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Sex Fighters - The Championship
Part 3 - Turning the Tables
By Procum Hunter

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Chapter 3: Turning the Tables

Todd stood in his corner cheering on his partner. He knew that Chad’s ass was as good as fucked, Marc’s power-cock would eventually break through his muscle defenses and slip inside the undefeated ass. He was so fixated on the action that he failed to notice Chuck had hopped down from his corner and was making his way around to the other side. He stopped at his gym bag and pulled out something shiny which made an evil grin crawl across his lips. He made his way to Todd’s corner and looked up to see the muscle pup standing with his legs spread watching his partner. Todd had an impressive 8 inches of cock that looked much bigger on him given his stature. He was fully hard and his dick was swinging back and forth as he watched the hot action in the ring. Chuck look at the slivery metallic object in his hand, then up between Todd’s legs at his throbbing cock and smiled.

Todd heard the warning from the crowd a fraction of a second too late. “DUDE! Look out, he’s coming for ya!”, someone yelled and he spun around just as Chuck was hopping up on ring right next to him.

“Shit!”, Todd yelled as he shoved one hand out to push Chuck away. He had learned over the years that being much shorter than most of his opponents he’d have to keep a safe distance from them and use his speed and tumbling skills to attack them when they weren’t expecting it. His cunning and skill allowed him to subdue much larger men than himself. However, he now realized he was in serious trouble. The 6’ 2” Chuck towered over him and grabbed his swinging hand and easily stopped it in mid air, then forcefully rammed it back down, spinning the shorter wrestler around at the same time. Todd was kicking himself for letting his guard down, he knew better, these guys played dirty and now he was in danger of being subdued by one of them. Chuck spun Todd so that he could pull the smaller man back to him, he quickly squatted a little, wrapped his left arm under Todd’s pecs, pulling the stunned wrestler back to him in a TIGHT one armed bear hug. Then Chuck stood up tall, lifting Todd off the mat.

Todd gasped, he’d never been manhandled like this before. He panicked, started kicking his legs out to the side with all he had, trying to find footing but only kicking thin air. His rock hard 8 inches swinging wildly as he squirmed in the bigger man’s hold. His arms were locked to his sides and Chuck’s grip around his chest felt like a massive python choking the life from its prey. “Let me the fuck GO!”, he yelled. Sweat forming in his brow, tugging his arms, twisting his hips. “Put me DOWN, asshole!”, he demanded. He knew he was fully trapped in Chucks grip, there was no move he knew of for escape, he could only hope that his kicking and struggling would somehow set him free.

Todd was so focused on escape that the didn’t see the super smooth, cool steel coming up between his legs. Chuck’s free hand lifted the metal up until it was in position, the cold metal barely brushing against his captive’s ball sac. Todd flinched at the cool sensation, looked down and saw the two steel ends of the open cuff slipping around the base of his cock and balls. “Ah FUCK, NO!!!”, he yelled as he recognized the evil device. He had witnessed other men who had gone up against diabolical blonds and found themselves cuffed by the steel trap. The other men had no idea what was going on until it was too late and their cocks had been captured in the steel man-trap. Todd knew instantly the danger he was in and surged with all his might, twisting an arm free and ramming his elbow back in to Chuck’s torso.

“Uhhh…”, Chuck gasped in anger as he felt his prey slip down and out of his grip. He nearly had the muscled stud cock-locked but now he was free and falling to the mat. Quick as lightening Chuck reached down and grasped Todd’s right ankle and yanked his leg up HARD. The shorter wrestler’s left knee hit the mat and he fell forward on to his chest, slightly dazed. He shook his head and tried to leap forward but realized something was holding his right leg up high up in back of him. Whipping his head around he looked back and saw his ankle was held firmly in Chuck’s grip, forcing his legs to spread wide open.

“Fuck…”, he grunted as tried to pull his leg free, twisting and jerking in the larger man’s grip. He felt his leg get lifted even higher, making his legs spread wider. He looked down and saw his still rock hard cock swinging back and forth in the open, vulnerable and totally exposed. He knew Chuck was aiming to capture his dick and now it was defenselessly swinging between his splayed legs. He tried to reach for the ring ropes to pull himself up but as soon as his hands touched the lower rope he felt the cool metal around the base of his cock and the unmistakable ‘CLICK’ of the cuff locking in to place.

“Nuugghhh!!! Ah shit, NO!!!!”, he screamed as he realized his dick had been captured. He looked down and saw the half inch steel encircling his cock root, trapping his manhood in its firm grip. He felt his ankle release as Chuck let him go and just as his foot hit the ground the heard another ‘Click’.

“Heh, there we go. Now I got cha locked in our dick-trap, fucker!”, Chuck laughed as he locked the end of a thin, slivery chain to the ring post. Todd looked at the chain and followed it, tracing its origin up towards him, in between his legs. The it donned on him.

“FUCK! NO!!! You can’t fuckin do this man!”, he yelled at Chuck who had jumped down off the side of the ring, ignoring his angry opponent. Todd hopped to his feet and the crowd could finally see what Chuck had attached. The cuff was secured tight around the base of his smooth shaved cock and balls and on the bottom of the cuff the chain was attached to it. Todd tried to back up a step but the chain went taught and held tight yanking on the stud’s dick-root. “AH, FUCK! You fuckin cock-leashed me!”, he screamed as he looked down and tried to pry the thing open. His hard cock swinging and hitting him on the wrists as he tried to free himself.

“That’s right, asshole.”, Chuck laughed as he walked back to his corner. “And there’s only one key to that dick-lock, Buddy. And it’s right here.”, he said lifting up the small key and dropping it in to his gym bag. Shaking his head and grinning he taunted, “Damn, I thought it’d be harder to capture your dick, Man. But hell, you weren’t paying attention and made it easy on me.”

“FUCK YOU!”, Todd screamed at the gloating wrestler, his fingers working around the steel cuff holding his cock prisoner, jerking his hips back, fighting against the steel chain tethering him to the ring post. Although what Chuck had done wasn’t technically cheating, it was unconventional and wreaked of foul play. Todd had essentially been taken out of the match and unless he could find a way to get his cock out of the trap Marc would be alone against the two of them. “Marc! Shit, Marc!”, he yelled at his partner who was on the other side of the ring. He had to get his attention to warn him but the crowd was too loud and Marc was too focused on the task at hand.

“It’s no use, Buddy. Sooner or later my big cock is gonna take your hole.”, Mark said confidently as he held Chad chest-down on the mat, pinning his arms out to the sides and straddling his legs, letting his thick cock slide over the clenching thighs. “You can’t protect your ass forever man, eventually I’m gonna slide between those ass cheeks and shove this dick inside ya.” It was a familiar position for Marc to dominate his opponent this way. Using his arms and the weight of his body he’d hold them down until they weakened. They’d try to keep their legs held tight, but Marc’s powerful battering ram of a cock would slide back and forth, flexing and releasing copious amounts of slippery precum which would enable him to ram his weapon closer and closer to his adversary’s hole. The undefeated champ just bided his time, holding Chad down and rubbing his thick, oozing dick back and forth, knowing that eventually he’d defeat his hole and claim victory. The crowd cheered him on as they watched his hard ass flex each time he drove his cock forward. Marc raised his head and nodded to them with a smile, soaking in their cheers and getting in to the moment.

Chad whipped his head from side to side, trying to yank his arms free, or at least make it look like he was trying to get free. He knew this was a pivotal moment and he couldn’t let Marc know that he was falling right in to their trap. “Fuck you man! You’ll NEVER get my hole!”, Chad spat back at the man holding him to the mat. He kept his powerful legs held tightly together, denying Marc’s massive cock access to his ass. He didn’t know how long he could hold out, though, he could feel the stud’s pre juice lubing up the backs of his thighs. It wouldn’t be long before that dick would slide between his legs and find his hole. It wouldn’t matter how strong his legs were, he knew that slicked up cock was a dangerous weapon and could break in.

As Marc stayed focused on driving his cock forward, Chad looked to the side and saw Chuck securing the cock-lock around Todd’s dick. An evil grin spread over Chad’s face, it was time to executethe next phase of their plan. He barely relaxed his legs, just enough to let Marc slip his cock down between them, just under his ass. “AH! See, told ya I’d break in!”, he heard Marc cheer behind him.

“Shit! No way!”, Chad yelled trying to sound as angry as he could. He felt the thick weapon slide deeper and deeper between his legs, aiming for his hole. “FUCK! You’ll never take it!”, he screamed as he knew Marc was just moments away from driving his cock up against his clenching entrance.

“Here we go, Buddy. Ready to feel a real man’s cock inside ya?!”, Marc yelled partly to Chad, party to the audience which erupted in cheers as they were about to see one of the undefeated fighters get penetrated. Marc pulled his hips back just a bit, then slid forward with force, pushing his cock directly against Chad’s hole. His thrust was stopped short, though, and a questioning look came over his face. “What the hell?”, he asked. He pulled back and shoved forward one more time, but again, stopped mid thrust. He’d never felt anything like this before, it’s as if his cock just hit a wall. His cock head ached slightly from the pressure of the thrust and the big-dicked champ was dazed and confused.

Chad was chuckling softly as he turned his head, “I guess you found my defense against your cock, eh? You really think I wouldn’t plug myself when I knew I was going up against you and that legendary dick of yours?” Chad’s laughing grew louder as Marc realized what was going on.

“What? You fuckin plugged your ass before the match?!”, Marc asked, shaking his head, still confused. He was unaware that Chad had slipped his wrists free during all the confusion and was now wrapping his hands around Marc’s wrists.

“Sure did, Man. And it worked. Kept you outta me, didn’t it?”, Chad replied as he slowly spread his legs and lifted his ankles and laid them over Marc’s, wrapping around them.

Still dazed Marc was unaware that the man he had been holding down was now holding HIM down. Marc’s wrists were held tight and his ankles were secured around Chad’s. Even though Chad was the one on the bottom, Marc was the one who was now being held down. Slowly Chad slid his knees forward and raised his hips, lifting the man on his back up with him.

Marc shook his head as he felt himself being lifted. “Hey! What the fuck?”, he shouted as he tried to pull his wrists out of Chad’s steel-like grip. “Let me go, asshole!”, Marc grunted as he was raised even higher and then felt his legs being forced apart. “Uhh… no… shit! What the hell are you doing?”, Marc asked as he realized he was trapped over Chad and his legs were being forced wider and wider. “No! STOP! I don’t know what the fuck you’re up to but you’d better let me go, asshole!”, Marc demanded only to be met with a snicker from Chad. Marc realized that in this position his ass was up and exposed and with his legs spread wide his cock and balls were on full display, the crowd getting a good view of the thick meat swinging back and forth with a sticky, string of pre going from the tip to the canvas.

It was only then that Marc could finally hear the shouting coming from his partner. “Dude! He’s coming for you! Look out!!!”, Todd was yelling from the corner. Marc craned his head to the side and saw his buddy yelling to him, but something wasn’t right. What was that around his cock and balls? “He locked me to the post, I’m dick-leashed! I can’t get to you, Man! You gotta get free, he’s coming for you!”, Todd yelled pointing to the corner behind Marc. Marc whipped his head to the left, then to the right and then he saw what Todd was warning him about.

“Ah fuck, NOOOO!!!”, Marc yelled as he fought like hell to get free. Behind him Chuck was swinging a white rope around in circles and on the end of it was a noose.

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