger Superman first faced the Spellbinder when this former stage hypnotist had previously attempted to use his hypnotic powers to take over the world. After Superboy soundly defeated him, the angry villain vowed that someday he would return to Metropolis to get his revenge! While the convicted criminal spent the past ten years locked up in solitary confinement, all he could think about the whole time he was incarerated was how he was going to make that troublemaking teenage superhero pay for putting him in that maximum security prison cell. And just last month, the scheming Spellbinder finally managed to break out of jail.

Since the Spellbinder escaped from the State Pen four weeks ago, this fugitive from justice has been making up for lost time by abducting some of the hottest straight guys around, placing them under his seductive spell and turning all of these missing men into his gay sex slaves. Clark Kent just found out his former foe was back in Metropolis when the evil villain sent an email to the Daily Planet earlier today. Attached was a video file of the newspaper's staff photographer Jimmy Olsen bound and gagged, along with a message addressed to Superman, telling the superhero to come all alone to his secret lair by 6 o'clock tonight and not a second later or his hostage will die. So Clark told no one, not even the authorities and certainly not his girlfriend and fellow reporter Lois Lane, what the ransom note said or this malicious magician might actually make good on his threat and murder Jimmy. Superman suspected that it might be some kind of a setup, but he had to go rescue his young pal from this cold blooded killer. After all, it was a matter of life or death.

In their past battle, Superboy's superior mental strength proved strong enough to resist all of Spellbinder's futile attempts to take control his mind, which inevitably led to his downfall. And now that the hero was both older and wiser, Superman had no reason to think that this latest confrontation between the two of them wouldn't end up exactly the same way. So he was confident that he could handle Spellbinder all by himself, no matter what dirty tricks this mischievious magician might have up his sleeve.

Superman arrived at the exact location mentioned in the email a few minutes before 6 PM and flew down towards the spooky looking mansion below. It was a dark, ominous place, far up in the mountains, way out in the middle of nowhere. There wasn't another house or business for at least 30 or 40 miles and the only road that once led to it had long since been closed. In fact, probably no one even remembered this rundown, rickety old structure was still standing.

Now that he had found The Spellbinder's hideout, the mighty superhero came crashing through the ceiling and landed in the center of a dimly lit building, except for a small circle of light in the corner of the room, which started moving towards him. When Superman found himself in the center of the harsh spotlight, it reflected off of the red and yellow logo emblazoned across his broad chest as the brave hero called out to his old nemesis, "Okay, Spellbinder! I followed your instructions to the letter and came here alone, just as you asked. Now, show yourself!"

A calm, soothing voice suddenly came out of the darkness, "Well it sure took you long enough to get here, hero. I must say, that was quite an enterance you made, Superman."

An angry Superman demands to know, "Just tell me where you are holding Jimmy Olsen, you sadistic sorceror!"

"Oh, I assure you, your young friend is around here somewhere. But don't worry, Superman. I've been taking real good care of him." Spellbinder tells him.

"Well, you might as well let him go and just surrender to me now, Spellbinder! We both know that your parlor magic doesn't work on me! So don't make me humiliate you again like I did all those years ago!" Superman reminds the vengeful villain.

Unfazed, The Spellbinder replies, "True, you may have won our last matchup, my worthy opponent! But now I know exactly who I am up against, Superman. And this time I will have my revenge on you .... just as I promised."

"Your revenge? .... Just what are you up to, Spellbinder?" inquires the wary superhero. Standing there in the bright light with his skintight blue costume and flowing red cape, Superman's muscularity was well put on display as was the very noticable bulge in the crotch of his shorts.

But The Spellbinder coyly postpones answering the question and proceeds to compliment his formidable advisory instead, "Wow, what a difference a decade can make! My, how you have grown, superhero! Yes, you certainly have matured. Before you were just a boy. But now you're a man. ...... ALL MAN!"

Clenching his fist, Superman is starting to lose his patience, "But unfortunately you're still the same, Spellbinder! Jailbreak, kidnapping, extortion. I guess you will never change, you delusional illusionist!"

Still out of sight, the confident criminal continues to taunt the exasperated Superman, "Oh, but you're wrong, my sanctimonious superhero. A lot has changed since we last met. You see, ten years ago, even though I may have thought you were kind of cute for a kid, Superboy, you were still a little too young for me back then. But now that you are a bit older, you are just my type, my sexy Superstud! Which makes the revenge I have planned for you all the more sweeter! ..... "

Tired of the villain's subtle threats, Superman has had just about enough, "I don't know exactly what you have planned for me, you mad magician! But if you think I'm just going to give up to you without a fight, you've got another thing coming, Spellbind ...... EERRRGGGHH!!! ..... "

Suddenly and without warning, A krytonite ray was bathing Superman in its eerie green glow.

"Surprise, Super-fool! .... Ain't payback a bitch?" Spellbinder mockingly asks the suffering superhero as he falls to the hard cement floor below, writhing and moaning in agony. The last thing Superman heard was the maniacal laugh of the Spellbinder before the light gave way to darkness and he lost consciousness!

As the superhero laid there ... completely defenseless ... all of the sudden, Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen as well as three members of Young Justice, Aqualad, Kid Flash & Robin The Boy Wonder emerged from the shadows and stood over him. From the strange look upon their faces, they appeared to be under some kind of spell. But not only were they apparently hypnotized, all 4 of the young men were also completely naked!

To Be Continued ...

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