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Sayo's Revenge
Chapter 2
By ProfGuy15

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Back at the treehouse, Tarzan awakens from his slumber. He stretches his muscular body in the morning sunlight. He finds an empty place in the bed beside him. "John must have gone swimming," Tarzan thinks to himself. "I think I'll join him." The Lord of the Jungle makes his way to the lagoon to find his mate.

When he arrives at the lagoon, Tarzan is puzzled at not seeing John swimming in the cool waters. He notices John's khaki shorts on the shore. "This is strange. Where is John?" Tarzan does not like the situation. He knows that John is a strong swimmer so is not worried that John may have drowned. But what has happened to his mate?

Tarzan takes a more careful look around the area and discovers the dart that Sayo used on John. Tarzan now knows that John has been taken against his will. Tarzan continues to inspect the area more frantically for clues as to where John has been taken. He spots multiple footprints in the sand near the lagoon and notices disturbances in the foliage leading into the jungle. Tarzan knows this must be the trail used to take John away. He cautiously follows the track into the dense undergrowth, realizing that he has several foes to deal with.

A short time later, Tarzan approaches the clearing. From the brush, he sees John tied naked to the trunk of a large tree. Two natives from the nearby tribe stand guard beside him. Tarzan can see that John is still unconscious from the dart that he found. The young man's head is drooped on his athletic chest. Tarzan's concern for his mate rises.

"Why have the tribesman taken John prisoner?" Tarzan wonders. "We have had good relations with them in the past."

Regardless of their reasons, Tarzan knows he must rescue John. He makes one last inspection of the surroundings; he sees no one else in the area. Tarzan knows he can take the two native warriors in combat. He readies himself to take the natives by surprise. Tarzan silently winds his way around the clearing until he is behind the first warrior. With great force, Tarzan grabs the native with his massive arms, pulling him into the undergrowth. Taken completely unawares, the young tribesman is unable to put up a fight. Tarzan throws him onto his back and straddles the warrior. Two powerful blows to the jaw has the tribesman laying unconscious on the ground.

The second warrior has now come to the aid of his fallen comrade. He forcefully tackles Tarzan; the two men roll back into the clearing. Although slightly shaken, both men regain their footing and face each other. The tribesman rushes Tarzan who retaliates with a kick to his midsection. The native doubles over, gasping for breath. Tarzan finishes the fight with a potent blow to the back of the warrior's neck. He falls senseless to the ground with a thud. Victorious, Tarzan roars in triumph over his fallen foes.

He is about to release John when he hears a slight rustling in the tree above him. Before he can react, a third native throws down a weighted net that lands on Tarzan, forcing him to the ground. Tarzan begins to thrash about in the net in an effort to release himself, but only entangles himself more. The fallen jungle lord sees the native drop down from the tree and approach, picking up a spear from beside the tree. He points the spear at Tarzan menacingly, ordering Tarzan to stay still. Knowing that he has little choice at the moment, Tarzan complies.

Sayo has watched this action unfold from the nearby underbrush. Once he was certain that Tarzan had been properly restrained, he walks over to the prone apeman, holding his tranquilizer gun behind his back.

Tarzan cannot believe his eyes. "Sayo!" he exclaims. "How did you escape from prison?"

"As I explained to your young friend here," replies Sayo as he motions toward John's unconscious form, "it is truly amazing what a little money can do for you."

"What do you want this time?" growls Tarzan.

"The same thing I wanted before," says Sayo calmly. "You. And this time I will have you . . . and your John as a little bonus." Sayo pulls the gun from behind his back and carefully aims it at Tarzan. "Time for a nap, apeman." A dart flies into Tarzan's neck. A second follows into his massive chest.

With his arms securely entangled in the net, Tarzan cannot remove the darts or put up a fight. He feels the sedative flow through his body quickly weakening him. His vision becomes blurry; his mighty limbs grow weak. The last thing Tarzan sees is Sayo smiling down at him. Tarzan's world grows black.

Sayo can barely contain himself as he watches Tarzan succumb to the tranquilizer. As Tarzan's muscles totally relax and his breathing becomes even, Sayo kneels down beside his captured prize. He whispers to the unconscious jungle stud, "I have you now Tarzan. Your life will now be a series of sex acts and knock outs. My friends and I will enjoy taming you."

By now the two natives that Tarzan had attacked have recovered and slowly make their way over to Sayo. He orders the three men to secure Tarzan to the tree directly across from John. They remove the net from Tarzan and carry him over to the tree, tightly securing his arms and legs to the trunk. Tarzan's mighty muscles are pulled taut against the tree. Sayo almost salivates at the sight. He walks over to Tarzan, grabs his loincloth, and rips it from the knocked out stallion's body. Now naked and unconscious like John, Tarzan is at Sayo's mercy.

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