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Sex Fighters - The Championship
Part 4 - Wrangling Marc
By Procum Hunter

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Chapter 4: Wrangling Marc

“He’s coming for your dick, Man! He’s gonna try to lasso your fuckin cock!!”, Todd screamed as he watched helplessly from the corner of the ring. His partner was held tight, ass up, legs spread wide and in between them his legendary cock swung back and forth, an easy, defenseless target for the talented Chuck.

Both Todd and Marc had heard about Chuck’s prowess with ropes. Many a fighter had found himself bound in Chuck’s handy work only to get fucked and defeated. Chuck’s specialty was the cock-lasso and it was a crowd favorite. Once he got the soft cotton rope around the dude’s dick and balls it was all over. His lasso was enhanced with a cable-lock which, when engaged, made it impossible to release the noose.

Marc knew he was in trouble, bent over Chad with his legs spread wide open his massive, swinging dick was in danger. Summoning all the strength he had he yanked on his wrists, fighting to free them from the steel grip of his opponent. Chad had played his part perfectly, luring the big-dicked fighter in to his trap, saving his energy until the time was right to turn the tables and lock the unsuspecting champ in his grip. He held Marc’s wrists tight, keeping the bucking stud trapped over his back, using his powerful legs to secure the struggling dude’s calves and ankles. He maintained his strong grip while Marc desperately yanked and pulled to free himself, which only served to tire him out even more.

“Ugghhhh… let… me… go!”, grunted the captured quarterback stud. He twisted his head from side to side, seeing the blond stud still swinging his rope in smooth, controlled circles over his head, his eyes fixated on Marc’s thick, swinging cock. “NO! You cheating assholes, you can’t… uhhh… shit!”, Marc yelled. He knew he was losing his strength, Chad had planned this all along and had tired him out just so he could be captured, rendering his undefeated cock vulnerable to attack. “Not my dick… shit, not my fuckin dick. Can’t let them capture it.”, he whispered to himself, lost in the desperation to free himself. He retaliated the only way he could. Turning his head so he could see Chuck and his swinging rope, he held still, letting his swinging cock come to a stand still. Pointed down at the mat, precum dripping from the tip, he let his cock fall in to Chuck’s sites.

“Bulls eye!”, Chuck cheered as he let the rope fly. The crowd cheered as they all watched the white noose soar across the ring headed right for the champ’s massive dick, a perfect aim, the loop of soft rope headed right for the tip of the fighter’s cock. Marc saw the noose coming for him and at the last second he flexed his power cock, jerking it up, making it slap against his abs, a fresh burst of precum shooting from the tip. He felt something tap against his balls and inner thigh and then heard Chunk’s angry grunt. “Fuck!” He had aimed perfectly but the stud had flexed his cock out of danger at the last moment, the rope harmlessly fell to the mat between Marc’s legs.

Chuck reeled the rope back in, eyes still fixated on the swinging cock of his opponent. Feeling some confidence, Marc looked back at Chuck and taunted, “What’s the matter, Dude. Is your rope too small to wrap around my big dick or what? I thought you were the legendary Cock-Wrangler!” He flexed his dick again, letting it swing in a long arc between his legs, teasing the rope-wielding stud. He knew it was a dangerous play, but it’s all he could think of. Chad’s lock on his limbs was too strong, the only thing he could do was try to keep his cock out of the noose.

Chuck felt his face go red with anger at Marc’s taunting. He was the one with the advantage and yet his big-dicked opponent was avoiding capture. He swung the rope again, focusing on the thick missile. He let it fly, aiming it directly for the the head of the thick, leaking cock. Marc saw it coming and used his fuck muscle to flex up and out of danger yet again. The cotton rope bumping his sac and falling to the mat for a second time.

“Ha! Looks like you met your match, Buddy.”, Marc yelled back at Chuck. “This cock isn’t gonna fall in to your rope-trap like all the others. No way man…”, Marc flexed his cock again, letting it swing and hit his thighs, precum leaking steadily from the tip now. “This is cock is too much for you and your puny rope. And it’s coming for your hole!”

“FUCK YOU!”, Chuck yelled. The anger boiling inside him. Marc’s plan was working, he knew the blond hot head was easily worked up. All he had to do was keep him off balance long enough and hope for escape. Chad’s grip couldn’t last all night.

Reeling in the rope and taking aim again, Chuck let the noose fly. Marc flexed his mighty dick once more, easily avoiding capture. The crowd cheered him on, enjoying the power play between the blond rope weirder and the big, swinging cock that defied capture. Again and again Chuck’s attempts to wrangle the massive weapon were met with failure. Marc’s ability to flex his dick out of the way was unlike anything he’d ever seen.

After yet another failed attempt Chuck reeled in his rope and took a deep breath. “What’s the matter, Stud? Is my cock tiring you out?”, Marc snapped back. Chuck ignored the jab and calmed himself. He thought about Marc’s defenses and came up with a new plan. He began to swing the rope over his head again, taking careful aim ‘just below’ the leaking tip of his opponent’s dick. Rather than going for a dead-on shot, he aimed underneath it. Marc saw Chuck’s eyes narrow and knew the rope was about to come for him again. “Not gonna get it, Stud!”, he yelled.

“We’ll see…”, Chuck whispered to himself. He let the rope fly once again, this time it went higher than the other attempts, taking a slower path to its target. Marc saw Chuck release the noose and smirked as he flexed his cock yet again, the powerful man-muscle slapping up against his abs then swinging back down. The rope took longer to travel this time, however, and when the thick cock swung down the loop of rope was directly under it. Chuck concentrated and jerked back on the rope at the last second, making it snap up. The super soft cotton loop lifted and encircled just the very tip of Marc’s dick. “Got cha…”, Chuck whispered.

Marc thought his cock had escaped capture yet again, but he didn’t feel the rope hit him anywhere. Instead he felt a gentle tug at the head of his dick. Something soft, yet strong was looped around it. “Huh?! What the??”, he grunted. He flexed his cock again, expecting to feel it swing up against him, but instead he felt a tugging pull that prevented his power-cock from rising up. “Uhh… shit… what’s going on?”, he whipped his head from side to side. He flexed his cock yet again, this time using all his muscle. But his dick didn’t swing up, didn’t even rise at all. He looked back with a shocked look on his face to see Chuck holding the rope taught, a victorious grin on his face.

“Caught ya, Stud!”, Chuck shouted as he tugged on the rope. Marc felt his cock bend back slightly as the rope pulled on his captured dick.

“NNOOOO!!!! FUCK NO!!!!”, Marc yelled as he flexed his cock again and again, hoping the loop would slip off the tip of his cock. “Get that fuckin rope off my dick!”, he yelled. He shifted his hips from side to side, hoping to free his captured weapon. He could feel the soft rope around the head of his cock and knew that he might be able to slip free. “Uhhh… gotta … get it outta that noose…”, he grunted.

“Dude! It’s only around your tip!”, he heard Todd yell from the side. “”Try to shake it off man! You gotta get your cock outta there!!”

Chuck knew exactly what he was doing, and knew what his prey would try to do. All the studs before had tried to escape the same way. Flexing their cocks, struggling in the hopes of freeing their dicks from his rope-trap. He just gently jerked the rope up a little, tugging on the cock, making it pull back a little. Then he’d let up, loosening the tension just a bit, letting the dick pull forward. Then he’d tug back again. The rope slipping down just a few millimeters.

He played Marc’s cock perfectly. Tugging, relaxing, then a slight jerk. He had never attempted to capture a cock as big as this before and knew he had to be careful to not let the noose slip off the tip of the massive weapon. He took his time. And finally he saw the rope slip down just a bit. Marc felt it, too, and gasped. “NO!!!”, he shot out as he felt the ultra soft cotton slip just a sliver over his cock tip. He felt the tug again, then a release, and then a slight jerk. Once again he felt the rope slip down ever so slightly. “Oh fuck… no… he’s trapping it… shit, he’s roping my dick…”, he gasped, twisting his hips as best he could in Chad’s tight hold, hoping he could make his cock swing enough to free itself from the noose. He flexed his cock-muscle at the same time give it two quick pulses. Chuck felt to tug on his rope, his eyes widening as he realized Marc’s mega-cock was battling him, resisting capture. The tactic worked and Marc felt the rope slip, moving back towards the tip of his cock. “Yes. Come on!”, he whispered to himself, his confidence building. He turned his head and glared back at Chuck, “It’s too big to get captured by your puny rope, fucker! It’s gonna slip free and when I get outta this hold it’s coming for you!!” He hoped his trash talk would once again anger Chuck and cause him to make a mistake.

Chuck watched in disbelief as the rope slipped off just a bit. He’d never gone up against a stud who was able to challenge his cock-wrangling skills like this. “Shit…”, he spat as Marc taunted him yet again. The thought of the massive cock coming for his ass caused his hole to clench, he couldn’t let this stallion escape otherwise his ass might be in danger. Taking a deep breath he looked directly between Marc’s legs at the looped cock and gently tugged back on the rope, making the weapon pull back a bit. Then he bounced the rope softly up and down for a few seconds, the waves causing the thick meat to jerk back and forth a bit. Then with a stronger tug he pulled back at the right second and the noose slipped back down over the head, just under the leaking tip of the quarterback’s huge cock.

Marc’s breath caught as he felt the rope slip over the head of his dick, knowing that the mere shape of his cock tip would make it almost impossible to shake the noose off his cock at this point. “NO!!! AH FUCK! NO!!!”, he yelled, bucking and straining like a wild stallion. “Get that fuckin rope off my dick, you bastard!” He was lost in anger and desperation, he couldn’t let this asshole capture his big cock, it was his key to victory and was about it be imprisoned. The quarterback flexed his fuck muscle with all he had, tugging hard on the noose, a fresh stream of precum leaking from the piss lips, coating the canvas below him. Grunting deeply, almost growling, the dick-roped stud pumped his cock, resisting capture. Every time his cock flexed a string of warm pre-juice oozed from the tip, pooling on the mat. Many of the men in the crowd took note of the volume of clear precum the fighter could produce, shocked at his ability to generate so much fuck-lube.

“That’s it, stud. Fight it.”, Chuck said softly to himself, “Yeah, pump your cock for me. There we go…” Maintaining a cool head Chuck tugged on the rope as his prey thrashed wildly to free his dick. Every time Marc flexed his cock Chuck let up on the rope, then pulled back at the last second, causing the soft cotton to slide down the shaft just a bit. The more violent Marc became the easier it was to gently slip the rope further and further down his massive weapon. The more he fought to free himself the closer the noose slid towards the base.

“No! You can’t! My cock.. ah, fuck.. my cock… he’s roping it!”, Marc yelled twisting this head from side to side, seeing Chuck with a confident, victorious grin on his face. He could feel the rope slipping further and further down his 11 inch monster, moving towards the base where it would lock around the root, capturing the weapon he’d used so many times in the past to impale his opponents. If it became imprisoned he’d be unable to penetrate these cheating bastards, and his own hole would be in danger!

“Almost got it, Stud!”, Chuck shot at Marc. “Just one… more… tug… there!”, he said as he jerked the rope back and Marc felt the cotton rope nudge against his sac. He went rigid in shock.

“Shit. Ah, shit.”, he gasped, realizing that the noose had slipped to the end of his shaft and was about to ensnare his balls as well. Marc had the perfect set of balls for penetration fights. They were big, but they didn’t hang down. He had a tight sac that kept his boys pulled up close and safe against the base of his shaft. Normally this gave him an advantage in the ring because they were protected by his massive cock. But now his tight ball sac was a liability. All it took was a quick jerk to the left and the smooth rope slipped over the left ball. Marc’s breath caught as he felt the smooth rope slip over his left nut. “Fuck… no…”, he grunted. Twisting his hips in one last effort to prevent his manhood from getting encircled by Chuck’s lasso.

A crooked smirk formed on Chucks lips. He focused on the quarterback’s free right ball. A quick jerk of the rope to the right and a tug up and the right nut was captured. “YES!”, Chuck hissed as he yanked back on the rope, making the slip knot tighten down, the white rope snaring the base of Marc’s mighty weapon… balls and cock!

Marc gasped as he felt the soft trap wrap around the root of his manhood, tightening around it, forcing his balls away from his body, making his cock flex involuntarily. “Uhh… no.. not that…”, he gasped. The rope tightening some more, ringing his dick, trapping it in its soft but strong embrace. He had worn cock rings in the past and recognized the sensation, his dick and balls were encircled tightly around the base making it feel as if his manhood was being pulled away from his body, separating itself from him. His captured cock flexed again, a thick string of precum leaking from his piss slit towards the mat. His cock had been snared, but it still fought back almost as if it had a mind of its own, pulsing and releasing a steady stream of clear, slick fuck-juice.

Chad heard the exchange between Chuck and Marc and knew the mighty cock had been captured. He let go of Marc’s wrists and untangled their legs and shot forward, releasing the stud and escaping to safety. He stood and shook his hands and feet, trying to get the feeling back in to them. He looked down at Marc who was now on all fours looking down between his legs at his swinging, but noosed cock. “Nooooo….”, he heard Marc moan. “You bastards!”

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