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The Joker Has The Last Laugh!
Part 3 - The Reprogramming
By SHeroNY
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The Joker Has The Last Laugh

by SHeroNY

Part Three - The Reprogramming

(Story Inspired by “Green Lantern is No More” by Hector Oppenheimer)

As soon as The Joker turned on his maniacal machine, the magnificent body of Batman shook and shuddered as an excruciating jolt of electricity surged right into the head of the suffering superhero. A series of follow-up shots continued in rapid order, the voltage decreasing ever so slightly with each successive shock, triggering severe convulsions and even causing the Caped Crusader to have what appeared to be some sort of a seizure. The devastating blasts to his skull renders Bruce Wayne incapable of thinking for himself anymore, leaving him completely susceptible to his cackling captor's mental manipulations.

As the dazed and disoriented superhero teetered on the verge of unconsciousness, a feeding tube that was attached to the rubber mouthpiece began delivering a powerful dose of nausea inducing medicines down his throat while the needle in his arm injected a mentally corrosive mixture of hallucinogenic drugs directly into his veins.

The drugged hero felt like he was just about to pass out when, all of sudden, some strange combination of off-key musical notes starts blaring in his ears. Anyone hearing this so-called music over a loudspeaker would think it was just noise. But nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, they were very specific sounds... designed for a very definite purpose. These 'hypno-tones', as The Joker calls them, will place the listener in a deep, deep trance. No, The Caped Crusader won't fall entirely asleep but he will not be fully awake either. The semi-consciousness superhero will be aware of everything that is going on around him yet he will be helpless to prevent whatever his captor has planned for him. In his current cataleptic state, Batman will never be able to figure out a way to resist the reprogramming.

At the exact same time, the inner lining of the front of his helmet lit up as a loop of hardcore heterosexual porn films began to play on the small video screen before his eyes. As the barely-conscious Caped Crusader watched the lurid scenes of man/woman lust and desire, another dose of nausea inducing medicines poured into his mouth!... Simultaneously, The Joker's sinister subliminal messages secretly hidden within the mood-altering music (all recorded by this evil villain in his own voice) were bombarding Batman's brain, implanting thoughts of discomfort, repulsion, and even 'horror' in the impressionable mind of the helpless hero-hunk towards the straight sex acts he was now seeing.

For the next five hours, our poor hero hovered on the verge of vomiting as waves of nauseousness swept over his body, all the while witnessing an endless stream of heterosexual porn videos featuring some of the most beautiful, bosomy women in the business. Normally, the straight superhero would be popping a boner from the explicit sex scenes he was watching. But there was no way on earth that he was ever going to get a hard-on while the nausea inducing chemicals turned his stomach and the hallucinogenic drugs wreaked havoc with his mind. But, as an added precaution, the clamps fitted around the tip of The Caped Crusader's cock and his hanging balls were delivering some short painful shocks to his dick just to make certain he doesn't get an erection. Sure enough, Batman's penis not only remained limp throughout this entire stage of his reprogramming, it kept shrinking and shrinking until it was nothing more than a tiny nub buried in his pubic hair!

But the first stage of The Caped Crusader’s reprogramming wasn’t only anti-heterosexual. For sporadically interspersed within these straight porn videos was a series of All-American images, some still photographs, others caught on film, which flashed before the unsuspecting superhero’s unblinking eyes. Old Glory… The White House… Mount Rushmore… The Presidential Seal… The Washington Monument… Apple pie… A baseball game… On and on, these brief snippets appeared only for a split second, but long enough to register in the distressed superstud’s vulnerable mind. It didn’t take long until these patriotic pictures started becoming more and more unsettling. Police brutality… The homeless living in the streets… Naked Iraqi prisoners being abused by U.S. military officials at Al Ghraib… The Justice League of America thwarting The Legion of Doom’s latest scheme… The atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima… The Boy Wonder apprehending The Penguin… The violent attack upon The Capitol… Soon Batman would not only associate the pain that he was now experiencing with sex between a man and a woman but also with the country he swore to protect and even the laws that he vowed to uphold!

At the end of the fourth hour, the feeding tube and mouthpiece were removed from the retching captive. By the time the fifth hour had passed, The Un-Caped Crusader had puked his guts out so many times that vomit was everywhere, including all over his sweaty, perspiration-soaked body. And all the while, the straight sex scenes continued to play before his drug-distorted eyes. Once the first cycle was complete, the heterosexual porn videos finally stopped appearing on the screen. Then, the weak and defenseless superhero was released from his bonds, hosed down with warm soapy water, administered a powerful sedative, tied back up and sent to bed.

Six hours later, Bruce was abruptly awakened, reconnected to the wires, probes and sensors, and readied for the second round of his reprogramming. Unlike the first 'treatment', nausea-inducing drugs were not pumped into the hapless hero. This time, the debilitating shocks to his skull were followed by a powerful combination of psychotropic drugs, hallucinogenic medicines, priapism triggering erectile dysfunction medications, and a whole assortment of incredibly arousing aphrodisiacs distributed through a drastically different mouthpiece shaped just like The Joker's erect penis. As this new chemical invasion overtook his body, a brand new series of pornographic films were being transmitted on the video screen inside The Caped Crusader’s helmet. But, instead of straight sexual intercourse, the porn videos that were playing this time around featured nothing but gay men, portraying man-to-man sex specifically from the submissive male's point of view. An endless stream of masculine faces servicing other men's dicks, licking their testicles and eagerly swallowing their semen danced in front of Batman's wide eyes in a totally mesmerizing pattern. Other shots of cock-impaled guys, groaning in pleasure while they were getting fucked over and over again, were also on display!... Depending on the subject's orientation, it was either homosexual heaven or heterosexual hell!

While the mentally corrupted superhero struggled to make sense of the disturbing scenes unfolding before his eyes, the hypno-tones once again put the listener in a deep trance. Only this time, The Joker's subliminal messages that were secretly playing underneath the mood-altering music were instead instilling feelings of enjoyment, excitement, even exhilaration towards the endless array of gay sex acts his patient was now observing. Although he could barely hear what his captor was saying through his headphones, Batman's subconscious mind absorbed the villain's every word like a sponge.

Unconsciously aroused by the gay porn films he was now watching, the clamps wrapped around the Caped Crusader's cockhead and gonads, the electrodes hooked to his nipples, and metal rod in the superhero's rectum came to life, sending waves of unimaginable physical pleasure throughout Bruce Wayne's entire body. Within a few moments, his impressive male sex organ had risen to full mast and his bulbourethral glands were producing copious volumes of pre-cum.

Again, under normal circumstances, the shocking scenes of homosexual passion and depravity would have triggered disgust in this totally straight superhero. But the mind-warping combination of drugs that had been dumped down his throat and the electro-stimulation of the diabolical devices inserted in his rectum, attached to his nipples, and surrounding the most sensitive part of his manhood overrode Batman's natural heterosexual revulsion and instead replaced it with uncontrollable, hyper-accelerated gay lust. Only a few minutes after the cycle had begun, the rock-hard cock of the Caped Crusader blasted load after load of super-spunk into the air as the captive crimefighter experienced his first homosexually-induced orgasm.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!... Very good, my involuntary lab rat!" said the barely audible voice of the evil Joker as he watched the last rivulets of the superhero's semen drip down his softening cock. "But I'm sure these super-balls of yours haven't been completely emptied yet!" chuckled his clown-faced captor as he carefully cupped The Caped Crusader's genitals in his slimy hand. "We have almost another five more hours to go before we get you back to bed, Batman. But I'm sure that you will RISE to the occasion, my horny hero!... Woo hoo hoo!"

With that, the Caped Crusader's cold hearted captor turned and left the room, leaving the helpless superhero in the deadly grip of the 'attitude adjusting' apparatus. Once again, the tube connected to Batman's phallus-shaped mouthpiece began to pump out a carefully measured dose of the psychotropics, aphrodisiacs, hallucinogens and erectile dysfunction drugs inside the slobbering mouth of this hungry hunk. Shortly thereafter, a new collection of gay porn videos, even more obscene than the ones before, began to play on the inside of his helmet, while the electronic instruments attached to his cock and nipples and buried in his ass suddenly came to life. Some of these homosexual hardcore films featured heavy S&M, others contained watersports, even some fisting. Not only did he maintain his erection the entire time, the once-straight superhero just kept sucking on that dildo-like drug dispenser and cumming over and over again as he was quickly becoming desensitized by the vicious, brutal acts of debauchery he was witnessing. By the end of his first homofication cycle, seeing hot men being whipped and flogged, drinking piss or taking a fist up their ass didn't seem to bother this heterosexual hero in the least. In fact, the kinkier the sex, the more he actually got off.

Four and a half hours later The Joker returned. The once-powerful superhero was now slumped over in a state of total exhaustion. Load after load of Bat-cum was lying all over the floor and dripping down his lower extremities, while his cock hung downwards with a last droplet of semen hanging from its head. Once again the helpless hero was released from his bonds, washed down with warm soapy water, given another shot of the powerful sedative, then secured and tucked into his bed. Six hours later, the cycle began again as Batman was awakened, reconnected to his wires, probes and sensors and prepared for a another round of anti-heterosexual ‘treatments‘.

These cycles were repeated over and over again for the next five weeks. After the first couple of weeks, the gay sex videos that Batman had been watching (which his captor had downloaded from various porn sites on the internet) were then replaced by some equally erotic home movies The Joker had made of him fucking the many muscular male prostitutes that he had hired since his escape from Arkham. But after the shooting was complete, one by one, the mutilated, dead bodies of these poor young men were found dumped in some back alley on the upper east side of town known as 'Crime Alley'. Word quickly spread of a 'Rentboy Serial Killer' as panic gripped the streets of Gotham City. If only the police detectives investigating their gruesome murders knew that the last days of their lives had been recorded on videotape just before their untimely deaths. Too bad no one but the captured Caped Crusader will ever get a chance to view this rather incriminating piece of evidence. For the deranged psychopath who was responsible for this grizzly killing spree had only produced these perversely pornographic films of himself with his unfortunate victims just for his superhero subject to see. And, unfortunately, our hero is currently in no position to bring their murderer to justice!

Over the course of the next few weeks, these amateur gay porn films The Joker had shot exclusively for Batman's viewing 'entertainment' gradually became much more graphic, not to mention far more violent than even the most extreme S&M video that Bruce had been forced to view earlier. But, surprisingly, seeing this creepy clown completely dominate and abuse these bound and chained male prostitutes right before his very eyes didn't seem to faze our hero one bit, not even when he could hear them scream and beg for their cruel captor to let them go in his headphones. It no longer mattered to this captive crimefighter if the sadomasochistic sex acts that he was witnessing were consensual or nonconsensual. Thanks to The Joker's sexually stimulating devices, The Caped Crusader couldn't help but become increasingly aroused by what he was observing, regardless of whether these pornographic videos starred his hated enemy or not. In fact, the longer the straight-laced superhero watched these battered and beaten bottom boys forced to submit to this mean, sadistic top against their wills, the more frequently he was reaching orgasm. Just the mere thought of being brutally raped by this vicious villain was actually starting to turn him on!

By the beginning of the third week, minute doses of The Joker's semen were introduced into the mouth of the captive Caped Crusader during the homosexual reinforcement cycles of his reprogramming. These doses gradually increased in volume day by day, so that by the fourth week, Batman was taking several full loads of his sex-crazed captor's cum during each homofication stage of his 'treatment'. The connection between the taste of this evil villain's spunk and the pleasure of orgasm was being coercively hardwired into the tortured brain of the mind-fucked hero-hunk. (The horny Joker had been collecting many gallons of his own ejaculations earlier in anticipation!)

As the ‘treatment’ regimen went on, the Joker gradually reduced the length of the anti-heterosexual cycle, while slowly increasing the length of the homofication cycle. Now a voracious consumer of his cruel captor's cum, the once-straight superhero’s own magnificent manhood would instantly harden whenever he saw pornographic images of the vile villain who was holding him there, specifically when they were from a cocksucker's or the bottom boy's point of view. It was almost as if he could picture himself worshiping The Joker's long, thick dick or getting fucked hard by this forceful fiend. (Little did our hero know that he was because The Joker has been secretly ravaging and raping the drowsy Bruce Wayne while he 'sleeps'!) By the beginning of the fifth week, just thinking about submitting to this evildoer made Batman shoot his wad, even without the aid of The Joker's lust-inducing invention. All he had to do was see his captor's scary clown face or his monster cock and it would send The Caped Crusader into uncontrollable fits of ecstasy.

But that wasn’t all. Occasionally mixed in with this villain’s homoerotic home videos was old news footage of some of the most violent and heinous crimes The Joker had committed over the years. Again, if our hero was in his right mind, Batman would have flew into a rage just watching his longtime adversary repeatedly breaking the law! But now observing this ruthless criminal in action made the Un-Caped Crusader ejaculate almost as much as watching him having sex, thus preparing this once-upstanding citizen for the far-less-respectable life that awaits him!

By the end of the fifth week, Batman's conniving captor decided that it was time to release his captive from his physical restraints, supremely confident that the former superhero would be forever bound in servitude by the mental restraints he had so ruthlessly implanted in this hot hero's mind!

To Be Continued...

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