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Sex Fighters - The Championship
Part 6 - Tapping the Power
By Procum Hunter

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Chapter 6: Tapping the Power

Author’s note: For those of you who don’t know, male precum is produced in the Cowpers gland which sits just above the prostate. Knowing this bit of information might make this chapter more interesting (and fun).

As Marc was looking at his cock he saw Chuck come up in front of him and kneel, his face directly in front of Marc’s captured weapon. Chuck grabbed the rope dangling between the quarterback’s tied legs and gave it a quick tug. Marc’s grunted as he once again felt a pull on his very core, it was as if Chuck had a hold on his spine. “Damn. That’s one mighty fine piece of fuck meat.”, Chuck said as he gazed at the swinging cock. He reached up and griped it at the base, feeling the power inside the pulsing rod. He slowly slid his hand up the thick shaft all the way to the tip with his palm, then running his fingers around the head, slicking it up with the stud’s own pre juice. “Shit Man. This dick was made for fuckin!” He ran his fist back down the 11 inch pipe, slicking it up with the clear lube. Marc’s breath hissed through his lips as Chuck’s strong hand worked his cock like a pro, slowly stroking him from base to tip, lubing him up with his own precum. He felt his balls churn as the blond stud stroked his rod, making it flex involuntarily in response to the unwanted stimulation.

“Get your hands off it, Bastard!”, Marc spat as he looked down at the strong hand working his dick. He couldn’t stand the idea that the dude who had captured his cock was now forcing it to respond to his expert manipulations. Chuck stared at the cock in his hand, gripped it by the base and wave it slowly back and forth, examining it from every angle.

“Fuuuuuck”, the blond stud whispered, almost hypnotized. He had never seen, let alone held, such a magnificent symbol manhood. The thick meat pulsed in his grip as if responding to the attention, defying the hand that held it tight. “No way, fucker, you’re not going anywhere.”, he hissed. He scooted forward on his knees and almost fell as his right knee slid to the side. Looking down, “Shit! What the??” He noticed that a pool of Marc’s precum had coated the canvas. “Dude, this cock just keeps leakin’! Time we tap this fucker.” Looking to the side he shouted to Chad, “Dude, toss me the collection cup, it’s by the ring post.”

Chad found the cup and tossed it to his partner who released the Marc’s cock, took the cup and placed it under the pulsing tip. The steady stream of fuck juice fell in to the cup, coating the bottom. He then worked his fingers all around the yawning piss lips, slicking them up with the stud’s pre lube. Once they were thoroughly coated he moved his hand below the swinging dick, back behind the tight balls, and lifted his middle finger up, searching for the quarterback’s tight, puckered hole.

Marc looked down and watched as his cock lubed up his opponent’s fingers, then felt the probing at his ass. “NO!! STAY AWAY FROM MY HOLE!!”, he shouted, trying to move his hips from side to side. Doing all he could to prevent Chuck’s finger from finding its target. He felt a fingertip brush against his hole, his breath caught, “shiiit…”, he gasped at the sensation.

Chuck felt the heat from the clenching ring of muscle. “Yeah, there it is…”, he said as he zeroed in on the defenseless hole. He pushed his finger up and heard Marc gasp again. Smirking, he looked up, “Something tells me your ass muscle hasn’t had much training, Stud. Being undefeated I bet your hole has been safely defended… up until now that is!”

“Damn you! Stay the fuck away from my ass!”, March yelled as he felt Chuck’s slick finger tip rub back and forth over his defenseless hole. “Shit… no… keep outta me.”, he gasped as the tip of his opponent’s finger slid round and round his clenching ass ring.

Chuck kept teasing Marc’s asshole, rubbing round and round the quarterback’s tight entrance, feeling it clench, resisting as best it could. But the super slick lube from the stud’s leaking cock proved to be most effective. Using his own pre juice against him Chuck was able to slick up the tight muscle ring and press his finger tip gently against the center of it.

“No… oh shit… no…”, Marc moaned, feeling the slicked up finger pressing against his hole. Try as he might he knew the slicked up digit would find entry. He knew how effective his pre juice was when it came it defeating other dude’s asses and now his own juice was being used against him. “Stop it man! Leave me ass alone!”, he shouted defiantly, hoping Chuck would somehow give up the fight.

“Not a chance, Buddy. Let me in. Let’s see if I can tap the source of your cock power, Stud.” Pressing his middle finger steadily against the flexing hole he felt his tip slip in just a bit.

Marc’s breath caught, “No…”, he gasped. Chuck kept up the pressure and slid his finger tip in a bit further, breaking past the quarterback’s first line of ass defenses. Marc felt the cheating stud’s finger slip knuckle deep into him. “Shit!”, he shot out through clenched teeth, flexing his ass as best he could to prevent the invasion. “No! Don’t!”, he pleaded.

But Chuck ignored the request and shoved again, his finger going deeper in to his tied up prey. Slowly and methodically he twisted his digit, skewering the muscled up athlete on his finger, penetrating his most protected orifice, delving deep in to the center of his power. Marc felt Chuck’s finger sliding deeper and deeper inside him, slipping into territory few other men had ventured. Twisting and squirming in the middle of the ring he felt his ass getting conquered millimeter by millimeter. All the mighty fighter could do was look down and watch as his cock flexed, rearing up and releasing stream after stream of slick, potent fuck juice in to the waiting collection cup as his ass was penetrated and taken from behind.

Chuck set the cup down then used his fingers to gather the leaking precum and transfer it back to the quarterback hole, slicking up the entrance where his other middle finger was diving in deeper and deeper. Marc’s ample supply of juice made the ass take-over much easier than it would have normally been. The copious amounts of clear, slick, fuck lube aided in the defeat of the footballer’s own hole.

“Damnit… I can’t stop it from leaking.”. Marc grunted as he watched Chuck transfer his lube from the tip of his roped up cock to his defenseless ass.

“Nah, you’re right, Stud. That cock of yours has a mind of its own, and a seemingly unending supply of slick, fuck juice. But, something tells me there’s a way to drain the pre juice outta you, Stud.” A look of concentration fell over Chuck’s face as he positioned his finger up higher in Marc’s ass, the tip slipping up and over the smooth dome of Marc’s super sensitive prostate. “Oh yeah, your fuck nut is bulging big time, Stud! Wouldn’t take much work to force a load outta you by rubbing your G Spot good and hard.”, Chuck laughed as he slipped his finger over the swollen gland and moved higher, above the flexing prostate.

Marc felt the momentary pressure on his prostate and his breath caught, his cock going rigid in anticipation of a forced release. Not many had managed to get him in this predicament before, but a few had. And they managed to force the big-dicked stud to bust a nut against his will. They were valiant attempts to drain some power from the mighty weapon, making it shoot out massive loads of cum power. But, Marc’s cock wasn’t so easily defeated and even after a forced draining it still possessed the strength to come back and defeat the hopeful fighters. In the end they all had their holes invaded by the mighty weapon and shot full of his potent juice.

But this was different. Chuck’s finger brushed past his prostate, the tip went for an area just above it. Confused, Marc looked down, twisting his head from side to side as he felt the invading finger wiggle and search inside him.

“Yeah, I’ll find it”. Chuck whispered loud enough for Marc to hear.

“Find WHAT?, You asshole!”, Marc asked.

“Ahhh… give me a second, you’ll see.”, Chuck replied. “I know it’s gotta be right around… ah here it is”, he cooed as he pressed his finger tip softly but firmly against a tight button of hot male power just above Marc’s prostate. Carefully he kept the pressure steady, pushing firmly, not letting up. “Give me what cha got big guy”, he said to Marc’s cock as he lifted the collection cup next to the tip.

Marc’s eyes widened as he felt something he’d never felt before. It was as if a switch had flipped deep inside him, at the back of his cock muscle, causing him to flex his dick involuntarily, raising up stiff as a rock. “Ahhh… shit… what the fuck, Man!”, he moaned as his piss lips bulged then opened wide and released a spurt of clear, thick, precum that shot 5 feet across the mat landing with a loud SPLAT that all the guys in the room could hear.

Cheers went up around the arena at the sight of the champ’s cock releasing such a forceful load of pre juice. “Shit, he’s really primed.” “Look how he’s readying his cock for the battle.” “No way Chuck’s ass can resist a cock with THAT kind of juice power behind it.” The guys were under the impression that Marc had voluntarily released the volley of precum. Little did they know that Chuck was the one that had found the secret gland and pressed it in such a way as to FORCE Marc to eject his potent fuck juice.

Marc’s eyes went wide as he felt the stream of precum literally yanked from his dick. “Ahhhh… what the fuuuuccc”, he gasped as his cock defied him. His long, thick tool releasing a massive stream of pre juice against his will. “I didn’t do…”, he shifted his gaze to Chuck who was smiling back at him.

“Found the trigger, Stud. Right were it’s supposed to be.”, he said confidently. His finger still embedded deep in the quarterback’s hole. “All I gotta do is push, right… here”, Chuck said as he bore down with his finger tip, pressing it yet again in to he tender, yet warm and firm nodule above Marc’s quivering prostate.

Again the audience was presented with a fresh stream of clear fuck juice shooting from the tip of Marc’s cock, but this time Chuck was ready and positioned the collection cup so it caught the quarterback’s precious juice.

To Marc it felt like his cock was flexing like it did when he tried to release the last bit of urine when he took a piss. But in this case he wasn’t flexing his cock of his own free will, it was under Chuck’s control. Every time Chuck pressed that knot deep inside him his cock responded and emitted a fresh shot of his valuable fuck lube. Shaking his head he began to realize what Chuck was doing. One pump at a time he was forcing Marc to shoot out his most valuable asset… his precum!

“NO! NO NO NO!!!”, Marc yelled as he pulled again at the ropes holding him bound in the middle of the ring. “You can’t do this to me!” He yanked as hard as he could, flexing his arms and legs, the muscles bulging as he tried to free himself. “It’s mine! You can’t steal it!”, he said as Chuck pressed once again on his secret gland, forcing Marc’s cock to jerk and release another thick stream of precum.

Looking up he searched for Chad, finding him still cock-tethered to the ring post. “Dude, he’s… ah fuck… he’s inside my ass and he’s found the source of my juice. Uh…shit… NO!”, he grunted as Chuck milked yet another stream of clear juice from the quarterback’s massive dick. “He’s found the place where I produce it, Man, and now he’s milking it outta me! Fuck!!! I can’t stop him!! ARRRGGHH!!”, the muscled up stud grunted as his cock yet again flexed and spurted out a fresh stream of quarterback fuck juice into the waiting collection cup.

Chad watched in disbelief as his partner’s lassoed cock flexed and burped out another thick stream of pre juice, “Dude, you can’t let him drain it! Your need your precum! Without it you’ll never slip that big dick inside them!! Try to hold it in, Man! You gotta keep it inside ya!”

Marc shook his head and tried to concentrate, knowing his partner was right. He had to retain his precum, he couldn’t let Chuck milk him like this otherwise he’d lose his advantage. He flexed his legs, clenched his ass and glared down at his opponent. “You’ll never drain it, Fucker!”, he yelled defiantly.

Chuck looked up and smirked. “Looks like I’ve collected more than enough”, he said putting the filled cup on the mat. Then he reached back up and clasped the base of the waving cock, holding it still, pointing the tip at his thick chest. “Come on Man, let’s see you shoot a wad on my pecs!”, he goaded. Pressing his finger yet again in to the once unknown gland above Marc’s prostate he caused the captured dick to rise up and release another long, thick stream of clear, slick fuck lube that ran down the front of Chuck’s heaving chest. “Oh fuck yeah! That was a nice shot, Bud! I can feel how warm your juice is!”

“Nuuuhhh… no….”, Marc whispered as he helplessly fought to keep his juice. He didn’t know how, but Chuck had discovered a way to force him to release his power juice. And if he wasn’t careful he’d soon be tapped dry! “Stop it! Don’t.. ah fuck… no….”, he pleaded as yet another press deep inside his ass forced him to shoot out more of his precious lube. He noticed that it looked a little different now, the consistency was thinner and there wasn’t as much. “Ah shit… he’s draining me…”, he said.

“Got that right, Stud!”, Chuck responded as he pressed against the gland, making the mighty weapon give up more of it’s power. Thinner still, and less volume. “Heh, looks like you might be running outta juice, Stud.”, pressing again, a thinner, weaker stream running from the pained piss lips.

“Nooo…. ah shit… noooo…..”, Marc moaned as he felt his cock lube drying up. “Shit, I can feel it depleting”, he thought. “He’s taken over the production of my juice. I can’t keep it in, he’s milking me dry!” Try as he might he couldn’t stop Chuck from extracting spurt after spurt of his legendary precum, each one weaker and thinner than the last.

Chuck kept pressing until finally the inflamed piss lips yawned open and only a tiny drop of clear, thin fluid emerged. The massive cock had been wrung dry, milked of its mighty fuck-juice. “Heh, looks like you’re tapped out, Buddy!”, Chuck laughed as he slid his finger from the quarterback ass, stood in front of Marc and gave his cock a hard slap, just as he did at the start of the match. Only this time he wasn’t doused with a stream of precum, instead the angry, pumped-dry, lassoed cock just swung back and forth angrily in front of him.

Stunned, Marc looked down and flexed his cock, making it rear up as he’d done a thousand times before, expecting to see his clear precum emerge. Instead his cock rose up, bulging, the tip an angry red, and nothing came out. His eyes widened, he’d never experienced this before. He’d always been able to produce his fuck-juice on command. “Uhh… shit… come on…”, he pleaded, flexing his cock over and over, hoping his juice would start flowing again. He was so focused on trying to get his production started again that he didn’t notice Chuck taking the collection cup and walking around in back of him.

Some would argue that the only part of Marc’s body that held a candle to his dick was his ass. It was perfect. Two hard globes of pure male muscle. His tight spandex football pants showed off every hard curve and dimple of his worked out butt when he was on the field and he couldn’t count the time other guys had grabbed and slapped his hard ass in the middle of a game. He was almost as proud of his ass as he was his cock. And at the moment all his focus was on his captured dick, he didn’t expect to feel two strong hands grab hold of his ass cheeks and squeeze them roughly, pulling them apart.

“Wha… ah shit! NO!”, the quarterback yelled, twisting his head back around, jerking his hips forward as best he could in the ropes. “Get your hands off my ass, fucker!”, he demanded.

Marc heard a whistle from behind, “Damn dude! That is one fine ass you got!” He felt Chuck grip his glutes tighter and he flexed back in response. “Ah yeah, Man, nice and hard. Just the way I like em!” Chuck ran his hands over the tight ass, feeling it up, letting his fingers slip deeper and deeper between it. “I’ve seen this fine piece of muscle wrapped up tight in your uniform but I had no idea it’d feel this hot.”, he whispered in Marc’s ear from behind.

Marc jerked his head around, “Fuck you, Man! Take your hands off it!”, he shot back defiantly. “You may have gotten your finger in me but I’ll never let you get your cock inside.”, he hissed back at his opponent.

“Well, luckily I have some help in that area, big guy”, Chuck said as he lifted the cup full of Marc’s juice, showing it to the shocked fighter.

“Ah shit!”, Marc yelled, jerking at his arms, his biceps bulging. “NO! You can’t use my own juice against me!”, he shouted, yanking his legs as hard as he could, trying to free himself before Chuck used his own lube to gain access to his ass.

Chuck took a step back and dipped his fingers in to the cup, slicking them up, then stroked his rock-hard cock, lubing his weapon. “Ahhhhh, yeaaaahhhh”, he groaned as his hand slipped up and down his shining cock. He transferred more of his opponent’s juice to his cock, dousing his dick, making sure it would slip in to the fighting quarterback’s hole. He even poured a bit on the captured stud’s ass crack and watched as it slid down between the hunky mounds of muscle. Marc gasped when he felt the warm precum reach his hole, settling there, making his entrance vulnerable to attack.

With his cock lubed up nice and good Chuck put his hands behind his lower back, flexed his arms and slowly thrust his hips forward. The audience had seen this move before, Chuck had the ability to guide his cock right in to a stud’s hole without using his hands. The blond fighter flexed his cannon, making it point up at a 45 degree angle from his crotch. He bent his knees a little bit, looking down at the hard, quarterback ass in front of him, a smirk drawing across his face. Then he jerked up a little, the tip of his dick hitting the center of Marc’s hole dead on.

Marc felt something warm and hard press against his hole and his breath caught. “Fuck!”, he gasped as he craned his head around and saw Chuck with his hands clasped behind him, triceps flexed, smiling at him. “Ah shit… no…”, he protested. The quarterback knew he was in trouble, he’d seen Chuck use this move many times before but never imagined it would be used on himself. The head of the blond’s cock was slick and hard and Marc knew it was only a matter of time before it wore down his ass ring and slipped in. He clenched as hard as he could, but his super slick lube made it impossible for him to keep the steel hard cock from getting in.

“Ah yeah, there we go.”, Chuck said. “I can feel ya opening up, Stud.”, he kept his hands behind his back, using his legs and hips to guide his missile home. “Fuck… that pre-lube of yours is fuckin awesome, Man! Got me slicked up nice, Buddy!”

The taunts only served to anger the tied up quarterback whose ass was about to get taken. He grunted angrily as he felt Chuck’s cock slip in millimeter by millimeter. “Uhhh… no…”, he grunted as he flexed his ass with all he had, desperate to not lose the match. He looked up and made eye contact with Chad, shaking his head. “Dude, he’s gettin in, I can’t stop him. He’s lubed up his cock with my juice and I can’t keep him out. Fuck man… FUCK!”, he yelled as the head of Chuck’s dick slipped all the way in.

“Ah yeah!”, Chuck cheered. “Here we go!”. He drove his hips forward, impaling his opponent on his steel hard cock. Marc could only shake his head angrily as Chuck shoved all the way in, claiming the quarterback’s ass. He left his cock there for a moment, feeling the heat from the athlete, enjoying the flexing ring of muscle that massaged the base of his dick. “Ah man, your ass feels amazing, Dude!”

“Fuck… you… asshole”, was all Marc could muster as he felt defeat coming over him. His perfect cock and perfect ass had both been taken down. It was almost more than he could bear. Then he felt Chuck pull back and then thrust forward. Slowly at first, but finding a steady rhythm. He knew it was only a matter of time before the blond bastard shot his load and claimed victory.

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