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Part 15 - At Last, Lex Luthor Finally Learns Superman's true identity!
By SHeroNY
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By SHeroNy

(Inspired by the unfinished story “The Complete Takeover” by M2MNIPU8me)

Chapter Fifteen

As Lex Luthor sat upstairs in the comfort of his luxurious office watching the entire reorientation session streaming live on his computer, he adjusted the security camera with his PTZ controller until it was pointed straight at the just-revealed superhero in the back row of the lecture hall. His suspicions now confirmed, Lex then zoomed the camera in for a closer look as he talks into the intercom atop his desk, "Otis, put the video on 'loop' for a moment, will you?"

Hearing Lex's voice through his wireless headphones, his longtime henchman Otis Berg pushes a button on his remote control. As soon as he does, the video starts repeating the same 5 second loop over and over again. But the spiral kept rotating so seamlessly, no one would ever know that the film had been paused .... The 21 entranced men who are currently viewing it certainly couldn't tell the difference.

"Now switch your microphone over to 'two-way radio' mode ... that way, no one can overhear us." Luthor instructs his not-so-swift assistant. "After all, I don't want anything we're about to say to one another to be inadvertently blurted out over the PA system! .... "

Otis flicked the switch on the side of his headset and then spoke into the attached microphone, "Don't worry, Boss. Now they won't be able to hear a word we're saying. So what did you want to tell me? .... "

"Look, Otis. .... Do you see what I see? .... Sitting all the way in the back of the room .... Why, it would appear that we have a very special guest in the audience today!" Luthor informs his flunky.

An oblivious Otis looked all around the auditorium in confusion, then finally spotted their esteemed trespasser, "Well, what do you know? .... It looks like your old pal Superman somehow managed to sneak into the movie theater without buying a ticket! So he thought could see the film for free, did he? .... "

"I guess our mischievous gatecrasher here wasn't aware that this was a private screening intended only for certain viewers! .... I'll bet Mr. Kent now wishes that he had busted into the kiddy matinee playing over at the Bijou instead! .... Porno never really was his style! .... He has always been more of a G-rated type of guy! .... " Lex goes along with the joke.

"But now that this nosy news reporter has already seen the first half of the picture, we might as well let him stay for the entire show .... Hey, boss?" Otis continues with the running gag.

"Right, Otis! .... After all, we wouldn't want him to leave before the cum-splattering climax, wouldn't we? .... Yes, by the time he's finished watching my hypnotic erotic flick, it's gonna cost this costumed clod a whole lot more than the price of admission. .... More than he ever could have bargained for! .... Ha ha ha!!!" Luthor has a good laugh at Superman's expense, knowing full well what he has in store for him.

Otis is completely blown away by this revelation, "I just can't believe it, Boss! If someone had told me that four-eyed nerd in the last row was really Superman in disguise, I would have thought they were pulling my legs!"

Lex is obviously tickled by this fortuitous turn of events, "But we have just seen it with our own eyes, haven't we, Otis? So now we both know it's true! .... Clark Kent and Superman are indeed one and the same, just as Bruce Wayne said they were."

Otis just stares at the sexy superhero in disbelief, "So Superman was here all along? .... Wow! ... He sure could have fooled me, Boss!"

"And now, the once-indomitable Man of Steel has just fallen under my power!" Lex revels in his latest achievement. "So, my curious friend, you couldn't resist snooping around in my private affairs? .... Well, you have stuck your nose into my business for the very last time. Yes, my big blue buttinsky, I am going to make sure that both you or your alter ego will never interfere with my evil plans ever again! ..... And what better way than to convince my worst enemy to come and work for me instead! .... "

"The mighty Man of Steel? .... Your lowly lackey? ..... I have got to hand it to you, Boss! .... You sure know how to get even!" Otis offers his compliments.

"Just imagine, Otis! .... Superman, the World's Greatest Superhero, will soon obey my every command!" Lex relishes the thought.

"He would definitely be LexCorp's most valuable acquisition ever, Boss! Why, a big, strong, powerful superhero like Superman could be very useful. .... Very useful indeed! .... " Otis said, smacking his lips as his eyes filled with lust. " .... Of course, I mean that strictly in the business sense ....."

But Lex isn't buying it, "I know exactly what you meant, Otis ... And you can just get those lecherous thoughts right out of your head, you bungling fool! .... Because once we secure his employment, The Man of Steel will be mine, all mine! ... And he shall answer to me, the CEO of LexCorp, and only to me! .... You got that, Berg?"

"Y-Y-Yes, Boss. .... Well ... Ahhh ... I .... I was just thinking .... " Otis stammers.

Lex puts his assistant in his place, "I don't care what you were thinking ... So you might as well just forget about it, Otis! .... There are many perks to this job, of which I am sure you would agree! .... But, now that I am fortunate enough to have the mightiest of all superheroes under my thrall, you can bet that Superman ain't going to be one of them! .... Just remember, I call all of the shots around here! .... So, I guess you are going to have to shoot your wad somewhere else! ... Because if anybody is going to plant their seed in The Man of Steel's ass, it's gonna be me! .... Is that understood, Berg?"

"Yeah, I can totally understand where you're coming from, Boss! .... After all, Superman has screwed up your plans so many times in the past .... So I guess it's only fair that you get to be the one to screw HIM for a change!" Otis concedes.

"You can say that again, Otis. .... Oh, you don't know how long I've waited for this moment. Yes, I have always wanted to beat The Man of Steel ever since that day we first met. And now that I've finally got the chance to defeat my longtime nemesis at last, I intend to make the most of it! .... " Lex sinisterly says, wringing his hands together, as he leered at the helpless hero on the computer screen. "You see, Otis, Superman shall spend his last remaining days here on this Earth serving and servicing me around the clock! .... So he will be far too busy satisfying all my needs in what little time he has left that he won't even have a single moment to spare for anybody or anything else ..... and that includes you and your unrequited fantasies for him, Berg! .... No, the defilement and debasement of this dignified and distinguished superhero shall be my greatest triumph of all! .... And I will not share this victory with any one .... not even my most loyal employee!"

"Oh, well! .... You can't blame a guy for trying, can you? ... Say, I know ... how about a three-way, Boss? .... Then you and I could each take turns teaching Superman a lesson? .... " But Berg could tell from the silence coming from the other end that Luthor was not amused. " .... Just kidding, Boss!" Otis quickly says in jest, trying to lighten the mood.

"Nice try, Otis. .... But humiliating, abusing and raping this smug, sanctimonious superhero is only just the beginning of his agonizing downfall. .... Believe me, by the time I'm through with him, his reputation will be ruined forever and his heroic deeds will be all but forgotten! ..... Oh, soon that Big Blue buffoon shall pay dearly for all of the wrongs he has ever done to me! .... Because, before he even knows what happened to him, the legendary Man of Steel shall become my BITCH! .... And nothing will give me greater pleasure than to fuck Superman over but good! .... I'm going to love seeing that superfool fall to his knees as he bows before me to worship my criminal cock! .... Making him beg for just a taste of my sinister sperm! .... Hearing this once-mightiest of all superheroes squeal like a pig while I pound that alien ass of his until it bleeds! .... Filling him up at both ends with load after load of my evil emissions! .... Yes, getting my revenge on my sworn enemy means more to me than all of the MONEY AND POWER IN THIS WORLD!!! .... " Luthor raises his voice in anticipation of what's to come for our unsuspecting hero!

Otis is floored by what Luther has just told him, "Wow .... even more than money and power? Gee, Boss .... I always knew you two were adversaries. But I never realized you hated Superman THAT much!"

"Well, now you know. So let's not waste any more time on this jibber jabber, Otis!" Lex snapped back. "The sooner we complete Superman's reorientation session, the sooner I shall have my vengeance on him!"

"So does that mean you want me to push 'play' now, Boss?" A confused Otis asked.

"NO, OTIS! WAIT! ... " The ever-scheming Luthor stops him. "Not just yet! .... There are a couple of things I need to take care of first before we can continue. This should only take a few minutes. So leave the video on 'loop' until I get back to you!"

"Right, Boss! Anything you say .... " Otis replied.

As soon as his private discussion with Otis was over, Lex picked up the phone and called LexCorp's brilliant but rotten head scientist, Dr. Happersen, who was in his lab located down in the basement, "Hello, Sydney. Luthor here. Tell me, have you had a chance to work on those new weapons I asked you about? .... You know, the ones specfically for Superman just in case he caused us any problems .... "

"Sure, Boss. In fact, they're all ready for him! .... " The Doctor lets Luthor know before it suddenly occurs to him, "Wait a minute! ... Don't tell me he's here? ... "

"Indeed he is! .... Just one floor above you. ..... " Lex informs him.

"Where? .... The lobby?" The Doctor wondered.

"No, believe it or not, he snuck into our top secret meeting currently going on inside the lecture hall! ... " Lex fills him in.

"But wasn't that just for Wayne Enterprise employees only? .... " Happersen inquires before he pauses, well aware of just what's going on up there .... After all, the doctor had a hand in developing a lot of the high-tech special effects Luthor used in the highly hypnotic video. "Oh no, he didn't see your latest training film, did he? .... "

"He sure did. ... Let's just say he was drawn to that irresistible spiral like a moth to a flame!" Luthor confirms as he tries to hold back a snicker

Happersen congratulates Luthor, "Good going, Boss!"

"I wish I could take the credit, Doctor. But it was all his idea to attend our little reorientation session! That dumb dope just barged right in! And before he had a chance to figure out what I was up to, it was already too late! .... I tell you, Sydney, I couldn't have planned it better myself! ..... Ha ha ha!" Lex can't hold back his amusement as both he and Happersen share a hearty laugh at the predicament Superman now finds himself in.

As soon as they were through giggling, the Doctor makes a keen observation, "Well, if Supermasn was looking for trouble, he certainly found it!"

Lex wholeheartedly agrees, "Right, Sydney! .... I've set many a trap for this persistent pest over the years, as you well know .... and, somehow, our elusive hero has managed to escape them all. But there is no way Superman is ever going to get himself out of this one! .... No, it looks like this time, I've finally got him!"

And Happersen is more than happy to help Luthor vanquish his foe, "And now that your 'presentation' has your opponent down for the count, you would like these latest technological wonders I've invented to deliver the knock-out punch, hey, Boss?"

"Precisely, Doctor! .... Listen, he's sitting in the back row .... seat #349, to be exact. .... Now, here's what I want you to do .... " Luthor lays out his plans to Happersen.

As Luthor wraps up his call to the dastardly doctor, the twenty one spellbound men, including the now-exposed superhero, just stood there staring at the looping spiral on the wall. They all were butt-naked, except for Superman that is, who was still wearing his skin-tight lycra costume. But Luthor was about to remedy that situation ...

After he hangs up the phone, Luthor then turns on the microphone hooked up to his computer. "When I prerecorded the audio track for today's video 'presentation', at that time, I didn't know that the Big Blue Boyscout would be in attendance." Lex thinks to himself. "But it looks like I'm going to have to deviate from the script a little if I want to get Superman out of that damn costume he so proudly wears! .... Yes, I think what this film could really use right about now is some live commentary ... "

So Luthor picks up the mic and speaks directly to his adoring 'viewers' as his booming voice comes out the loud speakers in the lecture hall, "Good boys. .... But you there in the back row. ... the tall one with the blue tights and flowing red cape. .... I told you to take it all off. .... That means every last stitch of clothing you're wearing. ..... And you will obey!"

A stray twinge of uneasiness bubbled through Clark’s consciousness. "Take off my costume? .... Here, in front of everybody? .... Why would I ever do such a thing?" A faint, distant voice way back deep in the furthest reaches of Superman's subconscious mind asked. Even though it could barely be heard by his conscious mind, still it was enough to keep the spellbound superhero from performing the task that he had just been given.

Clark wasn't sure why but there was something about this that just didn't seem quite right. Even in his current state of mind, it was as if he instinctively knew that without his blue tights and red cape, he would no longer be Superman. For that instantly recognizable costume he wears is, in fact, a symbol of his power ... his strength .... his ideals .... his beliefs .... indeed his very identity. .... If he took it off, Luthor will have taken from him the only reminder he still has left of the superhero he once was .... that is before he laid his eyes on that unavoidably hypnotic spiral. And although he may be in a deep, deep trance, a man with a will as strong as Superman's wasn't about to let go of his one last hope of breaking the hold that Lex now has over him without some internal struggle.

Luthor could sense the conflict going on inside the superhero's brain. Considering all their past encounters, Lex already knew that placing this stuffy superhero under his spell could prove to be somewhat of a challenge. But this was the first chance he had gotten to use his extraordinary new powers against Superman. And, given The Man of Steel's susceptibility to hypnosis and mind control, Lex was extremely confident he had finally found the perfect means to take care of his worthy opponent once and for all.

“Obey,” Lex announced in a calm, clear voice. Although Luthor had only uttered a single word, it was more than enough to clear all the residual doubts from Superman’s aching mind.

“Obey,” Superman mumbled in response. Clarity and purpose had reclaimed The Man of Steel’s mind once again as the hypnotized hero removed the rest of his famous costume. Now Clark was completely undressed just like the twenty other executives in the room with him. Only each one of these men's bodies paled in comparison to his. His back was much broader. His chest was more developed. His muscles were far thicker. His cock was way longer. Standing there in all of his luscious nakedness, the stripped-down superhero then returned all of his focus to the spiraling vision of Luthor that filled the screen before him.

"Good boy! ... Now that you new employees have all removed your clothing, you may sit back down in your chairs so we can then commence with the next stage of your re-training. .... Obey! .... "

All twenty one nude men immediately took their seats again, never once taking their eyes off Lex's sinister face up on the screen.

"Now that I have relieved that puritanical superhero of his precious uniform, there's no need for me to give our unexpected guest any more special instructions! I'll just let the narration I previously recorded over the mindbending background music take it from here!" Lex thinks to himself as he turns off the microphone, then notifies his henchman over the intercom, "Okay, Otis. We are now ready to proceed. You can go ahead and take the video file off 'loop'."

So Otis pushed 'play' on his remote control and the video 'presentation' picked up right where it had left off. The 21 seated men just kept watching the spiral, never even knowing that there had been a delay.

Just then, Lex pushed the other button atop his intercom, "Nigel, I want you to run a little errand for me .... There are a few things I need you to pick up. .... So drop whatever you're doing and head to the lecture hall as quickly as possible. .... "

"Got it, Boss! I'm on my way!" The voice of Lex's other longstanding assistant Nigel St. John replied.

"Good, Nigel! .... I'll be waiting!" Lex says with a devilish grin.

To be continued ....

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