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Sayo's Revenge
Chapter 5
By ProfGuy15

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Sayo's tribal henchmen watched as their employer chloroformed first Tarzan and then John. Both men were now in a drugged sleep with their heads resting against their impressive chests. The tribesmen were becoming sexually aroused and rubbed themselves through their thin loincloths.

"Now, now, there will be time for that later," said Sayo reprovingly. "Right now we need to get our guests ready for their journey. Take our sleeping studs over to the truck and secure them."

The three warriors walked over to the bound junglemen. Two of them began to untie the ropes that bound Tarzan's ankles to the tree. When his legs were released, Tarzan's entire body weight was pulling on Tarzan's arms, resulting in the muscles of his torso becoming even more taut. The tribesmen marveled at the jungle lord's musculature. They knew, however, that they did not have unlimited time; the chloroform would wear off soon and they had to have Tarzan restrained by then. While two unfastened Tarzan's wrists, the third stood below Tarzan ready to accept his magnificent body onto his shoulders. As Tarzan's limp form was lowered onto the waiting shoulders, the tribal mercenary again became aroused. He shifted Tarzan's weight to balance the sleeping captive and walked with his trophy towards the waiting truck.

The two remaining tribesmen repeated their work on John. The man shouldering John could not help stroking the drugged young man's ass and legs while the third walked behind rubbing himself as he watched John's arms swing limply as he was carried to the truck.

Sayo waited for his captives to arrive inside the large truck which would take them all back to Sayo's heavily guarded family compound. Inside the back of the truck were two hospital gurneys equipped with padded restraints. Tarzan and John were lowered next to each other onto the two gurneys. The warriors locked their wrists and ankles in the restraints. A large leather belt was wrapped around their midsections to complete the process. As if on cue, the two men began to recover from the chloroform.

As they became more and more aware, they pulled at their restraints to no avail. Finally the two men were fully awake only to find themselves in a new predicament. They looked at each other, a worried look on John's face. They could not budge; the restraints were too strong for them. Once more Sayo stood before them barely able to contain his glee.

He spoke through his broad smile. "This is just perfect! I hope the two of you are comfortable. We'll be traveling back to my family house in this truck. It is something of a long trip, so I wanted to be sure that you had appropriate accommodations. Of course, it doesn't matter all that much. You won't be awake to enjoy the ride."

Tarzan and John reacted to these words with a renewed struggle against their bonds. A sheen of sweat developed as a result of their exertions, further accentuating their flawless bodies. Sayo and his tribal henchmen were excited by the sight.

"Oh, you shouldn't waste your strength trying to break these bonds," said Sayo matter-of-factly. "You won't succeed before you're napping."

Sayo walked to the other side of the truck and rolled over a cart with a two cylinders connected to two gas masks. Sayo positioned the cart between the heads of his two bound musclemen whose labors only intensified at the glimpse of Sayo's new toys. But the two men were held fast by the leather straps.

"I guess there's nothing I can do to stop you from trying," mused Sayo. "Except putting you both back to sleep with this anesthetic gas."

Knowing he would have a bit of an easier time with John, Sayo took one of the black masks and stepped toward John's gurney. "Soon you'll be taking a pleasant nap thanks to this gas." John began to thrash his head back and forth in an effort to elude Sayo. However, Sayo expertly positioned the heavy rubber mask over John's nose and mouth being sure that a tight seal was made. He adeptly secured the black strap behind John's head. John was aware of the rubbery smell of the mask. He began to hyperventilate.

"Calm down, young John," soothed Sayo. He stroked the young man's face and chest. "Don't worry. A few deep breaths after I turn on the gas and it will all be over." Sayo turned to Tarzan. "But first I need to take care of the big man."

Sayo picked up the second mask and took a step toward Tarzan. The jungle lord pitched his entire body forward in one last desperate attempt to free himself.

"Some help, if you please," said Sayo to the tribesmen. One of them held Tarzan's head still while the other two pushed down on Tarzan's chest. With Tarzan further restrained, Sayo was able to fasten the mask onto his face and adjust the strap behind his head.

The tribal warriors released Tarzan, and Sayo stepped over to the cart with the cylinders. "The gas will keep you asleep for our journey, gentlemen. Enjoy your rest. Trust me, you will be quite busy once we arrive." Sayo turned the lever beginning the flow of gas.

As the fumes hit the two men, they both instinctively held their breaths. Sayo laughed at their feeble attempt. "You can't hold your breath forever." He motioned to his mercenaries who began to fondle John, playing with his nipples and stroking his cock. John reacted to their actions by taking in a large lungful of the gas. The effect was almost immediate. He began to feel lightheaded; his body felt like it was floating above the gurney on which he laid. As his dick was stroked more quickly he took breath after breath, each one coming more easily than the last. His eyes glazed over; his vision blurred. The tribesmen smiled as they realized that the young man was going under. They stopped working on John and began to rub themselves. A few additional breaths and John's eyes closed. His breathing became regular.

Tarzan was able to hold out longer and saw his mate once again fall into unconsciousness. He glared at Sayo who stood watching John.

"Now it's your turn, Tarzan. Look how peacefully John is sleeping. I think it's time for you to rest as well." Sayo reach down to Tarzan's loins. Tarzan felt Sayo's hand wrap around his dick and begin another round of stroking. But Tarzan was also surprised to feel Sayo's finger penetrating his ass. Tarzan gasped at the insertion and took in the gas. The sedating effect soon overtook the jungle lord. Like John, Tarzan felt the numbness pass through his body. He was still aware of his dick being pumped and a pressure in his ass, but somehow those sensations were becoming further and further away. With every breath, Tarzan's mind became cloudier. The cloying gas was taking Tarzan into darkness. Every time Tarzan blinked, it was more difficult to open his eyes. Finally his eyes closed and did not reopen.

Sayo removed his finger and released Tarzan's dick. He looked down at the unconscious hunk with a hunger in his eyes. "The gas will keep them out until we reach my family's compound. Then the fun really begins."

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