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Sayo's Revenge
Chapter 4
By ProfGuy15

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A fierce battle raged within Tarzan. The apeman struggled against the drugs that had rendered him unconscious. Finally the jungle lord was winning the struggle. He could hear random words; slivers of light entered his consciousness. Tarzan was waking up.

The moans emanating from Tarzan grew more audible. As if he were trying to escape from a dream, Tarzan's body began to thrash about, albeit in a limited fashion because he was bound tightly to the tree. As the world became more apparent, Tarzan's physical exertions reached a peak. His muscles glistened with sweat, stretched to their limit against their bonds. At last, Tarzan's eyes opened. Quickly his environment became clearer. His first lucid image was the smiling face of his captor who was stroking himself through his khaki shorts at the sight of the apeman's fight toward awareness.

"Welcome back, Tarzan," exclaimed Sayo. "We missed your brilliant company while you were resting."

"I wasn't resting, Sayo. You drugged me!"

"Mere semantics, Tarzan. But I will tell you that repeated druggings are in your future."

Once again Tarzan pulled against the ropes that bound him to the tree.

Sayo laughed. "You're not going anywhere. And while I so enjoy watching your muscles flex, you should really just accept the present circumstances and relax. John and I have been getting to know each other a bit better during your little nap."

Sayo stepped out of the way to reveal John tied to a nearby tree sporting a rigid rod which immediately drew Tarzan's attention. Sayo smiled. "I told you John and I were having fun together."

"I'm sorry, Tarzan. This madman's been jacking me off," John tried to explain.

"And now that Tarzan has joined our party, I think it's time to get you going again." Sayo walked back over to John's bound form. "I wanted to wait until you could witness my forced milking of your mate. Then it will be his turn to watch me do the same to you. But you're used to that, aren't you, Tarzan?" Sayo smiled mischievously.

"What does he mean, Tarzan?" asked the confused John.

"Didn't Tarzan tell you of the fun we had last time we were together?" teased Sayo. "Getting the mighty Jungle Lord to cum at my hands was one of my greatest achievements."

"Don't touch him again," growled the furious apeman.

"Don't worry, Tarzan. I'll get to you shortly. There's plenty of me to go around, trust me," replied Sayo.

By now Sayo's hands were again working over John's bound form. Sayo's right hand was furiously pumping John's rod while his left wandered over John's muscular chest and abs. There was nothing John could do but react to the physical stimulation. Despite a mighty struggle against the ropes tying his wrists and ankles, a surge was growing in his loins. John's breathing became more ragged as the orgasm grew; a sheen of sweat covered his entire body. The sight of this young man bound to a tree and squirming turned Sayo on even more. He played with the tip of John's penis which caused a torrent of pleasure to pervade John's entire body; he pulled tight against the ropes once again. Finally, John could hold back no more. Spray after spray of cum erupted from his rock hard dick. Sayo kept at his task until every last drop had been milked from his bound buck. When he was convinced that John was empty for now, he released his grip on the young man's rod. John fell back against the tree with a thud, exhausted.

"Now that was fun!" exclaimed the malevolent captor. "And I know you'll be even better, Tarzan." Sayo turned to face the jungle lord with a look of total craving.

"I'm so sorry, Tarzan. There was nothing I could do," pleaded John.

"Don't worry, John. We will avenge our humiliations," replied his mate.

"Oh, that's so sweet. . . . But highly unlikely. As soon as I've finished with you, both of you will be going back to sleep." Sayo walked over to his backpack and retrieved an amber bottle and a white cloth. "You remember this, don't you, Tarzan? You and the white cloth will be reacquainted soon." Sayo continued over and stood beside Tarzan. He placed the bottle and cloth on the ground beside him for later use.

"Well, I can't tell you how excited I am right now. I'll be jerking off to these memories for days! But I don't want to keep you waiting any longer, Tarzan. I know how patiently you've been waiting for your turn."

With that Sayo went to work once again. He knew just how to stimulate Tarzan to get maximum effect. Shortly Tarzan was totally rigid.

"By the looks of things, Tarzan, you don't seem too upset by what I did to your little John. I thought I'd have a bit more difficult time getting you hard. I guess you enjoyed watching me milk your mate."

Tarzan was enraged by Sayo's words. He pulled against the ropes with all his might, but could not break them. Sayo smiled at Tarzan's efforts and was pleased with himself for eliciting the reaction he wanted from the apeman. He jacked Tarzan's mighty rod more quickly in response to the image of Tarzan's muscles stretched to their magnificent limits. Soon Tarzan was panting like John had before. Sayo knew the end was near. His own dick was rock hard; a drop of precum had stained the front of his khaki shorts. Sayo could not stand it anymore. He yanked down his shorts and grabbed his own dick in his left hand while still jacking Tarzan with his right. Both men were now immersed in physical pleasure. Suddenly Tarzan's body lurched and his dick spewed forth in a geyser of cum. When Sayo saw Tarzan climax, Sayo came as well. Both men were panting in an attempt to regain their breath from the intensity of their orgasms.

After a few moments, Sayo pulled up his shorts and spoke to Tarzan. "That was incredible, Tarzan. You have no idea how much pleasure you just brought me. This is exactly why I have wanted you for so long. You will be the perfect sex slave for me and my friends."

"I will kill you, Sayo," snarled Tarzan.

"Yes, yes, you said that before. And I'm still here. And you're still tied to the tree." Sayo reached down and picked up the bottle of chloroform and the cloth. "But I can see how angry you are. I think that means you need some rest. Time to go back to sleep so I can get you two ready for our trip."

Sayo wets the cloth and holds it under Tarzan's nose. He instinctively turned his head away as the smell assaulted him. "You remember the wonderful odor of chloroform, don't you, Tarzan? Come on, breathe deeply. Go to sleep." Sayo covers Tarzan's nose and mouth with the cloth. All Tarzan can do is move his head back and forth in an attempt to get away from the cloth, but it is futile. After a few moments, Tarzan's movements grow less frenetic.

John can see that his eyes are glassy and unfocused. "Tarzan! Tarzan!" screams the frightened young man.

"He can't really hear you now, John," explains Sayo. "He's almost asleep. And so will you be soon."

Indeed all Tarzan can hear is a slight buzzing sound. He feels relaxed and sleepy. He is breathing regularly now, inhaling the drugging vapors readily. One last breath brings darkness to the jungle lord. His head falls to his massive chest.

"Ah, asleep at last," says Sayo with glee. "And now for stud number two."

As Sayo walks over to John, he rewets the cloth. "We want to make sure there's enough for you, too."

Sayo can see the fear in John's eyes; it excites him. Sayo pounces on John, slapping the drugged cloth over the youth's nose and mouth. John screams through the cloth, but all that accomplishes is that he inhales a huge initial dose of the chloroform. He coughs hard, taking in more of the chloroform in gulps. He quickly becomes disoriented. His vision blurs. He can barely make out the fuzzy form of the man who is putting him to sleep. A few moments later John is as deeply asleep as his mate.

Sayo steps back and looks at his two unconscious captives. Another smile creeps across his face. He can barely contain his excitement as he puts the next stage of his plan into action.

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