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The Joker Has The Last Laugh!
Part 4 - The Aftermath
By SHeroNY
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The Joker Has The Last Laugh

by SHeroNY

Part Four - The Aftermath

(Story Inspired by “Green Lantern is No More” by Hector Oppenheimer)

As the now-freed Bruce Wayne awoke totally refreshed from the day-long drug induced sleep in his captor's bed, he looked around the strange room in bewilderment. This unfamiliar bedroom was decorated in a bizarre circus motif with all sorts of kinky sex toys everywhere he turned. As he struggled to figure out where he was and how he had gotten there, the door to the bathroom suddenly swung open. In front of him stood the freshly-showered Joker, wearing only a broad smile on his painted-on clown face and a terry-cloth towel around his waist.

"Good morning, my Un-Caped Crusader!" boomed the evil villain. "Did you sleep well?" he asked as he entered the bedroom.

"What the... ???... Who are you???... Why am I here???" stammered the completely clueless superhero.

"Don't you remember, my hitherto heterosexual hero? I brought you back here to my secret hideout so I could turn you into my gay sex slave." the grinning Joker unabashedly admitted, certain in the knowledge that Batman would not recall a single thing that happened to him over the past five weeks.

"Gay?... No!... That's impossible. You see, I'm straigh-h-h... uuuggghhh!" the confused superhero attempted to say before a queasy feeling suddenly came over him. Just the mere thought of having sex with a woman... any woman... even his old girlfriends Vicki Vale or The Catwoman... was enough to make him retch.

"Oh well, I guess you must have forgotten all about it by now... He he he!" the villain said with a snicker as he loosened his towel, dropped it to the floor, grabbed his pendulous cock, and started waving it in the direction of the confounded Caped Crusader. "But here!... Maybe this will remind you!... Woo hoo hoo!"

Batman was absolutely stunned. He had never seen such an awesome sight in his whole life, Bruce thought as he focused all of his attention on that big slab of man-meat that now rested in between the alabaster thighs of this clown-faced criminal. The Caped Crusader just couldn't take his eyes off of it. It was absolutely breathtaking from its bullet shaped head, to its thick shaft, and the hefty set of balls which hung beneath it.

"Hey, Batman!... Are you still with me?... Woo hoo hoo!… Is it all coming back to you now?" The Joker asked as he pointed his cock right at the wide eyed superhero.

"Ahhhhhhhh huhhhh!" groaned the slack-faced superhero as he continued to be transfixed by the Joker’s pretty impressive penis. A tremendous hunger swept over the Caped Crusader’s entire body as he suddenly had this intense desire to worship that Clown Prince of Crime's cock. As he unconsciously licked his lips, the vanquished Batman felt a stirring in his loins as his own dick began to harden and lengthen.

"Well, my Un-Caped Crusader, I have been reprogramming your mind for more than a month now! So come on over here and show me the results of all my hard work!... Ha ha ha ha!" The silly-looking villain demanded.

With that, the butt-naked Batman tossed aside his blanket and placed his feet on the floor of the bedroom. Without taking his eyes off of the enormous 13 inch cock attached to the man standing in front of him, the Caped Crusader... his own 10” long super-schlong straining at full mast... got down on his hands and knees and slowly crawled across the floor towards the smiling stranger.

"That's right, Super-Queer-O," whispered the Joker. "You know you want it. Woo hoo hoo! Keep coming... You're almost there... "

Moments later, the panting superhero was on all fours directly in front of The Joker. Only inches away from his face was the fully erect manhood of this well-hung villain. From his vantage point, The Caped Crusader could see all of the cock's intricacies from its gaping urethra, to its wide mushroom shaped glans head, to the protruding veins along his shaft, to the nest of dyed green hair from which the shaft rose, to the large scrotum sack hanging below this succulent male monument, Batman knew that he just had to have it.

Putting a finger underneath The Caped Crusader's chin, the sinister Joker slowly lifted the spellbound superhero's head until Bruce Wayne was looking directly into his evil eyes. "Do you want my cock, my horny hero?"

"Yes," groaned the kneeling superstud.

"Do you need my cock?" asked his conniving captor.

"Oh, yes!... I need your cock real bad," came Batman's reply.

"Then beg for it!... Beg for my cock, my hard-up hero!" instructed the grinning Joker, his painted face beaming in anticipation.

"May I please have your cock?" Batman pleaded.

"Whose cock?" The Joker asked, testing Batman‘s memory. "Say my name, superhero!"

"Ahhh... your name?... " The confused Caped Crusader said with a tinge of uncertainty, no longer capable of remembering The Joker after all these many weeks of reprogramming he had been subjected to. For all of the unpleasant memories of his longtime enemy had been painfully and strategically shocked away from his very brain. The only thing he knew now was this mysterious stranger was the most attractive man he ever laid eyes on… or so he believed, "I'm sorry but... I don't know your name, Sir!... Please tell me... who you are?... I've just got to find out your name!" begged the bowing Batman with a definite tone of desperation in his voice.

"They call me The Joker, dear boy... but from this moment on, you shall refer to me as your 'Lord and Master'!" replied the criminal clown as he looked down at the defeated superhero. "Now ask me again!... only this time, I want you to say my name!"

"May I please have your cock, my Lord and Master?" the subjugated superhero grovels. "I'll do anything for your cock!... Anything you ask, Lord and Master!... "

Staring down at the enslaved superhero, the Clown Prince of Crime, his face marked by expressions of both triumph and contempt looked into those innocent, unsuspecting, deep blue eyes of the handsome hero and said "I told you that you were going to come to the same conclusion I did, Caped Crusader!... That you would soon realize that we were always meant to be together!... He he he he!... And now I've done it! For I, The Joker, have now become the new leader of the Dynamic Duo, which henceforth shall be known as The Diabolical Duo! And you, The Dark Knight, have just agreed to be my lowly sidekick!... Haven't you, Bat-boy?"

Not completely sure what The Joker is talking about, the totally oblivious Caped Crusader quickly concedes, "Yes, I will gladly be your new sidekick!... Anything you say! Just please let me service that beautiful cock of yours, Lord and Master, and I'll agree to all of your conditions!"

"Ah, success! Batman, once my sworn enemy is now mine, ALL MINE! HAA HAA HAA HAA!!!… " laughed the Joker. "Yes, you, my former superhero, are now my sex slave! And your sole purpose in life will be to serve your Lord and Master as well as servicing your Lord and Master's cock!... In fact, that has become your only reason for living," he continued as he grabbed his hard-on and shook it in Bruce Wayne's adoring face. "Do you understand???"

"Yes! Yes I do, my Lord and Master!" exclaimed the kneeling superhero. "I am your sex slave. My sole purpose in life is to serve you... to service your cock!... That is my only reason for living." The broken superhero repeated without question.

"Good, slave!… Very good slave! He he he he!!!" laughed the superhero's smirking enslaver as he listened to Batman's words of surrender.

Bruce Wayne was beaming with pride. For The Joker just said he was a good slave... A very good slave! And, as of this moment, nothing mattered more to him than his Lord and Master's approval!

"Oh yeah, there's one more thing before I let those pretty little lips of yours wrap themselves around my tasty cock." The Joker informed his superhero sex slave. "Since you have just consented to become my new sidekick, I think you should also have a new title to go along with the new role that I have chosen for you. After all, everyone associates the name 'Batman' with crimefighting. So, needless to say, your old superhero sobriquet is no longer acceptable. And what kind of nickname is The Caped Crusader for a criminal?... Why, that is hardly appropriate either, is it, my reprogrammed partner-in-crime? He he he he!"

"No, it certainly isn't, Lord and Master." The converted crimefighter readily agreed to all of his archenemy’s demands.

"No, your new moniker should reflect your evil new image. You know, something much more fitting for the sidekick of The Joker. I know… how about I call you 'Court Jester'? Why, I think that would be the perfect name for my new partner!... Woo hoo hoo!... So do you approve, my criminal protégée?" The rotten villain questions the subjugated superslave, already knowing just what his answer will be.

"Yes, my Lord and Master. Any name you want to call me is perfectly fine, so long as I hear you say it, Sire. Just the sound of your voice makes me want to obey you even more!" Batman lustfully responds, hanging on his evil enslaver's every word.

The Joker is pleased with his response, "Excellent, my new sidekick! Now I want you to say 'I am your Court Jester' out loud. Once you hear the words coming from your own lips, then that shall become the only name you will ever answer to from this day forward! So tell me, who are you?"

"I am your Court Jester!", the lovestruck superstud immediately confirmed. With those words, he was no longer Batman or even Bruce Wayne. For as soon as he heard his own voice say his new name, it would then became the only identity he would ever know from now on. Now in his totally reprogrammed mind, he thought of himself as The Joker's subservient underling and nothing more. In fact, the former superhero now believed that is who he has always been and all he will ever be. No memories of his previous life remained, not even in his subconscious. It was as if The Caped Crusader had never even existed.

"Yes, Court Jester, now you shall become 'The Clown Prince of Crime'! And I, The Joker, will soon be known as 'The Clown King of Crime'! Haa haa haa haa!" The Joker laughs as he manages to pull off his greatest victory by far!

To Be Continued...

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