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Part 14 - Clark Kent's Investigation of LexCorp Takes a Wrong Turn!
By SHeroNY
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By SHeroNy

(Inspired by the unfinished story “The Complete Takeover” by M2MNIPU8me)

Chapter Fourteen

As he sat there watching LexCorp's slickly produced video 'presentation', Superman was just as surprised as anyone to find that this typically boring training film was actually holding his interest. In fact, not only did Clark think the movie was really quite informative, he also seemed to be enjoying it a whole lot more than he ever thought he would .... Maybe even a bit too much!

For some strange reason, even the film's narrator, Lex Luthor wasn't nearly as arrogant and obnoxious as he is in person. Clark is not sure why but Luthor certainly came across as much more personable and affable on camera. Deliberately behaving this way in an obvious attempt to win over these ex-Wayne Enterprise executives, who still might be a bit skeptical after his sudden takeover of their former company, Lex just seems like the kind of guy you can't help but like. And Luthor's performance is so convincing, even his harshest critic Superman appears to be falling for his act.

Even though they had not crossed paths since Luthor got released from prison about a year ago, Superman could tell that there was definitely something different about him now .... something he had never noticed before. From what Clark has observed so far, Lex seems really sincere and his concern for his employees appears to be quite genuine. Just one look in his eyes and Clark could see that Luthor was not the same man he used to be.

Clark was right about one thing .... Lex certainly has changed alright. But, unfortunately, not for the better! As he finds himself staring right into Luthor's big green eyes, there was no way Superman could possibly know that this cunning criminal genius had mastered the power of hypnosis since the last time they faced one another. But that's not the only thing our hero wasn't aware of.

Clark and the rest of the executives may not realize it but subliminal messages have been secretly appearing upon the screen ever since Lex's specially-prepared 'presentation' began. These words of submission and obedience flash over the video in big, bold letters about every ten seconds or so, but only for a brief moment .... not long enough for his unsuspecting audience to see but just long enough to allow these very thoughts to be implanted directly into these unwitting viewers' subconscious minds without them ever even knowing it. These sneaky subliminals are not only affecting their moods but they are also wearing down their mental defenses, making these new recruits increasingly susceptible to Lex's hypnotic influence.

The longer Clark watches this powerfully persuasive propaganda film, the more he starts to wonder if maybe he might have misjudged Lex. After all, it is entirely possible that all those years in jail may have actually reformed this former villain and Luthor has now become a respectable businessman. "Maybe Lex isn't such a bad guy after all, just like Rodney said. Perhaps I should consider giving Luthor another chance .... ," the superhero thinks to himself. Under normal circumstances, Superman would have known better than to ever let his guard down around this ever-conniving con man. But, after being locked in his mind-numbing gaze for nearly half an hour now, our hero was hardly thinking straight anymore.

Suddenly willing to give Luthor the benefit of the doubt, Superman continues to stare at the screen as, gradually, the background behind Luthor started to change right before his eyes. Instead of the plain white wall of his office that was once in back of him, Lex’s head was soon located right in the center of a gigantic, gyrating spiral!

Finally realizing that Luthor was definitely up to something, Superman decided he had seen enough. Clark was about to stand up so he could slip out of the lecture hall, change into his costume, and then finally put a end to Lex's evil plans for Wayne Enterprises once and for all. But, before he even had a chance to get out of his chair, The Man of Steel sat right back down in his seat again.

"What's happening? .... (Grunts!) .... It's almost as if that swirling spiral is holding me in place! .... Keeping me from leaving the room! .... (Groans!) .... " Superman thought to himself as he struggles in his chair, trying once again to lift himself off the theater seat but, despite being one of the strongest men in all the world, the frustrated superhero wasn't going anywhere. "Oh yes, .... this is definitely one of Luthor's tricks alright! .... Just don't pay attention to that damn video of his anymore! ... Try to get it completely off your mind! .... I've got to find a way out of here! .... (Grunts!) .... Before it's too late! .... "

Superman then decided to use his heat vision to set the movie screen on fire but his pupils were way too dilated. The dizzying spiral was not just affecting his eyesight but his other senses as well. The superhero's perception was distorted and he was having a hard time measuring range and distance. Clark also wasn't sure if he would be able to control the beam's temperature or intensity.

"What if I were to miss the screen entirely ... and accidentally incinerated all of those other executives sitting in front of me instead? .... " The Man of Steel pondered to himself. " ... And even if I did hit my target .... the whole room could suddenly burst into flames! .... Or. even worse, I might burn down the entire building! ... No .... I just can't risk it! .... There are far too many ... innocent lives at stake! .... I'm much too .... lightheaded right now ... to take that chance! .... My head is spinning! .... I'm .... starting to .... lose focus! .... Must concentrate! .... "

Although he may not be thinking clearly at the moment, the superhero still had enough of his wits about him to at least try to turn his head the other way. "I can't let ... Luthor .... get away .... with this! ... (Grunts!) .... I have got to .... stop watching .... that villainous video .... of his! .... " Clark said to himself, determined to look in another direction. Mustering all of his amazing strength, The Man of Steel strained with all his might to move his neck but it wouldn't budge, not even an inch.

"It's just no use! ... (Grunts!) .... There is ... no escape! ... I don't have a choice! .... " Superman finally resigns himself to the fact. "I've got to .... watch the video! .... I've got to .... watch the video! .... I've got to .... watch the video! .... I've got to watch the video! .... I've got to .... watch the video! .... " As those words kept ringing inside his head, any thoughts Clark once had of getting out of there were soon gone. That irresistible spiral was proving to be even more powerful than he was. Superman could actually feel his very will starting to slip away.

By this point of the 'presentation', Superman couldn't look away from the spellbinding spiral even if he wanted to. Unable to close his eyes, not even for a moment, the immobilized superhero just kept staring at the face of the man he hated most in this world, Lex Luthor as he appeared larger than life up on the big screen before him.

Meanwhile, over at The Daily Planet, Jimmy Olsen peeks his head through the door of his boss' office, "Any word from Mr. Kent yet, Chief?"

"Yeah, he called about an hour or two ago. .... " Perry replies. " .... Said he had some big lead on the LexCorp/Wayne Enterprise merger. But here we are, it's almost noon, and I haven't heard a word from him since. ... Every blasted TV and radio station in town has been covering this story all morning .... and, thanks to Kent, we still don't have anything ready to print in the afternoon edition!" White grumbles. "If he's not back soon, we're going to have to run an article from one of the major wire services! While the rest of our competitors all have exclusives! .... Now how's that gonna make us look?"

"Maybe he's on his way, Chief. ... Have you tried calling him back?" Jimmy asks.

"He must have turned off his damn cellphone. 'Cause everytime I dial his number, it goes straight to his voice mail! .... I'll tell you, Olsen .... This time, Kent better have a good excuse! .... Or the only stories he'll be covering from now on will be flower shows, supermarket openings and bake sales!" White threatens.

"Well, Chief, you can bet if Mr. Kent missed his deadline, he must have had a really good reason! .... Who knows? ... Possibly he could have stumbled onto an even bigger story! .... " Olsen tries to reassure his editor.

Jimmy doesn't know the half of it. Because, back at LexCorp Headquarters, his pal Clark Kent just sat there, staring at the spinning spiral appearing on the screen in front of him. Superman couldn't even leave his seat as the revolving patterns and pulsating colors had him hopelessly ensnared in its gaze, like a deer caught in the headlights.

Smack dab in the middle of that wall-sized spiral, the image of Lex was still smiling at his hopelessly vulnerable viewers. Superman couldn't help but smile right back at him, just like all of the other executives in attendance. It was almost infectious.

“A LexCorp employee is a happy employee. And we want to make you a happy employee too,” Lex beamed.

Superman smiled even more if that was at all possible! Suddenly the superhero felt an inexplicable need to be happy. He wasn't sure why. He just did.

“Do you want to be a happy employee?” Lex inquired, knowing just what their answers would be.

As anticipated, all 21 men in the audience nodded their heads in agreement, never once taking their collective eyes off the screen .... not even his uninvited but nonetheless very welcome guest, Clark Kent!

(Observing the proceedings from up in his office, Lex was obviously pleased when he witnessed a compliant Clark Kent bobbing his head up and down along with the rest of the executives. As he zeroed the camera in for a closeup of the disguised superhero's smiling face, he thought to himself, "So you wanted to find out the truth behind my takeover of Wayne Enterprises, my nosy newsman? Well, just keep watching the presentation and following my instructions! You will soon learn for yourself just how I was able to acquire all of my competitors with such ease, my inquisitive investigative reporter! Oh, the lengths some of you journalists will go just to get your story, hey, Mr. 'CLARK-son'?")

Lex's voice on the video continued, "Then why don't you all just go ahead and say it! Come on .... tell me that you want to be a happy employee of LexCorp!"

The words left his lips immediately. Superman said it without even thinking about it. “I want to be a happy employee of LexCorp,” he loudly proclaimed. So lost was he in that mesmerizing spiral surrounding Lex's shiny bald head, Superman hardly even registered the simultaneous chorus of the twenty other male voices in the room who had all recited the exact same sentence.

Lex’s smile grew even wider. “I am so glad that all of you new trainees want to become happy employees here at LexCorp. .... And since I, Mr. Luthor, am now your boss, you will trust me to make the right decisions for both you and your coworkers. You do trust me completely, don't you, boys?”

The twenty one voices of the seated men shouted the words in unison. “I do trust you completely, Mr. Luthor.”

"Then say it again, my employees. .... Only this time, call me 'Sir'!" Lex's voice insisted.

"I do trust you completely, SIR!" quickly replied every last one of the entranced executives, even Superman! The reverence and respect in their voices was unmistakable.

“Good boys!” Lex commended them, “I can't tell you how pleased I am that you have decided to put your trust in me.”

Clark felt a flush of pleasure at Luthor's words. For he had pleased Lex. This knowledge for some reason made Superman even happier. But why, he did not know.

Clark was enraptured by the whole experience. The speakers in the head rest were transmitting not only Lex’s commanding but oh so sexy voice but something that sounded like a low hiss which soon became one long, continuous thrum. But as his conscious mind was concentrating completely on listening to Luthor's every word, Superman wasn’t even aware of the other strange sounds playing underneath the villain's vocals as they grew steadily in volume and pitch.

If only Superman knew that this seemingly harmless 'white noise' was actually a very deliberate combination of low and high frequency signals that, upon hearing, can drastically alter the brainwave patterns of its listeners. These subversive soundwaves not only accelerate the production of both theta waves, leaving its subjects in a highly suggestible state, and the delta waves, making it more difficult for them to think for themselves, but they also regulate normal gamma wave activity just enough to allow their readjusted brains to absorb all of the new information they are now receiving.

These mind-altering frequencies not only affect the recipient's brain but strategically target other organs of his body too. The barely-audible background noises dramatically increase the beta waves as well so that his unsuspecting viewers will become more and more sexually stimulated the longer they watch Luthor's alluring face up on the screen while, at the same time, they simultaneously block the alpha waves so their ever-hardening cocks will remain totally aroused throughout the entire video 'presentation'.

“Now, my new employees .... Listen to my soothing voice. .... Look at my enchanting face ..... ” The vision of Lex continued.

Just then, the pattern behind Lex's head had changed again. The spiral was spinning even faster now, sucking Superman’s concentration further and further into the dark, revolving vortex.

“That’s it, boys .... Just keep staring at the screen .... See the spiral go around and around .... You are starting to feel as if you are actually being pulled INTO the spiral .... And at the very bottom of the spinning spiral are my bright green eyes .... so mesmerizing .... so enthralling ... so controlling .... The deeper you look, the more you can't help getting lost in my positively hypnotic green eyes .... That's it! .... Look deeper ..... deeper .... deeper!!! .... ” Lex's voice demanded.

As the spiral kept spinner faster and faster, Superman was finding almost impossible to think for himself anymore ... to form any kind of thoughts of his own. .... Yet, somewhere deep in his subconscious, there was still a little voice in the back of his head telling him that he has got to make one last ditch effort to look away from the screen .... to stop listening to what Lex was saying to him .... to get out of that room before his arch-nemesis totally takes over his mind! .... Even if it means sacrificing his own life to do it! .... Superman would rather die than ever work for that evildo .... "ERRRRRR???"

Just then, that weak voice all the way in the back of Superman's head was drowned out by the much louder voice of Luthor blaring over the loudspeakers, "Now I am going to count down from five to one, boys ..... and with each passing number, you will fall deeper and deeper into a trance! .... and, by the time I reach one, you will have fallen completely under my power! .... Ready, boys? .... Five .... Four ..... Three .... Two ..... ONE! .... "

As soon as he finished counting down, the image of Lex raised his hand and immediately snapped his fingers. Then 'CLICK!' .... The world Superman once knew went totally dark. Whatever capacity Clark had left for conscious thought just disappeared into thin air.

Superman’s smile quickly vanished as well. A dumb look had suddenly come over the handsome hero's face instead. His mouth was now hanging open and drool started dripping down the corner of his lip as he stared mindlessly at Lex's big, beautiful green eyes up on the massive screen.

The image of Lex was no longer smiling either. His once-kindly face had grown stern ... even harsh. "Listen closely, my obedient subordinates! .... I am now your boss. And it is now your job to always follow my orders .... no matter what I tell you to do! .... Say it, boys! ... When you hear yourselves speak the words, then you will know them to be true"

Slowly and methodically, each executive echoed the words, even Superman, “You are now my boss. .... And it is now my job to always follow your orders .... no matter what you tell me to do!” All 21 men had no choice but to believe that what they just said was true. Unfortunately for them, it would become the only 'truth' they shall ever know from this moment on.

“Now that you work for me, you will obey my every command without question! .... Repeat!” Lex's voice instructed them.

“Now that I work for you, I will obey your every command without question!" Superman chimed along with the rest of the executives. Their voices remained dull and lifeless, like their minds were now void of any emotion.

"Aah ah ah, my latest hires! .... Is that any way to address your new boss? .... Your response should have been 'Now that I work for you, I will obey your every command without question, SIR!' ... Now go on .... say it again ... and this time with conviction!" Luthor's voice corrected them.

With Luthor's encouragement, Superman then exclaimed enthusiastically, "Now that I work for you, I will obey your every command without question, SIR!" And, from the sound of their voices, the 20 other executives were now as equally as excited at the prospect of working for their evil new employer as 'Mr. Clarkson' was.

"Good boys. ... Now to prepare you for the next stage of your retraining .... Remove your shoes and socks. .... Obey!"

All twenty one men obediently leaned forward and took off their shoes and socks. Then they sat back in their chairs, awaiting their further instructions.

"Excellent! .... Now, those of you who are wearing glasses, I want you to take them off right now! ... Obey!"

The only two men in the room who had on eyeglasses immediately complied. The one was a short Asian fellow sitting towards the front of the lecture hall. The other in the back row was the much taller Clark Kent, who, without his eyewear, now bared an uncanny resemblance to Superman.

("Well, I don't know why I never noticed it before ... But Kent certainly does look a lot like Superman!" Lex thought to himself. "I suppose it could be possible. ... But now for the real test! ..... ")

"Next, you will stand up and remove your suits as well as your underwear. .... Obey!"

Each of the 21 men did exactly what they were told. They all got up and started to undress, first taking off their jackets, ties, shirts, slacks, and then their underpants. By the time they were done, every last Wayne Enterprise executive was completely naked. Well .... all but one, that is. This sole exception was standing there in his easily identifiable blue costume, sans his red briefs. For this trespasser had just revealed that he was not really one of Bruce Wayne's former employees. For this infiltrator was none other than Lex Luthor's sworn enemy, Superman, instead.

Keeping a close eye on the entire reorientation session from the privacy of his office upstairs, Lex now knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Batman was telling him the truth .... It may have been hard to believe at first .... but that nerdy news reporter Clark Kent is in fact Superman, the mightiest of all superheroes! And now both were under his power! .... Much to Luthor's delight!

"Well well well .... Look who we have here! .... I guess you were right, my blabbering Bat Fink! .... It turns out Clark Kent and Superman really are the same guy after all! .... You have done well, my superhero snitch! ..... Now get ready for a big bonus! .... After all, you've just earned it, Brucey boy! .... Ooooooooh yeah! .... I'm cumming! .... I'm cumming! .... Aaaahhhh, yes! .... YES!!! .... AAAAAHHHH!!! .... " Luthor was so excited by this revelation, he immediately shot his huge load into The Caped Crusader's waiting mouth!

As Bruce Wayne swallowed every last drop of his evil new Master's cum, he was so glad that he 'agreed' to betray his old buddy Clark Kent! While he licked Lex's cock clean, Batman adoringly looked up at the man he now loves, wondering what else he could do to help his beloved new 'Boss' bring down Superman just so he could receive another 'bonus' ....

To be continued ....

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