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Sex Fighters - The Championship
Part 7 - Claiming Victory
By Procum Hunter

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Chapter 7: Claiming Victory

Todd watched helplessly from the side of the ring as his partner’s ass was impaled by their blond opponent. He pulled his hips back yet again, trying to free his trapped cock from the steel ring holding it captive. “Uhhh… shit… gotta get outta this…”, he grunted.

“Dude, here, take it”, said a voice from the side of the ring. Todd looked down and saw the guy he had seen earlier looking at Chuck’s gym bag. He was holding his hand up to Todd, dangling a key.

Todd’s eyes went wide. “Dude! Ah, Man. Thank you!!”, he bellowed as he reached down and took the key. He spread his legs and examined the ring around the base of his manhood, “Ah, there it is.”, he whispered, finding the small key hole. A few moments later the ring slipped off and fell to the mat, finally freeing the stud’s cock and balls. He looked down at the guy who gave him the key, “Man, you saved me! We just may have a chance at winning this match because of you.” The wrestler hopped down on to the floor and gave the guy an slap on the ass then looked over and saw Chad leaning over the ropes, staring at his partner in the ring. Todd looked at the guy and smiled, “I’ve got a nice reward for you, Man!”

Crouching down behind the ring apron Todd made his way to the side of the ring where Chad was standing. He reached up and grabbed Chad’s ankle, making the surprised wrestler turn and look down. Todd quickly darted to the side and yanked on Chad’s other ankle, dragging the unsuspecting stud off the side of the ring in one quick motion. It happened so fast that Chad couldn’t react, the next thing he knew two powerful arms were wrapped around his chest and pulling him back, making his feet leave the floor. “What the FUCK!?!”, he yelled, kicking his legs out finding nothing but thin air. He realized he was being carried, Todd must have gotten free. He tried to twist his hips and torso to free himself, his arms and legs flailing as he squirmed in the grip of his opponent. His hard cock waving back and forth between his powerful thighs. He looked ahead and saw that Todd was walking him towards the audience. The men in the front row were on their feet, arms extended, reaching for him! Their gazes were all focused between his legs, at his thick, hard cock and flexing ass. “NOOO!!! You can’t! Fuck NO!!!”, he yelled as he realized he was being fed to the hungry, horny men.

Todd reared back even more making sure Chad’s feet couldn’t touch the floor as he walked his prey to the waiting mob. A hand reached out and caught hold of Chad’s kicking right foot. Then his left was captured. More hands reached out and grabbed hold, pulling the squirming fighter deeper and deeper in to the mass of testosterone-driven men.

“Ahhh… nooo…”, Chad gasped as he felt hand reach out and take hold of him from every direction. He felt hands grasping his thighs, pulling them wide, fingers stroking his ball sac, circling around it, pulling his nuts tight. Another hand grabbed his cock and squeezed it hard, he involuntarily flexed it in response only to hear a whistle from the man holding him.

“Fuck, he’s hard as a ROCK!”

The undefeated wrestler was sucked in to the mob, immobilized and unable to break free. He felt a tugging at his ass as his plug was yanked out. “NO!”, he yelled as his last defense was taken away, only to be replaced with two probing fingers, digging deep inside him. He threw his head back as the fingers found his prostate, “Ahhhh…. shit…”, was all he could muster. More fingers on his abs, around his nips, stroking his neck, his buzzed hair. He legs were pulled wider as more hands fought to touch the muscled fighter. His cock was stroked by three different hands, pulling at the hard-veined member. It flexed in their grip, burping out a stream of precum. The mighty wrestler twisted and fought to free himself but with every passing second he felt his strength leaving him. The mob had their prize and they weren’t letting him go until he was drained dry. “Chuk… Chu…”, he gasped as he gave in to the pit of horny spectators.

Todd backed away from the men, satisfied that Chad was removed from the fight. He turned and looked up in to the ring. Anger flooded over him as he saw the arrogant Chuck, hands still behind his back, sliding his cock in and out of his roped up partner. “You’re next.”, he whispered as he went to Chuck’s gym bag.

A few moments later he hopped in to the ring behind Chuck, silently coming up behind the blond stud who was fucking his partner. Carefully and quietly he made his way right in back Chunk, kneeling behind his opponent’s flexing ass. He looked up and saw Chuck’s thick, hard cock driving in and out of Marc’s lubed ass. He could also see Marc’s enormous cock bobbing up and down, the tight noose still wrapped around the base. Chad smirked and took hold of the loose end of the rope.

Chuck was in heaven, he’d never taken an ass as fine as Marc’s. The quarterback’s hole was tighter than any he’d ever felt before. And every time he drove his cock deep Marc would involuntarily flex his ass, gripping the base of Chunk’s dick tight. He closed his eyes and let his head fall back, hands behind his back as he fucked his way to victory. He heard commotion in the crowd and figured it was just the men getting excited to see him pound his way to victory. Little did he know that his partner was being taken out of the match! Slowly he slid his cock in and out, reveling in the warm feeling. Pulling his cock almost all the way out, then sinking it in deep all the way in. Pulling out, then in, then… he tried to pull out only to feel a tug on his balls.

“What the fuck?”, he asked, eyes popping open as the tension on his balls increased. He tried to pull his hips back to see what was going on, “OUCH!! DAMN!!”, he yelled as it felt like his balls had been yanked forward. Again he tried to pull himself back only to have his balls yanked in the opposite direction. He looked down but all he could see was Marc’s lower back, ass and his own cock. He tugged again, trying to dislodge his cock from the quarterback’s ass. “Uhhh… what the…”, he grunted as found that every time he pulled back his balls were pulled forward. It was then that he felt the cool metal wrap around both of his wrists and the familiar CLICK of hand cuffs locking on.

His head darted back and forth, trying to see who was in back of him. He yanked as his arms, yelling at the top of his lungs. “YOU FUCKER! LET ME OUTTA THESE! I’LL FUCKING RIP YOUR DICK OFF!!”, he screamed, pulling at his trapped arms. Trying to yank his hips back away from Marc, “AHHH FUCK!!!”, he yelled at the pain from his balls.

“Well, that was easier than I thought it would be”, came a voice to Chuck’s right. Standing there was Todd, with his arms crossed under his pecs, smirk on his face.

“You asshole! What the hell did you DO!”, Chuck demanded as he unsuccessfully fought to free himself. “Uhhh… you… fucker…”, he spat as he tried to twist free.

“Don’t even try, Dude. Not unless you wanna lose your balls that is.”, Chad said with confidence. “Wasn’t too hard to use the same rope you lassoed around my partner’s dick to loop around your balls, Buddy!”, he said with a smile. “Got em tied up nice and tight down there!”, he exclaimed, kneeling down, looking at his handy work. He reached up between Chuck’s legs from behind and gave the bond stud’s trapped balls a few light taps, “Yeah, these boys are roped up nice and tight! Got em tethered to my buddy’s cock root. That dick of yours isn’t pulling free anytime soon. At least, not before I take your ass and win this battle!”

Chuck’s eyes widened like saucers, “NOOO!! AH FUCK, NOOO!!! You can’t…. Uhhhh… you can’t fuckin take me like this…”, he grunted as he tried in vain to pull his cock free from Marc’s ass. But his roped up balls prevented him from dislodging his weapon. It was trapped. Now a prisoner of his opponent’s ass!

Chad walked in front of Marc, reaching out and putting his hands on his partner’s shoulders. Marc looked up and smiled, he’d heard everything. “Dude, we’re gonna win this. Can ya hold him in until I finish this?”

Marc looked Chad dead in the eyes, “You fuckin bet I can!”, he replied, his cock flexing up hard, the noose around the base pulling tight, yanking Chuck forward by his balls.

“Uhh… NO!”, came the voice behind them as they smiled at each other.

“Go take his ass! I’ll keep him trapped in mine.”, Marc said to his friend. Todd nodded his head, stroked his cock as he walked in back of Chuck. The struggling blond’s ass was hard and tight, flexing with all the power it had to get free. Todd reached down and ran his finger down the crack, following the path down to the wrestler’s entrance.

“Nuuh…. nooooo…”, Chuck panted, “Stay away!” He felt the fingers reach deep between his ass cheeks, then he felt the sensation of the plug being yanked from him. His last line of defense removed. “NNNAAAHHH!!! NOOOO!!!! NOT THE PLUG!”, he yelled, jerking his hips back and forth, trying to keep his hole out of danger.

Todd reached out and grasped the jerking hips, holding them tight. Marc flexed his mighty cock hard, yanking Chuck’s balls forward. The captured blond stud was under their control, his defenseless ass open for attack, his cock held prisoner, totally useless. Todd guided his cock forward and in one smooth thrust pushed his missile home, driving all the way in to Chuck’s ass as far as he could go.

“Ahhhh, yeeeaaahhhh”, Todd moaned as the warmth of Chuck’s ass surrounded his cock. He held it there, flexed his cock and heard Chuck gasp. “Yeah, you feel me inside ya, Buddy? What’s it like to know you’re gonna lose!”

Chuck’s shook his head, he couldn’t believe this was happening. He and Chad were winning the match just a few minutes ago. And now the tables were turned, his cock was captured and his ass taken. Then he felt Chad pull back and thrust, hitting his prostate. “AHHH, FUCK!!”, he moaned, shoving his own cock forward, hitting Marc’s button.

“Ahhh… Yeah!!!”, Marc yelled, letting his partner know that whatever he was doing it was working!

Todd smiled, pulled his cock out a little then shoved it back in hard. Watching as Chuck jerked, then Marc. A chain reaction of lust working it’s way from Todd to Marc, Chuck’s ass and cock the conduit. They were using him as a sex toy. Todd’s dick was hitting Chuck’s cock root deep inside and forcing him to thrust in to Marc, causing a similar sensation in quarterback’s ass. Over and over Todd thrusted in to Chuck watching as Marc reacted to each pump. Marc’s cock reared up hard, the noose at its base pulling on Chuck’s balls, dragging his cock deeper inside. Like some kind of sex puppet Chuck was pumped and fucking at the same time, each of the men using him for their pleasure. The crowd around the ring that weren’t focused on Chad were watching intently as Todd drove his was to victory.

After a while Todd felt his balls pulling up, a familiar feeling coming over him. He was about to shoot his load and he wanted to make sure his partner was on board. “Dude”, he gasped between labored breaths. “Dude, I think I’m gonna blow!”, he shouted.

Marc looked down and saw that his cock was hard and swinging in front of him larger than he’d ever seen it. And dripping from the tip was a long stream of his legendary precum! The fucking had ignited his production, he was back in business. “I’m ready, Man. Let it rip!”

“NOOO!! NOOO!! You can’t do this! Not like this!!”, Chuck screamed. His ass was about to get filled with his opponent’s jizz and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do to stop it. His own cock was about to explode but with it trapped in Marc’s ass he’d never be able to prove he was the victor. “Uhhh… gotta get it… free…”, he gasped as he felt Todd ram his cock harder and harder in to his ass. “Ah, fuck… no…”, he shot back, “Stop it, Man! Fuck, you gotta STOP! You’re gonna make me… ah shit…”, he yelled. Todd was hitting his prostate just right and was forcing the blond fighter the blow his wad!

All three men were fucking in unison, two asses plugged, two cocks plunging home, and one enormous cock flexed and hard as steel, pointing to the crowd of awe struck men. The audience went silent just as the men thrust one final time and held still. No one moved. No one uttered a sound. The moment extended for what seemed like forever. And then Marc’s mighty cock let lose, a jet of pure white male power shot from the tip, soaring across the ring, out between the ropes and on to the floor with an audible SPLAT! The silence had been broken. All three men yelled the primal yell that a man only makes a hand full of times in his life. Their seed pumping out of their cocks, balls emptying, muscles flexing as the trained fighters let loose. Todd filling Chuck’s ass, Chuck filling Marc, and Marc shooting his load to the waiting crowd of men gathering on the ring apron, some of them enjoying the warm seed hitting their shirts. Todd held Chuck’s hips tight as he emptied all he had in to the stud’s flexing ass. He smiled as he knew victory was just a few moments away. Chuck angrily fought back, still trying to dislodge his cock and claim victory, but his noosed balls prevented his cock from pulling free.

Finally Todd’s groans subsided. He raised his arms and back up a few steps, letting his cock slip out of Chuck’s defeated ass, astream of his cum leaking down Chuck’s legs and on to the mat. All the men in the audience saw it and the roar was deafening. Todd turned and pumped his arms, claiming victory. He high fived some of the men leaning in over the ring apron. He turned and went to his partner and knelt in front of him, giving the massive cock a light, friendly tap, making it swing back and forth, a long string of jizz dripping from the tip. He reached between he partner’s legs and found the noose, gently loosening it. “Ahhhh… oh yeah, of fuck yeah.”, he heard Marc sigh as his cock was finally released from he trap. Chuck’s balls were released and he fell to the mat, hands going to his aching nuts, cum still leaking from his battered hole.

Todd stood next to Marc and grabbed his hand and raised it up high. Together they saluted the cheering crowd, they had won the match. Their cheating opponents had been taken down and they had risen as victors.

The End