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The Joker Has The Last Laugh!
Part 5 - The Finale
By SHeroNY
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The Joker Has The Last Laugh

by SHeroNY

Part Five - The Finale

(Story Inspired by “Green Lantern is No More” by Hector Oppenheimer)

Now that Batman was given a whole new name to go along with the new life that awaits him, he forgot all about his previous existence. At the precise moment our hero accepted his new identity, any memories of The Caped Crusader, The Dynamic Duo, or even Bruce Wayne were permanently stricken from his subconscious mind, never to return. From this day forward, he shall be known as 'Court Jester', the faithful sidekick of his Lord and Master... The Joker!

"So, are you ready to leave your superhero days behind and embark on a whole new life of crime, Batman? How about it, Caped Crusader?" The Joker very strategically inquired, testing his new partner to see just how he would respond.

"Who is this Batman you speak of, my Lord and Master? And, I must admit, I've never heard of The Caped Crusader either. My name is Court Jester. And I am already your partner-in-crime.“ the former crimefighter replied. From the confused look upon his face, it was clear that he could no longer remember that he ever was a superhero. "We are the ‘Diabolical Duo‘, Lord and Master! Surely you haven't forgotten?"

"Of course I know that we are the Diabolical Duo! And you are my Court Jester!” The Joker clarifies. “Just forget I ever mentioned this Batman or The Caped Crusader. For they are of no significance anymore. They were just a couple of losers I once knew a long, long time ago... before you ever became my trusty sidekick. But I had to kill them both because they kept interfering with my evil plans. So consider them dead and buried!”

“Forget about this Batman and The Caped Crusader! Consider them dead and buried! Got it, Lord and Master!” The spellbound superhero believes everything The Joker tells him without question, never even giving his two previous aliases a second thought.

“Believe me, you wouldn't have liked them anyway. For they were nothing but a couple of hopelessly straight, sanctimonious superheroes. And I know you how much you hate the good guys, Court Jester! You have always preferred bad guys... like ME! Woo hoo hoo!“ The Joker says, stifling a giggle. “Right, Partner?"

"Oh how right you are, my Lord and Master! For you are the only man for me! You're so powerful... so commanding... so evil... so sexy!... There is no one I admire more in this whole wide world than you! I still can't believe you picked me to be your criminal sidekick! Why, it is such a great honor to serve under the greatest supervillain of all time! So, won't you allow me to show you my gratitude?... May I PLEASE suck your cock now, Lord and Master?" implored the groveling superslave.

After placing his hands on his hips and widening his stance so that he now towered over the kneeling superhero like some sort of God, the positively beaming conqueror of the Caped Crusader looked down upon the vanquished Batman and smugly said "Of course you may, Court Jester!... Ha ha ha ha!"

Seconds later, the once-proud hero was shamelessly debasing himself on the cock of his hated enemy. Since he had never actually sucked a cock before, having only seen blowjobs in the countless number of gay porn videos he had been forced to watch over the past few weeks, the former Batman committed a whole bunch of beginner's errors. The over-eager Caped Crusader tried to take the villain's whole cock down this throat all at once, only to trigger a severe spasm of coughs and gagging sounds. After recovering from that mishap, the subjugated superhero once again devoured the Joker's marvelous manhood, only to scrape his teeth across the shaft. This mistake resulted in a sharp smack across the head, followed by an admonition of "No teeth, Court Jester!" It took quite a few minutes before his new super sex slave finally began to master what would be his lifelong devotion.

As Batman's boastful new mentor watched his newly designated partner-for-life finally beginning to get the hang of sucking cock, The Joker marveled at what he had been able to achieve in just five short weeks. For this ruthless villain had taken a powerful heterosexual male superhero and transformed him into a submissive gay bottom boy right before his very eyes. Batman's big dick would never again pleasure a woman. Instead, it would only spew its load as a sign of submission to another man... A man he once loathed. The era of The Caped Crusader was now over! The era of Court Jester had just begun.

Extracting his well-sucked cock from the slobbering mouth of his conquest, the Joker looked down on this newly obedient sex slave and asked "Do you like the taste of my cock, Court Jester?"

"MMMMMM!… YES, MY LORD AND MASTER! I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE THE TASTE OF YOUR COCK, LORD AND MASTER!!!" came his new sidekick's enthusiastic reply.

"If you like the taste of my cock, then you’re gonna love the taste of my cum, boy! Wooo hoo hoo!" cooed the giddy Joker as he shoved his rock-hard dick back into the former Batman's mouth. “Now suck me off, Court Jester! A good slave must earn his reward! Ha ha ha ha!"

The disgraced superhero sucked away at his new Master's cock with incredible exuberance and dedication, lapping away at his piss hole, wrapping his drooling lips around the hard shaft, and even slurping away at the villain's big balls. As he returned his attention to The Joker's cockhead, he could taste his pre-cum oozing out his meatus. That only made Batman more determined to make his Lord and Master shoot his load. All he could think about was ‘earning’ his ‘reward’! After a few more minutes, the cocksucking Caped Crusader could feel the Clown King of Crime's firm dick stiffen further, as it started to twitch.

"OOOHH YES, COURT JESTER!... OOOOHHH YESSSSS!!!... I'M CUMMING, COCK SLAVE!!!... I'M CUMMING!!!... AAAAHHHH!!!" shouted his Lord and Master. Just then, his throbbing dick began emptying its huge load into his new suck slave's waiting mouth. Grabbing a hold of the kneeling superhero's head for balance, The Joker howled with joy as he defiled Batman with his foul semen.

"Woo hoo hoo!... Now swallow your reward for being such a good cocksucker! Gulp down every last drop of your Lord and Master's gift to you, slave boy! Ha ha ha ha!" The Joker laughed as he continued to ejaculate his evil emissions into the mouth and down the throat of his once formidable opponent.

The compliant Caped Crusader eagerly followed his Lord and Master's orders, greedily savoring the flavor of his bitter-tasting splooge, then obediently gulping the whole wad right down his throat. Batman had crossed the line of no return. The studly heterosexual superhero of the past was gone for good. For he had just been reborn as a submissive cum-swallowing cocksucker. Now the Dark Knight would dedicate his life to worshiping the Joker's dreaded dick and consuming his sinister seed.

As The Joker watched his former enemy reverently lick the last remnants of cum from his softening cock, he smiled broadly and announced, "He he he he! Not bad for a first try, my criminal protégée. Now I'm going to fuck your brains out. And if you are good bottom boy, I'll let you lick my dick clean when I'm through!... Woo hoo hoo!... Why, you sure are one lucky slave to have a kind and giving Lord and Master like me, aren't you, Court Jester?" asked Batman's new lover.

"Yes, I am." Court Jester proudly replied. "I am the luckiest slave of them all, my Lord and Master!!!"


The Boy Wonder searched and searched for his mentor for months. But, alas, he couldn’t find him. At first, Batman was officially declared a missing person and, then, he was presumed dead.

Curiously, after The Caped Crusader disappeared, it was revealed that Billionaire Bruce Wayne had shockingly sold Wayne Enterprises to a shell corporation alleged to have ties with an organized crime syndicate. Actually, it was a shadow company that The Joker had created to conceal his identity. Knowing Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same, Robin investigated the shady deal but it appeared to be on the up and up. Shortly afterwards, Bruce Wayne issued a press release that said he was going into a early retirement and, preferring to live out the rest of his life in anonymity, he moved to an undisclosed location, leaving his young ward high and dry.

Six weeks to the day Batman had vanished off the face of the earth, The Joker returned to Gotham City with his brand new sidekick, The Court Jester. Now dressed in a colorful medieval jester costume, his brown hair dyed bright red and wearing scary clown makeup all over his handsome face to match his Lord and Master, the man formerly known as Bruce Wayne was totally unrecognizable. In no time at all, the newly christened 'Diabolical Duo' were not only the toasts of the criminal underworld, they became two of the most fearsome villains on the face of the earth. In fact, most people assumed that the Clown King and Prince of Crime were responsible for the 'death' of The Caped Crusader although it was never proven! And not even The Boy Wonder could figure out that The Dark Knight was indeed The Joker's new partner-in-crime!

But the former Caped Crusader wasn’t just The Joker’s partner-in-crime, he was also his partner-in-bed as well! And from this moment on, the newly-submissive Batman would be willing to go to any lengths to satisfy his dominant partner’s insatiable lust! … No matter how kinky!… No matter how depraved!… No matter how perverted!… There was no sex act that Court Jester wouldn’t perform just to please the sick and twisted madman he now loves! For pleasing his Lord and Master was this ex-superhero’s only desire!

Finally, The Joker had the last laugh!

The End???