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Sayo's Revenge
Chapter 3
By ProfGuy15

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Distant sounds are once more audible. But they seem as though they are heard under water. Was he still swimming in the lagoon? But it's dark. Why would he be swimming at night when he couldn't see? He could hear what he thought was surf and could feel his body fighting toward something. Yes, he was fighting for something, but what was it?

Sayo saw that John's body was moving slightly, like a man twitching in his sleep. He knew that the tranquilizer was wearing off and soon John would be awake. Sayo smiled in anticipation. It had been almost three hours since he captured John by the waters of the lagoon. He looked over to Tarzan, tied naked to another tree. The apeman showed no signs of recovery. "Not surprising," thought Sayo. It had taken two darts to sedate the more powerful Tarzan. He would be unconscious for a while longer.

John was becoming slowly more aware as the drug was removed from his system. He could vaguely sense something coarse against his wrists and ankles. He began to feel a dull aching in his whole body. "Why do I feel this way?" Swimming in the lagoon usually relaxed his body. As more time passed, additional sensations presented themselves to the semi-conscious man, each one less pleasant than the last. What began as a dull ache became more intensely painful. As the pain grew, John's ascent into consciousness became more rapid.

Sayo saw John's eyes moving more rapidly under his still closed lids. He would soon be awake, more or less. He wanted to be the first thing the young stud saw when he opened his eyes. He walked over to the bound young man and once again marveled at the naked body on display. He would enjoy his time with this young stallion. He would enjoy it even more knowing that Tarzan would be watching.

After what seemed like an eternity to John, his eyes finally opened. His vision was blurry and he was totally disoriented. His first thought was to rub his eyes, but when he tried to do so, his arms wouldn't move. Likewise, his legs would not budge. As his vision cleared, the form of his captor came into distinct view. In an instant, the events of earlier in the day came flooding back to the youth.

"Sayo!" spat out the now conscious mate to the jungle lord. His muscles flexed against their rope bonds. John quickly realized that he was tightly bound and was going nowhere. Still feeling the effects of the drug, John relaxed exhausted against the trunk of the tree. His entire body glistened with sweat from the exertion.

"I hope you enjoyed your nap, John. I thought you looked tired from your early morning swim," taunted Sayo. "Now that you're awake, I thought we'd have some fun together." Sayo stepped over to John and caressed his cheek.

"Don't touch me, you bastard. Tarzan will kill you for this!"

"I don't think so. Tarzan is a bit out of the picture right now," replied Sayo gleefully. He stepped out of the way, revealing John's captive and unconscious mate.

"What's wrong with Tarzan? What have you done to him?" exclaimed John with fear in his voice.

"The same thing I did to you. Tarzan is merely sleeping off the effects of a tranquilizer dart. Two, in fact. But he should be waking up soon. Then we'll start the festivities in earnest. However, we might as well get things started while we wait."

With that Sayo began fondling John more earnestly. He knew he didn't want John to cum until Tarzan was awake, but there was no reason not to bring him to the edge until then. Sayo took John's flaccid penis in his right hand and began to stroke it first slowly and then a bit more quickly. Simultaneously, he left arm traced circles around John's nipples. Shortly, despite John's arguments to the contrary, both body parts were erect.

John tried his best to resist, but his body could not help but respond to Sayo's expert manipulations. He tensed his body, flexing his beautiful musculature, but this only proved to turn Sayo on. Precum oozed from John's rigid dick serving to lubricate the stroking process. John shivered at the sensations emanating from his groin and chest. He could feel the orgasm growing. He was on the very edge of cumming.

Suddenly, both Sayo and John were distracted by moans coming from Tarzan. Sayo's hands released John's body, and the young man slumped back against the tree.

Sayo walked over to the bound apeman. Another smile crossed the captor's face. He could not even process the myriad plans he had in store for these two virile men. Both would soon find out, however, the depths of Sayo's depravity.

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