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Sex Fighters - The Championship
Part 2 - Luring Them In
By Procum Hunter

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Chapter 2: Luring Them In

Marc and Todd went to their corner where Marc hopped out of the ring and stood by the ropes as he watched his teammate take on Chuck to start the match. As always Todd used his superior wrestling skills, putting Chuck in hold after hold, wearing the blond stud down. After a few minutes sweat was running between Chuck’s pecs and his breathing appeared labored. Still fresh and energized Todd shouted, “What’s the matter, getting tired already? We’re just getting started, Bud. Better find some energy or that ass of yours will get fucked before you know it.”

Chuck’s hole clenched hearing his opponent boast about fucking his ass. He wasn’t about to let this guy wear him down, making his hole vulnerable. But he was feigning the fatigue, in fact he was leading the smaller stud on. He crouched, arms out and waited for Todd to come for him. The shorter wrestler darted forward, going for a one leg takedown, his arms reaching out for Chuck’s left leg. Chuck had studied Todd’s wrestling style and was expecting the attack and moved his leg out of the way at the last moment. He grabbed Todd’s arm and flung the surprised wrestler to the ground, his chest hitting the mat hard. His legs spread out and his hard, tight ass exposed.

“Ummmff”, Todd exhaled as he quickly realized he’d been outplayed. Before he could recover he felt Chuck’s shins press down just above his knees, holding the smaller wrestler’s legs down and spread wide. “Ahh… fuck!”, he spat as he looked back just in time to see Chuck reaching between his legs. He felt his opponent’s strong fingers wrap around his cock which was pulled back between his thick thighs, exposed and vulnerable! “NO! FUCK, NO!”, he yelled at the blond gripped the semi hard cock and started stroking it, pulling it back between the struggling stud’s legs even further, forcing him to get hard. “What the fuck man! Let go of my dick!”, Todd yelled.

“Damn, your cock is just as nice as your buddy’s.”, Chuck said to the squirming wrestler he had pinned beneath him. “Not quite as big, but still very nice, Man.” Chuck continued to stroke the angry cock to full hardness, squeezing it in his tight grip just as he had with Marc’s. Testing it. Taking note of its size. His other hand reached up and went for the struggling, flexing ass. He slipped his middle finger between the hard muscled globes, probing for the clenching entrance.

“NO! Stay away, fucker!”, Todd spat back. Anger flooded in as he felt the bastard going for his hole. He summoned all his strength and pressed up and back with his hips, tossing a surprised Chuck to the side.

Shaking his head and breathing hard, the blond walked to his corner of the ring and tagged Chad. Leaning over he spoke in a low voice to Chad as they traded places, “It’s working, he thinks I’m winded. Keep him in there a while, they’re falling right in to our trap. I got a measurement on both of them now.”

“Sure thing, Man. I got this.”, Chad said back confidently as he entered the ring and rushed at Todd. The two sex wrestlers battled it out. Their cocks hardening as the fight went on, each man giving all he had while trying to maneuver his cock to victory while at the same time defending his own ass from impalement. Todd used his skills to force Chad to exert himself, making the mohawked stud flex hard to escape hold after hold. Chad started to appear winded and couldn’t fight back as hard, Todd recognized this and maneuvered Chad closer and closer to Marc who was standing in the corner.

“Dude, he’s taking you to his corner, you gotta stay away from there!”, Chuck yelled to his partner. Chad’s eyes widened as he realized he was being taken further away from his own corner and closer to Marc. He knew that if he couldn’t make it back to his corner that he’d be unable to tag Chuck, he’d be stuck in the ring and have to battle the two of them on his own. He managed to slip free and lunged towards his corner, only to feel a steel grip around his ankle. He fell on the mat chest first, knocking the wind out of him. He tried to get to his feet but the grip on his ankle was too strong and he felt himself being dragged back.

“Oh no you don’t. Not so fast!”, Todd said, pulling the blond stud back by one leg, looking down at the struggling dude’s ass as it flexed. He licked his lips as he admired the hot butt, the two mounds of muscle straining hard, he couldn’t wait to see his partner’s huge dick slip between those mounds and penetrate the defenseless hole!

“Uhhh.. fuck…”, Chad spat, whipping his head around, looking back at Todd, trying to kick his leg free. He felt his cock sliding on the smooth canvas of the sex-battle arena, making sure to put on a good show for his opponents and the audience. “Let me GO! You’ll never fuck this ass!”

Todd continued to smile and slowly drag Chad back to his corner where he tagged Marc. The crowd went wild as the former quarterback hopped in the ring, trading places with the former all star wrestler. Sweat was steaming down Chad’s torso and his breathing was hard and fast, making it appear as if Todd had tired him out and made him vulnerable. Marc’s mighty cock was hard and ready for battle, swinging slowly back and forth as he moved toward Chad who couldn’t help but stare at the waving shaft coming at him. He involuntarily clenched his ass, closing his hole tight as he gazed at the mighty weapon coming for his hole. “That dick isn’t gettin’ anywhere near my ass, Dude!”, he said pointing to Marc’s cock.

“We’ll see about that.”, Marc replied as he lunged at Chad going for a one leg take down. Chad saw the attack coming and jumped to the side just in time, reaching out and slapping Marc’s cock at the same time, causing the thick meat to hit Marc’s hip with a loud SMACK. Marc stood up and smiled, grabbing his cock to stop it from swinging, giving it a few long strokes as he did, flexing it and releasing a long string of pre on to the mat. He turned to face Chad, “This dick is used to hard fights, Man. You can slap it all you want, it can take it. And after you’re done it’ll plow that ass of yours!” And as the last words left his mouth he ducked to the right and went low, grabbing the blond stud by his knee, then reaching around and grabbing behind the left knee, pulling back and up, causing Chad to fall on to his back hard on the mat.

Temporarily stunned Chad shook his head and looked up see Marc over him in a push up position, his legs wide and on either side of his own. Marc’s cock was lowering and coming forward aimed right in between Chad’s legs, under his balls, going for his hole! “Fuck!”, Chad yelled as he saw his opponent’s cock coming in. He immediately clamped his legs together tight, locking his ankles and squeezing his thighs together as tight as he could.

Marc grunted as he looked down at the flexing stud, he was about to slide his cock up between Chad’s thighs when he felt something clamp down hard around his tool. “Uh… shit…”, he groaned, “What the hell?” He looked down and saw that Chad has caught his cock between his powerful thighs, just above the knees and was holding it tight. Marc pulled his hips up, trying to free his dick. It wouldn’t budge. “Uh, noooo”, he whispered as he tried again to dislodge his captured weapon.

“What’s the matter, fucker? That big dick of yours get stuck?”, Chad laughed as he clamped his legs together even harder. Chad knew that he could buy himself some time if he could keep the stud’s dick held captive for a while.

“UHHHH! NOO!!”, Marc grunted as he felt the muscle stud’s legs clamp down on his mighty schlong. “Let it go, Man!” He pulled back again, but his cock remained captured. He shook his head, sweat starting to run down his face.

“No way, Dude. I’m gonna keep your cock locked up for a while, wear you down some.”, Chad said with a smile. The more Marc struggled to free his cock the more energy he would expend, weakening him, giving Chad and Chuck the upper hand. Marc pulled mightily with his hips, using his legs to assist in the tug of war, flexing his ass as he did so, doing everything he could to dislodge his big dick. It occurred to him that his long, thick cock had turned in to a liability, its size made it easier for Chuck to trap in his muscled legs. “Shit… let it go… man.”, Marc grunted, almost out of breath. He realized he was tiring, this cock trap was literally draining him of his strength. He had to play it smart, there had to be a way outta this. He slowed, took a deep breath, and looked down at Chad. “We’ll just see how long you can keep it trapped.” And then he flexed his mighty cock-muscle. It swelled and thickened between his opponent’s squeezing quads. Immediately Chad’s eyes widened as he felt the cock grow, pushing against his legs.

“Fuckin A”, Chad said. “Shit man, that thing is fighting to get out.” He gritted his teeth and clamped his legs down again.

Marc flexed again, his cock battling Chad’s leg muscles. “It’s gonna break free, Man. And when it does it’s coming for your ass!” Marc flexed again and felt the warm precum slide around the tip of his cock. He nudged forward and back, coating the end of his cock in his pre juice.

Chad felt the slippery pre on his skin and glared up at Marc. “God damn, fuck you and that precumming cock!” He felt Marc start to shove in and out, the precum making its way up his shaft, lubing it, making it harder and harder for Chad to keep a grip on it. “Uhh… shit… you fucker!”, he spat as Marc’s cock suddenly slipped free. “NO!” He quickly flipped around and tried to slip out from under Marc, but he didn’t get far and soon felt two powerful hands grip his wrists and pull his arms out to the side, pinning him, his chest held flat to the cool mat. “Arrrhhh… get the fuck OFF me, asshole!”, Chad spat back turning his head to the side. Marc hands around his wrists felt like steel, he couldn’t pull them free. He twisted his hips from side to side, squirming under the bigger man holding him down, and as he did he felt something warm and hard slap against his inner thigh. “SHIT!”, he yelled as he realized that Marc’s dick was between his legs, jockeying for position, aiming for his hole! “NO WAY! Keep that thing away from my hole, fucker!” Chad quickly slammed his legs together, blocking access to his ass, leaving Marc’s cock laying on top, sliding back and forth over his clenching cheeks.

The crowd cheered as they saw their champion overpowering the blond stud. Chad’s ass was hard and tight, many of the men in the audience had fantasized about plowing his perfect muscle butt, but none of them had ever seen it taken. Maybe tonight was the night. As the cheers increased Marc leaned down close to Chad’s ear. “You can’t keep me out, Man.”, he said as he slowly rubbed the tip of his dick between the clenching cheeks. “Eventually I’m gonna break through and take your hole. Just a matter of time, big guy.” He knew the mind games would work in his favor. Chad angrily flexed his ass even tighter, holding off the battering ram for the time being. He only hoped he could hold out long enough for Chuck to carry out the next phase of their plan.

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