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Sex Fighters - The Championship
Part 5 - Roping the Quarterback
By Procum Hunter

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Chapter 5: Roping the Quarterback

Marc flipped over on to his ass and leaned up, the muscle stud spreading his legs wide, his hands going to his crotch in an effort to free his mighty weapon from the trap it had fallen in to. “Shit…”, he grunted as his fingers slipped over the tight rope around the base of his cock. “Can’t… get… a grip….”, he whispered. Then he felt a tug and his cock swung back and forth, an involuntary flex, and a thick drip of precum seeping out and down the side. He looked up and saw Chuck holding the rope, tugging on it, making his cock bob, an evil smirk on his face.

“It’s mine now, Stud.”, Chuck said as he looked Marc dead in the eyes. Marc’s eyes widened as the realization sunk in. His opponent had captured his dick, noosed it tight, cock-leashing him. Every time Chuck tugged on the rope his massive cock swung from side to side, flexing, releasing its precious pre-juice, cementing in to Marc’s mind that his once all-powerful weapon had been decommissioned and was now under his opponent’s control.

He was so focused on the rope around his manhood that he didn’t hear Chad coming up behind him and the next thing he knew his arms were being pulled up and back. Chad gripped Marc’s wrists tight and pulled back, forcing Marc to fall back on the mat. Quickly, Chad sat on his ass behind his stunned opponent and pulled the quarterback’s arms up high over his head while at the same time putting his feet on Marc’s shoulders. “Ha! Let’s see how you and your captured dick like being put on display, Stud!”, Chad gloated. He leaned back, yanking Marc’s arms, forcing him to stretch out.

“Uhhh… shit… you fuckin, bastard!”, Marc spat as his arms were yanked up, his torso stretching out. He twisted his body from side to side, trying to free his arms. He kicked his legs up and wide, flailing, and in between them his roped cock swung around madly. The muscled athlete squirmed on the mat, using all his power to yank on his arms. He planted his feet wide on the mat and bridged, thrusting his hips high up off the mat. His massive dick pointing to the ceiling of the arena, giving all of the men in the audience a perfect view of his rock hard, leaking cannon. He twisted his hips as he bridged, flexing his thick, corded thighs, the powerful muscle bulging under the tanned skin, making his huge dick swing back and forth above him, pre juice still leaking out of the tip and down the throbbing shaft.

Chad held his grip tight as did Chuck with the rope. The two fighters put their captured prey on display between them. The roar of the crowd started to die down a bit as all of the men couldn’t help but focus on the massive cock swinging wildly in the ring. It was a mesmerizing sight to behold. The accomplished quarterback turned sex-fighter had been captured by his opponents, his legendary cock imprisoned in a diabolical rope-trap. The more he flexed to free himself the more his cock bounced and played for the crowd of horny onlookers. Many of the men who were once rooting for the champ were now hypnotized by his throbbing dick and wanted to see what was to come.

Chuck looked at Chad and nodded, at which point Chad released Marc’s wrists and escaped under he bottom rope, leaving the ring but tapping is buddy as he left. Surprised, Marc sat up once again, legs spread out wide in front of him. Shaking his head in disbelief, staring at his bound cock, Marc thought to himself, “Ah fuck, no… they caught me. They caught my big dick. They lured me in, I fell right in to their trap and now they have it. Roped up my dick… shit, it’s too tight around the base and I can’t free it.” He felt another tug from Chuck and watched helplessly as his cock responded, swinging and flexing. “Ah shit… he’s got control of my huge cock. Playing it like some kind of fucking puppet.” Spreading his legs further apart he reached for his crotch, his fingers digging at the base of his trapped tool, trying to loosen the tight grip of the cotton rope. Suddenly he felt a strong jerk on the cock-lasso, his head shot up to see Chuck hopping through the middle and tope rope, jumping down in to the corner of the ring, holding the rope taught as he slowly started to stalk towards his prey. “Fuck!”, Marc spat as he realized the danger he was in.

Thinking fast the athletic quarterback grabbed the rope just under his balls and pulled with a quick jerk. Chuck wasn’t expecting the move and the rope slipped from his grip and fell to the floor. Marc spun around and got on to all fours, looked up and saw Todd at the opposite corner, still dick-locked to the ring post. “Come on man, get over here!”, Todd yelled to his partner, “Get the fuck away from him!” Marc started to stand, planting his right foot in an attempt to shoot forward towards Todd. He pushed off and darted ahead, feeling confident that he’d escape. But before he could get up on two feet he grunted loudly and fell back on to all fours.

“Ah… SHIT!”, he yelled. It felt as if something had a hold of his core, was pulling back on him from the base of his spine like an anchor. He’d never felt anything like it, the sensation paralyzed the athlete, freezing him in place on the mat. After a moment he tried to crawl forward, but felt the same tug, centered around his crotch. The realization sunk in that the cock-noose was holding him back. He swung his head around and saw Chuck yanking on the rope.

“Nice try, Dude. But you’re not the first to try and yank the rope away from me.” He gave the rope a hard tug and Marc grunted, feeling the pull around his cock-root, dragging the quarterback back against his will.

“Uhh… no…”, Marc protested. He looked up and saw Todd. “Dude! He’s reeling me back! I can’t…”, he was cut short by another tug which forced him to crawl back a step. “Ah, shit! I can’t pull free, he’s got my dick roped up good.”

“Fuck! I know, Man!”, Todd yelled back. “This cuff is too tight, I can’t get rid of my hard-on so I can slip out.” Todd’s fingers were working around the base of his cock, the cool steel ring locking tight around his manhood. “Fuck…”, he whispered, “it’s a perfect fit around my junk. Almost too perfect… ah, shit.” He thought back to earlier in the match when Chuck had him pinned face down, pulled his cock back and forced him to get hard. Then he remembered the way Chuck griped Marc’s cock before the match, almost like he was studying it. He shook his head in disbelief, “No… shit, no…”, he whispered to himself as the realization sunk in. “That bastard measured us!”, he said a little louder now. “You cheating fucks! You sized up our dicks so you could capture them in your fuckin traps!”

Marc heard his partner and knew he was right. Their opponents had planned this all along, to measure them, lure them in and ambush their dicks! They had crafted the perfect cages, each one sized perfectly for their prey. “Took ya long enough to figure it out!”, Chuck confirmed as he yanked on the rope again, forcing Marc back a little more, almost to the center of the mat now. “And now that we got cha all locked up it’s time to focus on that quarterback ass of yours!”, he said as he gazed at the hard flexing butt.

Marc was so focused on his cock that he completely forgot about his ass! He realized that in this position his hole was totally unprotected. “Shit, no, he’s coming for my ass!” He bucked forward, but was again stopped short, anchored by his roped up big dick. “Uhh… no…”, he gasped as he knew his ass was in serious trouble. He got up on his knees and twisted around, trying to reach for the rope. Chuck had been expecting the move and quickly darted forward, dropped the rope to the mat and planted his foot on it, securing it with his weight. Marc was now tethered to the mat by his cock, Chuck standing on the rope, holding him prisoner.

Chad had been busy outside the ring, going to the gym bag and pulling out lengths of rope and cuffs. He had jumped up to the corner ring post and tossed a long rope over the steel beam stretching over the mat. He lowered the rope and a pair of leather cuffs descended down towards the center of the ring. Chuck looked up and smiled, “Right on time”, he said as he grabbed Marc’s right arm from behind and yanked it up and cuffed the wrist in one quick move. Feeling the smooth leather wrap around him Marc shot his head up and saw that his arm was now trapped over head.

“Fuck! NO!!!”, he yanked down as hard as he could, but Chad pulled back tight, not letting go of the rope. Chuck grabbed the surprised wrestler’s other arm and yanked it up and deftly secured it was well. “SHIT! NO!!!”, Marc screamed as he yanked on his arms, twisting his torso as he did, his cock swinging back and forth, hitting him on the hips, leaking precum all over the mat under him.

“Pull him up”, Chuck yelled to Chad who yanked on the rope. Chuck took his foot off the cock-noose and let Marc rise to his feet, forced to stand in the middle of the ring with his arms secured over his head. “You bastards! You cheating bastards!!”, he yelled at Chuck and Chad. Spinning around, glaring at the smirking Chuck. The muscular athlete flexed and pulled at his wrists, but Chad had tied off the rope to the ring post, there was no getting away. Sweat poured down the heaving pecs, over the smooth ripped abs, down to the clean shaven crotch where it soaked in to the soft cotton rope encircling the massive dick and balls. Sweat also ran down his back, between his ass cheeks, to his winking hole where it cooled, making Marc realize, again, just how vulnerable his ass was.

“It’s not cheating, Man. Anything goes, remember? Heh, you can’t blame us for doing our homework and coming up with a plan, can ya? Shit, you dummies fell right in to our trap. Your buddy’s cock was easy to snare. But yours was a little tougher, I’ll give ya that, Stud. You got a fuckin nice piece of equipment there, the best I’ve ever gone up against. But even a mega-cock like yours couldn’t escape my noose, Bud.”

“Fuck you! You knew you couldn’t beat us like the other teams. You had to resort to cock-traps to get at us!”, Marc spat. “You’d better hope I don’t get free, cause if I do this cock is coming straight for you hole! It’ll fuck your ass in to next week, asshole!”

“Not a chance, Stud. Not a fuckin chance. We know how to rope up a stud like you. Don’t worry. You’re not going anywhere until we say so. And that fine ass of yours will soon feel this cock of mine sliding inside it.”

While Marc and Chuck were exchanging jabs Chad had been busy with more rope. Chuck went to the side and pulled a length in from the side corner post, on the end was an ankle cuff. Marc saw him coming, “Fuck no! Stay the fuck away from me!”, he spat as he kicked out with his powerful leg.

Chuck waited for the kick and leaned away at the last second, while at the same time reaching out and grabbing the Marc’s shin, spinning around and locking it under his arm pit. Marc was on one foot now, his other captured in Chuck’s tight grip. “No!”, he gasped as he pulled back on his leg. Then he felt the soft leather wrap around his ankle. “Shit, NOOO!!!”, he screamed as Chuck dropped his foot and Chad pulled the rope taught, tying it off to the ring post. Marc’s leg forced to the side. Grunting and pulling, he tried to escape, but he realized he was slowly and methodically getting roped up in the middle of the ring.

Chuck went to the other side and pulled in another rope and cuff, going for Marc’s remaining free limb. Tied as he was it was difficult to kick at his opponent and he wasn’t able to put up much of a fight. A short time later he found himself captured in the center of the mat. Arms tied overhead, feet pulled wide and out to the corners. And his still hard and leaking cock, noosed around the base.

Shaking his head he yelled to Todd, “Dude, we’re in fuckin trouble! Shit man! He’s get me tied up good! He even neutralized my cock power. He’s coming for my ass, Man! Ah fuck… I can’t protect my hole! What am I gonna do?”

“Come on, we’ll find a way.”, Todd encouraged. He watched as Chad went to the gym bag and pulled out two more lengths of rope, but as he did Todd noticed something fall to the floor. Small and shiny. “The key.”, he thought to himself. He looked up at the dude sitting in the front row right next to the gym bag. Their eyes met. Todd looked at the key, the guy in the chair looked down as well and smiled.

Chad tied two more ropes to the posts holding Marc’s feet and Chuck used them to tie around the quarterback’s knees, splaying the thick thighs wide. The monster cock fully exposed in front and the hard muscle ass on display in back. The sex fighter was in deep trouble, he could barely move his hips with his legs tied as they were. He pulled at his arms, trying to free them but the cuffs held him tight. He looked down and saw his mighty cock swinging in front of him, leaking a steady stream of pre juice, the noose around the base made it feel like his dick was separated from him, forced out and isolated. The pressure of the rope made his cock rock hard, veins were pushing out along the length of the 11 inch monster, the head was turning deep red as the piss lips stayed slightly open, releasing a steady stream of his precious fuck juice. His cock was primed and ready for battle and if he weren’t tied up in the middle of the ring he’d easily sink his famed rod into Chuck’s cheating ass!

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