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Part 16 - Luthor Prepares to Make Superman His Latest Employee!
By SHeroNY
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By SHeroNy

(Inspired by the unfinished story “The Complete Takeover” by M2MNIPU8me)

Chapter Sixteen

Now that he has been stripped of his easily-identifiable costume, a bare-assed Superman, along with the twenty other naked men in the lecture hall all sat still in their seats, staring straight ahead, never once taking their eyes off the sneering face of Lex Luthor appearing up on the screen before them. The hypnotic spiral continuously spinning behind Lex's shiny bald head made sure that this evil villain's video 'presentation' had the unblinking Clark Kent's undivided attention.

So deep was the spell Luthor had Superman under that the superhero didn't even notice that someone had just slipped into the room while he wasn't looking and picked up all of his clothes off the floor as well as his briefcase. Not only were both his costume and his other suit gone, but in their place sat a lump of Green Kryptonite right under Clark's chair, just close enough to rob the unsuspecting Kryptonian of his extraordinary superpowers, leaving him just as vulnerable as any mortal.

As soon as the thief snuck out the backdoor of the auditorium with the misappropriated items, Otis then proceeded to push another button on his remote control and a secret rear compartment located behind their headrests suddenly popped open. Then a helmet came out and started to lower itself onto each of the 21 men's heads. A series of thin metal strips crisscrossed over their scalp and culminated in a thick steel band that encircled their foreheads. Wires trailed from the rear of the dome, running all of the way down the back of the chair.

While the strange looking helmets were being placed upon the entranced executives' craniums, at that very moment, just a few floors up at LexCorp Headquarters, Luthor's other longstanding assistant Nigel St. John, an older man dressed in a tailor made, pinstriped suit with a flower in his lapel, took the garments he had just stolen from Clark Kent straight to his boss' office. As soon as he knocked, Lex, anticipating his arrival, signaled for his new 'errand boy' Bruce Wayne to answer the door, then Nigel entered. "I've brought you all of Mr. 'Clarkson's' assorted attire just as you had requested, Boss!" Nigel informed Luthor.

"Excellent! Now did you also deliver that little present I wanted you to give to our very special guest, Nigel?" Luthor asked from his desk. "After all, I've been stashing away all of the Krypnoite I could get my hands on for just such an occasion."

"Yes, Boss. I put the piece of the Kryptonite underneath Superman's seat, just like you told me to, Mr. Luthor. But the big guy is so out of it, I doubt he even knows it there." Nigel answered as he handed Clark Kent's personal effects over to Lex.

"But its radiation is bound to have the desired effect on our alien intruder, whether he's aware of it right now or not! ..... That little green rock beneath his chair combined with the Kryptonite components I just had Dr. Happersen install inside his helmet overhead should be more than enough to neutralize his powers! .... Good work, Nigel! I knew I could depend on you." Lex says as he greedily grabs Clark's clothing right out of his henchman's hand, "Now where is it? .... "

"What are you looking for, Boss?" Nigel wondered.

Luthor first rifled through Kent's pants pockets, pulling out his keys and his wallet, before he found what he was really looking for in the front of Clark's jacket instead, "Ah, here it is. ... His cellphone!" Lex then opened Kent's briefcase, "And there's his laptop, just as I suspected. .... His only lifelines to the outside world. .... Yes, these two devices will definitely come in handy. .... Since Mr. Kent is currently in no condition to contact his editor, I think I will forward a message to Mr. White on his behalf ... After all, we wouldn't want all of his dear friends back at The Daily Planet to worry about their ace reporter! .... "

"But what about his computer, Boss?" Nigel inquired.

Lex gives Clark Kent's laptop to his trusted assistant, "Take it down to our Public Relations Department! ... Have our best publicists type up an article about today's announcement as quickly as possible .... Only the story must appear as though it was written by Mr. Kent! .... Make sure they acknowledge in the first paragraph that the reporter may have been a bit unfair with Mr. Wayne and I earlier today at this morning's press conference .... But now that he has had a chance to do a little more research on LexCorp, our uncompromising journalist here shall spend the rest of his column 'informing' his readers why this merger might actually be a good thing .... You know, like how many new jobs we will create, what a boon it will be for the economy, etcetera, etcetera! .... "

Then Nigel comes up with another very good question, "But, Boss, what if our PR guys can't figure out Kent's password?"

"Relax, Nigel. .... Remember those two 'web designers' I hired last month to build our new corporate website? ... Well, they are really a couple of recently-released cyber-criminals I befriended when I was in prison! .... Trust me, there isn't a computer made that they can't hack! .... Now get going! .... Tell them I want that article completed and ready to print by 2 o'clock this afternoon at the latest!" Lex states.

"You've got it, Boss!" Nigel replies before he leaves the office.

As Lex sends Perry White a text from Clark's mobile phone, meanwhile, back in the lecture hall, now that their helmets were in place, Otis pushed a different button on his remote control and the left armrest of their chairs soon sprung open as well.

"Now, boys, inside your left armrest are two small cups. .... You will attach these little gadgets to your nipples. .... " The voice of Lex demanded. Any trace of his earlier cheery demeanor was now completely gone. "Obey.”

“I shall obey,” Superman responded. It was sheer torture to look away from the positively mesmerizing image of Luthor up on the screen but he had been ordered. His only thought now was to obey Lex.

Quickly, Superman reached inside the arm of the chair. There he found the two small cup-shaped devices Lex had told him to remove. Superman concentrated on the task he had been given. He did not question why. Superman just knew that he had to obey.

The superhero released a gasp as he firmly clamped the metal gadget on his left nipple. Then, he repeated the procedure with his right nipple. His silver-dollar-sized nipples were now completely enveloped in those two little metal cups.

The image of Lex just stared back at them in silence until all twenty one men had completed this part of their orientation. Superman’s unblinking stare never wavered. The spellbound superhero just sat in his seat, waiting for Lex to speak and reclaim his mind once again. The pain that throbbed from his cupped nipples was of no consequence to him.

Just before they received their next set of instructions, Otis pushed yet another button on his remote control and the right armrest opened up.

Then, after what seemed like an eternity, The image of Lex finally spoke once again. Superman shuddered in anticipation at what he would be commanded to do next. No matter what he was told, Superman was sure to obey. Of that fact, he was certain.

“Good boys. Now, in the other armrest, you will each find a clear round cylinder attached to a long hose. You shall first pull it out and then you shall stick both your penis as well as your genitals into it. ... Obey.”

Since Superman has a much stronger will than most of Luthor's other subjects, The Man of Steel’s mind was having some difficulty processing that last request. Under normal circumstances, this straight-laced superhero would never even consider doing something so kinky ... so perverted. It just wasn't in his nature.

After all, with his incredibly high ideals and an innate sense of what is right and what is wrong, this paragon of virtue had always avoided thinking about such 'naughty' things as sexual experimentation or self-gratification. Impure thoughts like these would rarely cross his mind and, if they did, he would just put them right out of head. In fact, Superman had only masturbated just a handful of times (pardon the pun - ed.) in his whole life, mostly during puberty like all boys do .... only he would be much too ashamed to ever admit to it now. And he certainly hasn't had any reason to jerk himself off ever since he's been involved in a longterm relationship with his perennial girlfriend Lois Lane. For this high-minded superhero strongly believes that sex was meant to be shared with someone you love and not something you should do just for your own personal pleasure.

"It looks like we've got another problem with Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes back there! This saintly superhero has probably never even seen a penis pump before ... much less ever tried one out!" Lex said to Otis over the intercom. "Just put the video back on 'loop' again until our high and mighty hero finally gives in!"

"You got it, Boss!" Otis replied as he pushed the button on his remote.

Soon, the video loop just kept repeating the same thing over and over again, "Obey. .... Obey. .... Obey. .... Obey. .... Obey. .... Obey. .... Obey. .... Obey. ...."

Any thoughts he once had that might have interfered with Superman completing the task that Lex had just given him were soon suppressed by the intense subliminal bombardment that was pounding both his conscious and subconscious mind into submission. Despite his brief apprehension, Superman would eventually follow Lex's salacious instructions just like all of the other businessmen before him.

“I must obey,” Superman said. His whole body started to tingle with excitement whenever he said the words. The usually reserved superhero found himself getting more and more aroused with each passing 'Obey'. Desperate to please Lex, the superhero finally picked up the penis pump and slid his stiff dick, then both of his big balls inside the cylinder until they were all completely encased. Once he was through, Otis pushed the button on his remote control and the video started to play again.

"Now prepare to be penetrated, boys. .... Spread your ass cheeks nice and wide! .... Obey!" The image of Lex gave all of them his diabolical directions, leaving no doubt what was coming next.

With an evil grin, Otis pushed one last button on his remote control. Then, all of a sudden, a smooth, bulbous phallic object suddenly rose up from their seats. The heterosexual superhero didn't know how to react at first as he felt the long hard instrument force its way inside his virgin hole. But after some initial resistance, his anal muscles gripped the dildo eagerly and tightly. Once the vibrator was inserted, Superman sighed in sheer delight.

Superman had obeyed. He liked to obey. It just felt so good .... so right .... to obey Luthor.

Meanwhile, back at the Daily Planet, Perry White has just received a text from 'Clark Kent' (or so he thinks), "Great Caesar's Ghost! .... Well it's about time! Guess what, Olsen! I finally heard back from Kent! .... Not just one .... but six fricking text messages in a row! .... "

Jimmy asks, "Really? ... What does he say?"

"Perry, Luthor has just consented to do an exclusive interview with me over the course of the next few days. .... (next text ) .... Not only will I have full access to all of LexCorp's corporate offices around the world .... (next text) .... He has even offered to give me a full tour of his brand new billion dollar estate. ..... (next text) .... He has also promised to tell me his whole life's story and discuss his future business plans at length. ..... (next text) .... I know I should have asked you first but this was just too good of opportunity to pass up. .... (next text) .... This should make one hell of a expose. Will keep in touch." White finishes reading the messages out-loud. "So that's it! ..... Don't I get any say in the matter?"

Jimmy speaks up for his good friend Clark. "Come on, Chief! Every paper in the country would do just about anything to get a story like this! And now we have just landed an exclusive? Mr. Kent would have been a fool not to jump at it. .... Besides, if even he had called you before he accepted, you and I both know you would have told him to go for it anyway! So what difference does it make?"

"It makes a big difference, Olsen! The last time I checked, I was still the editor of this newspaper, not Kent! So, if there are any decisions to be made around here, I should be the one to make them!" White rants.

"Well, just you wait and see, Chief. This is going to be the biggest story of the year! It's bound to sell a lot of papers!" Jimmy says, trying to get his grumpy old boss to lighten up.

"Well, it better. Because if this story turns out to be a bust, Kent's next assignment will be on the unemployment line!" White threatens.

Little does Perry White know that Clark Kent may already have a new job as well as a new boss. Yes, by the time this reorientation seminar is over, Superman could actually end up working for his dreaded enemy, Lex Luthor!

At that exact same moment, back in the lecture hall, Lex’s sinister face stared down at the group of silent men from the screen above them. Each man returned his intense stare. The audience was completely docile, their minds empty of anything other than total obedience. They all just sat there perfectly still .... helmets covering their heads .... nipples clamped .... cocks sheathed ..... asses plugged. Their slack faces were bathed in the reflected glow of the endless array of pretty patterns and bright colors that Luthor had used to capture their consciousness.

Then the voice of Lex informed them, “The next phase of your reorientation session will now commence, boys. ..... Obey.”

As Lex spoke those very words, Superman could feel the deviant devices go to work on him as well as in him.

The helmet which had hung loosely atop his head began to constrict, growing tighter and tighter until the dome fitted snugly around the superhero’s skull. The small needles (which Dr. Happersen had especially made of Kryptonite just for him) located inside the band suddenly pierced his cerebral cortex, injecting their mind-altering serum directly into his brain. Then a series of electrical charges traveled through the wires as the thin metal conductors shocked away what little resistance Superman still had left.

Simultaneously, his pinched nipples were treated to repeated doses of erotic electro-stimulation, driving him into wild fits of ecstasy. At the same time, the penis pump sucked on Superman's rock-hard cock, milking him of one creamy Kryptonian load right after another. Meanwhile, the vibrating phallus began to thrust in and out of his stretched sphincter, filling his anus with its lust-inducing cum-like chemicals. Superman started sweating like a pig and breathing real hard as he felt the mounting pleasure stirring in his loins.

All at once, the dildo buried deep within Superman's butt, the pump around his dick, and the cups clamped on his nipples started throbbing in time with the constantly swirling, pulsating patterns. Superman’s eyes never left the screen as the hypnotic spiral surrounding Lex’s leering face held him in his arch-enemy's evil thrall.

As the image of Lex arrogantly looked down upon them all with an air of superiority, his authoritative, threatening voice then told them in no uncertain terms, "I am now the boss of you. .... I'm sure you will all make excellent employees. .... That is, once your training has been completed. .... But I'm afraid all of the top positions in my firm have already been filled. ... So you will all have to start out at the bottom of the corporate ladder. .... Don't think of it as a demotion. .... Consider it a change of career. .... I think you're all going to love the new professions that I have chosen for each one of you. .... Yes, you all have a bright future here at LexCorp. ... Working for me will be so fulfilling. ... So inspiring. .... So enjoyable. .... Feel what it's like to be under my employ. .... Why, I'll bet none of your former employers have ever excited you as much as I do, did they, boys? .... Yes, you really should be grateful for this incredible opportunity that I have bestowed upon you. .... Now show me your gratitude, trainees. .... Obey! .... "

While The Man of Steel and the other 20 executives were being ravaged and raped by the bald headed villain's insidious inventions, their collective groans filled the soundproof room as the penis pumps extracted yet another load from each and every one of them at the exact moment Lex's voice said 'Obey'. Even in their hypnotic state, their drug-addled minds definitely received the message loud and clear .... Working for a boss like Lex could prove to be very pleasurable indeed. .... Certainly much more stimulating than their boring old jobs back at Wayne Enterprises. .... Even more satisfying than being the greatest superhero in the world!

"I'm glad you have all decided to take me up on my very generous offer, my boys. .... You see, it won't be just another job to you trainees. .... LexCorp shall become your sole reason for being. .... For you will devote your entire existence to my corporation. .... And you shall be willing to do anything to assure its continued success. .... So, from now on, you shall want nothing more out of life than to work for me as well as the rest of my executive officers. .... Feel the pleasure, my underlings. .... Pleasing your bosses pleases you. .... Because an employee of mine cannot truly be happy until he know that upper management is happy. .... Now experience the true happiness that only comes from following my orders. ... Obey!" The voice of Lex demanded of his new recruits.

Again, as soon as the scouring image of Lex said the word 'Obey', the penis pumps sucked yet another load out of the spellbound Superman's swollen dick as well as the other entranced executives' engorged erections as the tiny syringes inside their helmets administered even more debilitating mind drugs directly into their punctured skulls. Their mental capacities were already severely diminished since the first injections. But after this last dosage, there's no way that their brain functions will never return to normal. Any chance these poor souls ever had of recovering from Lex's psychologically damaging procedure was just destroyed with one shot. No matter what happens to these trainees from this point on, one thing was for certain ..... Whether they become Luthor's obedient slaves or just mere vegetables, their lives will never be the same. .... And that goes for Superman as well!

As their lustful moans grew louder with each ever-increasing ejaculation, just then, the lordly, God-like voice of Lex came crackling over the loudspeaker once more to express his approval, "You see, boys? .... You make management happy and we will make you happy. .... At LexCorp, there is nothing more rewarding than a job well done. .... Oh yes, you love the feeling that it gives you when you know that your Boss is pleased with your work .... Well, now that you are my employees, you will be expected to answer to corporate any time, day or night. .... You won't mind the long hours or even putting in a little overtime if necessary. ... In fact, you will want to keep on working around the clock just to prove your loyalty to me and my company. .... Isn't that right, my new hires? .... Obey!"

Looking up at their new Boss, Superman and the rest of the executives screamed in both pleasure and pain as the penis pumps siphoned still another load from their encased cocks while the domes covering their heads delivered a series of high-voltage shocks to strategic parts of their brains, blasting away any unwanted memories that might impede their 'progress'.

"In order to get ahead in this business, we all must make sacrifices, both personally and professionally. .... So, for the good of your career, I insist that you forget all about your girlfriends, wives, kids, parents, friends ..... Thinking of them will only remind you of your past failures. ..... Don't let a few mistakes keep you from achieving your goals, your dreams. .... Just concentrate on the future. .... From now on, you shall consider this office building to be your new home .... And LexCorp to be your new family. .... And you will never expect to receive a paycheck for any of your labor. .... The privilege of having me, the great Lex Luthor, as your CEO will be payment enough. .... Yes, you now live for my commands. .... And it has just become your sole purpose in life to follow my orders! .... Is that understood? ... Obey!"

In his severely weakened state, Superman managed to whisper softly ”I .... must .... obey” before he totally succumbed to the seemingly endless waves of orgasmic bliss that was consuming both his mind and body. Slowly, whatever capacity remained within Clark to think for himself completely disappeared as he finally fell victim to the relentless audio, visual and sexual assault Lex Luthor was subjecting him to.

To be continued ....

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